Steam And Then We Danced

And Then We Danced

And Then We Danced is a movie starring Levan Gelbakhiani, Bachi Valishvili, and Ana Javakishvili. A passionate coming-of-age tale set amidst the conservative confines of modern Tbilisi, the film follows Merab, a competitive dancer...

Other Titles
然後我們跳了舞, Un tad mēs dejojām, Et puis nous danserons, A onda smo plesali, Da chven vitsek'vet, ダンサー そして私たちは踊った, Ve Sonra Dans Ettik, Als wir tanzten, I morgen danser vi, Solo nos queda bailar, 以你的舞步撩动我, Και Μετά Χορέψαμε, 以你的舞步撩動我, E Então Nós Dançamos, A potem tańczyliśmy
Running Time
1 hours 53 minutes
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Romance, Drama
Levan Akin
Levan Akin
Levan Gelbakhiani, Kakha Gogidze, Bachi Valishvili, Ana Javakishvili
France, Georgia, Sweden
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A passionate coming-of-age tale set amidst the conservative confines of modern Tbilisi, the film follows Merab, a competitive dancer who is thrown off balance by the arrival of Irakli, a fellow male dancer with a rebellious streak.

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Catherine P. photo
Catherine P.

I absolutely love this film. I mean I know there's some films that are deemed as "cult" that are really good films. But this one, this is one of the best, as it tells a story that's not about some man's love for his wife, but about a love that is as strong as the love between two people. How many films have you ever watched that don't tell you anything about the characters? Well, this is one of them. What I liked the most about this film is the fact that it was written by James Dickey. That's because it has a kind of poetic storytelling and it tells a story of a woman that has lost her husband, but the story goes even further than that, it shows that there are many women who are fighting their own fight, and that's why it's so difficult for the men to understand the need to find that which they've lost. It's a really beautiful film, that shows that even if you're a man, even if you don't have a strong family, you still have the need to have a strong family. I strongly recommend this film to everyone.

Brian photo

I'm sure everyone in the audience was a bit uncomfortable with the premise of this movie, but that's what we wanted. I was glad when the movie ended. It's a great story, with so many twists and turns. You have to keep up to date on this movie to see how they tie everything together. I thought that the story was told quite well, and even though it was a bit slow in parts, it was enjoyable. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have a good time. I'm sure most of us would be happy with this movie. The characters are real, and not Hollywood types. This movie is just one of those movies that we all can relate to. It's a drama, and it keeps you wanting more. A lot of people that had seen the trailer, and were excited to see the movie, left disappointed. I can see why, because this movie is just too slow and not very exciting. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Jane M. photo
Jane M.

It's been a while since I watched a movie that really affected me. This movie was just amazing. The acting was great and the story was great. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. It's a great movie that everyone can relate to. I recommend you watch this movie.

Margaret Santos photo
Margaret Santos

The story itself is one of those that could have been adapted from a novel and given a good film treatment. The story, while initially depressing, is ultimately uplifting and full of heart. I didn't expect it to be quite so good, but it really is. It also suffers from being a bit of a love-it-or-hate-it story, as the story never really follows the usual love-it-or-hate-it route that the majority of romance movies do. The characters are believable, the actors are good, and the music is great. The writing is mostly good, but it could have been better. It really needs some more editing. And it does feel like it could have been longer. It could have also used a little more exposition on some of the characters. But I think this is one of those movies that you really need to watch over and over and over again to get the full effect. It is truly an amazing film. I wouldn't recommend it for everyone, but for me it's a movie I'll definitely be watching again.

Brandon Carlson photo
Brandon Carlson

There's a film I watched a while back that I really enjoyed, and it came out in 2008. So, I am going to review this film. First, the film itself is pretty decent. The story is about a man named Robert, who is about to be released from jail for an assault. He is now determined to get his ass out of jail and back on his feet as soon as possible, and with the help of his friend and former fiancee, Hannah, he does just that. In addition, he must deal with his own inner demons and problems. The acting is good in this film, and I would even say it's really good. The story is told in a somewhat slow-paced fashion, and I would not say it's the best way to tell it, but it does work well for what it is. The acting was good enough, but not good enough to really get into this film. There are a few scenes that are just funny, but I have to admit I laughed a few times during this film. The two main characters, Robert and Hannah, have great chemistry and are very likable, which is a good thing in a film like this. The film has a lot of scenes where the characters get together, but it's also a little slow. This film is not really a drama or a comedy, but it has it's good moments. I did not really enjoy the ending, but I am willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. I do think the story is not the greatest, but it is not bad. This is not the best film of the year, but it is definitely good. I don't know if I will watch this film again, but I will watch it one more time before I give it my top 10 favorite films. 9/10.

Willie McDonald photo
Willie McDonald

Hookers and drugs, it's like the devil and his bride (I love that line), it's a wonderful story about a couple who fall in love, with each other and a lover who's not quite so clean. It's a real love story, with lots of nudity, drugs and escapism. This is a very mature movie, you can feel it's a young person's movie, and if you're in your 20s and older, you should not miss this film. It's great, it's great, and it's great!

Steven H. photo
Steven H.

This movie is a treat for those who love story-telling, romantic comedies, and/or the romantic drama. A rare gem of an old-fashioned romantic comedy. The movie revolves around a young woman named Lana (Taylor) who tries to get her life back on track by going to Paris with her best friend Abby (Sherman). While the two women attempt to reconnect with their missing fathers, a bitter young man named Harry (O'Connor) and his high school boyfriend, Billy (Frank) appear on the scene and become a bit of a distraction for the three young women. This movie is full of romantic tension, intrigue, and a well-written story. There is something for everyone in this movie, and the actors, especially Shirley Henderson as Lana, and Katharine Ross as Abby, bring out the best in their characters. The ending is a perfect fit to the movie, with no abrupt ending and a touching ending to the movie. My only problem with the movie is the ending. The ending for me didn't work and didn't seem to fit the rest of the movie well. But other than that, I thought the movie was wonderful. I give it a 9/10.

Kathleen photo

I was a bit skeptical going into this film because of all the negative reviews I'd seen. But I was wrong. This is a very well-done film. I could not stop thinking about it the whole time I watched it. It is so powerful. It is very hard to put it into words. It is truly a beautiful film. All I can say is that this film is extremely powerful. I have seen it three times now and I still think about it when I'm walking. I think it is very inspiring and sad. I hope there will be a fourth part to this film because I think it deserves it. I don't think there is anything to complain about. The only thing that I really found annoying is that the film was not marketed in a way that it would have a lasting impact on the viewer. All the reviews I've read for this film say that they are not going to watch the movie again because they are not interested. I don't think that this is the right way to go about marketing this film. The people that aren't going to see it again have seen it already. They will remember the film in a long term way. I think that it would be a shame to let them down like that. I think that this film deserves to be seen by more people.

Grace Dean photo
Grace Dean

Walking into this movie, I was expecting a bit of an intellectual movie. If you look at the IMDb rating of this film, you'd think it's some sort of intellectual adult movie. But after seeing it, I think it's a very sweet romantic comedy. A kind of a "see the movie" type of movie, which I'm sure a lot of people are going to enjoy. The film is also about a man who is a concert pianist. He's depressed and has been drinking a lot of booze. He eventually gets a chance to perform in the doctor's office of a woman named Amy. But then things don't go as planned and the doctor's office loses all of his patients. So he tries to find someone to help him and he meets the nurse who's a bit of a snob but a good friend. And she's on his side. Also, the film is set in the 70's and they do an amazing job in bringing that era to life. The movie is more of a musical than an intellectual movie. But for a romantic comedy, it's a really good one. It's not the kind of movie I would watch over and over again, but it's a great movie to watch once in a while.

Craig Mason photo
Craig Mason

I was talking with my boyfriend about this movie and he told me that it was very funny and made him laugh a lot. So I was excited to watch this movie. I'm glad I did. I think it was a great movie and a great movie that I really enjoyed. It's just so cute and sweet. I thought it was very romantic and sad. I think that the movie was really good and it's just a great movie to watch. The characters were all great and I was very impressed with the actors and actresses. I think this is a great movie and I highly recommend this movie to everyone. I'm not going to give anything else out because it's just really great.

Angela F. photo
Angela F.

From the opening scene to the end this is a movie that anyone should see. It was shot and shot again. I found myself looking at my watch multiple times during the movie. I didn't think it was possible to make a movie like this in my lifetime, but here we are. It's the story of a "high school girl who falls for a little boy and his friends who go from their local bar to a club owned by a fellow classmate and eventually to the big city. The story starts out like a typical American high school drama, but then it twists into a unique story of life after high school and of finding true love and happiness. The story will be different for everyone, but the unique things you will see will keep you on the edge of your seat. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone, for it's originality, and the beautiful ending. 10/10.

Kathy photo

I have been an avid reader of the adult novel by Patricia Highsmith for a number of years. I would like to see her new film adaptation of her book. The film is set in the years of World War II. It tells the story of a young woman, played by Jennifer Jason Leigh, who is left in the care of her great-aunt and great-uncle. Through the years she starts to discover her great-uncle is an alcoholic. As the story unfolds she finds that she is not a good choice for the great-aunt and great-uncle. They are an extremely strict and serious set of people. She is constantly excluded from their lives. She is also rejected by them. She feels lonely and rejects all the love that is sent her way. Her character becomes more and more independent and independent is the character she is able to accept. The director of this film, John Crowley, is very good at telling the story in a way that is difficult to believe in. The young girl is very strong and determined. This strong willed young woman is able to keep herself together while her great-uncle and great-aunt would not give her the support she needed. The film does have some cliches in it, such as the oversexed strong and independent woman. I would like to see a film adaptation of this story that is based on the premise that it is okay for women to have friends in a man's world. I also would like to see a film that is based on the premise that women can be men's equals.

Judith photo

There are very few films that I enjoy watching very much, but this is one of them. It is very true to life. The characters are very real and you can really feel for them. The story is a little bit simple, but it is easy to follow and the acting is excellent. The beautiful cinematography and the music are just perfect. In fact, the music is the key element to the movie and not the story itself. It makes the movie what it is. You could watch this movie with a person you know, and it would still be a good movie to watch. I would give this movie 9 out of 10.

Nancy photo

I first saw this movie when it first came out in the 80's. Now that I am in my 20's I have seen it many times and I still love it. There is something about this movie that keeps you interested and brings tears to your eyes. I love the feeling of that 3-D feeling, the performances, the music, the story. I have the soundtrack on CD and I have it on a lot of tapes. I do not understand why this movie has not been available on DVD yet. It is so underrated. If anyone knows where to find it please let me know. I love it so much. It is a movie that I watch over and over again. It is also a movie that I think is a must have. I would be very happy to have this movie on DVD. As for the movie itself I would say that it was a very underrated movie. It is not Oscar winning but it is a very good movie. I think it is a movie that you can enjoy over and over again.

Cheryl Tucker photo
Cheryl Tucker

This movie was brilliant and I am glad that I watched it. I did not expect much from it, as I only knew the trailer. But this movie is soooo good that I didn't know what to expect. I am very impressed by this movie and I think that the plot was very good. The dialogues are very sweet and realistic, very well played and the acting was very good. The characters are well done and they really are very well-casted. This movie is very heart warming. I think that the actors/actresses did a very good job on their roles. The music is also very good. I really liked the songs and I think that the lyrics were very nice. It was very nice to hear the songs in a movie and it was so nice to hear the lyrics and I like the lyrics very much. The movie is very heart warming and I think that it is a very good movie. It is very good. I give this movie 9 out of 10.

Douglas Patterson photo
Douglas Patterson

First of all, I'm not a fan of the movies based on books. I read the books, and I have read the book several times. But I didn't have the slightest idea what I was going to get into when I went into this movie. I had read the book first, and I'm a big fan of movies based on books. I've seen the movie several times, and I just don't like the movie, I mean, this is what I was expecting, a movie based on a book I had read, but I didn't really like. It is what it is, I guess. The movie is based on the book "The Lottery" by Rachel Kushner, and that's where the similarities end. "The Lottery" is about a five year old boy, George, who is placed in the care of his grandparents. When he is old enough to go to school, he is set free to go and find his family. He finds his family, but it is a very difficult and dangerous journey. The movie is about a man named Zack, who is in the care of his mother, Rose. Rose has a thing for her son, and they live together. Rose is very close to her son, but she is in love with the son of the man who is in charge of her son's care, Mr. Chris. Chris is in charge of George, and he has a very dangerous job, he is an alcoholic and he doesn't seem to be able to stop himself. He is married to an actress, the same actress that played Rose's mother in the movie, and she is very controlling and doesn't seem to be in love with her husband. There are other families in the care of Chris, and they all try to get along with each other. George has to take on a very dangerous job, and he will have to do it alone, or with someone who is very controlling. There is a whole scene in which he is in a hospital, and he is in a room with a patient who is very dangerous, and he has to fight with his heart to stay alive. One thing that I like about this movie is that it is not overly sexual, and it is not explicit at all. It is not a sex film, and it is not a gay film. It is just a good story about the lives of four different families in this small town. The movie has a good story, and it is entertaining. It is a good movie, and I recommend it.

Rachel photo

The word "wonderfully" is not enough to describe this movie. I think the word "fantastic" might be a little bit more accurate. I have no idea how this movie has been relegated to "art house" status. To the reviewers who think this movie is "soapy", I think that you are in the minority. This is a movie with heart, it is not sentimental. As a matter of fact, it is quite the opposite. This is an excellent movie. I can only think that it has been overlooked because it does not have a lot of special effects. This is a movie that is emotionally charged. The movie begins with a very interesting, and intriguing, scene. This scene is a metaphor for the movie itself. A man who has lost his wife, and who can't find a man to love, decides to start a new life. The woman who has to give him the love he desires is a woman who is alive, and has feelings. She loves the man, but is not able to let go of the relationship. The movie ends with an emotional and symbolic scene, with the woman giving the man what he wants, and the man giving her what he needs. This scene is also a metaphor for the movie itself. This movie is about life and love. It is about living, and dying, and dying and living again. It is about the power of the human heart. And this movie is about people. It is about the strength of the human spirit. I can only think that this movie is an important movie, for the reasons I have given, but I am not sure if it is for the reasons I have given. However, it is a beautiful movie, and a great movie. I do not know how to say that. It is a wonderful movie, and I recommend it to all.

Juan photo

I thought the movie was soooo good! This is the best movie I have ever seen! I went to the movie theatre expecting a comedy but I was so surprised and so much so I can't describe it in words. The best part of the movie was the singing and dancing. It was such a great way to get out of the house, and when you're not around you're happy you are! I would recommend this movie to everyone! I thought it was so good, and the person who made the movie is just amazing. I would love to see what he does next. This is my favorite movie!