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Half the Picture

Half the Picture is a movie starring Ava DuVernay, Brenda Chapman, and Caroline Libresco. A documentary about discriminatory hiring practices concerning women directors in Hollywood, and an inspiring conversation with those who have...

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1 hours 34 minutes
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Amy Adrion
Catherine Hardwicke, Ava DuVernay, Brenda Chapman, Caroline Libresco
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A documentary about discriminatory hiring practices concerning women directors in Hollywood, and an inspiring conversation with those who have succeeded against all odds.

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Larry photo

I first heard about this documentary back in 2005 and watched it years ago. I was stunned by the accuracy of the stories told by the filmmakers and I think this documentary is one of the most accurate ever made. The stories are wonderful and they make you think about the horrors of war and how it can affect people. I also think this is one of the most compelling documentaries I have ever seen. This documentary is a real eye-opener about what's going on in Iraq, and it is even more a frightening thought that this could happen to us. The only thing that could make this documentary better is if they could make it even more accurate. It would be great to see more people being interviewed, and perhaps with a bigger budget they could make it even more accurate. I would suggest this film to anyone and everyone.

Emma Fuller photo
Emma Fuller

How could one be so unsympathetic towards the author of this documentary? I would say it was probably because of the incredible amount of writing and re-writing he has done to this one book. Some of the information is still very much true, and has been carried on through to his other books. The short piece of information I did not like was the age of the author, he is not that old, and it seems he was writing from his first person point of view. This made me question what was going through his head, and more importantly, what was going through the heads of the reviewers that he had been interviewing. I found it very hard to believe that he could not be credited for the first two books, and I would like to thank him for being so honest about the details of what he has written, and has been told. I also found the article about the publishing history of his book very interesting, and very interesting to read. I would recommend this documentary to everyone, and would definitely recommend watching it with your children, and you friends. It is educational, it is emotional, and it is a very informative documentary. I have seen it once, and I will definitely see it again, and I would recommend it to anyone. I would highly recommend this documentary to everyone.

Maria photo

The movie I have seen is the best film ever made by i believe. I know this because I saw it and thought it was a great piece of art. To me it is a masterpiece and it deserves its place in the list of greatest films ever. This film really had me thinking about the movie and its meaning after I saw it. The film was fascinating and filled with great quotes and jokes. I loved it so much I wanted to see the movie again and again. I am sure you will love this film as well. I rate this movie a 10 out of 10. You will love it.

Hannah C. photo
Hannah C.

This documentary tells the story of the early days of digital filmmaking. Filmmakers like Len Nitschke and Dave Gilmour are interviewed and we get to hear their stories and the way that they were creating their movies. But in the beginning we also see how digital was being used, especially the first digital camera. This documentary is very interesting and I recommend it to everyone. The way it is done is great, but the way that it is made makes it even better. There are also some really interesting and inspiring things that are said by the filmmakers. The images that they have taken are so beautiful and the way that they have made the images is really amazing. I think that this documentary will inspire many filmmakers and hopefully, it will inspire everyone who has a desire to make a movie.

Mark Price photo
Mark Price

After watching this film I was in awe of the quality of the filmmaking. The way the images and sounds were shot was superb. This is a documentary for the cinema enthusiasts that want to see some of the best film-making in the world. This film is truly a work of art and must be seen by any true cinema aficionado.

Jean Walker photo
Jean Walker

We've seen a lot of people rave about this film, but I thought it was very interesting. It seemed to me to be much more in the "traditional" documentary style than many other documentaries I've seen. And, in a way, that's a good thing. It's more of a "what-if" type of thing, with lots of "what ifs" and questions. I felt that it gave a more accurate, more up-to-date, and, more modern, look at the human condition. It's not too far from the truth. The acting is also very well done. It's just a shame that there were some elements that were not up to par with the previous work of the team. (If you're interested in this, check out the previous work by the same team - "The War Zone")

Matthew photo

The documentary is very well done and there are many other films that have covered this topic in much greater detail. The film was very informative and well done. The narrator was very good and explained the themes of the film in a very simple yet important way. The documentary was extremely well made and the people interviewed gave great insight into the life of one of the greatest known artists in the world. It is a must see film.

Jennifer Day photo
Jennifer Day

I have been watching the news about the consequences of climate change, and it seems to me that there is very little discussion about the effect that it will have on people and the way they will react to it. As a scientist, I am often asked why it is that the temperatures in New York City have increased by 5 degrees in the last 50 years. I don't know. The number of people who are affected by it will be much less than the number of people who will be affected by it. It is clear that the main effect will be on the human population, but we are also going to have a ripple effect on other parts of the planet. For example, the production of carbon dioxide will increase by 30 percent, and the total amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will increase by a factor of 10. I think that it is very important that we get a real understanding of what is happening, and to understand what we are doing to ourselves. It is a very serious problem, and I hope that more attention will be paid to it.

Christopher H. photo
Christopher H.

We all know that we can't fix what is wrong in the world but we can help make a difference. I am a leader, a teacher, and I encourage everyone to watch this documentary and learn from it. This documentary shows us what it is like to work in a community in some of the poorest countries in the world. The teachers are passionate and dedicated and it is inspiring to see that these teachers have a love for the students and a hope for the future. I know that I am not alone. I have heard from other teachers that have shared their stories of life in the classroom with their students. This documentary is a must-see for teachers. It is inspiring to know that we can make a difference in the lives of those that are in our community. Thank you for sharing this story and the education system in the world.

Jason W. photo
Jason W.

I saw this documentary a couple of years ago on my way to the library. It made a deep impression on me, as it seemed to explain what was going on in my life. I was already well aware of my family's tendency to have a very strong connection to a single event or event in their past, and I could see this in this documentary. What I appreciated most was that the filmmakers didn't overdo the dramatic moments. I saw it as an entertaining documentary, and one that I would recommend to others.

Wayne A. photo
Wayne A.

The heartbreak that is loss, and the ultimate freedom and happiness, are often intertwined in my life. Every time I meet someone who has lost someone to a tragedy, I feel that this is a chance to educate someone on how to find closure and to make peace with the deceased. I think that this documentary is a beautiful tribute to all the people who have been impacted by the loss of a loved one. I am sure that everyone will find a part of themselves in this film, and will be inspired to make peace with those who are still in their lives.

Mary photo

This is a great documentary about a very important subject. A topic that is very important and needed to be addressed by the media. The movie is very informative and keeps you glued to your seat. The topics covered are life changing, such as divorce, the search for success in a new job, and when to ask for help. The movie is not a romantic movie, so if that is what you are looking for, you won't find it here. If you are looking for some entertainment, this is a movie you will enjoy.

Kathy S. photo
Kathy S.

The movie was about real things and real people who did real things. It was like a documentary, but a movie. If you're interested in WWII history and want to learn more, this is a movie you must see. It is so exciting to see this documentary being put to film. In the movie, they do a great job of showing a side of the war I never knew existed. To put it simply, this movie was fantastic. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes to learn about the Japanese forces that tried to conquer America. You will learn so much about the Japanese forces and the American people. It is a great movie and definitely not to be missed.

Julie W. photo
Julie W.

I had the privilege of watching this film last night at the New York Film Festival. It was a great movie. I really liked how it showed the effects of the AIDS crisis, how it was affecting people, and how it affected the people in this country. The way the film was shot was very impressive, the music was great, and the acting was fantastic. I think it was great to see how people were still able to function despite the epidemic. I think it was really important to show how these people were affected by the AIDS crisis. The film really brought the impact of the AIDS crisis to life. I really enjoyed watching this movie and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in watching a good documentary.

Catherine photo

For some reason, I thought this film would be the last of its kind. The docu-drama format has its own set of problems, and for the most part, these have been pointed out in the other reviews. I guess it's just that this is a documentary film. No need to pretend otherwise. It's just that the issues it focuses on are all real, and have been, and are being, brought to light in ways that I have never seen before. The problem is that the documentary format doesn't lend itself to telling a story about these issues. This is not to say that the issues don't matter. They do. But the problem is that the documentary format doesn't lend itself to telling a story. The story would have to come from the people who are telling it. That's where I think "The Shape of Water" fits in. It's a story told through a series of vignettes that are well-done, and well-paced. The issues are important, but the story is what's important. This is an important film about important issues. It's not really about any one of them. It's about the human condition, and the human condition isn't going to be the same after watching this film. It's not that the film is going to be a bore or anything like that. It's just that it's an important film. That's it.

Harold photo

I was watching this on TV one night and it caught my eye. It was the same type of documentary that I have been watching on the radio for years. It was a pretty good documentary. Not very graphic but it had some good information. It was also a good look at the development of the death penalty in the U.S. and how some states decided to keep the death penalty. It was not a total shock. It was very well done. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in the death penalty. It will not do anything but make you think about the issue. I also recommend it to people who are opposed to the death penalty.

Ronald Wilson photo
Ronald Wilson

I was a huge fan of George Clooney. He was an extremely talented actor. I was a fan of John Travolta. I thought it was great that he was casted in this movie. However, I found myself laughing at the parts that were supposed to be serious. I don't know if it was my age, but I found myself laughing at some of the parts. I think that was the problem with this movie. I have seen the other two, and they were not funny. This movie was good, but I have seen a lot of great movies, and I think that this one was a good movie. I also think that they could have done a lot more with the story.

Tammy Perkins photo
Tammy Perkins

This is the first feature film I've ever watched. I had never heard of it or had seen a trailer, so I didn't know what to expect. What I saw was a lot of fascinating facts about the medical world of the world. I would recommend this to anyone, especially anyone who has an interest in the medical field. The movie also makes you think about the role of the media in our society, and how it can be used to manipulate the people and the world around us. All in all, I would give this movie an 8/10.

Wayne Carlson photo
Wayne Carlson

After seeing this documentary, I think I have a better understanding of what is happening in the country and I hope that it will help to bring about a change in the way things are run. The documentary is a good look at the Mexican society and their way of life. We see the problems that they face, but they also have their own way of dealing with the problems and taking care of the people. The problems they face include the drug trade, which is now an illegal industry and they are forced to do whatever they can to stay alive. The documentary covers the lives of people from different backgrounds and we see how they try to survive and how they work to survive. We also see how the government tries to control the drug trade, but we see how the people are not controlled and they are able to do what they want. We also see how the people live their lives and how they try to find their own way to be free from the drug trade. This documentary shows us the problems and the solutions and we see how the people in the country deal with the problems and the solutions that they have. The documentary is very well done and the interviews with people are very interesting and they do a great job of showing us what the people are thinking and how they see the situation. I think that this documentary will be of great help to the people in the country and I hope that it will help to bring about a change in the way things are run.

Jesse photo

I just watched this documentary and I liked it, the director did a great job, I agree with a lot of the points and it was not a full documentary, I liked the film and would recommend it to anyone interested in history. I would recommend it to everyone that has a good sense of humor.

Andrea A. photo
Andrea A.

The title is misleading. This is a "what if" documentary. The director never asks us what we think of the film or of the subject. He simply lets us decide what we think. The film opens with the story of the filmmaker, but it is the others that are his guests. It is easy to see why the interviewees and filmmakers are friendly. They are all rather different from each other. For example, it is not unusual to see several people of different ages. We also have people who are not particularly well educated. So what is the point of asking these people what they think? This is not a movie about cinema, but about life. The film is about how we live our lives, and how the "thing" that we call the "thing" is a form of meaninglessness. It is also about how we deal with death, and the notion of death as a burden. This film is a beautiful meditation on the nature of meaning, and the meaning of life.