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Ya Veremos is a movie starring Mauricio Ochmann, Fernanda Castillo, and Emiliano Aramayo. Separated couple Rodrigo and Alejandra are required to see each other occasionally because they have joint custody of their son Santi. When...

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Ya veremos
Running Time
1 hours 25 minutes
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Pitipol Ybarra
Alberto Bremer
Mauricio Ochmann, Emiliano Aramayo, Erik Hayser, Fernanda Castillo
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Separated couple Rodrigo and Alejandra are required to see each other occasionally because they have joint custody of their son Santi. When they discover that Santi needs surgery to save his eyesight, Santi makes a pre-operation wishlist and determines to fulfill it with united parents by his side.

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Amber Dean photo
Amber Dean

You have to do a double take after seeing this film because of its title, especially since its gorgeous title is not in Spanish. The title itself is a Latin phrase which means: "Life, Will or Wish" or "Life, or Will of the Mind." What starts out as a dream by a mother with multiple sclerosis turns into a surreal nightmare of a woman, Alice, whose family's house is being taken over by a rich man named Alberto. Alberto wants Alice to dress like a man and have a child with him. Alice agrees but when Alberto sees the child, she turns into a young woman and then acts like a young woman again when Alberto goes away. However, Alberto's son, Manuel, decides to help his mother through this nightmare and he and his wife, Sonia, want to have a child with Alice. What Alice doesn't know is that her only friend, Isabel, is also an illegal immigrant in this country and is pregnant with their child, and Isabel is also pregnant with Alberto's child. She brings the child to Isabel's apartment where Isabel's boyfriend, Juan, finds it, finds out what his wife is up to and starts a life of his own. He, Sonia and Alice all have their own problems and they have a difficult time getting along with one another. I won't tell you the plot because that is the whole point. I will say that this is a sad story of families in a difficult situation where there is one very important thing to them, a child. I have not seen the original Spanish version of this film but I can assure you that this is one of the best films I have ever seen. It is well-written, well-directed and well-acted. It is a very moving story about a family whose only friend has to make his own life. I wish that I could find it on DVD but I have yet to find one. I don't know why it has not been released yet. I saw it on my shelf on a shelf of movies that I didn't have any money to buy. I saw it on the shelf for free so maybe it is not very common but I was able to watch it for free. If you are in the mood for a film that is one of the best films I have ever seen and have a good budget and you would like to watch it, I recommend you watch this film. This film is a little slow in the beginning but it quickly picks up with great acting and suspense. The screenplay is amazing because there is no major cliche characters but rather you get to know the characters and relate to them. The story is sad but the movie is not even slightly depressing.

Louis Hudson photo
Louis Hudson

I went to see the premiere of "An American Werewolf in London" on the one hand as a tribute to the classic film and on the other hand as a movie that I knew I would never get tired of. And it's no exaggeration. The film will be remembered for at least a generation. I am a big fan of the original "AWKII" film, and after seeing this version I feel like I was witness to the greatest horror film of all time. This one has everything a horror fan could want. A brutal story, a great atmosphere, a lot of atmosphere, a lot of creepy moments and some of the best gore in any film. A good plot, a great atmosphere, perfect music score and so on. This movie has it all. The first part of the film is the horror, the second part is the drama. The first part builds up the character well. The second part is a very scary movie, and the last part is very dark and almost gory. There are no weaknesses in this film, everything is so good. There is the perfect balance between comedy and tension. The characters are in perfect balance and very convincing. The script is very well developed. It is very hard to tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined. The character development is very well developed and perfectly uses a mixture of psychology and reality. The character's interaction with one another is very good. Overall, this is the best horror movie I have seen. A must see for everyone, but especially for fans of the original "AWKII" film.

Karen Pierce photo
Karen Pierce

At a time when I expected a bunch of low budget movies with minimal quality and mediocre cast, I saw "Beyond the Edge" with the same expectation. To my surprise, it is a real work of art and a movie worth remembering. It is a movie about humans, love, fate, what makes us happy, what does it mean to be alive and how the sense of human life can be found in the dark of the tunnel. I just saw the movie today and I couldn't wait to see it again. It is the kind of movie that will keep you thinking and thinking about it the next day. The movie is very interesting because it explores the life of a seemingly different young person, a man named Jorge who meets a woman named Ana. In fact, the two men are almost twins, one born and one who grows up. Ana is a lawyer and Jorge is an engineer, but they do not really look at each other as much as they have never talked to each other before. But as it turns out, one day Jorge decides to go to the beach to spend a week with Ana, but at the same time his father tells him that he needs to tell Ana that his son is gone. Just as Jorge is about to announce to his father that he has gone to the beach, Ana asks if Jorge is leaving on a vacation or is he trying to leave the movie before. Then Ana tells Jorge that her son was killed by his father when he was a child. That, Jorge thinks is an odd statement, but then he realizes that it is the only way he can tell Ana that her son is gone, that it is too late for her to really be heartbroken or angry about it. This is the point when Jorge begins to understand his father's past and what his past is about. But it is Jorge's father who saves Jorge and the movie ends with the two going through a hard road to overcome the differences in their lives and the way that their past has influenced their future. It is a very surprising movie and I am glad that it got the recognition that it deserves. It is a movie that, for me, shows the same value of love and human life. Sometimes we can't imagine the things that we are missing, the life that is missing or the importance of this life, but we still try and try and try and there is hope that the one will come. That is the main theme of this movie.

Gregory J. photo
Gregory J.

Aboriginal people in NSW are told they are "breeding better" and as a result, are all of a sudden the "favourite" children of the top 20% of the population. It is for this reason that I refer to my movie "Xanadu" as being a "Aboriginal project". It is a project which goes into the issues of disenfranchisement, poverty, unemployment, ethnicity, and the way these issues are tackled with the potential to make an actual change. One example of this is the way in which the program is set up. A social worker, Amy, is given the task of "representing" aboriginal children (so to speak) in the Australian Capital Territory. Unfortunately this program gets sent to Amy in an auto-transition which sees her being "led" into an Aboriginal community. From there, she is introduced to all kinds of issues including racism, poverty, alcohol, drugs, and crime. The kids she meets are then put under the supervision of a police officer. This isn't any sort of TV production, in fact it is entirely real. The first few people who meet her are "oppressed" by the police. The changes in the people she meets are almost miraculous, for the most part. If anything, she is more successful in the inner city than she was at the university. The general idea of this film is not new, there are many films based around this topic which have been made in the past, however it is the first and best to come out in the last 10 years. This is the story of a single black and white case study, which is a truly inspirational film. The relationships Amy has with all the kids and their parents are inspiring as well as moving, and it is by no means a perfect film, but is a film which deserves to be made. Unfortunately it is difficult to find in Australia on DVD, but this is probably because of the political issues it touches on. I can't recommend this film highly enough, and it is one that you can show to your kids if they have any interest at all in Aboriginal issues.

Zachary photo

The first time I watched this film I had absolutely no clue what was going on. I was only eight at the time. I'll never forget seeing this film and just sitting there in disbelief at the way the film unfolded. At the time it was a fantastic film that I saw many times. I saw it again and again and was not sure what to make of the film and still enjoy it to this day. The film, I believe, is about a family and their struggle to cope with the loss of a loved one. What one of the characters does is focus on one person and goes through the entire tragedy. The film does not go in a straight line but can be a roller coaster. It will make you laugh and cry. You will at times feel you're on a roller coaster and that's the feeling the family is going through. Everyone is shown in a different light, the girl is not used in a negative way and actually helps the family deal with the situation. You will feel pity for all the characters and will want to see them succeed. The film will give you the creeps in the end, a feeling that you were watching a family in a very sad way. The film is about a family dealing with a terrible tragedy and how they cope with it and who the people that they love are. The family is a Hispanic family in the United States of America. They are a little boy and his mother and her husband. His father is a lawyer. His mother loves her son. She has an autistic son and she has his oldest brother. They are a great family. They are grieving but are in a hurry to get on with their lives. One of the people who they were dealing with was the blind man, played by Rod Stadler. He played this part of his life with his son, Jimmy, and they even went through some of the films in a video. It was really hard for him and he couldn't sleep. The first thing Rod Stadler does when he sees the video is say to his son, "I'm here to see you. If you have any problems, just call me." I think the most disturbing part of the film was how his son wanted to have sex with his father. I think that just comes out of nowhere. I just felt like I was watching a family that had a really hard time coping with something that just happened. The fact that the family seemed so oblivious to the fact that he was dealing with this was hard to accept. When he thought of the matter of consent, he didn't really have a choice but to just take that drug that would go straight to his stomach. I think that could have been dealt with much more easily and a lot of the film deals with that. I felt like Rod Stadler was trying to make it very clear that his character was not doing anything that was wrong. This is something I have never seen in a film before, how a character becomes very sensitive to something that was wrong. The biggest problem that the father had was that he did not want to be a father to his son. He was not a good father and that was something that was so off putting. That made it very hard for him to see the little boy doing what he was doing. It is

Hannah photo

Fruitvale Station gives us a perfect representation of urban life in Los Angeles, circa 1997, and sets the stage for the events that follow in the film. I am one of those that had no prior knowledge of the production of the film, except that I was informed by the producers that it was coming. I was intrigued, because I live in L.A. and am familiar with the streets that the film depicts. I am also a fan of Antonio Banderas. He does a wonderful job portraying his character, Julio, and his character's behavior is so realistic and believable. The movie was nominated for many Golden Globes and Oscars. It was nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best Screenplay and Best Actor, and ultimately won Best Picture. A true Oscar nominee for that year.