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Akik maradtak

Akik maradtak is a movie starring Károly Hajduk, Abigél Szõke, and Mari Nagy. A lyrical story of the healing power of love in the midst of national conflict, loss and trauma, Those Who Remained reveals the healing process of...

Other Titles
Los que quedaron, Those Who Remained, Aqueles Que Ficaram, Someone to Live For
Running Time
1 hours 23 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Barnabás Tóth
Barnabás Tóth, Klára Muhi, Zsuzsa F. Várkonyi
Károly Hajduk, Abigél Szõke, Barnabás Horkay, Mari Nagy
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A lyrical story of the healing power of love in the midst of national conflict, loss and trauma, Those Who Remained reveals the healing process of Holocaust survivors through the eyes of a young girl in post-World War II Hungary.

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Amy Ramirez photo
Amy Ramirez

A beautiful movie. If you like a movie with a lot of emotions, then you should see this movie. The story is great, the actors are amazing, and the background music is great. The most important thing is the acting. I don't know how much I could give it. If you like a good movie, you should see this movie.

Jennifer Rose photo
Jennifer Rose

This film is about a relationship between two people who are lost. A woman and a man who are in love, but the man is a single man who is having a relationship with a woman. The film is about their relationship. I think the actors played their roles very well. The story is very beautiful. It's a movie that everyone should watch. It has the right kind of emotions. The end is very emotional. It's very beautiful.

Albert Montgomery photo
Albert Montgomery

With a little more time on it, I would have liked this film to be better. I can say that it is an excellent film, and will definitely be a favourite of mine. It is a very beautiful film. The cinematography is beautiful. The story is a little bit slow at times, but overall, it is a very moving film, and it is also a beautiful story. The performances are great. The performance of the two main actors are exceptional. I was impressed by the performance of Sungeun, who I thought was a little bit better than the other two main actors. The performance of Baekdu is amazing, and it is a shame that he was only in the film for about 10 minutes. I really do hope to see more of his performance in other films. The direction is very good, and the cinematography is beautiful. The only problem I have with this film is the score. I was really disappointed by it. I really wish the score was better, because I felt like it was almost a part of the film. Overall, I really do think that this is a very good film, and I highly recommend it.

Sandra photo

The film depicts the life of the Mongolians and their history. The story is told through narration of various characters in a story that is based on the Mongolian culture and life. It has a unique and imaginative story that is hard to explain to anyone who has never been to Mongolia. The film is an excellent adaptation of the Mongolian language and is beautifully filmed and edited. The film is narrated in the language of the people and is in a documentary style and has no story line. The film is also very entertaining, interesting and enjoyable. It is definitely worth a look for anyone who has never been to Mongolia and is interested in Mongolian culture.

Alan Webb photo
Alan Webb

I think this is a fantastic film, it makes you think about the problems of our world and not just the problems that the rich few can solve through more technology. The film is full of symbolism, and the story is good. The acting is great, the direction is great, and the photography is great. The only negative I can see is the ending. It seems so rushed and so out of place. The story is good. It is great. 9.8/10

Anthony M. photo
Anthony M.

When you go to a screening of an acclaimed film such as this, your expectations will be high. But it's important that you go in knowing that the films have been made on a small budget and for a very specific audience. The low budget and the small studio in which they shot the film make it special and easy to connect with the characters. What is said during the film is also quite important. The actors are playing their characters very naturally and in their own way. Even the actor who plays "Me" has a fun personality and doesn't take himself too seriously. This is another great example of how a tiny budget, small budget film can be a great success.

Amy photo

I watched this movie with my brother and my sister who are Filipinos. I thought it was great and highly recommended it to everyone. I was not sure whether it would have the same impact as the American movie but this was so different. Although I have not been to the Philippines myself, I can say that this movie was just as good. The story line is simple and very close to the way it would have been told in the USA. The movie is set in a small village in the Philippines. At first, it seems that there are no people in the village, but later you find that people do live there. The movie gives you the idea of how hard life was in the Philippines during the late 60's and early 70's. The movie does a great job of showing that life was hard during that time and how people were not getting along and not having much contact. I was shocked by how people were treated and mistreated in the Philippines during the time. I was glad that the movie did not show people in a positive light. The movie shows the injustices people suffered. I think the movie is a must-see for anyone who was alive during that time. I think the movie will give you a good outlook on the times in the Philippines. There were so many people who are still living that they are not aware of. I hope that the movie will help people who were there to remember and remember.

Emma photo

The first impression you may have is that you are watching a documentary about the life of a serial killer. The film is definitely not a documentary, but rather a crime drama, and the fact that it does not focus on the "real" story, which is the life of the serial killer, also makes it difficult to call it a documentary. As a matter of fact, the documentary style does not change much during the film. The director has already written the story in the first scene, and they have already included scenes and characters that will not play a role in the final film. However, these two factors make the film feel different. You do not feel the documentary style when you watch the film, and the film works better than expected when you have already read the summary. The film does not explain everything, and you are left wondering about the background and the motivations of the characters, which works better than you would think. The movie also does not pull out the many "shock tactics" from the serial killer. The movie does not hold back on the very hard truths about serial killers, and it is clear that the director has been very open in admitting the truth, even though the story is still not that simple. In conclusion, if you want a good crime drama with a strong background story and the movie becomes your favourite, it is definitely worth the watch. The film is very well made, and you get the feeling that you are watching a true story. However, the film is not perfect, but you get the feeling that the director and the writers have done their best to cover all the bases.

Brenda Ward photo
Brenda Ward

I wasn't expecting much in my viewing of this movie. I had heard of it from a few of my friends, and thought that it looked like a trashy movie. But I was wrong. I could see the kind of insight and perspective the director had. For those who like color and are not known for their movies, this is a good one to watch. The people that I talked to after the movie said that they loved it.

Aaron S. photo
Aaron S.

A film like this is rare in Turkish cinema. I didn't expect anything like this when I saw this movie. However, I was surprised by the sincerity of the acting, and I was really surprised that the movie was made in a few weeks. I was very satisfied with the result. The movie's first half is very emotional and the story is good. It is not so much about the beauty of Turkey, but about the woman and her family. The second half of the movie is much more emotional and the story is much more focused on the father, the son and the love between the father and the mother. I was so happy when I saw the son's character, and I was so happy when the mother died. The son's acting was very good and I think he did a great job. I recommend this movie to everyone who likes to see good cinema.

Janice C. photo
Janice C.

This is a very good film. There is nothing to complain about. I thought it was well written and acted. I was very impressed with the way the movie was shot. It was very dark and very well lit. It really was a very dark movie. I thought the acting was very good. I have never seen anything like it before. It was very hard for me to find faults with the movie. I am very disappointed that it was a small hit at the box office. It is still a very good movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good dark movie. I hope it gets some bigger releases in the future. It is very good.

Patricia Lee photo
Patricia Lee

This movie was excellent! The plot was original, the actors were very good, and the acting was the best in my opinion. I have not seen many movies like this in my life. This movie is not only a film, but also a "trailer" for a beautiful love story. I have not seen many of those, but this movie is really good. I loved the cinematography and the music. The dialogues were not only great, but also very interesting. I recommend this movie to all lovers of Turkish cinema. It is not only a love story, but also a film for people who like Turkish movies and Turkish films. This movie will not be forgotten. 9/10

Jacob T. photo
Jacob T.

I have just watched a Polish movie about a 20 year old girl in a working class town who becomes a teenager while her parents are on a vacation in Italy. I know that this is a very sad story, but it's also quite realistic. In this movie, the plot is fairly simple, but it's well written and you really get involved with the characters. The way the story develops is very well done. The characters are well developed, the dialogues are very well written, and the acting is very good. One of the main strengths of this movie is that it shows how a young woman in the working class town of Krakow became a young woman in her 20's while she has to deal with the life of an adult. In addition, it's very interesting to see how the people in the town feel about their neighbors and the life in the suburbs. There are many scenes where I could tell how the people in the town are thinking about their neighbors and about the problems they are having. Also, the movie shows how the woman's father was a very good man, and how she was able to adapt to the life in her own little town. I really liked the movie, and I think that it's very important for people to watch movies like this. This is the type of movies that shows the problems of the working class in the Polish towns, and this movie is a very good example.

Nicholas G. photo
Nicholas G.

If you don't want to watch this movie, don't. But if you like a good movie, you should watch it. It's not a typical movie and that is the way it should be. The director, Nikos Pappas, is very good, he has done a good job in his previous movies. I think he will do a good job in this movie. It's a bit slow and not very emotional. But it's worth watching. The actors are great and they are also the main characters. It's not a typical movie, but it's good and worth watching.

Tyler H. photo
Tyler H.

I watched this movie at a movie theater in NYC and it was a great experience. It was full of great performances and very creative. I liked the way the director captured the mood of the movie, the way the story is told, the way the camera was used. The movie was very different from other movies that I've seen. It was very fast paced and it kept me interested. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a good movie. It's very different from other movies and it's a movie that I would recommend to anyone. It's not perfect, but it's very good.

Susan Wright photo
Susan Wright

I don't know if there is a way to separate the two parts of this movie. I guess you have to figure out what is going on before you can make a judgement about it. The first part starts with a bit of romance. It is interesting, and a bit too gentle for what it offers. It could have been more than just that, but I didn't find it to be very interesting. The second part is the more mature part. It is more dark and gritty. This part, however, is really very good. The performances are very good. I have to say that, as the story is focused on the relationship between the mother and her son, it is not much of a surprise that there are lots of tears. Even though the mother is still the main character, it is a very deep and powerful relationship that develops between her and her son. The music by Percival Herbert really gives the movie a different atmosphere. It's very sad and sad, but also very beautiful. The first part of the movie is very moving, the second part is very beautiful. The second part could have been a bit more mature, but it is still a very good movie.

Maria Tran photo
Maria Tran

I came across this film at a film festival. It's a very well made film. It's very beautiful to look at. It's a nice piece of work. The acting is great. It's a film that can touch your heart. It's a very good film. It's one of the best films I have seen in a long time. It's a good film.

Tiffany Welch photo
Tiffany Welch

After the success of Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2008, Hirschfield decided to make a follow-up to that film and with his partner to be, the first film based on the British duo's "There's something about Mary" series. The film in question is the first part of the series, Mary (Gwyneth Paltrow). The film tells the story of Mary, an unmarried woman from London who has just become engaged to a man, Frank. She is having an affair with the man, but is caught in the middle of a divorce. Despite her protests, Frank decides to settle the divorce with her. Frank decides to take Mary to Paris, where she is to get married to a man who has no idea what a lady is. Mary, however, can't wait. She wants to go and see the place where she wants to be married. And she is going to meet her future husband's father (Hugh Grant). Mary gets to see the place where she will be married, but as the wedding approaches, she finds out that the man who has been sent to Paris to be the best man is not her husband, but her father's. The director, Jeremy Saulnier, and writer, Josh Singer, together with screenwriter Simon Beaufoy, take us to Paris, where Mary has to make the decision to be a free woman, or to stay and get married to the man who has nothing to do with her, Frank. The film is a mixture of drama and comedy, with a lot of twists and turns that you would expect from a comedy-drama. The biggest surprise is the appearance of the female lead, Gwyneth Paltrow. She is just amazing. Her character is so convincing and so beautiful, that I think we have to give her credit for her acting. Hirschfield's direction is quite good, the same can be said about his screenplay. It's about her relationship with Frank and the drama that comes with it. His screenplay is full of great comedy and some very funny moments. Gwyneth Paltrow and Hugh Grant are excellent as well. But what I liked most was that the chemistry between the two of them, who both have good chemistry, was very good. And when we meet the father of the guy that was sent to Paris to be the best man, it is even better, because it gives us a very good insight on the relationship between his father and the father of Frank. This is the best part of the film. The actors in the film also do a great job, but they were the main characters, and Hirschfield does a great job of directing them. Overall, the film is a big success. It's the kind of film that I would definitely watch, because it's a big hit for Hirschfield, who really knows what he is doing. The ending is one of the best endings I have ever seen. But the one thing that I don't like about it is that it's a little too predictable. It is a big hit, but the film would have been much better if there had been more surprises. It's a very good film, but it could have been much better if the director, Hirschfield, had decided to have more surprises.

Nicholas Cook photo
Nicholas Cook

I love this film. It is so interesting, it's a beautifully shot movie and the actors are all exceptional. In fact, I'm surprised that this film wasn't picked up by mainstream television, I think it deserves more than a DVD release. The great cast, excellent editing, and excellent directing make it a great movie. Don't miss it.

Carol L. photo
Carol L.

I was so excited when I heard this was a Turkish film. I was a big fan of Nuri Bilge Ceylan, and I have always been fascinated by Turkish culture. This film tells the story of a Turkish family that move to America. They move in order to escape the corruption that pervades the country. The movie focuses on the political struggles in Turkey, but it also shows the family's struggle to move forward, to live life, and to find happiness. The movie is beautiful. The colors are so vibrant. The music is also beautiful. There are so many beautiful scenes in the film. I think it's the story and the art that make it so beautiful. It was such a pleasure to watch this movie. The acting was wonderful. The characters were all so human. The scenes were so sweet and very interesting. I think it's such a beautiful movie, and it's one that should be watched by anyone who is looking for something that will change your life.

Julia Sanders photo
Julia Sanders

Watch this movie. It's not about the coup, it's about the trauma and how the military, even a military with high degree of discipline, could lose control. It's a strange, but very original and really good movie.

Ronald photo

I am not sure how this movie got so many negative reviews, but I really thought this movie was great. I don't like a lot of movies, but this one, for me, was a little bit too dramatic for some people. It didn't have the elegance of the other movies I have watched, like Glitter, or the intricacy of Caine and Jensen, but it was still very good. For the acting, I thought it was very good, especially for kids. The jokes were funny, the cinematography was great, and the plot was not stupid. I highly recommend this movie, especially for the kids, but not the kids at the screen, not the adults. I think adults will enjoy the movie, and have a good time watching it.

Kathryn King photo
Kathryn King

I am not a huge fan of Asian cinema, but I am a fan of Bollywood. I love the way Bollywood films portray their cultures. That is why I went to this movie, not to learn the culture, but to see what Bollywood movies are made of. I was very disappointed. First, the acting. They all did a great job, but the lead actress was very irritating. She was too talkative, too talky, and seemed to be more concerned with her appearance than her acting. She had a very unnatural face and too much makeup. Her character was not believable. And the boy. He was the only one who was convincing in his role. His character was very entertaining and interesting. The story itself was interesting, but the direction was too slow and too full of special effects. The last part of the film was very good, but it felt like it was just a filler. I do not recommend this movie. The story was predictable, the acting was not good, the special effects were too much, and the story itself was just a filler.

Joan P. photo
Joan P.

I am not an expert on this movie, but I heard that it was very good. A lot of people in Turkey have compared it to the 1992 Armenian genocide movie, Ergen. I was not familiar with that movie before watching the Turkish version of this movie, but it was a good attempt to show the horrors of the Ottoman Turks and their rule of the Ottoman Empire. The movie is based on a novel by Azlan Akcam. The movie was made in 1981 and was the last movie made by the director, the man who would go on to produce several big budget productions and critical successes, including the fantastic film Süleyman Güler. This movie had a decent story, but did not have a great screenplay. The best part about the movie was the casting. The film looked good. It is not at all the most expensive movie made in Turkey, but there is nothing to complain about the movie, there was nothing wrong with it. It is an interesting movie, which is worth watching. I would give it a 7.5 out of 10, but it is not the most expensive movie made in Turkey.

Brenda M. photo
Brenda M.

Etymologically, the title, "Etymologiskkamelen" translates to "Godloved Cinema." The new documentary, based on the novel by Erling Olsen, translates to "Etymologized." The reason this movie is almost a perfect 10 out of 10, is that I've never seen such a well-made, well-executed, well-acted film in my life. The film was shot with great care. It's the story of a boy, Nilsson (Carl E. Mørke), from a small town in Norway who discovers a remote movie theater in which he and his friends go to watch old-time movies that they grew up with, and to watch such movies is like finding a safe haven in an otherwise harsh world. It was great to see young Carl Mørke, who I'm sure has acted in many good movies, have such a great time in this movie. He was really amazing. The acting was really good, too. The acting was definitely worth it. The music by Eric Vespert, who also made the music for the movie, was very good. It gave a feel of the movie. The songs are also very beautiful. For me, the movie is one of the best I've seen in the last 10 years. It's really nice to see a movie like this. It makes me happy when I watch it. I hope the movie is successful. If it is, I hope it will be in theaters. It deserves it.

Wayne photo

When I was a kid, I watched a lot of movies. That's why I started to watch movies in a logical way. I never watch a movie to see the actors. But, I did pay attention to what is happening in the movie. Then, when I found this movie, I watched it. And it's one of the best movies I have ever seen. There is a lot of emotion in this movie. The characters are very believable. I like the idea of the story. I like the emotions the characters feel. I don't like the ending of the movie. When I watched the movie, I thought, "This is a great movie". But, I saw the ending, and I thought, "What? That's it? That's all?" I think that the movie is very worth watching. It's a movie I will remember for a long time. The actors are amazing.

Diana E. photo
Diana E.

I don't think that "The Shape of Water" was made by a woman, or that it's based on a true story. It's a film that's about how people's lives can be changed by one person, one moment. The film's main character is the nurse, played by Sally Hawkins, who is having trouble with her addiction. She has to get back into the world and become the person she was before. This is a real story. I read a lot of reviews about this film, and I can see why some people didn't like it. I have to say that I didn't hate it. I thought it was a good film, and I think it deserves a good score from me. It's one of those films that you have to watch. It's not a film that you watch for entertainment or to see the great actors. It's a film that you have to watch to understand the effects of addiction. It's also a film that shows that addiction isn't just a bad habit that you have to get over. It's a very realistic film, and you have to see it to understand the story. If you want to know what a real life story is like, watch "The Shape of Water".

Stephen photo

If you are expecting a movie to be about a man's love story, then you will be disappointed. This is not a movie about love, it's about the broken relationships in society. Every relationship is damaged. Some relationships are doomed and not repaired. That is the main theme of this movie. But there are also moments when the movie captures the way we think about our relationships. It's a very interesting film to watch. It is very unique and very rare. I've never seen anything like it. I'm glad I have this movie, I've never seen anything like it. I'm glad that people have a choice in the movies they watch. I'm glad that they watch movies about relationships and how they are damaged.

Mildred H. photo
Mildred H.

This film was a refreshing break from the typical story told in Turkish movies. The characters were developed well, the story was well made, and the movie was exciting and suspenseful. I really like the way the movie showed the choices people make. In the beginning, it is a simple story of a father who does not want his daughter to have a boyfriend, and he is trying to save his daughter. But, eventually, he has to choose between two good options. This film shows that the people are not all the same, there are good people, and there are bad people, and sometimes it is just a matter of their choice. Overall, this movie is a must see.

Jane Carroll photo
Jane Carroll

The film is about a young girl who is the daughter of a poor and elderly man who is the father of two young boys. In her dreams, she imagines that she is a girl and she becomes very lonely and angry. The film has a very strange plot, but it is very good. I think that the only thing that disappointed me was the ending, which is a bit too silly. The acting is good, especially by the two actors. I give it a 7/10.

Julia S. photo
Julia S.

We've seen all the great action movies from our favorite action movie actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is like the new Tarantino, a total action movie buff. This is a new style of action movie, something I've not seen in the past and that will be a breath of fresh air to the action movie lovers out there. I loved it, especially the cinematography and the cinematography is the best I've seen for a long time. The characters, I felt, were very well portrayed and their personality was very well developed. My favorite character, no doubt, was the one that was played by Ray Liotta. The character of Walker played by Nick Chinlund was also very well developed. The score by Gabriel Yared was amazing. This movie had me on the edge of my seat throughout. I will definitely be going back and see it again when it comes out on video.

Katherine P. photo
Katherine P.

Fascinating film with a lot of cultural and social commentary. An interesting social commentary about life in Turkey and the abuse of power. A social commentary that can be interpreted as feminist. This film has lots of good acting and good directing. The story is told in a very realistic way. The story tells us about social realities in Turkey and the abusive nature of power and life. The film is good to watch for those who have a keen interest in Turkish culture and a strong interest in social issues.

Nicholas K. photo
Nicholas K.

A sad ending of a Turkish film. A film with a very high production value and a good message, and a very good cast. The film is made with a great flair, and shows the reality of life in Istanbul. The story is about a guy from a poor family who runs away from home, and gets involved with a Turkish prostitution ring, and its complications. The main actors are very good. The director is one of my favorites, and his work is very fine. The movie also has a very well-written story. The actor who plays the main role is very good, and his actions are very good. I think that the film deserves more than seven stars.

Janet Keller photo
Janet Keller

This is an outstanding film. It's not easy to make a film that is this good. The acting was amazing. There was not a weak performance. It was a real joy to watch. This is the first film to really make me want to have a piece of land where I can make my own film. I've seen too many documentaries or other films that just talk about the person's life. With this film, you are not just talking about the experience of a person, you are also looking at the perspective of the whole person. You look at how the mind works and how it works. I will not say that this film changed my life, but it changed mine. I see films in my life, but this one changed me, so much, that I don't know how to describe it. This film is something that I will never forget. It changed my life and it changed mine.

Adam photo

A very different, very well-made film. Great cinematography. Great acting. Lots of laughter and sadness. I recommend this to anyone who likes film and wants to enjoy a memorable film.

Billy Hart photo
Billy Hart

I'm a big fan of Aleksandr Sokurov and I'm looking forward to see his latest work. But I think it's the same case with his previous work - the earlier stuff had an amazing vision, and it was very convincing. But with this one, the vision was more like a dream, and it's a bit depressing. And I don't understand why they used a short story from the book. I'm not sure what they wanted to say. I don't know. All in all, it's a great movie, but it is so bad that it's kind of fun. A little sad, but a good movie nonetheless. I recommend it.

Austin Kennedy photo
Austin Kennedy

This movie has a good cast and I would recommend this movie to anyone looking for a good story with some nice and strange images. I loved the scene where the dog's face is peering into the darkness. The movie is a bit slow moving but the slow motion is beautiful. I would recommend this movie to people who enjoy a good story with a good message.

Andrew Armstrong photo
Andrew Armstrong

The name of this movie is a name I was unfamiliar with, but I watched it and I am now. I watched this movie with a friend who is a big fan of Bollywood. He is not really a fan of the movie, but he was entertained by the movie. The movie had a good story, a good cast, good script, good director, good editing and a good soundtrack. The actors were good and I think they deserved an Oscar for this movie. The movie was not perfect, but it was good. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys Bollywood and who wants to watch a movie that is well made and has good characters. I would give this movie a 9 out of 10.

Susan S. photo
Susan S.

A very young girl is killed. The people of this village don't believe in ghosts. But, the town folk believe in the spirit of the deceased. But, the boy who killed the girl has returned and is carrying out his revenge. It seems that the girl's ghost will come back. Can the boy beat the boy's evil spirit? In this movie, which is based on a play by Akira Kurosawa, there is an interesting aspect of the film. The whole thing is based on a play that has been acted by the actors and the director. However, there is a contradiction in this movie. I found it very hard to understand what the director had done. In the beginning of the film, you see the boy and his mother, who live in the village. They were the only family in the village. The mother is very sad about losing her daughter. She looks at the boy and says, "It's not my fault." This comment indicates that she believes that the boy killed her daughter. When the boy attacks the girl, the mother turns to the boy and says, "You can't. You can't do it." That comment indicates that the mother's belief in the spirit of the girl is not at all true. This is the point where the director must have made the movie. I also think that the director must have made the movie with the intention of creating an interesting conflict in the movie. This movie is definitely worth watching. It is one of the best movies in the Kurosawa's movies. I would like to point out the movie with two things. One of them is that the camera moves very smoothly. I think that the camera movement in this movie is excellent. The camera movement of this movie is really good.

Megan photo

I liked the first one, but this one was really good. I like the way the characters are acting. The one thing that I didn't like about the first one is that they were like in a hurry to get to the next destination. I don't think that that was good for the story. I thought that this movie was really good and I was really surprised when I saw it on Netflix. I really enjoyed this movie. I don't think that I will ever watch the second one, but I hope that I will see it sometime in the future. I think that this movie is really good, and I will recommend it to anyone who likes a good movie.

Grace Stephens photo
Grace Stephens

The title of this movie is more of a description. "The Auteur" or "The Creator" in the context of this movie. If you are into good movies with a good story, and a good director, this is a movie you should watch. This movie is very good in all aspects. It is a drama, with a mystery, with action, with a good story, with a good performance by all the cast. This movie has a great story, and it is a very good movie. The movie is worth watching, especially if you like good movies.

Janet G. photo
Janet G.

I really liked the movie. It's really nice to see a movie that makes you think. And it's the same with the book. I can't explain why I liked it so much but I really liked it. You have to read the book to understand it. There are many more things in the movie that you didn't get in the book. It's also a very good movie with good acting. If you like movies with good acting and good directing, I recommend this movie.

Timothy photo

I am the guy that likes to make movies like this and I've made several already. This movie is a fantastic film about a young guy who is growing up in the big city and wants to be a painter. He gets picked for the art school, and he meets this old man who is a painter and a pretty girl. The young guy starts to get attracted to this old man, and he starts to paint pictures of old times. I thought the film was great, because I was a bit confused in the beginning, but once he got to know the painter and his way of painting, he is able to paint pictures of the old times, and the old painter is not the one who painted them. It's like the old man is a kind of a painter and he is kind of the one that paints the pictures. The film is great, because you can't see the big city and the people and how they look. You don't see the big city at all. I think the film is also great because it is a good movie, and it is not boring. The story is not too much, but it is a good story. I like the film because it's a good movie.

Phillip Harper photo
Phillip Harper

The three main actors, especially Al-Saleh, played their parts well and the scenery and photography were beautiful. If you like "Arabian Nights" like me, you will like this movie. If you are not familiar with Arab culture and folk tales, I think this movie might give you some "horror" experiences. This movie has a lot of problems. There is not much information about the folk legends, some characters are barely mentioned, the story is "behind the curtains", there is no "stage", there is no casting of actors etc. etc. But if you like these kind of movies and enjoy them, I think you will like this movie.

Crystal H. photo
Crystal H.

I was afraid to watch this movie, I didn't know what to expect, but I was so glad I decided to watch it. It is a true story, about a girl and her mother. I think it is an excellent movie, it shows the difference between a person who can change his/her life for the better and a person who can only change his/her life for the worse. I think that this movie is one of the best movies of the year. It is a real life story, and it is great for all the people to see. This movie will be the best movie of the year.

Angela Peters photo
Angela Peters

I went to see this film because it is one of my favorite Turkish films. The film was not as good as I had hoped, however. The problem is the script. The plot in this film is very strong, but the screenplay is lacking. This is the first time I have ever been disappointed with a Turkish film, and this is the first time I have felt that way. Many of the lines in the film are strong, but when you watch them the second or third time, you just feel that it is weak. The problem is that the writers do not know how to build a strong story. The film does not have the complexity that makes people's eyes shine. Many scenes are not developed very well and this kind of story needs to be shown in more detail to get its full effect. The story is somewhat predictable. There is a great deal of nudity in this film, but the character of Riza is one of the most beautiful women in Turkey. The acting is very good. In my opinion, this film is not great, but it is not bad. I think it is worth seeing, but not a great film.

Megan B. photo
Megan B.

I just watched the movie today and I think it's one of the best movies I've ever seen. The story is amazing and the ending was just amazing. The acting is great and the message is just great. The movie has a lot of action and it's just great. The only thing that I don't like is that the movie is like a short. I think that they should have done more to it, and I think that it could have been a lot longer. The last part of the movie is really great, and the director did a great job. The movie is great, I really recommend it to everyone who likes a great movie.

Janice H. photo
Janice H.

Lamya Devi, or Lamya Devi: 1. It is the first movie in Indian cinema that made me hate Indians. 2. It is a good movie. 3. It is so good that even Indians hate it. 4. It is so good that you are ready to hate the main character. What I am going to talk about is the reason why I dislike Indians and Indian movies. I hate Indians because they treat Indians like garbage. The way they talk about Indians is worse than trash talk. The way they talk about Indians is worse than garbage talk. And when the main character is about to kill himself for the crime of getting a divorce, you will feel like you can actually kill yourself for that crime. They also make movies like The Castle and I am Sad that I Married An Indian. The reason I say this is because the only way that they could make the movie was the way they did. Why they didn't do something different, is a mystery. But I think that Indians make more movies like this. This movie could have been a great one if they had made it a better movie. And what they did was just a crime against Indians. I hated this movie. The only reason why I can hate Indians is because they treat Indians like garbage. When they make movies like this, I just don't think that Indians are as bad as they say they are. I think that Indians do have a better quality of life than Americans do. So, I guess that this movie is a good movie. The reason I hate this movie is because I hate Indians. But, if I didn't hate Indians, then maybe I would have liked it. So, my vote is 7. And I am happy that I have a 1/10.

Richard photo

Saw this movie in my year 9 class. The director is amazing. The movie is interesting, the cinematography is great, the soundtrack is excellent. The plot is very simple but the movie manages to be entertaining and interesting. The actors are excellent. The movie is definitely worth a watch. It is worth to see the movie in a theater.

Christina photo

I'm not sure if the movie is supposed to be a comedy, or a drama. I have to say that this movie is a drama. The first half of the movie is very interesting, but it's not until the end that the story picks up. I think that it's not a good idea to compare it to other movies. It's not like "The Wizard of Oz", which is a comedy, and "Love Story" which is a drama. I think that it's a little bit like "The Truman Show", but "The Truman Show" is a comedy, and this is a drama. It's definitely a good movie, but I wouldn't recommend it to everyone. It's very interesting, but I think that it's a little bit overrated.

Eric R. photo
Eric R.

I must admit that I was not expecting to find a very good movie in this genre. But I thought I would give it a try. The director's name is Shahab Hosseini and he is an Iranian-Canadian director, and I liked his previous movies "Tian Ji" and "Dawn of the Dead". He also did "Mujang" and "Rashid". "Hechsher" is a pretty decent thriller, which I would recommend for people who are looking for a good thriller movie. The movie has a good pace and is quite enjoyable to watch. The story is about a man (Peter Anders) who is in the business of skin-transfusion, and his wife (Tina Desai) who is a journalist. They both have a son, but they don't talk about the matter. Meanwhile, the man who has a skin-transfusion operation, and is making money from his clients, and wants to make a killing. The problem is that he is known to the police, and is suspected of killing several people. I found the movie very suspenseful, and I would like to see it again. My vote is nine. Title (Brazil): "Carmen" ("Car" in Portuguese)

Jonathan G. photo
Jonathan G.

i found this film at an art house movie fest. there were a couple of others who really liked it. so my advice is to try it. some of the actors are also in the film. the acting is great. the shots are beautiful. the story is interesting. it's not a modern look. it's a beautiful film. i really like it. it is a few years old and it is still very relevant. so my advice is try it. i know that i can't do so much about the movie but i don't know why people don't love it. it's so great. it can be my favorite movie of all time.

Phillip photo

The movie is about a mother and son returning to the home after a long time. The mother is a little older and had many disappointments. The son is still very young and he has so many new experiences and struggles to handle. I think the father of the son was very high on the mom and on her desire to come back home to her home after so long. His lack of action of going to the police did not help the situation. The father seemed very excited and happy to see his son back in his home. The mother is quite different and she shows a bit of bitterness toward her husband and her son. The movie is interesting to watch because of the mom's attitude toward her son. The movie is showing her tension toward her son and it makes me wonder if she was even very close to him when they were young. The movie is also showing that her son is still young. The father is also quite high on his son, even though he is having a hard time and is almost too high on his son. This movie is worth watching because it shows how the mother and son have to deal with all the new experiences and new problems and the tension of them. There are some nice parts in the movie and the mother is very hot and entertaining. The father is also very interesting because he is very concerned and very strong. The son also plays a very important role in the movie because it shows his struggle. In general, this movie is very good.

Joan F. photo
Joan F.

The first thing I would like to say is that it is truly a beautiful movie. But a flawed one as well. It's full of comedy, with one line, one joke. It's full of nuggets of information that we will never forget. But most of it is something we can think of only once. In a sense, it is a bit of a piece of work. You have to be a fan of musicals and musical-non-musical, to appreciate it. But it's not a movie for all tastes. It is all about the music and the culture of the country. It is not about the actors, it is not about the story, it's all about the music. And we are left with a tremendous sense of emptiness. And not a void. We are left with a large yawn, as if the movie was never produced and was merely an extraordinary piece of work. The fact that it is not the story and the cast that makes the film less and less interesting, is the real tragedy. It's not a failure of the script, but of the music. In other words, the music is its masterpiece.

Sean Turner photo
Sean Turner

I watched this movie on the first day it was released and I am still going back to it every time it comes on. The story is excellent and the characters are so well written and bring out so much emotion that I'm still thinking about it. I would recommend this movie to everyone, it is a must see movie!

Amber photo

This movie is a dark fairy tale, a fairy tale about the struggle of a poor woman to support her family and her own self. The movie is very emotional, it is very hard to watch, and the movie is beautiful. The movie is very realistic, it shows us the way of living in a poor country, and how poverty makes you weak. The movie is very emotional, and the movie is very well directed. It is a good movie to watch, you will not regret to watch it.

Emily P. photo
Emily P.

It's a bit of a surprise to find an old Egyptian movie that actually has a message to deliver. And it is a pretty great one at that. It's about a father who hires a maid to help him look after his ill wife. But as his wife goes into a coma, the maid does a good job of helping her and the husband. But she soon realises that the man she's been doing this for is actually a rather creepy character. After a while, she begins to suspect he may not be as innocent as he seems. This movie is quite disturbing in its themes and in its delivery of those themes. The two leads are great in their roles and the movie is enjoyable enough to watch without being too demanding. The story itself is quite original, but this isn't the first time a movie has dealt with themes of this nature. It's just a nice change of pace, with a few surprises along the way. You might enjoy this movie, even though I wouldn't call it one of the greatest of all time.

Kyle J. photo
Kyle J.

This is a really good film. It's about a young woman who works as a maid in a small village. She is in love with the man of the house, and she has to work as a maid to support her. She feels that her love is more important than her work. But there is a price to pay, and she must work in a place where she has to sleep with the owner of the house. There is a story about the price of love, and about love and work. It's a beautiful film.

Megan Daniels photo
Megan Daniels

I am not a man of any sort of taste or artistic value. I grew up in Canada and therefore, I am not accustomed to its complex and exotic regional dialects and language. In short, my knowledge of Canada's language and dialects are limited to the first grade. That being said, I liked this film. It is visually appealing and well made. I especially liked the actors. Especially the first actors were quite good, while the second group of actors seemed a bit less convincing. Overall, this film is visually appealing and entertaining. This is my first review on IMDb. Thank you for reading. :)

Johnny Hunt photo
Johnny Hunt

I am so sorry but I don't understand why people consider this film to be a masterpiece. It's very basic. First of all, why the hell did people put it in the top 100? And then why the hell did the people rate it 1/10? And why the hell did people rate it at a 1/10? The director obviously tried to impress people with his artistic vision. He didn't bother to make a story out of it. If he had, it would have been better. All he had to do was to make it a simple film about a man who lives a simple life. It's not like he made the film to make people feel good about him. But, I guess it was because he thinks the film is supposed to be about him and he will become a true artist. However, it's not a story about him, but a story about his character. And it's not the simple life of a man, but a simple life of a man. I am not a woman but I think that is a very very rare feeling. We are people who feel lonely and it's very very rare for us to be so happy in our life. I think that the idea of this film is that people are lonely and they can't be with their friends because they're too busy, and they don't feel the same as people. They just want to be alone, and that's all they want. Then they should stop doing it and live their normal life. So the idea is that people who don't feel happy and do bad things are not people, but just some people who have some special desire. So the idea is that we should be normal, and people should be normal. That's the real beauty of the film, that people are normal. This film is not about people, it's about a man who doesn't know how to live his life. He doesn't feel happy, he doesn't feel sad, he doesn't feel happy and sad, he doesn't feel happy and sad. I think that that's the whole point. It's a beautiful film, I think that is a real masterpiece. So, if you like this film, I recommend that you watch "Love and Peace" by Kim Ki Duk, that's about a man who can't find a woman and doesn't want to have sex with a woman. That's a great film. But, "Love and Peace" is just like "Love and Peace" is about a man who doesn't know how to live his life. And "Love and Peace" is a story about people who can't find a woman. I think that's all, I don't know what's my real question. Why does the director think it's a masterpiece?

Douglas photo

The human world, particularly the social life of a female, is shown in the most humane way possible, in a style that very rarely exists. The film features a wonderful cast, which can not be found in other films of this type. The characters are interesting and realistic, and have very interesting traits. You cannot help but to love them. You see a lot of female friendships that may turn out to be false, or just plain stupid. The first half of the film deals with the middle-class, their values and customs, and their problems. The second half is focused on the human nature of the characters. The relationship between the two sisters is very interesting. The film was made in a very realistic way. There are no stupid or pretentious dialogs. The most important thing is the screenplay. If you want to know how people think in real life, this is the film for you.

Bobby photo

To keep this brief, the film's main focus is on a powerful bond between two people, one a human being and the other a dog. They have been brought together by a simple but meaningful message, that "If you can give, then you should." With a little elbow grease and some impressive dedication from both, they work together to overcome all obstacles. I'm not sure how well this film is viewed by dog lovers. It is quite the opposite, to some dogs, it is a bit of a chore to watch. To dog lovers, it is just another way to think of your beloved pet as you would like to see him/her. I have watched this film at least two times and I have also read the book, and while the film might be a bit too long, I still enjoyed it.

Peter M. photo
Peter M.

First, I will say that this is not a religious film. I believe that you need to be familiar with religious teachings before you start watching. I recommend that you do not read any comment that says it is religious. It is a film about a man who tries to make sense of his life. If you want to know more, you should watch the movie, but I will tell you that I think it is not very religious, at least not for me.

Jeremy photo

This is a nice little movie about a bunch of middle-aged men in what seems to be a rural community, who are all beginning to feel a little unwell. There are also two things that really get my attention, one is that all the actors are doing a great job at making it look real. The second thing is that it is also a little bit of a social commentary on the rural middle-class, or how it seems to work in the villages. Some of the jokes are kind of twisted, but it's hard to tell. One thing I think is not good is that there is a large amount of ethnic jokes. Maybe the original director wanted it to be a local joke, but there is too much of that, especially in the second half of the movie. This is a little slow, but I think it works well in this way. The editing is also good, but it is hard to follow, which is the reason I say it is nice. It is a nice little movie. It's not great, but it is a good way to spend an hour and a half. If you like the style of this movie, I would recommend the original movie as well. It is also worth a watch for a few of the female actors, and there is a great scene between a prostitute and a teenager in it. I like this style of movies, it is not about who is a good actor, it is about what happens when you are in the shoes of someone else, and this is a great way to do that.

Susan Alvarez photo
Susan Alvarez

I really enjoyed this movie. I think it is a great character study. The movie is also quite suspenseful and it is a movie that I will watch again and again. I think it's the best movie about the black experience in America. There are a few disturbing scenes that I can not help but to feel. The movie also shows the reality of racism in America and the long struggle for racial equality. The movie is definitely worth watching.

Raymond B. photo
Raymond B.

A Russian drama about a teen who is seduced by a girl who has just lost her mother. The father of the girl, who has a son who is a lawyer, is also involved in this case. The father of the girl is a cop, but the father of the boy is a boy who does not know how to act. The mother of the girl does not want the boy to be in love with her daughter. The father of the boy is also involved in the case. This movie is a real drama with many events that make it real. I think this is the best movie of 2014. It is also a drama with many incidents and situations that make it real. It is a very good movie, but it is not a great movie.

Billy Carpenter photo
Billy Carpenter

I had the chance to watch this film at the film festival in Budapest, Hungary. It was a great opportunity to see the movie from the director's point of view, and I think that it's a good movie for both adults and teenagers. The story is about a young man (or woman) who is dying of AIDS and has a special friend in a distant and beautiful land called "Otohay". In the beginning of the film, we see a girl, who is infected by the virus, while we see a boy, who is infected with the virus. The two of them are trying to stay alive and they are both very close. The boy is also afraid of dying and has to watch his own death. The girl, on the other hand, is very strong and does not want to be in the same place as the boy. The movie is very interesting and keeps you on the edge of your seat. You do not know what will happen next and you are left with a lot of questions. It's a great film that I recommend for everybody. I would recommend this film to everybody, and I think that everybody should see this film. I think that it's a great film for everybody.

Brian M. photo
Brian M.

I'm a fan of italian cinema. I was surprised by how good this movie was. There is no Hollywood-style sex scene, just real life. There is no sexy hero, just a real human being. I'm not sure if this movie is for everyone. There is some language, but it is not bad. I think it is a bit too long, but you can't feel bored. There is no hero, just a real human being. I don't understand why there are so many negative reviews. This is a very good movie, and you should see it. I'm not going to watch it again.

Christina photo

I've never seen a movie that makes me laugh like this. The cinematography is so beautiful and the music is so touching. The story is very important and the way they told it was very good. I recommend everyone to watch this movie. My rating is 9/10.