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Life of the Party

Life of the Party is a movie starring Melissa McCarthy, Matt Walsh, and Molly Gordon. After her husband abruptly asks for a divorce, a middle-aged mother returns to college in order to complete her degree.

Other Titles
El alma de la fiesta, How to Party With Mom, Parti Kraliçesi, A Rainha da Festa, How to Party with Mom, Dusa zabave, La reine de la fête, Dusza towarzystwa, Sufletul petrecerii, A Partiállat, Mère incontrôlable à la fac, Alma da Festa, ライフ・オブ・ザ・パーティ, Life of the Party - Una mamma al college
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1 hours 45 minutes
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Ben Falcone
Ben Falcone, Melissa McCarthy
Melissa McCarthy, Ben Falcone, Molly Gordon, Matt Walsh
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Fresh off a divorce from a 23-year marriage, mom in her 40s, Deanna (Melissa McCarthy), decides to finally get her degree and joins her daughter Maddie (Molly Gordon) at college. There, she enjoys life on campus, crazy parties, and library hookups while coming to terms with her new situation. Gillian Jacobs, Maya Rudolph and Debby Bryan also star.

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Emily H. photo
Emily H.

We have been hearing a lot about this film for a while now, but we are very happy to finally see it. The stars of the film are Lee Evans, Alison Pill, and Pete Dye. We will admit that we did not expect much from these three, but they were wonderful together. They played off each other very well. Alison Pill, who plays a bumbling waitress, has a wonderful, quirky sense of humor. I felt she was a great fit for this role. This film was so fun and entertaining. I can't wait for this film to come out on DVD. I give it an 8/10.

Craig W. photo
Craig W.

It was a good movie, although I could have done without the gay and lesbian characters, who were just a little too funny. It was very well done, but some of the special effects were a little "off" and "tacky." All in all, it was a great movie to watch with a friend or a date, and you should definitely rent it.

Helen photo

If you have never seen "Hook" you are in for a treat! This film is a masterpiece in every aspect! If you have ever wanted to see a movie that is so ridiculously funny and loaded with sex, drugs and rock & roll, this is it! It is a very rare thing for me to see a movie with so many references to other movies! The script is brilliant! The characters are so lovable and the actors are amazing! The cast is brilliant. The only actor I did not like was the young Tom Cruise, but he is a talented actor and he was great in this movie. The music is wonderful. It is so upbeat and fun! This is a must see! You will not regret it!

Phillip Reed photo
Phillip Reed

I'm not a big fan of the Grateful Dead, but I really liked this film. I didn't like the music, and the ending was a bit odd. Still, it was a lot of fun. It is one of those films that I'd recommend to any fans of the Dead, especially if you like the music. The story, set in a place I've never been, is very good. The acting is good, although the whole cast isn't much better than one another. I liked the fact that it was a long film, but I found it to be a bit boring. I think the director is a bit overrated. It is a good film, and I liked the way the film turned out. However, it's not as good as some people would like to think.

Nicole photo

The story is really good, the humor is really funny and the actors are really good. I especially like the actor who plays the "unnamed" enemy. The only negative thing is the ending. You can see why the end is so "happy" and boring, but the movie still is worth watching. I recommend it to everyone who is a fan of comedy and/or movies that are supposed to be funny. 9/10

Jeremy S. photo
Jeremy S.

A very funny movie. It's not that big of a hit, but it is definitely a must see. The characters are hilarious, and it's an easy watch.

Sara Hill photo
Sara Hill

I really enjoyed this movie. It is one of the funniest movies I've seen. It was interesting and kept me laughing the entire time. I was so much into it. I was really surprised with the talent of the cast. I was also surprised with the ending. It was just so great. It was so different from any other movie I've ever seen. I loved it. I hope they make a sequel to this. The only problem I had with this movie is that there were too many things that could have been better. I really loved this movie, and would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good comedy. It was so great, and it's definitely worth watching.

Kenneth Griffin photo
Kenneth Griffin

I went to this film with some trepidation. I've read the book and thought it was a brilliant book, but I'm not sure it would translate to film. I had mixed feelings about the book. On the one hand, the book was a bit too much, and on the other hand, it was too little. The movie didn't really do the book justice. The film was too short, and the book was too long. The book had a lot of elements that were left out. For example, the father's plan to kill his wife. In the book, it was shown as a very early scene and in the film, we were shown how they were planning to kill the wife. Other parts were left out as well. For example, the housekeeper who was supposed to be killed by the son, was never mentioned. Other parts were also left out as well. Also, we didn't see any of the other girls at all. The one thing I liked was the ending, but that's not the way it ends in the book. I also think the ending was a little bit unrealistic. It was not clear to me why they had to kill the son. It was also not clear to me why he had to die. I also felt that they could have added a bit more to the movie. I'm not sure what they could have added. Overall, I enjoyed the movie, and thought it was a pretty good movie. I would recommend it to anyone who has read the book and would like a good film about a book.

Joe H. photo
Joe H.

This movie was the best I have seen in a long time. The acting was so great and believable. I've never seen a movie in my life that really acted like a movie. It's amazing how much they were able to pull off. I thought it was so funny and touching at the same time. I'm surprised it didn't do well in theaters. The movie has a few really gross scenes that I wish had been cut, but it doesn't bother me that much because they added so much to the movie. I highly recommend this movie, and I'm really excited for the second part of the movie to come out in September. I'd give it a 9/10.

Louis Greene photo
Louis Greene

This is a great movie that takes the best parts of every movie and puts them all into one. It is so much fun and interesting. The ending is the best part of the movie. It is very different than any other movie in the genre. This is one of the best movies that I have ever seen and I have seen hundreds. I recommend this movie to everyone, especially those that are into movies with drugs, sex, and drinking. This is one of the best movies of all time and it is my favorite.

Denise Fernandez photo
Denise Fernandez

I first saw this film in high school and I still remember the opening scene. The movie has a very good message for the kids and is a great way to show them that there is no such thing as bad grades, but the bad grades do exist. It is a very funny film and I recommend it to all the young people who are looking for a good laugh. The character of the teacher is very funny, and is very believable. I would like to see more films like this that are made and I would like to see more films like this that are made.

Walter B. photo
Walter B.

OK, so this movie is not in the same league as "One Day" or "Peggy Sue Got Married" but it does have its moments. I loved the opening scene when Peggy Sue starts her makeover. It was very funny and the way that the two of them talked in that couple room was very cute. The music was also very good and the movie ended on a high note. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to have a good laugh. My rating of 8 out of 10.

Gary Crawford photo
Gary Crawford

This is the funniest movie I have ever seen. It is so funny that you just have to laugh. It has been a long time since I have seen a movie that I actually enjoyed and this movie is one of those. The movie is about a guy who is a party guy and he has to leave his party because he is having a heart attack. The movie is funny, and you don't have to be a huge fan of Adam Sandler to like it. This movie is a good movie for the whole family. It is funny, it has a great message and it is a great movie.

Emma W. photo
Emma W.

This movie was a great idea. I was a little hesitant at first because it was only made for one night, but I am glad I went and I'm glad I did. This movie is great because it's the perfect balance of comedy, drama and action. I really enjoyed it. I hope more people will watch it and enjoy it as much as I did.

Amy W. photo
Amy W.

This is a movie I would have loved to see a decade ago. The movie is funny, and the cast is great. I think it would have been even better if they had cast more people from the south. The characters are pretty much stereotypical. But I think it is a pretty funny movie. I'm glad I saw it. I would have rather seen a different movie with the same cast. But overall, I think it was a good movie. It was not a great movie, but it was pretty funny. I think the cast was great, and the movie was good. It is worth seeing.

Marilyn Garcia photo
Marilyn Garcia

This movie is a classic. I'm a big fan of Mike Myers and his comedy. I have to admit, I did laugh at the whole movie. I think that is a sign that the movie is doing it's job. The movie is a comedy with a message, and that message is to be yourself and be the best version of yourself. It is a funny movie. It is not a comedy for children. I would recommend this movie to anyone. It is a good movie to watch with your friends.

Doris D. photo
Doris D.

A nice mix of all the above genres. It's got some interesting elements and is entertaining enough to make it worth watching. The script is definitely a little weak, but this is a comedy and I thought it was pretty funny. It has a few really funny lines, and there are some really funny situations. The characters are all interesting and the characters are all pretty well fleshed out. It is very original and it does take some time to get to know the characters and their personalities, but it is still worth it. There is also some pretty funny dialogue, which makes the movie fun to watch. Overall, I really liked it. I would definitely recommend it. It's a little bit of a slow burn, but it is still worth it. 7/10

Douglas photo

I loved this movie. It was so great and very realistic. It had great acting and it had a lot of humor. I loved the way it was shot and how the movie was set. I really recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a movie to watch.

Tiffany Lawson photo
Tiffany Lawson

I had the pleasure of seeing this film at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival, and I can't say enough about it. The film was hilarious, and it was so good that I went back to see it again the next day. I was so impressed by it that I'm going to buy it for my own collection. The story is so funny, the acting is great, and the production is great. I was totally blown away by the film. If you haven't seen it, go out and see it, you won't regret it. This is a film that you should see. I can't wait to see it again. And if you haven't seen it, go out and buy it now. You won't regret it.

Matthew photo

I don't really know what to say about this film. I was looking forward to it but i couldn't wait for it to be released. I had seen the trailer for it and was looking forward to it. But i was disappointed. It was just too long. The story was a bit to long. It seemed like it would be more fun if it was a shorter film. I was also disappointed with the acting. It seemed like the actors were just trying to make a quick buck off of it. They didn't seem like they had any real passion for the role. I think that was the main problem with the film. It wasn't very funny. It seemed like they were just trying to make a quick buck. I think that is the main reason why people didn't like the film. I think that the actors had a lot of fun with the role. I think the movie was very funny but it wasn't very funny.

Bryan P. photo
Bryan P.

I am a sucker for all things Monty Python and this is a prime example of that. It's one of those movies that you can watch with your wife or a date and laugh all night long. It is not as funny as "Life of Brian" but that's not what it's about. It is about a man who becomes a vegetarian and he becomes friends with the cows. He takes care of them and they help him get laid. It's the funniest movie I've ever seen. There are many, many, many other movies that are much funnier and much more famous. This is definitely one of those.

Marie O. photo
Marie O.

I've always loved this movie. I always thought it was funny. I don't know if I can explain why, but I think I just love it. I think it's the best comedy I've ever seen, and I've seen many. I think this movie is a great example of what you can do with a simple story, and the cast is perfect for it. I really like the way they put the jokes in, and the way the characters interact. I think the movie has a good amount of drama, and a lot of funny moments, and I think the cast did a great job with it. I think it's a great movie, and I hope I can see it again one day. If you want to see a movie that is funny, and has a good cast, then this is the movie for you. I give this movie a 9 out of 10.

Kathy photo

I thought the movie was great. It was funny and had good message. It was a great movie. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to laugh.

Virginia photo

This is one of my favorite movies of all time. I have watched it over and over again. It is just so good and the cast is great. I love the way that the movie is made. It is very realistic. It is very funny and the actors are just great. I just love how this movie is made. It is very good and I recommend it to anyone who likes comedies and movies.