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Running for Grace

Running for Grace is a movie starring Jim Caviezel, Matt Dillon, and Ryan Potter. A timeless tale that takes place against the backdrop of the segregated coffee fields in 1920s Hawaii - a coming-of-age journey about a young man who...

Other Titles
Senin için Grace, Meu amor por Grace, Todo por Grace, Jo, the Medicine Runner
Running Time
1 hours 50 minutes
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Romance, Family
David L. Cunningham
Christian Parkes, David L. Cunningham
Juliet Mills, Jim Caviezel, Ryan Potter, Matt Dillon
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A timeless tale that takes place against the backdrop of the segregated coffee fields in 1920s Hawaii - a coming-of-age journey about a young man who transcends the boundaries of race and class in pursuit of a forbidden love.

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Nancy Little photo
Nancy Little

I'm so glad I watched this film, I know it's a fantasy but it's so well done. I love this film so much! I love how the story was not based on any one person but it was based on each character. I love how it was a happy, fun family film and it was done very well. It had all the right ingredients to make a good film but it did well to mix and mix. It had a good story and the ending was awesome. I would definitely recommend this film. It's a very well done movie.

Philip S. photo
Philip S.

I was at the movies this weekend and this movie is one of my favorites. It is a great movie to watch with your family, friends, and even when you're alone. It is very true to life and shows that being Christian is all about the Bible. I saw the movie this morning and it was really good. I don't think I have ever seen a movie with such a strong message. This movie has so many different themes. It has love, love for others, and the message of redemption. It's really a great movie and I hope it will get more attention.

Beverly C. photo
Beverly C.

These last few years we have seen a number of films with a very low budget and large amounts of screen time, none of which were able to capture the heart and soul of the film's audience. One of the most successful films of this new wave of young director's is This Is The End. This film had the unique ability to capture the audiences' heart and soul and left them amazed at how a film can create such an emotional connection. This movie was a huge success at the box office, generating as much money as a film with a two-hour running time can in the theater. I have to wonder if this is because this movie is full of heart, of life, of happiness, of sadness and of hope. This is a movie that will inspire you to live your life to the fullest and to reach your goals. A true "film that will stay with you for a lifetime".

Diana photo

I didn't know this film was based on a true story until after I watched it. But seeing it back to back with the two previous films makes this all the more compelling. There's no glossing over the true events of those two separate incidents. Here, the special effects are still very good. There are still good performances, even when the actors aren't using the most naturalistic, very human gestures. In this case, there are hints that the child may have been injured. In the end, it was a love story of friendship and respect. It may not be the only movie that reflects the life of a child in a family, but it is one of the most believable. While I don't think the two earlier movies were terribly important, this one is. Maybe the most moving thing about this movie was seeing what a normal family looks like. Family was real in those days. So the movie is a movie about what an ordinary family looks like. And it is about that, even if it is sometimes hard to see that the family is not the typical modern family.

Marie B. photo
Marie B.

This movie has been rated a 10 on IMDb by people who didn't even know what the movie was about. I loved the film and I'll definitely be going back to see it again. It has a very nice story line and you get to see a lot of diverse, beautiful, and inspiring elements that the movie is about. For those of you who are not aware, "The Girls' Room" is a very wholesome comedy film about a young girl, Chloe, who is pregnant, and finds a very special room in the men's room for her unborn baby. The parents of the girl, Andrea and Andy, are extremely religious and the room is closed to the public, but they are determined to bring her baby to term. Chloe is very skeptical, and is confused as to what will happen to the baby, but the parents don't give up hope. They continue to plan a wonderful surprise for their daughter, and the movie begins to unravel. Throughout the movie, the audience learns more about the characters and the story. Chloe's parents try to control her emotions by giving her stories about their religious beliefs and telling her that pregnancy and birth are part of God's plan, but she is very confused about her beliefs. The parents continue to bring her to the men's room, but are beginning to question Chloe's ideas of what her life is about. Chloe's mother Andrea believes that God will make her perfect. She tells Chloe that she is very pregnant and will be here for a while. Andrea continues to tell Chloe that this is God's plan, and she must accept it. Chloe is confused and continues to bring her to the men's room, but as soon as the baby arrives, she is still confused. When the baby's name is named and the parents have had the baby, Chloe asks Andrea what she's doing. Andrea tells Chloe that they are going to get married. Chloe is very upset with this, but Andrea says that she is going to do everything she can to help the child and will find a good husband. As the night progresses, Chloe begins to find that this is what God is doing. Andrea tells Chloe that God has asked her to wait until the baby is born so that she can give her husband and the baby a beautiful life. Chloe is so touched by Andrea's words and decides to try to bring the baby to term. Chloe does this, and the parents are excited. Chloe looks in the mirror and sees that she is pregnant and they look at each other and know that this is what God has wanted for them. Chloe realizes that the parents are having a baby. She begins to cry and says that she loves the baby so much and that she is going to have to be a good mother. Chloe asks Andrea if she is going to have the baby and Andrea says she is going to make the baby. She has the baby and names it Francis. Chloe then asks Andrea if she is going to give the baby to her husband. Andrea says yes and Chloe is very happy. The parents are very happy because the baby is healthy and is already doing fine. They are very happy because the baby is the result of a divine plan. I highly recommend this movie for people who are looking for a movie that will make you feel good and is a beautiful story.

Crystal S. photo
Crystal S.

This movie is great! I was curious about it as I don't go to the theater very often. I'm glad I did. I was swept away and I was touched by it. I was so touched by this movie. It was just great. It was so heartwarming. I have never seen anything like this before. I thought this movie was great and I would recommend it to anyone. It is a must see for everyone.

Theresa Graham photo
Theresa Graham

I think that this movie is a great movie to watch for every young girl who has fallen in love with a guy from your high school and wants to follow in his footsteps. The character played by the lady who plays the leading role is not so much a "lovers only" type, it is more of a "there is no past and no future" kind of woman. The end of the movie shows how she deals with her problems and what she wants to do. I would highly recommend this movie for young women. I give it a 10 out of 10