Steam Cuban Food Stories

Cuban Food Stories
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Kubanskie historie
Running Time
1 hours 22 minutes
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Asori Soto
Cuba, USA
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Comments about documentary «Cuban Food Stories» (5)

Patricia photo

I don't usually write reviews, but after seeing the film, I feel compelled to add my voice to the one that is already out there. This is a truly profound film about how Cuban food is a way of life and the way that the food is treated, how it is prepared, and how people in Cuba are forced to face the hardships of their country and struggle to maintain their freedom. The movie has both a very interesting plot and very realistic story. It is an eye opening film and not just because it is about the Cuban food situation. It is an eye opening film because it takes you on a journey that you cannot expect. You are left with a profound feeling of being out of control, as if you are suddenly facing a dictatorship of sorts. The music in the film is haunting and brings a very strong feeling of isolation to you. You have to feel it. You will either love the film or hate it. But regardless of your feelings, it is still a very powerful film that is highly recommended.

Ruth photo

I would recommend this film to anyone and everyone! It's not about celebrity, but about the relationships between families and the interactions they have with each other. A great movie to share with friends or family.

Jennifer L. photo
Jennifer L.

Let's start off by saying that I am a longtime food lover. I enjoy cooking, eating out, eating around friends, cooking out and all the other details. I am more a fan of traditional recipes and home cooking, but have done my fair share of cooking. I love to cook and travel, so when I first heard of this documentary I immediately wanted to watch it. I do not like cooking to go on TV. I don't even like cooking when I'm home alone. However, I knew that this documentary would be good. My husband and I watched the documentary and it was really interesting. We were impressed by the different cooking styles and styles in the restaurant. I really liked the talk with the owners about the food. I found it very entertaining. This documentary showed the beauty of a great cooking and all the attention to detail. The love for what you are doing and the care that goes into it. I loved how the owner talked about her daughter and her house, the love of food and the food and the love of food. The restaurant owners shared their love of food and the cooking techniques used. It was very good and educational. I love that it wasn't preachy, like other documentaries, and it wasn't too preachy like some documentaries are. I was glad to hear from people who had never cooked before and how they had enjoyed it. I loved hearing from the families who had a different idea of what the restaurant should be like. I loved hearing from people who loved the food. I loved seeing the people that cooked the food, and how they loved it. It was very interesting and I would recommend this to anyone. I do not like the home cooking aspect, so it was great to see how they cooked it and I have done my fair share of home cooking. I have made many different types of food, from meat to pizza. This documentary helped me understand how important the food was and how important it was to them. I loved hearing about the home cooking, it was great to see the people who have the knowledge and experience that they did. I would definitely watch it again.

Rebecca photo

This film is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. The film starts with the story of Cuban Food: Cuban Americans working as a day laborer in Puerto Rico. After years of hard work they are given a chance to work in the US. They must pass a psychological and medical test in order to be able to work legally in the US. At first they are rejected by the government but later they get a few jobs but are not paid much. The director is a man who has done research on the conditions of Cuban Food and knows the story. He is also an ex-Ferryman. He speaks about the unfair treatment of these people. He describes the terrible conditions and work-at-home jobs that they are forced to do. The film also talks about the problems that arise from the fact that Cubans cannot use their citizenship in the US. Many people have to leave their country to get a better job. It is all very sad. The director, his son, his wife and their daughter-in-law all talked about how they were forced to work in a place that was not like any other place in the world. They had to go through all kinds of unpleasant conditions. They talked about the problems that they had with the government and how hard it was to get a job. This was very moving and very touching. This documentary is very powerful. It made me feel very bad and sad. This was a very powerful documentary that made me think about all kinds of problems that are happening in the world and about what is happening in the US.

Donna photo

My mother was the most sensitive and compassionate person I knew, and I have many memories of her talking with my siblings, her health and health care workers, and most importantly her teaching and pastoral work. This documentary is based on a story she told my sister and me as a child about her life and career, and the experiences and ups and downs that it brought. In it, she is portrayed as a cheerful, intelligent, loving, and caring person, but there are some scenes that can be a bit hard to watch, particularly in the beginning of the film. I recommend this film to everyone. It is a powerful documentary about a woman who lived and worked with her heart and the gift of being able to bring the best out of people, and it is very interesting to watch the contrast between what her life was like and what she was doing after she passed.