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Los Domirriqueños 2

Los Domirriqueños 2 is a movie starring Stephany Liriano, Jorge Pabón, and Fausto Mata. In order to raise funds to pay off a lawsuit, Dominicans and Puerto Ricans get together to set up a circus.

Running Time
1 hours 47 minutes
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Sport, Comedy
Eduardo Ortíz
Edgar Cuevas, Carlos Vega
Raúl Carbonell, Fausto Mata, Stephany Liriano, Jorge Pabón
Puerto Rico
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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In order to raise funds to pay off a lawsuit, Dominicans and Puerto Ricans get together to set up a circus.

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Kathryn photo

This is a classic in the history of Mexican films. I think it is a great tribute to Carlos. The only thing I do not like is that the fight scene is too long. There are some parts where I think it could have been cut down to a couple of minutes. I give it a 7/10.

Brian Munoz photo
Brian Munoz

A lot of people expected a great sequel to this movie. And they were wrong. This movie has a nice story, which does not follow the same formula as the first movie. It is slightly different in the plot, but the great thing is that it doesn't matter that much, because you are more interested in the movie because you love the first one. The story is about the first year of Mariano Aragon's life, his last year of school. It is more about him as a kid, rather than the year as a whole. Mariano is a big soccer player, who lives with his mother, and his father is a long-time friend of Mariano's mother. He is a very happy child, who is almost a normal person. His best friend is his mother's best friend, who is also Mariano's best friend. The whole story is just about how Mariano and his mother fall in love. The story is very simple and predictable. But what I liked about the movie was the characters. I can't believe I have not seen some of these people before. The actors have been very nice in this movie, especially the two main characters. Mariano Aragon is a very good character, and he is a great actor. His character is funny, but he is also very interesting. He is a funny character, who is really in love with his mother. When Mariano sees that she is getting married, he is happy, because he knows that he can't wait to see his mother again. This movie is definitely recommended for fans of the first movie, but it is also recommended for fans of comedy.

Melissa M. photo
Melissa M.

This is a lighthearted movie. The story is about a group of friends who start to get a little drunk and get in fights with the other group. The leader of the group is El Mariachi, played by Jesus Soto. He is a very popular wrestler. He is very good at doing acrobatic moves and is very good at the sport. He is a very good wrestler, but he doesn't seem to care for the fight. El Mariachi has this sense of self confidence and is very popular. He is looking for the next fight. The other wrestlers are a little bit cocky. El Mariachi is the only one who can fight, but he has to do it on his own. One day he gets the chance to fight the best in Mexico. He gets his chance when he meets an old friend who is the star wrestler of the region. El Mariachi and the old friend get to know each other and they start to help each other in the fight. The movie is very light and easy to watch. It is not a great movie, but it is a very light movie.

Raymond F. photo
Raymond F.

The sequel to the 2012 film, "O Campeones" ("The Campeones"), is a comedy of manners, similar to the first film, but not quite as good. The jokes are more predictable and don't quite have the same punch as the first film. The dialogue is not as sharp as the first film, and the characters are more predictable and the jokes less funny. There are a few funny moments, but I found the movie to be slightly less funny than the first film. This sequel was directed by the same director who directed the first film, Luis G. Lopez, who was also the director of the first film. The first film was a big hit in Mexico, and the sequel will likely do the same. I hope that the sequel does better than the first film, because this is definitely not a comedy of manners.

Harry Simpson photo
Harry Simpson

Argentinean comedy and sports film, which is the story of a team of professional soccer players, with the U.S. team in the lead, who have to play an international tournament in Argentina, where the Americans are the underdog team. This film is a combination of the movie "Hoover" with "The Natural" with football. The characters in this movie are not really that strong, and they seem to have little development in their own lives. However, the film does have some interesting aspects. The main characters are a soccer player and a journalist who are married. The latter is a very demanding wife, and she wants her husband to be successful in football. The main character, on the other hand, is a retired soccer player who is now looking for a new challenge. The film also has some very funny scenes, and I liked the way they handled the plot. The movie is funny, but it also has some strong and interesting themes. The film also contains a lot of memorable scenes, and I really enjoyed the way the film was written. I also liked the way they developed the characters, and I also liked the way they made the film more fun. The film is an entertaining movie, but it is not a masterpiece.

Jason H. photo
Jason H.

This movie is a pretty good film. This is not as good as the first, but it still has some pretty funny parts. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes comedies. This film has some funny parts, but most of it is in the first half. This is a great movie to watch with your friends.

Paul Sandoval photo
Paul Sandoval

The first half of the movie is about the hardships of the sports team, the game against Albuera, the comeback of Luis Mata, and the final team victory. However, the second half is a far more interesting part of the movie, and I would like to recommend this movie to those who are interested in football. This movie also contains the story of the coach and the players, and the relationships between the team and their coach. It is also a part of the history of football, and shows how much people care for football and how much they want to win the World Cup. The second half of the movie is the highlight of the film, with the end being one of the most brilliant scenes I've ever seen in a film. There are also some other scenes that are really good and really worthwhile to see. It is worth seeing the movie, but I also recommend it to those who want to see a more intelligent and much more entertaining movie than the first one.

Billy R. photo
Billy R.

This is not a movie I will be seeing again, and neither will I be seeing it again. But it is a good movie to watch with your friends or family. The jokes and allusions in the film are as good as they are in the first one, and the animation is just as good. And the soundtrack is just as good. So I recommend this movie, it is just like a second movie, but with a little bit of different humor.

Samantha Santos photo
Samantha Santos

I liked the first one, but the second one is even better. Not so much the acting as the story itself. What a perfect way to end the series. The characters are interesting and the plot has the sense of being true to the original. I will watch it again soon.

Stephanie Johnston photo
Stephanie Johnston

This is the second Spanish movie I've seen, the first being El Bandera (1992) with Juanjo. The movie is really different to what I expected. The first part was based on a book, the second one is based on a stage show, so I have to say that this one is definitely more enjoyable. It's not a masterpiece by any means, but it is a very good movie. The cast is excellent, the actors do a great job with their characters. The story is very good, it has a great script and there are lots of funny moments. The action is not that great, but there are some very good fight scenes. The movie is about a young man, Manuel (Julio J. Jimenez) who is a country club football player. He is only 16 years old and is still a good player. He is a good guy and has a good family, but his life is full of problems. One of his friends is a criminal, and he is very unhappy with his life. The only way he can escape from his problems is to be a professional footballer. The thing is that Manuel is a very good player, but he's not very good at football. He can't kick the ball very well, but he can defend well and hit the ball with force. So when he wants to play for his country club, he has to play for the youth team. His father (Marcelo Alves) doesn't want him to play for the youth team, and he has a lot of problems with the people around him. Then he meets the beautiful Isabel (Claudia Ayala), who is his girlfriend. Together they have a lot of problems, and they fall in love. Manuel and Isabel have lots of problems. They have a lot of problems, but Manuel doesn't seem to care about it. When he is about to leave the country club, he sees his friend die, and he feels like he has to do something about it. This is a very good movie, I think it is a good one to watch with your friends or your family. I think this movie is very good, I like it a lot, and I recommend it to everyone.