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Active Measures

Active Measures is a movie starring Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Jeremy Bash. Russian president Vladimir Putin attacks the 2016 American presidential election in collaboration with the Trump campaign.

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Aktīvie Pasākumi: Tramps Krievijas Pavadā, Intrygi - superbron Kremla
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1 hours 49 minutes
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Jack Bryan
Marley Clements, Jack Bryan
Jeremy Bash, Vladimir Putin, Nina Burleigh, Donald Trump
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Russian president Vladimir Putin attacks the 2016 American presidential election in collaboration with the Trump campaign.

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Tyler Fuller photo
Tyler Fuller

I watched this movie on a big screen with a live audience and was blown away by the technical aspects of the film. It was very much like a documentary, but with an emphasis on the hard-working efforts of these young professionals. I would not have had such an experience with a documentary on a regular day. This film is not about them, but about the people who are most involved in the lives of these children, and how the children and their families have dealt with the devastating effects of AIDS and other illnesses that plague them. They have a difficult life, but they are doing everything they can to survive. The biggest surprise of the film was the level of enthusiasm that the families had for the film. I am sure that this will be the same with other viewers.

Eugene H. photo
Eugene H.

I watched this movie the other night and was surprised to find that it wasn't too over the top and seemed pretty realistic. It is basically about a bunch of these kids that are drug addicted and who all end up in jail, the acting in the movie is really good, it's funny and the director really got some good ideas out of it. The biggest problem with the movie is that it doesn't have the same plot that some other movies have. The movie feels too long and doesn't really go anywhere. It just ends abruptly. The film has some really good points to it, but I didn't really like it. If you are looking for a movie that deals with drug addiction and it deals with the consequences of addiction, I recommend this one.

Betty photo

I was really looking forward to seeing this movie. After seeing "The Road" I was very disappointed in how it portrayed a lot of life situations in the drug business. The scene with the cop getting his face kicked in was pretty brutal. I feel the movie was trying to say something about drug use, and the drugs themselves. In my opinion, it was a very superficial statement that just didn't come across very well. This movie has some great moments, but overall it wasn't very well done. It's not bad, but it's not good either. The actors are great, and the story is interesting. I liked the first half of the movie, and I really like the second half of the movie. It's a good film, but it just doesn't do anything to really say anything. If you're a fan of "The Wire" or any other "W" show, you'll probably enjoy this movie. If you're a fan of movies like "The Wire" and other "W" shows, you'll probably hate this movie.

Ann M. photo
Ann M.

I really enjoy this film. The writing is excellent and the film captures the spirit of the times. The opening scene of the future seems to be very realistic. The interviews with the rebels are well done and informative. I am a bit surprised that the world isn't about to end in this film. Maybe it's a warning. But it also feels like the world isn't ready for this.

Hannah photo

Most of the films that are called 'conflict films' are about the oppression of a particular group of people. The mainstream films that get nominated are often documentaries or books about the oppression of one particular group of people. This film is about the oppression of children. Children are the victims of such a vast, systematic, and ongoing system of injustice that it is impossible to talk about the injustice without mentioning children. However, this film is also about the more interesting aspects of the situation. Children who are oppressed have the courage and the ability to resist the system that oppresses them. This film was so good that I had to watch it a second time. The film also highlights how children are raised in oppressive situations. This film shows us how the system of oppression affects children in a more subtle way. The documentary is only 97 minutes long and the message is not for everyone. I recommend this film to people who are interested in child oppression or children who want to see the plight of children in a more subtle way. The film shows a lot of detail about the oppression of children and how children resist it. This film is a must see for people who are interested in the subject of child oppression.

Ruth B. photo
Ruth B.

How does the US Government respond to mass media and public opinion when there is a large outbreak of a contagious disease that requires immediate medical attention? The documentary asks this question and answers it. The answers are somewhat vague, but in a very "human" way. A country that is at war, with a population of millions, will always be dealing with one of the biggest challenges that it can face. The military is always the first to respond, whether it be in the form of military units, or other civilian agencies. The US military has done its job well, but the military also has done some things that are completely inappropriate. This documentary shows how the military handled the situation, and how they should have handled it. If the military had acted more like the government, the situation would have been much more controllable. This is a very human documentary that shows the role of the military in dealing with this type of situation. The military is not perfect, but they have done their job well. It is clear that the military has played a role in the crisis, but it is not the only factor. The civilian agencies should have done their job too. The civilian agencies were put in the role of controlling the military. The civilian agencies also have done their job well. But the civilian agencies are also very human, and sometimes the human factors are the most important. In this documentary, the civilian agencies, such as the CDC, were put in the role of controlling the military. It is clear that the civilian agencies are very human, and sometimes the human factors are the most important. This is a very human documentary that shows the role of the civilian agencies in dealing with this type of situation.

Anna P. photo
Anna P.

There's been quite a lot of chatter about this documentary, which is basically a rather long, but very engaging, look at the actions of a group of private security guards in London during the 1992 Olympics. The guards were mostly working for the English Olympic Association, but they were paid by the government to do so. The film is primarily about the behavior of the guards, and the people who worked for them, as they attempt to make sense of the world they were being thrust into. In the course of their search for answers, they come to a series of conclusions about what was happening and what they should be doing. This is a very good film, and it's certainly not a waste of time. The story itself is fairly straightforward, and not as gripping as I would have liked, but there's a lot to like here. The actors are very good, and the dialogue is always interesting. The documentary comes at an interesting time, as the Olympics are approaching. I'm sure that many people will be looking forward to the Olympics, as well as the documentary. I think that the Olympic games are always a tough sell, but this film does an excellent job of portraying what it is like to be there. It's always fascinating to see how the people in the spotlight deal with the different pressures that they face. This is a very important movie to get. It's really well-made, and has a good amount of insight into how the Olympics work.

Judith R. photo
Judith R.

I have never been a huge fan of "The Pentagon Papers" (read this to see why). I do not read the books and rarely watch the movies. I have only heard of this movie, and it caught my eye because of its title. I thought it would be another standard anti-war movie, but it was much more. It was not anti-war, but anti-systemic corruption in general. It dealt with what is wrong with our current governmental system, and I think it is a very interesting subject. I have seen some very good documentaries, but I have never seen a documentary about a system that we have become accustomed to, or one that really examines the root cause of what is wrong with our current system. I have heard of many different groups that are upset about the government's recent actions. They have never been able to do anything about it, because they are in a "system" where they are no longer the top. They are at the bottom, where they are only needed to do whatever the government says. I have never heard of anyone who was upset about the government's actions, and I do not believe they have a voice in our current system. The only thing that would stop this system from ever taking place is if people had the will to do something about it. I know that I have never felt more helpless than I did when I watched the video "Pentagon Papers" and the movie "The Pianist". The end result is that the government had the ability to do whatever they wanted, but they could not. We are still living in that situation today, and it is sad to see what the government has done to our country. I do not want to give anything away about the movie, but I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in it. It is not about the government, it is about what is wrong with the current system. It is a very interesting documentary that is worth watching.

Sandra photo

I saw this documentary a few months ago, but didn't find it that interesting, until I read the other user comments. I was shocked at how many of the users thought the film was completely inaccurate. I am in no way suggesting that Michael Moore is the truth teller. There are many documentaries that have more factual content than this one. But he was definitely dishonest. His film was filled with factually incorrect statements. He also edited a lot of the film. He decided to change the film to fit his agenda. So for example, the beginning of the film was not about the O'Keefe/Rape videos, it was about the abortion industry. His next point was about the RAPE videos. The first two minutes of the film were completely accurate. However, when he changed it to fit his agenda, it became very misleading. So I would say, don't bother with this film, but if you want to see a documentary about abortion, check out "Waiting for Gomorrah" which was also produced by Michael Moore. Overall, a very good documentary, but you might want to look up the facts before you watch it.

Sean Barrett photo
Sean Barrett

I must say, that I'm not a big fan of docudrama. I find it usually to be a boring medium. This documentary, however, is one of the best I've seen in a long time. The director's style, coupled with the stories, are both engaging and entertaining. The story that this documentary tells is also a great one. I liked the stories they told, and the emotions they felt during the interviews. It was the only documentary I've seen that was as realistic as it was entertaining. I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in documentaries, as well as those interested in politics.

Mildred J. photo
Mildred J.

I don't think this is the best movie out there, but it is a good one. The film does not dwell on the illegal war in Iraq, but shows how America got it's way. The film is also not based on facts, and does not show many real people, but it still is good. The film does not have a plot, it is all about what people will do if there is no end in sight. The film is not scary or disturbing, but it is good. I was not shocked by it, but I was pleased, because it shows how some people will do anything to get to the end. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see how people would react if the end of the world came. 7/10

Kathleen Carr photo
Kathleen Carr

The first time I watched this film, I was disappointed. But I remembered some of the scenes, and the film grew on me. I watched it again, and I was not disappointed. The film is about a small group of people, mainly teenagers, who are coming together to protest the war in Iraq. They are trying to reach a couple of thousand people, and the problem is, they don't have enough money. Some of the people in the group, like the 12 year old girl, do not have enough money to pay the thousands of dollars to go to Iraq. But when they try to find a way, the group tries to find ways to make it happen. The film is very good, and it is hard to believe, but it really is true. Many of the things that the protesters say are not true, but there is no way to tell if they are true or not. The film is very important, because it shows how people who come together, without a big organization, are really very strong and can really change things. But the film is not perfect. There are a lot of things that I could not get out of the film. It is difficult to watch a film about a group of people, who have been on the ground for so long, and not be able to get the idea that you are watching an actual news team, instead of a documentary about a group of people that are protesting the war. Also, the film is not very focused on the people. It is like they are a part of the film, but not the main focus. It is hard to follow and understand how the people were able to do this. This is a good film, but I am not sure how I would rate it.

Kimberly photo

The documentary was really a good thing to watch. I do like it and it is interesting to see how they're always following the event. I've been following a lot of the events and it was a really good documentary to see. I like the movie it was entertaining and I like that there were some scenes with the police. I think this documentary is really good. I think that it is a good idea to watch this documentary. I like the film and I like the actors and the subjects. I think it is a really good documentary and I like the movie it was entertaining and I like that there were some scenes with the police.

Amber Patel photo
Amber Patel

When I was a kid I used to watch the old TV show "Airwolf". I saw a few episodes of it and it was a great way to spend a few hours. This film is very similar to the show except for the fact that it is made by the military. It is about a Special Ops team who go to a foreign country to get information about a drug smuggling operation. The story is pretty basic, and in the first hour there isn't much suspense or action. There is a very high body count in the film, which is a good thing. This is not a bad film at all, it is a good film with a bad plot. I give it a 7/10.

Jean S. photo
Jean S.

This is a documentary about the very high-level level of surveillance and control that the American people are being subjected to through their television and Internet. This film is really about the surveillance state and how it can impact the most personal aspects of our lives. This film is filled with interviews with people who have their own experiences with the surveillance state and the "new normal" that the American people have been subjected to. This film really doesn't offer any major revelations or revelations of what the government is doing but the main points are interesting. For example, the government is using the NSA's surveillance capabilities to listen to what Americans are saying. This really isn't surprising to me, as this is the very purpose of the NSA. The government has also been using the Internet and the telephone to spy on Americans, and this has been very well covered in the media. This is a very good film, and it's well worth watching.

Heather photo

In 2005, the filmmaker Paul Verhoeven, whose "Robocop" trilogy, and "Total Recall" has some of the best moments in cinema, was back at the helm of the sci-fi action-adventure "The Heat", which will be remade as a four part TV series. "The Heat" is a suspense thriller, and a great one at that. In a city that is suffering from a shortage of water, a group of people is trying to survive by making money by selling oil. Soon, one of the group is arrested for being involved in a conspiracy that's affecting all the water supply, and the people who were responsible for it. That night, a fire destroys the gas station, and the gas is shut off. With the remaining people running for their lives, the people at the gas station is attacked by a mysterious man, who knows where they are, and the only way out is for the people to steal a small van that's owned by a rich man, and sell it to a smuggler, who will bring them to safety. "The Heat" is a great movie, with a great story. This is because it has a great screenplay, and the director is a genius. Paul Verhoeven knows how to make a good story, and make it more interesting, by taking his time to build the story up. When the audience sees the gas station burned down, you have to know that the gas station was going to be destroyed in the next scene, so you don't have to wonder how it's going to end, and how is the plot going to develop. The actors were great, and the cast was a great cast. I love that they all gave their best to make a great movie. In "The Heat", the director was not the only one who was amazing, the cinematography, was amazing, the sound effects, was great, the score, was great, the sound design was great, the sets, were great, and the costumes were great. The two things that made "The Heat" stand out were the sound effects, and the costume design. "The Heat" was not only a great movie, but a great movie in all the best ways, and I hope that they bring it back for a fourth and final part, and make it a great movie, because I love it. 7/10

Jessica photo

After viewing this documentary, I was completely blown away. It's like nothing I've ever seen before, and I feel like it's a true story. The director and producer made a great effort to present all the information in a way that the viewer can easily digest and understand. The film contains a lot of facts about the real-life assassination of John F. Kennedy, but also a lot of great information about the conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination. If you are a conspiracy theorist, you will definitely enjoy this film. This documentary will certainly keep you interested. It will also provide you with the information that you need to understand what happened to JFK and his killer, Lee Harvey Oswald. If you're interested in the assassination of JFK, this is the film for you.

Joshua C. photo
Joshua C.

At the time of the film's release, it was considered a major scandal. The idea that the United States Government was engaging in what was then called a "black" war was of course the idea of the right wing. Many on the left hated this idea and the idea that the government would go to such lengths to stop such atrocities was hardly controversial. It's just a story that has been told many times before. The film is set in the same area where the story is set and focuses on the US Army's "black" missions and how they change the nature of the world to include all men. The soldiers involved in these missions are all African-American, and it is just amazing to see how they change the world. There are many different stories told in this documentary, and some are so horrific that they make you think twice about how people can treat other people. It's also interesting to see what is believed to be the secret to these missions. While there are some that say it is a matter of the enemy not wanting to be seen as bad guys, others say it is just a matter of not being a part of the society. In any case, it is a very interesting and entertaining documentary.

Ann Graham photo
Ann Graham

When I first heard about this documentary I was curious about what it would be like, and I was even more curious about the people involved in the making of it. I'm not a big fan of documentaries, I think they are too shallow and too fast-paced, but I was pretty excited about this one, because I've always heard good things about it. I was right! The film is about the group who created the infamous "Woolworths" company, and the people who work there, and it's the first film I've seen about the history of the company. The main subjects are the three women who founded Woolworths, their families, and their spouses and children. The film itself is very interesting, and I would have liked to hear more about the women in it. It also tells us about how the Woolworths system works, what it was like back then, what it was like for the women involved in it, and it shows the impact it had on the lives of all the people involved. The documentary covers a lot of information, and is very interesting, so if you're a fan of documentaries, or even if you're not, you should definitely watch this one. It's a good film, but I don't think it's the best documentary I've seen.

Cynthia Montgomery photo
Cynthia Montgomery

While I believe that most people who reviewed this movie did not read it, I find that this movie has plenty of intelligence and thought provoking discussion. Many of the reviewers' arguments are interesting and I believe that the movie would be a great movie on its own merits. The only problem is that it is a bit too short. While I have always enjoyed documentaries, I believe that most people who have seen this movie do not understand the larger message. The movie is interesting because it is both very intelligent and very long. There are many interesting discussions in the movie, but they are not included in the film. I believe that the film should have been at least 15 minutes longer. The movie is definitely worth seeing.