Steam Dream Horse

Dream Horse

Dream Horse is a movie starring Toni Collette, Damian Lewis, and Peter Davison. Dream Alliance, an unlikely race horse bred by small town Welsh bartender, Jan Vokes. With no experience, Jan convinces her neighbors to chip in their...

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O Cavalo dos Meus Sonhos, O Cavalo dos Meus Sonhos (2020)
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1 hours 53 minutes
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Sport, Comedy, Drama, Biography
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Neil McKay
Joanna Page, Peter Davison, Damian Lewis, Toni Collette
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Dream Alliance, an unlikely race horse bred by small town Welsh bartender, Jan Vokes. With no experience, Jan convinces her neighbors to chip in their meager earnings to help raise Dream in the hopes he can compete with the racing elites.

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Anna H. photo
Anna H.

I have been watching this movie for a couple of weeks and I was really impressed by the movie. The acting was really good and I was really shocked at the acting skills of Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet. They were really good. Also the other actors in the movie did really good job. I was really surprised by the acting of the first person. It was really good. The movie has a good story and the main characters were really interesting. I would recommend it to people who like drama, adventure and romance.

Lisa Simmons photo
Lisa Simmons

I was fortunate enough to catch this at the Toronto Film Festival, and it was very well done. The film was well acted, and the cinematography was very good. The acting was very believable, and it seemed that the cast did a very good job of making us feel for the characters. The story was great, and I felt it was very realistic. The music was also very good, and added to the movie. I think this film deserves a lot more attention than it got at the time of its release, and I hope that more people will see it.

Billy Ellis photo
Billy Ellis

What a great movie. Great acting, great story, great cast. I don't know if it's the way they filmed it or the fact that I was watching it on the big screen, but this movie was way better than I expected. I went into the theater with high expectations because of the trailer, and I was right. I didn't know what to expect from this movie, but it didn't disappoint. It is a very deep movie, with very strong story. The movie starts with a young girl named Marley who is very brave. Marley is taken to the big city to live with a man named Red. Red is very strict, but he's very kind. Marley has a good life, but she's very shy. Marley's best friend is a horse named Buck. Buck is a very strong horse, but he is very jealous of Marley. Buck gets very upset when he hears Marley talk to Buck. Buck's owner, who is a very rich man, tells Buck that he will pay Marley to go to a horse race. Buck refuses. When Buck hears that Marley is going to be a rider in the race, he becomes very angry. When Marley hears that Buck is going to pay her to go to the race, she is very angry. The movie ends with a scene that I won't tell you about. The movie has a great story, and the actors are very good at telling the story. This movie is very entertaining and the acting is great. This is definitely a movie that you should watch. I give this movie a 9/10.

Karen photo

I was fortunate enough to see the premiere of this movie at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. The cast was very strong and the acting was very good. The movie is very much like the book, and I thought it was very well done. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves the book or who has read the book. The movie has a great message about family and about how we can't expect everything we want out of life. It is a great family film and a very good film to watch with the whole family.

Rachel photo

I really loved this movie. I loved the cast and I loved the story line. I have seen the original version many times and I was so happy to see that the filmmakers were able to keep the spirit of the original movie intact. This movie was perfect. The acting was wonderful, the story line was wonderful, and the music was amazing. I really recommend this movie to anyone who likes to laugh, cry, and have a good time.

Beverly C. photo
Beverly C.

This movie is the story of a retired boxer who meets and falls in love with a girl. He becomes her trainer and the girl decides to move away. He goes to stay with his family and they are in a financial crisis. He meets a woman who runs a horse show. He comes to find her in the middle of a horse race. He falls in love with her and wants to take care of her until he finds the woman he fell in love with. This movie is really good and it's a great love story. I recommend this movie to everyone.

Marilyn Moore photo
Marilyn Moore

This is a great movie about a man who is thrown out of the horse race and comes back to win it back. The story is fantastic and the acting is great. The only problem I had with the movie is that it didn't show the actual race. The horse race is shown and the story is very good. I hope this movie gets a good release and more people see it. It's a great movie that shows you what it was like to be a person in the past. I think this is a great movie to see.

Virginia J. photo
Virginia J.

The only reason I'm rating this film a 9 is because it's not really a great film. It's not the best movie ever, but it's definitely worth watching. It's a film that could have been great if it had been given a better script. It's not bad, just not great. It's a shame, because the acting was great, and I think it would have been great if it had had a better script. The best part of the movie is when Sam Elliot is in the movie, and he is amazing. It's a shame that he wasn't given a bigger role. There are a few great quotes, and some great acting. If you're a big Bruce Lee fan, then you'll love this movie. Bruce Lee's story is interesting, and the movie is well done. This movie is just not a great film, but it is a good film. It's worth watching, but you should probably skip it.

Crystal Long photo
Crystal Long

This is the story of a horse who is working as a trainer in the Kentucky Derby and its racing season. I am not a horse lover, but I have been fascinated by horses for years. This movie really reminded me of the amazing stories I have heard about racing and the life of a horse. This movie really has a life of its own and is well worth watching. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in racing and horses. The acting was very good, and the story was interesting. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is a horse lover or has an interest in racing.

Jeffrey photo

I went to see this movie with a friend of mine who said that he had never seen a movie about horse racing. I said, "Oh well, I'll go see it." He wasn't sure if he would like it, but he loved it. I couldn't have been more wrong. I was surprised at how great the movie was, and I can't wait to see it again. This is a must see for any horse racing fan. I highly recommend it!

Harold photo

The first time I saw this film, I was intrigued by the title, and the story that was told. I was pleasantly surprised, by the acting, and the storyline. I was also shocked, by the dialogue and the script. It was a very unique film, that I would recommend to anyone. It is very funny, and you will laugh all the way through. It is also a story that is not for everyone. I recommend this film, to anyone, who wants a good laugh.

Lori photo

Great cast, very good script, nice music, very good story. I've seen the movie at the end of the day, I must say that it's very important that you don't think that you are watching a comedy. It's about horses. It's about life, about life in general. I liked the character of Charles. It's not a very good movie, but it's a very good movie.

Susan H. photo
Susan H.

I was not expecting much when I went to see this movie, but it was amazing. I have never seen a movie that had a positive message and yet I felt sad and uplifted. The movie has a great message and it made me feel good. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to feel good and feel better. It's not easy to feel good when you are sick or having a hard time.

Nancy Sandoval photo
Nancy Sandoval

I watched this film recently and it's amazing how it has made me think about the past. The film is about the life of young British boxer Danny 'The Kid' Brewster and how he is treated as a "foreigner" in his family and in the boxing world. He is taught to play the violin, but it's also about how he is taught to be a boxer, which is something that he is not really interested in. When his father dies, he is left with his older brother Stephen and his mother who has taken up with an older woman and their sister, Linda. Danny is treated like a member of the family, he is a very good boxer and his performance in the ring is good, but when his parents are killed, he is forced to move away from home and live in a trailer in a dirt village with a bad neighbor, a drunk. He is told that he is not really a "British" boy and must learn to fit in, but he doesn't want to change his name, so he decides to go to college. He tries to get a job as a waitress in a restaurant, but she doesn't want him to try to change his name and take on a more serious life. He meets the girl who will change his life, but she's too drunk to talk to him and he decides to keep her and to keep moving away from home. He has to go to work and he will be making more money, but he can't really handle it. He tries to fit in, but he is very sensitive and scared. The film is very emotional and it has a very strong message. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in boxing or sports.

Peter K. photo
Peter K.

This is a well-crafted and touching story of the triumph of perseverance over adversity. The characters are well-drawn and the film is well-acted by a strong ensemble cast. The film is very true to the true story of one of the greatest horses in racing history. The horses are well-crafted, but not perfect, and the film does not shy away from depicting the suffering of the horses and their trainers. The film has a great message, and is a worthy addition to the growing list of horse films that have been made in the last decade. The film is well-directed, but not flawless. The pacing of the film is a little slow, and some of the editing may be a little shaky. However, the film is a very worthwhile film and will be enjoyed by fans of the sport.

Donald Torres photo
Donald Torres

A great movie about a man and his horse. The movie is about a young man named Jake (played by Keanu Reeves) who's dad (played by Adam Sandler) is a professional rider. Jake wants to try his hand at horse racing and it's his dream to be the best. After he wins his first race, Jake is approached by a group of horsemen who want to get him a horse so they can take his place in the race. Jake agrees to race with them and they promise him that if he wins, he will get a horse. The movie is about a great relationship between Jake and his father. The relationship between Jake and his father is shown very well in the movie. The movie shows Jake as a man and his emotions when he has a hard time with his father. Jake's father is shown as a nice and loving person and that's shown in the movie. The movie is very entertaining and it is a great movie about a man and his horse. It is a great movie that you should watch. It is a movie that I recommend to everyone.

Rose photo

This is a great movie. The acting is very good and the story is a true story. The cast is very well chosen. I can't understand why this movie got such a low rating. There are some bad reviews on IMDb and the movie is a must see.

Cheryl Spencer photo
Cheryl Spencer

This is a wonderful film, I loved it. It's about a man who is a farm boy from Kansas who makes his way to California. He marries and starts a family. It is the story of how he finds his true love. The only problem is that he's married to a woman who isn't interested in him. What a great story. I hope they make a sequel, it would be great. I highly recommend this film to anyone. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Diana M. photo
Diana M.

The true story of a young and talented horse named The Little Pony who became a big star in the USA and all over the world. I loved the film, but I would say it is a 9/10 because the horse did not really shine in the film. The horse was very good and I loved the part when he did the dance. It was very emotional and had a lot of emotion in it. The part when he found out he had a son was also very moving. I thought it was very moving and a great story. The story was very good and it was good for the whole family. I think that it is a very good film, but I would say it is a 9/10 because it did not shine in the film. I liked the film and I think it is a very good film.

Victoria O. photo
Victoria O.

Well, I didn't know what to expect when I went to see this movie. After watching the trailers, I was expecting a movie with some humor and some action. What I got was a movie with a lot of emotion and a great cast. It has some of the best acting I've ever seen, with a great cast. This movie was definitely worth seeing. I really hope that Disney will make more movies like this, because I think they are really deserving of their success.