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I'll Take Your Dead is a movie starring Aidan Devine, Ava Preston, and Jess Salgueiro. A farmer makes a living disposing of bodies. One day, 3 bodies are delivered - except the young woman is still alive. If set free, the gang'll...

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Uzeću vaše mrtve
Running Time
1 hours 23 minutes
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Chad Archibald
Chad Archibald, Jayme Laforest
Brandon McKnight, Ava Preston, Aidan Devine, Jess Salgueiro
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I'll Take Your Dead follows William who has a simple job, he makes dead bodies disappear. This isn't something he likes to or even wants to do, but through circumstances out of his control, his little farm house in the country has become a dumping ground for the casualties of the gang related murders in the nearby city. His daughter Gloria has become used to rough looking men dropping off corpses and is even convinced that some of them are haunting their house. After a woman's body, is dumped at the house, William begins his meticulous process when he realizes, she's not actually dead. As the gang activity increases, William patches the woman up and holds her against her will until he can figure out what to do with her. As they begin to develop a very unusual respect for each other, the woman's murderers get word that she's still alive and make plan to go finish what they started.

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Peter Wood photo
Peter Wood

I saw this in the theater back in 1977 and absolutely loved it. Being a horror movie fan, I've always been interested in what is considered the "real" slasher movies. There are a lot of them but this is the one I've seen and it was a good one. There are definitely some scenes that are not well done (or at least not enough to make you think "huh, that wasn't that bad of a movie") and I could have done without a lot of the "nice guys" in this film, but then again I think there's only about 3 "nice guys" in the whole movie. That's why I give this a good "8" out of 10. Overall, this is a good slasher movie and even though I would never suggest it to anyone, it's certainly a must see if you have not seen it already.

Judith McCoy photo
Judith McCoy

I'm surprised that nobody here has reviewed this. I watched it and was thrilled. The acting is quite good, and the film keeps you guessing throughout. I've seen better things come out of Texas. This is an excellent movie that should be seen. It's not violent or disturbing, but it's a great movie with a good story. See it, or even buy it. It's well worth it.

Jesse Henry photo
Jesse Henry

I have had a passion for film since I was a kid, and I have been to film festivals so many times that I now know exactly what to expect when I go to see a film. I can honestly say that I have seen every major Hollywood blockbuster and over 40 indie films in the last five years. I love them all! However, I have never experienced the level of movie insanity that I experienced with "I'll Take Your Dead" at the theater when I first saw it. This film is utterly brilliant. It is genuinely scary and for the most part hilarious. Everything about this film is fantastic and every scene is EXACTLY as I expected it to be. The acting is absolutely wonderful from the star, Jonah Hill. I've never seen him in anything like this before, and I don't understand why he's such a huge name in Hollywood. I was extremely scared during this movie and I've never been as scared watching a film. I won't ruin the ending but I will say that it was absolutely incredible! In my mind I will always say this movie is perfection. I highly recommend this film to anyone who is a horror lover or even if you just like a good laugh!

Zachary G. photo
Zachary G.

A young, very sick, and at-risk young girl who has just come out of a psychiatric hospital gets a phone call from her parents, asking her to come to their house to meet them. But when she arrives, the parents are not there. Soon after, the young girl's mom starts to have visions of her dead son, who was the victim of a homicide, and is now out there. The mother and the boy have a very nasty fight, and the boy is killed. As the daughter gets closer to the truth, she realizes that the mother is not her dead son, but a demon. The demon kills the mother and the girl, and the mother and the girl go back to the hospital, to try to kill the demon again. But when they do, the demon takes over the girl and kills her, and the demon and the mother are gone. The story is very good, the acting is great, and the effects are very good. I highly recommend this movie.

Donna R. photo
Donna R.

I went into this movie expecting to see a really good movie. I was very disappointed in that I couldn't figure out what was going on. I got a lot of questions about what was going on. The ending seemed a little rushed. It was like they had to hurry up and get the ending to make it to the next movie. I don't know if they ever put that in the script, but it seemed like they had to hurry it up to get it done. I would have liked to have seen more of what was going on with the serial killer. The movie was very violent, so I would not recommend this movie to anyone. The acting was pretty good and the sound effects were pretty good, but I think the movie would have been much better if the sound effects were a little better. I would give this movie a 3 out of 10. I hope there is a sequel out there for this movie. I'm sure it will be much better than this.

Charles Oliver photo
Charles Oliver

This is a great movie. It was very well made and I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys horror films and a great story. I loved the costumes and settings, and the music by Zakk Wylde was also great. It's a great movie to rent and watch with friends, or you could even watch it with a group of friends and just have fun. It is definitely worth the time and money spent to see it. It is a well made film and I will be looking for more films from the writer/director Zakk Wylde. If you haven't seen it, see it ASAP! I am so happy I got the chance to see it!

Tammy M. photo
Tammy M.

In this brilliant debut film by director Joseph Mullins, a group of misfit kids enter a hellish area in the middle of the forest where they quickly find themselves hunted down by a monster that hunts them mercilessly. Although this is no ordinary horror film, its sense of creepy atmosphere and unique concept is totally unique and puts it in a league of its own. While it's certainly not the first film that features the notion of a serial killer stalking the night, it is a new idea and gives it a twist that isn't quite as common as it would be in the "normal" horror genre. It's definitely a film that is worth checking out and you'll find it to be extremely tense and has some truly chilling scenes. While there isn't a whole lot of gore, there is plenty of moments in which the film is completely terrifying. My favorite moment is when the film is being filmed and we're seeing a little girl and her dog being chased by the monster, the tone is set and you just want the monster to kill them so you can move on. The gore, on the other hand, is very disturbing and in a way the film is more disturbing than it is terrifying. For one, you're afraid for the children and you really feel for them as the two of them are just trying to survive. They're getting caught in situations that they shouldn't be in and when you feel that, you're in for a real scare. Another scene that's very disturbing is when the kids go into the forest for a camping trip. After being attacked by a creature, one of the kids is attacked by a clawed hand that makes the clawed hand look like a little girl's. It's a scene that is very disturbing and makes you feel that you're watching a real monster get his comeuppance. As for the acting, well, I've always been a fan of John Goodman and he absolutely delivers. I mean, it's hard to find someone who can carry an entire film with a completely different tone and performance and he definitely does it here. It's something to look for in his future work and his performance as the lead character is very good. As for the rest of the cast, it's good as well. Ruth Negga is excellent and you'll see her in other films in the future. The rest of the cast is good as well. It definitely has its issues and it could've used a bit more gore but overall, I give it a solid 8 out of 10. I highly recommend this film.

Dorothy photo

Wow. Just wow. What a movie. A fresh take on the zombie movie. I was just shocked. I mean, it was definitely a bit rough, but it was so much more than just a zombie movie. The acting was great, the script was amazing. The action was unbelievable and the plot was just great. I would have been thrilled if this movie was an indie, but this is Hollywood. I think it would have been great if it had been made for a small budget. I don't know, I hope they make a sequel.

William M. photo
William M.

I found this movie a lot more entertaining than "Night of the Living Dead" or "Planet of the Apes". If you liked those movies, then this movie will not disappoint. I really liked it and hope it gets to see a wider audience. It was a lot of fun to watch.