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The Gliksmans

The Gliksmans is a movie starring Jon Jacobs, Bryna Weiss, and Christopher Estrada. An elderly couple will stop at nothing to make it to the bank.

Running Time
1 hours 12 minutes
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Michael Skolnick
Eden Stelmach, Michael Skolnick
Bryna Weiss, Cloris Leachman, Christopher Estrada, Jon Jacobs
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An elderly couple will stop at nothing to make it to the bank.

Comments about comedy «The Gliksmans» (18)

Timothy Evans photo
Timothy Evans

You have to admire these guys. They have taken a very obscure subject matter and have made a hilarious film about it. I really don't know how to describe this movie, but I will say that I laughed so hard I had to stop watching. There are some very funny scenes in the film and I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I thought the music was great and the acting was superb. The Gliksmans are a very creative group and I think they have a bright future in comedy.

Terry M. photo
Terry M.

When I first saw this movie I thought it was going to be a typical sitcom. It wasn't. This movie is funny and very entertaining. I recommend it to anyone who likes comedy movies.

Paul photo

When I first heard about this film, I wasn't really sure what to expect. I'm a big fan of the sitcom "Friends", and had heard that it was based on a true story. I had also heard that it was supposed to be funny, and I had also heard that it was based on a true story. I saw the trailer, and I thought "Oh, that's the first one I saw!" Then I saw the cast, and I thought "Oh, that's the one I want to see!" I'm glad that I didn't wait until the film was released to watch it. This is one of the best films I've seen in a while. The actors are amazing, the story is hilarious, and the characters are all memorable. The Gliksmans are very funny, especially their wives. I was laughing out loud at one point, and I laughed for about three quarters of the film. The comedy is not over the top, but it's still funny. The movie is very original, and the characters are memorable. The characters have been very well developed, and they are all very likable. There are no stereotypes, and there are no ridiculous cliches. The movie is very funny, and it's definitely worth seeing. I'd recommend this movie to anyone who likes comedies. It's definitely worth seeing.

Joyce photo

This film is a bit of a treat. It's about two men from the Bronx who meet each other on a bus. They have a lot of ideas for the future, but not much time. This is the start of their careers. The acting is very good and the characters are well developed. I liked the way the movie goes back and forth from the present to the past. The music is excellent. The dialogue is very funny and the jokes are not lame. It is not a perfect film, but it is definitely a film to see. It is not too long, it is not too short, and it is not too sweet. I think that is why it is so popular. I recommend this film to anyone who likes to laugh.

James S. photo
James S.

I was lucky enough to attend the last day of the San Diego International Film Festival, and was lucky enough to see the screening of this film. It is absolutely brilliant. It has a good story and you will enjoy it. My favorite part of the film is when they are preparing the fire at the house, and they start talking about how they want the fire to be big and so on, and they have a very good laugh about the last thing that they did. I highly recommend this film to anyone who loves a good comedy.

Alan photo

I am a big fan of the original TV series and was looking forward to this film adaptation. I am not a huge fan of the actors but they did a good job. The Gliksman's are a very different group to the original TV show and I think they did a good job portraying the Gliksman's as a group. The cast was great and the plot was really good. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes the original TV series.

Bryan photo

I have seen this movie twice and I do not regret the second viewing. It is the best movie of its kind. It is very entertaining and very enjoyable. It is a very nice story that combines comedy, romance, action and a story about a girl who is not the best at everything she does. It is a very good movie with very good acting. It is a movie that is very good and I think that it is a great movie. It is very very very good.

Judy Hall photo
Judy Hall

I've just watched this film for the first time, and I can't believe how good it is. The Glikmans are such a wonderful family that they have a perfect relationship between them. They all know each other, and can be very proud of each other. Their relationship is strong, and their relationship is so real that it can be seen on the screen. The Glikmans are a real family, and the audience feels like it's a real family. There are several funny moments throughout the movie, and it is very easy to feel a part of the family. I can't remember a film that I've watched that had so much heart in it. I really recommend this movie, and I can't wait to see it again. Great family film!

Adam H. photo
Adam H.

All of the things that make this movie a must see movie are present. The acting, the character development, the story, the humor, the surprises, the comedy, the dark humor, the humor, the characters, the story, the acting, the comedy, the dramatic acting, the whole thing. This movie is great. I can't say it enough. This movie is a must see. Go and see it. I know it will be. I am not sure why some people don't like it, but it is a must see movie. 10/10

Charles Cooper photo
Charles Cooper

This movie is the best movie ever made. Its not just a movie, its a musical and its awesome. I'm sure the actors will go down in history as being the best. You should see this movie when it comes out on video or DVD. It is a must see.

Johnny H. photo
Johnny H.

This is a wonderful movie. I loved the character of Brad in the movie. He was so funny. I loved the way the movie was written and the way it was done. I am glad they made a sequel to the movie. The director did a wonderful job of keeping the movie true to the book. The actors were great in the movie. They made the movie what it is and that is a wonderful movie. The Gliksman's did a wonderful job of making it a fun movie to watch. I would recommend this movie to anyone. I loved it and would recommend this movie to anyone.

Kathryn Nichols photo
Kathryn Nichols

The Gliksmans is a hilarious movie. It is a film that is entertaining, smart, and very much loved by fans of the genre. This is a film that will make you laugh and be impressed. The Gliksmans is the story of a couple, known as the Gliksmans, who are a group of English Friends who have been living in the same place for years. One day, they decide to move to their country home, and to start over. When they do this, the old home begins to disintegrate. They are going to start a new life, and are going to start over again. But their old friends are not so happy about this. They are going to ruin everything. The Gliksmans is a great film, and I highly recommend it. It is hilarious, and will make you laugh your socks off. 10/10

Douglas photo

The Gliksman is a classic, and this is the best version. The Gliksman is about a trio of old-time friends who decided to move into the Gliksman mansion on a whim and see how it would run. Their house is a nice old place, with a great cellar and a well-used garden. They set to work with the tools they had, such as a lathe and a press. They are not the most skilled people, but they do make a good job. They hire a man named Bird, a mechanic, and a writer named Egg, a poet, to write a book on the house and its inhabitants. They also hire a young man named Donald, a young man who has the most respect for the Gliksman. Donald sees the house for what it is, and tries to build the house into a beautiful thing. He also gets along with the Gliksman's daughters, who are young and beautiful. The Gliksman's daughters are very different from each other, but they all like the house very much. Donald gets jealous of Donald's work, and he does not like Donald's new friend, Bird. But the Gliksman and his daughters, who are all very old and very wise, see that they are building the Gliksman into something special. They also see that the Gliksman will never have the fame that he is looking for. The Gliksman, his daughters, and the Gliksman's daughter will be the Gliksman's legacy. I saw this film when I was around 14, and it was the best movie I have ever seen. The Gliksman is so fun to watch, and it is full of good acting. The Gliksman has the same humor as The Rock, and that is one of the reasons that I think that this film is great. The Gliksman is a classic.

Mark W. photo
Mark W.

I am a huge fan of the TV show, and I was very pleased to see the movie coming out. I am now looking forward to seeing the next season, and I think I will be watching again. My favorite characters were Steve, and his family. I also loved Will's role as Bobby Glakar, and the kids' role as the "Gladys Glakar" kids. I hope to see them again soon. I also enjoyed seeing the old characters from the show, and their new roles. This movie was great!

Juan R. photo
Juan R.

I love this movie, the cast is amazing, I love the storyline, the comedy, the acting, the music, everything about this movie is amazing. I think I'm gonna see this movie again tonight. I can't believe I've never heard of it before, it's a classic!

Justin K. photo
Justin K.

I loved this movie! I love the characters and their lives. I love the people who are in the movie. I love the whole story. I loved the music. I love everything about it. I hope to see more of these guys in the future.

Philip D. photo
Philip D.

I saw this movie at the local cinema. I was not expecting much, but it was good. The cast is pretty good, especially from the first two. The movie is about two brothers, who are at the bottom of the social ladder, and they have to do something about it. There are a lot of funny scenes in the movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is into movies with a good story. It is a good movie to watch on a rainy day.

Jonathan Cox photo
Jonathan Cox

I love this movie. I love the characters, and the plot is so hilarious. I love the way it's filmed, and the music. I even have it on tape and I watch it over and over again. It's just so entertaining. It's the most entertaining movie I've ever seen. I love it!