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The Trump Prophecy

The Trump Prophecy is a movie starring Chris Nelson, Paulette Todd, and Karen Boles. A fireman and public servant Mark Taylor hears a special message from God about change in our nation. When Mary Colbert, a networker and connector...

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2 hours
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Stephan Schultze
Mary Colbert, Jimmy Hager, Mark Taylor, Rick Eldridge
Paulette Todd, Karen Boles, Don Brooks, Chris Nelson
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A fireman and public servant Mark Taylor hears a special message from God about change in our nation. When Mary Colbert, a networker and connector of Christian ministries, hears Mark's message she feels called to start a national prayer movement which grows to thousands of people across our nation praying together for the leadership of America and a return to the godly principles we were founded upon. The Trump Prophecy tells the story of Mark Taylor and Mary Colbert through the election of 2016 followed by a reflective time hearing from leaders in various sectors of faith, business, finance, military, and world affairs who respond with their perspective on what it takes to make America great again.

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Steven W. photo
Steven W.

I watched this movie at a screening at the Utah Film Festival. The screening was attended by over 100 people. I don't know if this was a traditional audience, but it was the largest audience that I've seen at a film festival. I saw a lot of very positive comments from people who had never heard of this movie, but it was definitely a "must see". I think the audience that was there, was extremely well-behaved, and very polite. It was very cool to see so many different ages and backgrounds. The audience was completely focused on the movie and the movie was never boring. The movie had a very slow pace, and I think that made it much more powerful. The audience was very quiet and respectful throughout the entire movie. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to learn more about the Trump Prophecy, or who wants to see a movie that is very different from other movies. I am a big fan of Trump Prophecy and I will definitely be seeing this movie again. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to learn more about the Trump Prophecy, or who wants to see a movie that is very different from other movies.

John photo

If you want to understand what is happening in the world today, you need to see this movie. It is a must see for everyone. The movie is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. I am a strong supporter of Trump and I was very excited to see this movie. The movie shows that we are all equal and that everyone should be treated equally. This movie is not a political movie, but it is very important. If you want to know what is going on in the world today, see this movie.

Janice photo

The Trump Prophecy is a powerful film about the impending end of the world. The film is so well written, that you can't help but be taken away by the power of the story. It is a story about the right of one man to stop a catastrophe that could have been avoided. The film is a well written story, with many lessons to be learned from. The film has a strong cast, with James Woods, Kevin Bacon, Billy Bob Thornton, and Steve Carell all giving strong performances. The movie also has a strong ending, that is both dramatic and uplifting. The Trump Prophecy is a powerful film that everyone should see.

Ronald Porter photo
Ronald Porter

A thoughtful, realistic, and much researched film. The portrayal of the Trump family and the relationship between the Trump children, with varying degrees of influence, was well done. The parents, Steve Bannon and his daughter Ivanka, were portrayed accurately, and Ivanka's music videos have won over many fans who had not heard them before. I liked the "Trumpcast" clip where they played Trump's birthday song, "Merry Christmas, Mr. President." The movie depicted the current administration and its minions very well. I wish more had been done to portray the nature of the international, Islamic governments and their methods. It's one thing to discuss the failings of the U.S. government, but to show a small country, Iran, create a nuclear weapon, while U.S. officials were publicly denying it and refusing to disarm, is a horrible thing to see.

Jeffrey H. photo
Jeffrey H.

I must admit that while I may be a bit biased towards Trump, I feel compelled to join this site to tell others that I'm not upset that the election outcome was such a disaster. I was ticked off, however, because there were so many things that were wrong with it that I couldn't blame all of the election outcome on Trump. I think there are a lot of people out there who have not heard the "It's sooo terrible" song by AC/DC and think it's actually a pretty good song. "It's sooo bad" was worse, of course. While many people have gone into a rant about the "starving artist" of the US, there is nothing worse than being left with nothing to go on and thinking you're only going to starve to death if the government doesn't change its mind. After all, you never want to look at your "starving artist" and tell yourself that the government is going to force him to do something for you. I think the "rat" was a better song and that AC/DC can actually deliver a song that actually sounds good than, like "American Girl" does. I think the country music genre was pretty darn funny. Many of the songs were sung by actual country singers and I think they were actually pretty funny to hear. The part of the song that I think made me laugh the hardest was about how "nice" they are. Sure, I understand that the country singers might sound nice but the actual songs are actually quite depressing and not all that realistic. I'm not saying the country music genre is entirely bad but it's not something that I think is a very good fit for me. I think people tend to just like to listen to songs on a low-budget that have a "wonderful" story line, if you will. The song "I'm Sorry" is actually a good song and I would listen to it a lot if I had been making "shoeboxes". The only thing that irritated me the most was the fact that I know very few people in my own family who would be happy to hear that I have to keep my head shaved to keep the "hair-loss" away. I'm not saying that having a hair-loss isn't a good thing but people can get rid of it on their own. Some people don't want to have hair in the first place. It's pretty hard to make people happy when you just cut your head bald. I think that the "rat" song was pretty good and that I liked it. Again, though, the actual songs are a little depressing. The rest of the song I think could have been cut down a lot and would have been much more entertaining. The only thing I think was decent about the song was when the rat named "Tiny" came on the radio. The entire song just about sums up the main idea of the song. That was a pretty good song. The whole song basically is about not having good hair and I think it should be given a higher rating. I guess I am the kind of person who likes to sit down, put my hand in my lap, and just listen to a "music" to "fill the room" with. I liked the music, the music made me feel good about the "shoebox" situation and I think it would be a lot better if the "hair-loss" would go away. I think it's good that Donald Trump is the president because that means I can finally eat my food without thinking that the government is going to force me to make a statement about what I'm eating. That would make a lot more sense to me.

Amy photo

I believe this is a very intelligent film, and it succeeds in holding the viewer's interest throughout. The movie deals with both the religious aspects of Trump's rise and his political rise. As a film it is definitely worth seeing, and is a great follow up to the first film. It does not pretend to be anything it's not, it's just a film. It is important to note that while the film does deal with Trump's political rise, it doesn't focus exclusively on his rise. As a consequence, it is less like an anti-Trump film and more like an anti-Clinton film. It deals with Trump's rise within the context of his religious faith, and how that has influenced him throughout his life. The film is also critical of both political parties, and even his own party. The film may not be 100% accurate, as there is no doubt that many of the statements made by Trump are controversial, but at the same time, I think the film is very accurate in this regard. One of the biggest problems with the film is that it is very short. It is no spoiler to say that there are no major revelations, but the film does not drag, nor do it contain a lot of talk. I think the film would have worked much better if it was much longer. There are several moments where the film could have explored more depth on these important issues, but I feel that the film is very well made, and it is very well done. The film is highly recommended, and definitely worth seeing, and I really look forward to the upcoming sequel.

Beverly photo

Throughout the 1950's, the right-wing ideologues in the United States and their European allies enjoyed controlling all the major media outlets in the country, thereby helping to bring about the triumph of the right. From 1953 to 1964, the "Southern Strategy" was carried out by President Eisenhower's National Security Advisor and the leading white supremacists, Eisenhower's right-wing speechwriter, Dwight MacDonald, and his right-wing 'friend' and confidant of the president, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. For the last few decades, the same elite groups have collaborated with the Democratic Party to manipulate the US government and the media to go along with the neo-fascist political policies of the United States government and to get their fix of all the good things the US government has done to ensure the success of right-wing propaganda. During the years of the Nixon era, the Democrat party was facing the enormous crisis of declining support from the working class, which was looking for a strong leader to support them in the years of the greatest upheaval the working class has ever experienced. The press and the Democratic Party bought the story of Richard Nixon and his conspiracy to cover up the Watergate scandal, which was an attempt by the Democratic Party to get the support of working-class voters in order to get into the White House. The right-wing politicians, led by Richard Nixon, began a campaign of pushing the Democrat to run a candidate against Ronald Reagan, in the 1992 presidential election. To ensure that this party would win, the Democratic Party used the media to put the public on the side of Reagan and his policies and to prevent the other party from gaining support from the working class. The media was sold off to right-wing media groups in the United States and Europe, and the real news was a story of Reagan's success, which was created to defeat the candidate of the working class, Henry Wallace. During the last few decades of the twentieth century, the right-wing media sold the New Deal and the Great Society, which had been created in the 1930s to make the working class more comfortable. It was the preservation of the New Deal, and the preservation of the Democrats' dominance of the government that brought about the end of the Democratic Party as the official party of the working class. This was the reason why the right-wing groups had become successful, allowing them to use the media to get their pro-business agenda onto the same level as the Republicans. The right-wing media groups needed the Democratic Party to use their media to ensure the success of their policies. All they had to do was to buy the media and use the Democratic Party to push their agenda. The process started with Richard Nixon becoming president, which marked a turn to the right, not only in the United States, but throughout the world, to try to get his policies implemented. The ultimate failure of this strategy was the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980. In this election, the popular anti-Truman candidate Walter Mondale, Walter Mondale's defeat, and the defeat of the Democrats in the election of 1992, the US working class elected the neo-fascists Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter as the American government went to war against the people of Vietnam. The left wing group that began to attack the Democratic Party were the Trotskyist groups that were a part of the Democratic Party. The Trotskyists in the Democratic Party had a strategy of attacking the media groups for not informing the public correctly, and they began to get the media on their side. By getting all the major news outlets and newspapers to criticize the war in Vietnam, the Trotskyists broke the right-wing monopoly on all the major news outlets in the United States. Throughout the 1980's, the right-wing media started an unrelenting campaign of attacking the right-wing Reagan administration for trying to get rid of the anti-war, anti-neoliberal policies of the Democrats and for getting rid of the welfare state. The end of the Cold War and the rise of the Chinese Communist Party, and the Soviet Union, put the Democrats in a very difficult situation. They could not come out and defend their policies and reject the attacks of the Trotskyist groups. When the media began to attack the Democrats, the left-wing groups in the Democratic Party started an unrelenting campaign to put the Democrats on the run for not doing enough to stop the attacks of the Trotskyists. The Americans had come to the realization that the Democrats had sold out the working class and been the party of the rich. When the right-wing groups began to attack the Democrats,

Susan B. photo
Susan B.

Just this past weekend I went to the White House for the Easter/Passover holiday, I wanted to be able to leave the film and re-watch it as I usually do. Well it was that, I was able to re-watch the film and I can tell you I was entertained, but the story was thin at best, I was kept on the edge of my seat. This was all due to the uniqueness of the man the President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, this is not your typical politician. Trump comes across as real, you can feel his pain, you can feel his anger and you can feel the fear he instills in the American people. He has made it clear, this is a man who has no time for ideology, no time for speeches, no time for political correctness. I recommend this film for entertainment value, but it has a deeper meaning, much deeper than that. I will give it an 8 out of 10 rating.

Roy Wilson photo
Roy Wilson

The Trump Prophecy: A film of the ten-year anniversary of the United States presidential election, The Trump Prophecy examines the history of the American presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, as well as its aftermath. The movie also explores the media, from what viewers will watch to what they will hear, and how these impacts have had on both the candidates. The director, Joshua Kahn, is a Ph.D. candidate at NYU and his thesis was on how the media affected the 2016 presidential race, which he wrote and directed this film. He had the unique opportunity to meet with Donald Trump Jr., the Trump family, and hundreds of people to get their input on what they would like to see in a sequel to this film, and ultimately they agreed that a sequel would be released. The film's director told this story about the news media and how the election was covered in the press. The public and journalists have watched a lot of what they can see and hear about Donald Trump during the last ten years. Trump has amassed a lot of momentum on the campaign trail. He has said that he's going to be president for all Americans, and he's going to fight for all Americans. He's going to be president for all Americans and not just Americans. As people tune in to vote in the 2016 presidential election, they see the media, watching the news, listening to the news, and taking their cues from the media. There is a power struggle between two polar opposites, and people believe that something major is about to happen. This struggle has created conflict, a system of power that runs in the background of every news show. The Trump Prophecy addresses this conflict, and we have seen some of the consequences of this power struggle in the media, like the press conference, the press conference in the limo, and the idea that the media doesn't want the American people to know what the candidates are saying. As we see this play out in the media, we see that the press goes to extremes in their coverage of issues of the presidential campaign. The Trump Prophecy explores what the media is doing to the campaigns to stop them from saying things that the media finds offensive. We have seen that the press has a war going on with both candidates, and we have seen that Trump has been criticized for "insulting" to the press, which is an example of the media working on him to prevent him from saying the things that the media feels are offensive. The result of this conflict is that the media has all but colluded with the Clinton campaign, and so much of what they broadcast and print is a campaign that works. The Trump Prophecy follows the course of the campaigns, which are arguably the most important moments of the 2016 election. It goes into a lot of detail about what happens in the debates, what happens with "insulting" comments from the press, and how this has had a big impact on the campaign. The movie was professionally produced, with great editing and a great script. The actors were great in their roles, especially the people that were cast for Trump Jr. and President Trump, as they have shown that they have great comedic timing. There are also great performances from a couple of the other actors, like Mike Meyers, who plays Kellyanne Conway, and Natalie Gladu, who plays Hope Hicks. The cast was great, as they show that there is great chemistry between the actors. The editing was great, and there was a lot of visual cues to help you figure out what was going on. This film is a brilliant depiction of how the media works, and I recommend that you watch it. The documentary is fantastic, as it shows how the media has influenced and influenced the way that we see the candidates. This film was brilliant, and I can't wait for the sequel, which is about to be made.

Anthony Hamilton photo
Anthony Hamilton

The Donald. What a man! The Never Trump's crowd have turned on their leader when he has not fulfilled their expectations, and have the nerve to blame him for their own failures. This movie is great. The movie begins in 1989, when Trump was a child. Trump at that age was seen as "the rough and tumble billionaire" but "not a successful businessman at all". The movie is good because it is well done. It keeps us focused on what we see on the screen and allows us to draw our own conclusions as to what Trump is "supposed" to be like. At no time is Trump more than just a billionaire. Trump is a man who needs his audience, as it were, to have a certain attitude that he should be able to hold with impunity. This is a movie about winning, and that's what Trump is all about. The writers took advantage of the internet to make this movie, as I do, and it is indeed a very effective tool. The Trump Prophecy is a movie that deserves to be on the top of the list of the greatest documentaries ever made. 8/10.

Alice Barnett photo
Alice Barnett

This documentary is really good. Some parts are really out there, but it's still very much worth the watch. The premise is amazing. There is a lot of information that you can use when doing your own research on the conspiracy theories of Donald Trump and his power grab. You can also learn things about the cult of Donald Trump that aren't likely to be known or known to the general public. All in all, a very entertaining documentary.

Ann W. photo
Ann W.

The Trump Prophecy was an extremely disturbing and intense movie that is fast paced and the ending seemed like the most realistic conclusion that could be made. The movie is interesting because it does not show the protagonists or anyone's involvement but is set entirely in the fantasy world of Christian Weston Chandler, the television show so-called "The O'Reilly Factor", and it also shows Christian Weston Chandler's experiences on a mission trip to the Philippines, which includes a torture experiment and when asked if he is a Christian, he replies "No, I'm a Jew." Unfortunately, this film only portrays Christianity and that is something that is wrong. It makes Christians look like horrible sinners. The film is highly unrealistic in that the research into the mental state of the men on the mission trip is not reported and they are not interviewed. However, that does not make the film inaccurate or non-existent. If anything, it makes the film more realistic because it shows what Christians do in the name of God. The documentary is scary and even though it is mostly factual, it does have some disturbing aspects. I personally would recommend this film to people that are atheists or theists and to people who like to see realistic depictions of religious beliefs.

Julie photo

I've been following this film since the beginning, and now I'm hooked. I'm sure many of you are also, but I'm not sure I've seen the first film. It's very difficult to find these days. It was so incredibly powerful and unique, I couldn't believe it. I don't know how this film managed to get such a low rating, it was so powerful, and the cast and crew did a great job. I'm not sure if they could have made it any better, but I will be checking out the second film, and I hope they do the same.

Anthony Peters photo
Anthony Peters

This is an amazing movie, it's powerful and it's very realistic. It is a very real and real life story about a man who is so far from the truth that he can't even tell the truth to his daughter. This movie is very entertaining and makes you want to go back and see it again and again. I'm not really sure how much I like it, but it is very entertaining and it's very real. I recommend this movie to everyone. It is very real and very interesting. I give this movie a 10 out of 10.

James photo

The Trump Prophecy is a movie that I highly recommend. It's a dark story about a conspiracy about the world changing after the inauguration of the Trump. The film deals with the psychological issue of Trump. He's seen as evil and this makes him more powerful. This is shown in a film that is not a regular melodrama or even an ordinary film. The acting in this film is excellent. The main characters are convincing and manage to keep a tense atmosphere throughout the film. It is a nice drama film that stays on your mind and takes you to a different place.

Megan Lynch photo
Megan Lynch

I liked this movie, not because of the documentary and not because of the scary thing that happens on the film. I just liked the fact that there are the frightening things happening, but not always. In one case, you could see the movie and then you would realize that you would have seen this kind of horror at least once or twice in your own life. This movie does that just as much as the original. My problem with the documentary is that the narrator is talking about things that happen around the world and the people's reaction to that kind of horror. I think that would be a lot more interesting if it was not being compared to a documentary. In this case, it doesn't matter, it is still scary, so that is why I gave it an 8. As for the movie, it is a very good movie. I like how there are some scares where the actors are scared. It makes the movie very tense. The other scary thing is that sometimes when they talk about the 'prophecies' they are making a reference to the Trump presidency and you can be a part of that. And that's why I give the movie an 8 because it is still a good movie.