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American Chaos

American Chaos is a movie starring John Ladd, Julio Martinez, and James D. Stern. A man searches for answers to Donald Trump's widespread support before the 2016 presidential election.

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Američki Haos
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1 hours 30 minutes
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James D. Stern
James D. Stern, Julio Martinez, John Ladd
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A man searches for answers to Donald Trump's widespread support before the 2016 presidential election.

Comments about documentary «American Chaos» (3)

Zachary Gibson photo
Zachary Gibson

Very entertaining, although one could argue the effectiveness of the film as a "who is doing what to whom?" type documentary. That said, the basic gist of the story is intriguing. A quick look at the person's past history is enough to elicit a full understanding of their present-day position. It is a great insight into how we as humans view other species, as well as how we view ourselves. While not perfect, it does demonstrate how we have become one of the dominant species on the planet. It is interesting to see how we view our own animals, which is also a lot of what this film is about.

Shirley Wilson photo
Shirley Wilson

This is a great movie. The actors are all excellent. This movie would not have worked without the actors. The story is very interesting and is told from the view of the situation that the government is trying to get to. It is amazing that a movie could be made about a subject that is not well known. The characters are real. You feel the frustration and anger of the people who have been victimized by the government. There is no single person that is without blame. The audience can feel the pain of the people who have been victims of the government. The people that are working to get the government to answer for its crimes are portrayed with great humanity. The "U.S.A. Government" is shown as an evil entity. The government is shown as a group of people that is out of control. The government is portrayed as the enemy of the people. There is a good balance of the different sides. In the end, the movie ends with a strong message. The government will not be able to remain in power forever. The government will be defeated by the people. The people will take control of the government and will make it work for the people. This movie is very entertaining. It has great humor and great social commentary. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see an interesting movie about a subject that is not well known.

Lori photo

I watched this documentary on HBO, and I felt it was an excellent documentary, that wasn't too "big". It didn't focus on a single country or leader, but it did concentrate on the people and issues in that country. It did show the people that were involved in this, but it didn't show the US government as the enemy, or the people that didn't like what the government did, or the people that were fighting for what they wanted. It focused on the people, the culture, and the problems, and it did show what the people want, and what the government doesn't want. The director did a great job, and I hope he will be able to make more documentaries like this one, because he was great at doing this. I was very impressed with this documentary, and I hope he makes more. I hope this is the last of his documentaries, because he is a great documentary maker.