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American Chaos

American Chaos is a movie starring John Ladd, Julio Martinez, and James D. Stern. A man searches for answers to Donald Trump's widespread support before the 2016 presidential election.

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Američki Haos
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James D. Stern
James D. Stern, Julio Martinez, John Ladd
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A man searches for answers to Donald Trump's widespread support before the 2016 presidential election.

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Elizabeth S. photo
Elizabeth S.

I saw this film at the Cannes Film Festival. I liked it a lot. The film is about the French government's response to the terrorist attacks of 9/11, which was one of the most devastating attacks in the history of the world. The film is a documentary that shows what happened in Paris, and how the French government reacted to the events. It's a very honest, and informative documentary. The film is divided into three parts, and the first part is about the French government's response to the attacks. The second part is about the reaction of the French people, and the third part is about the reaction of the French people to the attacks. The film is very well done. It shows the reactions of the French people to the attacks, and the reactions of the French government to the attacks. It shows the way the French government reacted to the attacks, and the way the French people reacted to the attacks. The film is very well done, and I really enjoyed it. It's not a documentary about the events of 9/11, but more of a documentary about the French government's reaction to the events. It's a very interesting documentary. I thought the film was very good, and I highly recommend it.

Beverly photo

The film was absolutely amazing, and the film was a great contribution to the genre. The problem with the film is that it was not good enough to be a good film. The film was very interesting and very well done. I do not understand why the movie is rated so low. The story was interesting and well done. The acting was good, and the characters were well developed. I would recommend this movie to anyone. I really enjoyed the film, and I would recommend it to anyone. I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

Kathleen G. photo
Kathleen G.

The author of the book, who is a senior in the Army, gave us some great insight into the military. The book covers a lot of ground, and it's a great read. I recommend this to anyone looking to learn more about the military, or to see the army in a different light.

Donna Schneider photo
Donna Schneider

This is a great documentary, a great documentary about the politics of the Vietnam War. The most important thing about it is that it's based on a true story. The documentary itself is a little slow, but it's well worth the time. It's very interesting to see the personal stories of these soldiers. It's a good reminder that the US war in Vietnam was a very important war and not a purely destructive one. There were many people who served in the war who were not treated as heroes or who were not treated well. It was a war that was about human rights, not about war. I think this documentary does a good job of showing the war from the perspective of those who were there. It's a good reminder that the war was not just about fighting the war, but also about human rights. It's a great film that should be viewed by anyone who cares about the war.

Charles photo

I've read the book before and thought it was a good read. I really enjoyed the movie. It is a true story, and a good one. It shows the differences between the cultures of those times and the effects that had on the world. The actors did a great job, especially Chazelle. I think he did a great job of portraying the different cultures and how they interacted. He had a great sense of humor, which is great. I thought that he captured the essence of the book very well. I thought it was very realistic, and the people that lived that era really were very realistic. It was very interesting to see how the world was changing and how the people were changing. I think it was a great movie and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in history.

Thomas photo

I'd like to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this documentary. The documentary is very well put together. The interviewees are a mix of individuals who are passionate about the subject of the movie. Many of the interviews are taken from the movie and the movie is used to set up the subject matter. The subject matter is very interesting. The documentary takes a very long time to get to the point and the fact that the subject matter is so important is what makes the documentary worth watching. This is a documentary that should be watched. It's a must see.

Debra photo

This documentary is well done and made me laugh, and made me appreciate what the world of the internet has done to the lives of many people. We learn that the internet is not a place to get some alone time and relax, but a place where we can connect and communicate with others around the world. I feel that this documentary should be shown more often, it is a very important subject. I would recommend it to anyone who has ever used the internet, or have ever used it in any way.

Cynthia L. photo
Cynthia L.

The general public would have thought that the UK's biggest crime scene would have been the stuff of movies. But it's not, and this documentary proves it. The film is full of interesting facts, and the interviews with the police and forensic experts are very informative. The biggest surprise is that the director managed to get some interviews with the press, who were not even aware of the events that occurred in the UK. The interviews with the press are very interesting and make it all the more interesting to read. There are also a few well known people in the UK, such as the chief constable of the Police, and the editor of the Daily Mail. These people are quite believable and give some good insight into what's really going on in the UK. The documentary is also full of information, and if you're interested in the UK crime scene, this is the documentary to watch.

Tyler H. photo
Tyler H.

I'm not a huge fan of the documentary genre, but this was pretty good. The main point of this documentary is to show the "narrative" of the "New Right" which is a history of how the "New Right" came into being and how it influenced society. The documentary does a good job of showing the different types of "New Right" and how they came into being. It also shows the rise of fascism and the rise of fascism in the United States. The documentary was very well made and kept my attention throughout. I think the documentary is worth watching, but not a great documentary.

Emma C. photo
Emma C.

I am not a big fan of documentary films. I do like documentaries for their ability to get to the truth and to make me feel involved. But I was very interested in this film. It was very well made. The camerawork is superb. The story is well told. The music is amazing. It is an emotional film that will stay with you long after you have seen it. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in history and/or history documentaries. This is a must see!

Angela B. photo
Angela B.

We all remember the intense and disturbing scene in which a pregnant woman is raped and beaten, then locked up in an insane asylum. But what's really disturbing is the fact that this is a real life story. From the description, it looks like a documentary, but it's not. In fact, it's a real life story of one woman's journey to survive the mental state of a woman that is born with no arms, legs or feet. As a mother of a child with deformities, I was interested in knowing the circumstances that led to this case, which was then made public, and how she came to survive in the asylum. I thought the film would be depressing, but it's actually very touching. The mother's husband was not interested in seeing the documentary, but when the footage was shown to him, he was so moved by it that he gave her a great amount of money to help her with her expenses. He's the one who saved her life. You'll see her health deteriorate, and the people around her in a bad way. You'll also see how she had to run away from her house to her mother's house, and even her mother's house to her mother's house, to avoid being discovered. I think it's very good and inspiring that we can all learn something from the story, even if we don't want to. It's a lesson to learn, and the only way to get there is through hard times.

Vincent Murray photo
Vincent Murray

I am a huge fan of "My American Nightmare" and I can't wait to watch it again. It is an important part of my American history, and I have learned so much from it. I just wish there was more. I am also a big fan of British history and so this movie was also a great subject for me. However, after watching the movie I felt like it was not accurate to the British monarchy, as it did not portray them as they were. I can understand that it was difficult to be accurate, but it should have been more factual and more detailed. It should have been more realistic than the way they portrayed them. It was very informative and very entertaining, but there were still parts that could have been better. However, it is still a great movie to watch. It is definitely one of my favorites.

Nathan K. photo
Nathan K.

I found this to be an excellent documentary on the large numbers of kids who go missing each year in the United States. A lot of these kids end up in the custody of their mothers or fathers who are abusive or neglectful to them. Most of the children are very young, they are found dead or missing when they are in their teens, but most never make it past that. I have seen documentaries on the topic of missing children, and this one does a good job of showing the effects of child abuse and neglect on a child. This movie also helps show that this is not just a problem of the US, but a global problem. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has a child who is in a state of emotional distress or is looking for help, or anyone who has seen or knows someone who has lost a child to abuse or neglect.

Ethan Walsh photo
Ethan Walsh

I just saw the film at the New Orleans Film Festival. It was awesome. The camera work was very creative and just made the film feel very real. The story is a pretty good one and they really dug deep into it and really did a good job at bringing you in. They do a great job of showing you the horrible things that happen to the town in the movie. I really enjoyed this movie. It was very entertaining and I recommend it to anyone. I hope that there is a sequel. I hope they do another one.

Ronald photo

It is my impression that if you are on the edge of sanity and want to know the truth about what is happening to the world, you should watch this documentary. This is a film that shows the world from the perspective of a really poor and underdeveloped country, and that is why I have rated it so highly. As a film, it is excellent, as a documentary, it is superb. It's very well done, and if you want to see the true reality, you should watch it.

Ronald photo

The usual amount of color with a bit of gore. There's a lot of background information, which is nice but you never get to really understand what the main focus is. What is the focus? It's what they call a "constructive criticism" in this film. The focus is the theories of some professor who made his reputation in the 20's and 30's. The professor makes the main point that "A lot of people had no choice but to be in the revolution." It's what he wants us to think and believe. He's the main source of the film. There are a couple of other points made by other people, but I won't give away any more. You should know that a lot of people have tried to answer the question of what it is about. But I'm not going to go into that. I'd rather talk about the main topic of the film, which is this: why did people become revolutionaries in the first place? Why did they leave home to fight the system? The answer is that the system is the system. They are people that have been made to be on the inside and not the outside. That's why they are willing to die for it. Why are they willing to die for it? It's because it is the only way to escape from the system. The system is a reflection of the society it creates. I don't really think this film will change your mind about communism, but it might help to change the way you think. It's interesting to see how people are supposed to think. But it's not an objective documentary.

Andrea T. photo
Andrea T.

This is a very interesting documentary that takes a look at a high-tech age, where so much information is being shared on the internet, but also at the same time, how people are feeling disconnected and, yes, that is the world we live in. We are talking about all kinds of electronic devices and gadgets, but also about what is going on in the lives of ordinary people, especially the youth. The most interesting part of the film is the conversation between the main characters, where they talk about the age old question of being "disconnected". But the main problem with this film is that it is extremely slow and there are times when the documentary tries to focus too much on the talk between the main characters, but they miss out on a lot of important information. That is the main problem with the film, it is definitely a good film, but I think it could have been much better. Overall, it is definitely a must-see for the internet generation, and you will definitely want to see it again. Rating 7/10

Benjamin G. photo
Benjamin G.

The story of a world wide conspiracy is revealed to the world. What I found interesting is the image of the conspiracy in America. If you take the movie as a whole, you will be confused and scared at the same time. Because of the focus on the US, you won't understand how this conspiracy is possible. This is a good reason to make a documentary. Because if you are not a US citizen, you won't understand how the government can be controlling people and all the internet sites can be shut down. This is why I suggest that you see this movie with an open mind. It is important that people learn about this conspiracy and to spread the word about this conspiracy. This documentary is informative and entertaining. But it isn't the best documentary about the conspiracy. I would say that this is the best documentary about the conspiracy ever made.

Justin Aguilar photo
Justin Aguilar

I was actually kind of disappointed by this film, I wasn't too sure what to expect from it. I'm not a fan of Ronan, but the plot seemed to be going along, but then the story would completely take a turn for the worst, and I would have had to watch the whole thing over again. There were some funny parts, but I really wish I hadn't watched it in the first place. I'm sure the story is much more interesting if I watch it again. I would have loved to see Ronan doing more work, but this was his first film, and he did a great job with it. I'm sure he'll get better, and hopefully he'll do more great things in the future. I think the best thing to do for Ronan is to stick to comedy, and get his career started on the right foot. If he continues to be a good actor, then the audience will start to buy his films. I think the movie did a great job showing how Ronan has a very strong fan base, and that there's a lot of people out there that would love to see him in more films. I wish he could do more films, and do them better than this one. I think he could do more with this story, but it was not his best. I hope to see more from Ronan, and hope to see more great films from him. I would have liked to see a much longer film, but it was still pretty good.

Zachary Gibson photo
Zachary Gibson

Very entertaining, although one could argue the effectiveness of the film as a "who is doing what to whom?" type documentary. That said, the basic gist of the story is intriguing. A quick look at the person's past history is enough to elicit a full understanding of their present-day position. It is a great insight into how we as humans view other species, as well as how we view ourselves. While not perfect, it does demonstrate how we have become one of the dominant species on the planet. It is interesting to see how we view our own animals, which is also a lot of what this film is about.

Shirley Wilson photo
Shirley Wilson

This is a great movie. The actors are all excellent. This movie would not have worked without the actors. The story is very interesting and is told from the view of the situation that the government is trying to get to. It is amazing that a movie could be made about a subject that is not well known. The characters are real. You feel the frustration and anger of the people who have been victimized by the government. There is no single person that is without blame. The audience can feel the pain of the people who have been victims of the government. The people that are working to get the government to answer for its crimes are portrayed with great humanity. The "U.S.A. Government" is shown as an evil entity. The government is shown as a group of people that is out of control. The government is portrayed as the enemy of the people. There is a good balance of the different sides. In the end, the movie ends with a strong message. The government will not be able to remain in power forever. The government will be defeated by the people. The people will take control of the government and will make it work for the people. This movie is very entertaining. It has great humor and great social commentary. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see an interesting movie about a subject that is not well known.

Lori photo

I watched this documentary on HBO, and I felt it was an excellent documentary, that wasn't too "big". It didn't focus on a single country or leader, but it did concentrate on the people and issues in that country. It did show the people that were involved in this, but it didn't show the US government as the enemy, or the people that didn't like what the government did, or the people that were fighting for what they wanted. It focused on the people, the culture, and the problems, and it did show what the people want, and what the government doesn't want. The director did a great job, and I hope he will be able to make more documentaries like this one, because he was great at doing this. I was very impressed with this documentary, and I hope he makes more. I hope this is the last of his documentaries, because he is a great documentary maker.