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First Man

First Man is a movie starring Ryan Gosling, Claire Foy, and Jason Clarke. A look at the life of the astronaut, Neil Armstrong, and the legendary space mission that led him to become the first man to walk on the Moon on July 20, 1969.

Other Titles
Pierwszy człowiek, Az első ember, Ha'adam ha'rishon, First Man - Il primo uomo, Prvi čovjek, El primer hombre en la luna, Aufbruch zum Mond, Ensimmäisenä kuussa, Pirmasis žmogus, Primul om pe Luna, ファースト・マン, First Man: Le premier homme sur la lune, First Man (El primer hombre), Ο πρώτος άνθρωπος, 登月先鋒, O Primeiro Homem, Pirmais cilvēks uz Mēness, Prvi čovek na mesecu, O Primeiro Homem na Lua, Ay'da İlk İnsan, První člověk, Le premier homme, Prvi Čovek, Bước Chân Đầu Tiên, Prvi Čovjek
Running Time
2 hours 21 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
History, Biography, Drama
Damien Chazelle
James R. Hansen, Josh Singer
Jason Clarke, Claire Foy, Kyle Chandler, Ryan Gosling
USA, Japan
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

In the aftermath of a crushing family tragedy during the pressing Space Race with the Soviet Union, the humble and quiet civilian test pilot, Neil Armstrong, is recruited by the chief of the NASA astronaut office, Deke Slayton, for the ambitious Project Gemini, in the dawn of 1960s. However, eight long years filled with trials, tragedies, but also innovations, will pass before Armstrong--as the commander of the Apollo 11--along with the American astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, manage to land on the Moon the Apollo Lunar Module, Eagle, on July 20, 1969. On the arid and eerie lunar landscape dusted with powdery regolith, Neil takes the first step on the unknown celestial body, some 384,400 kilometres away from the Earth. What is it like to be the first man on the Moon?

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Marie photo

I saw the film in a cinema and I was so touched by the emotion and the humanity of the characters that I could not believe that this film was about the character of Neil. I left the cinema with a smile on my face and the feeling of being a part of something great. I was blown away by the acting of the cast, the cinematography and the musical score. I felt that this film was made with such care and love. It was the most beautiful film I have ever seen. I am so proud to have been part of the journey that the film took me on. I felt that I was on a journey with the characters, I felt like I was on the journey of the first man. It was so wonderful and heart warming. I was deeply touched by the human qualities that the characters had. It is a beautiful film that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a film that will touch and inspire them. I would recommend this film to anyone.

Katherine Austin photo
Katherine Austin

This movie has a lot of depth. I think it is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It is about a man named Neil Armstrong who was the first man to walk on the moon. I thought that the acting was great. I thought that the chemistry between the actors was great. I think that it is the best movie I have ever seen. It is very inspiring. I would recommend it to anyone.

Steven Banks photo
Steven Banks

I don't know how I could feel more fulfilled and more inspired after watching this movie. I think that everyone who has watched it will agree with me. I can't think of any movie that can come close to the emotions this movie evokes. I don't know how the movie was made, but it was definitely a masterpiece. I think everyone should see this movie. I've seen it 3 times now and I plan on seeing it again. It's definitely a movie that I will be watching again and again. I recommend everyone to see this movie. I give this movie a 10 out of 10. I don't know what I would have done differently to make this movie better, but I know I would have made it better.

Matthew Guzman photo
Matthew Guzman

I loved the movie! The actors were great. I loved the chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Bryan Cranston. The story was great. The action was amazing! I was so moved by the ending. I will see it again and again! I will be watching it again and again! It's a great movie!

Lori W. photo
Lori W.

I saw this film at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film is a true story about the early days of the space program and the lives of the people who worked on it. It is a very sad film about the early days of the space program. I saw it with a group of friends and they all enjoyed it. The film was well acted and the story was compelling. I highly recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good story about a real story. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Judy photo

It is hard to review a movie like this without sounding like a total idiot. I have heard people say that the movie is the most realistic movie ever made. I am sure that's true. But the reason I watch movies like this is to watch history unfold, to learn about how the world worked. And, just like The Shining, I'm glad that this movie taught me about how the world really was, without ever getting into the details of what I really think the world was like. To me, it was very moving, even if it is a little dark. I have to say that this movie gave me a lot of information I didn't have before. It's not a movie that tells you what is happening in the world, but it is very educational. I will definitely buy this movie when it comes out on DVD, and I will be going to see it again. I am pretty sure I will be going to the movies more often than I have before. It is a good movie, and I am glad I went to see it. I can't wait to see the new Harrison Ford movie, because I'm sure I'll be surprised. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes history.

Lauren S. photo
Lauren S.

This film has everything a movie should have: comedy, drama, action, love, and action. It has everything and more. I can't wait to see it again and again. I am surprised that so many people hated this film. I think the reason is because it was released as a "R" rated film and people were expecting something more than the "R" rating. In this case, the "R" rating is justified. The film has everything a movie should have. I am giving it an "A" for effort.

Bruce Morgan photo
Bruce Morgan

I've seen this movie several times and it never gets old. I've always felt that the problems with this movie were mainly from the acting. They don't have the heart and passion to pull off a movie like this. Scott Baio is my favorite actor, and it's only a matter of time before I see a movie where he plays an integral part. The problem with his acting is that he doesn't seem to have any emotion. Most of the time I can't tell if he's sad or happy, or angry or frightened or whatever. The entire movie was shot on a 3 day shoot. The locations were great, the props and wardrobe and all the other things you would expect from a film like this were all amazing. I was so amazed at how much I wanted to love this movie. I still think it is one of the best films ever made. It's so amazing to look back on a film like this. It's such a hard act to follow and I still think it's an amazing movie.

Christian photo

The film was definitely a riveting experience. It has some of the most amazing cinematography I have ever seen. I loved the film from start to finish. The acting was incredible. Will Smith is absolutely awesome. Every actor was fantastic. Every character was a breath of fresh air. The themes that the film was dealing with was extremely relevant to people today. It was refreshing to see how people today take the world and their life for granted. It was a realistic portrayal of what we can go through if we don't take care of ourselves. It was very powerful and extremely entertaining. It was a great movie. I think everyone should see this film at least once.

Janice J. photo
Janice J.

This is the kind of movie I didn't expect to be so good. I expected it to be shallow, dumb, and more of a romance than a science fiction film. However, the cast is fantastic. Hugh Grant was amazing as Captain Steve. At first I didn't like him but he grew on me. Sean Penn did a great job as the leader of the resistance, but I think his acting was a little too stiff. I think he could have been a bit more aggressive. Other than that, this movie was great. I was very impressed with it and I hope they release the extended version. I would give it a 9/10.

Sarah photo

I wasn't sure what to expect when I went to see this movie, so I took a chance. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but it was good. I didn't really get a sense of what the real story was, but I liked the look of the movie and thought it was a very good story. The acting was very good and the actors did a good job. I think the reason why this movie is very good is because it tells a story and doesn't have a lot of action or special effects. So the movie keeps you engaged and wondering what is going to happen next. It is a story about a man who is rescued and goes off on a journey to find a lost city on the surface of the moon. He eventually gets to the city and then discovers that it was an advanced civilization on the surface of the moon, and the man decides to help them. I think this is a very good movie, it is based on a true story. The acting was very good, and I liked the look of the movie, the people who worked on this movie were very talented. I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

Jean photo

This film, despite it's stated intentions, did not touch my emotions in a way that I could really tell you. I was impressed by its amount of acting and story. But that's it. I didn't really care for it. It was as if it were trying to tell you that this is how it was and you shouldn't be upset. I just wanted to know how the bad guys died, where it was and what the plan was. I really don't want to know. This is a film that's supposed to be inspirational, but it's not really. It was just trying to tell you what's going to happen and how you should feel. I'm not sure I'm feeling much for the characters. All I can say is, this film is a bit boring. It was as if I was watching something a lot less interesting than The Mummy. I wouldn't recommend it.

Julie photo

I watched this film on my first viewing with my dad. I am 19 and we both agreed it was an interesting film. He likes it. I have not seen it yet. I thought it was interesting and had a lot of action. I did think it was overrated. I thought it had more violence than the previous James Cameron movie and the female lead was too pretty. It was all very good but I do not think it was as good as the first movie. I think it is still better. We are going to see it again.

John R. photo
John R.

I was very disappointed with this movie. It was full of boring scenes. I felt that the plot was extremely slow. The whole movie feels like you are watching a documentary. I think this is a mistake. It should have been more informative. There are many things to learn from this movie. But I really hate the long and boring scenes of the President. This movie is not for everyone.

Ann photo

It's the first time I've ever watched a movie based on a book, and it's an excellent movie. In fact, it's better than the book. It's a brilliant adaptation of the book. It's also the first movie I've ever seen in which the actor portraying Harrison Ford is NOT Richard Nixon. I thought this was brilliant! I also liked the fact that Ford was the only one who didn't get scolded for making the movie. My only complaint about the movie is that the trailer for the film was misleading. I felt like the trailer should have been more explicit about the "real" ending, and the movie should have stayed on the right track. Overall, it's a fantastic movie, and if you're not too familiar with the book, then this movie is a perfect movie to see.

Marilyn Gomez photo
Marilyn Gomez

I think this movie is a masterpiece, even though it is a movie about a guy who went to Mars and has to go back and fight for his life. But the plot is really interesting and the cast is very good. It is a very good movie, but if you want to see the real story about the astronauts, go to NASA. NASA is very serious and they do not let people take pictures of their astronauts. They do not even let you take a picture of a picture of the astronauts, they just ask you to send a picture of the astronauts. This movie is not about the movie, it is about the astronaut and his family, his wife and his son, his daughter, his mother, his wife and his father. It is not about the movie, it is about the people who are fighting for the astronaut and his family. I think this movie is very good, but if you want to see the real story about the astronauts go to NASA.

Jacob photo

The first man is an epic movie which you will enjoy. The characters are well developed and you feel the drama. The story is well directed and the cinematography is perfect. The music is good and you feel the emotions of the characters. The only flaw of this movie is the acting. The acting is good but it is not the best acting ever. There is nothing bad about this movie. It is a great movie to watch with your family and friends. If you like the first man you will love this one. I recommend you to watch this movie. The first man is one of the best movies I have seen.

Steven photo

When I read that this movie was a remake of a classic story, I got excited. I was right. But then I started to look at the ratings of the critics and realized it was one of the most unfairly overlooked movies of the year. People who rated this film badly seem to have forgotten it was not a remake of Forrest Gump. There were two movies that did a better job at recreating a classic. The Secret Life of Pets was also a remake of a classic. When I watched that film, I loved it. And I saw it for the first time with my wife. I was not disappointed. It was more of a fast paced comedy with a classic story line. I found the plot to be easy to follow. It was an easy movie to watch. My wife, however, hated it. I thought she was being too hard on it. My mother and father both liked it. When I went to see it with my wife, my mother said it was one of the best movies of the year. I think it was because I thought it was so much fun to watch and I was so excited to see it. I think the critics are giving it a bad rap because it was too much like Forrest Gump. I love Forrest Gump. It is one of my favorite movies ever. I loved the acting, the story line, and the style. I loved it so much that I thought it would make a great film. But when I saw it with my wife, it was not nearly as good as I thought it would be. I think the critics are to blame. It is a remake. It is not the same movie as the original. It should not be compared. I thought the actors did a good job in this film. Tom Hanks was not a bad choice. He was actually good at playing this role. But it did not really hit me the way I thought it would. There were some parts of the film where I was bored. My wife was bored. My mother was bored. My sister and I were bored. My sister actually started to fall asleep. I do not understand why critics are giving this film such a low rating. I think critics just have low expectations.

Carol Robinson photo
Carol Robinson

This is not a "like a film" type of movie. I've been to see "Dr Strange" (in Boston), and the one thing I had heard that this film is based on, was that it is a real story. I am still in shock about the actuality that this film is based on true events, that the man who created this film has written a true account of what happened. I have not read the book, and can't comment on it, but I have to say, it was a great film, and the writing was great. The first man was great, but the second man was awesome. I felt like this film captured the essence of the first man perfectly, and I think it is a great film. There are many things I did not like about the film. The acting was good, but I did not think it was that great. I thought that some of the lines were a little too obvious. The film could have used a bit more of Anderson's writing, but I will leave that up to you guys. I think that this film is a great film, and I hope that it will do well at the Oscars. It is a great film, and I recommend it to anyone who likes a great film, or a film that does not need an explanation. This is not a film you would be disappointed in, I hope you enjoy the film as much as I did.