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Made Me Do It

Made Me Do It is a movie starring Anna B. Shaffer, Kyle Van Vonderen, and Cortney Palm. College student Ali Hooper and her little brother are attacked by a masked maniac, and the key to them surviving the night lies in unlocking a...

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1 hours 30 minutes
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Horror, Thriller, Drama, Fantasy
Benjamin Ironside Koppin
Matthew John Koppin, Benjamin Ironside Koppin
Jason Gregory London, Kyle Van Vonderen, Cortney Palm, Anna B. Shaffer
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College student Ali Hooper and her little brother are attacked by a masked maniac, and the key to them surviving the night lies in unlocking a secret from the killer's past.

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Joyce Kelly photo
Joyce Kelly

While I think the more gore movies are fine, if done well, the human drama is usually the most fascinating part. This one is great. There's plenty of character development and drama. The violence is brutal, but not gratuitous. I think a lot of people have this misconception that everything has to be "gory". When it's done well, the results are spectacular. Even though I'd never actually seen a movie like this before, I was impressed by this movie.

Ruth F. photo
Ruth F.

This movie has a bit of a cult following, but it isn't because of its originality. It's because it's a genuinely creepy movie. I had no idea what to expect when I walked in, but the opening was a bit of a surprise. The protagonist, who has been raised by an abusive mother, is once again the center of the story, only now the story is about a group of people who are trying to find him, and uncover the truth behind what happened to him in the past. The plot is fairly simple, but it has some very chilling scenes and a surprisingly good twist. I think that this movie is more the audience's interpretation of the fact that the protagonist is haunted by the events of his past. It is possible that he is being haunted by the person who killed his mother. I don't know how to explain it, but the atmosphere in the movie is actually quite creepy, and it doesn't let you down at all. It's also a very sad story, and it's difficult to look away at any point. Even though I knew how it would end, I still ended up crying a little bit. I've always been a fan of Joaquin Phoenix, but in this movie, he really excels, and he should have a lot more parts. His character is really well done, and he does a great job at showing the character's emotions. I really liked his performance, and I think it was really scary. All the characters in this movie are great, and it is very easy to relate to the characters. I can't say that I've ever seen a movie like this before, and I really enjoyed it. It really made me feel uneasy at times, and it has a lot of very creepy scenes that I would really recommend seeing, because they are really well done. It's not your average horror movie, but it's definitely worth seeing. 8/10

Andrew photo

A very well made horror movie. The acting is great, the story is really good, the direction is good, and the atmosphere is pretty good. I've seen this movie twice now and I'm still finding new things. I'll be looking forward to the next one. Great job!

Judy B. photo
Judy B.

Auteur, Damien Chazelle, has done it again with his movie The Witch. This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. It is a film that has a great story and great story telling. I just finished watching it on a cold winter night and was immediately enthralled. The story is unique and is beautifully told. This movie shows the dangers of Satanism, the horrors of witchcraft, and the weird ways in which witches can communicate with their subjects. The acting was amazing, I really enjoyed the whole film. But, the thing I really enjoyed about this film is the sound design. I just really enjoyed how it was filmed and how the sound was used in a very unique way. The Witch is an absolute masterpiece. I highly recommend this film to anyone who loves the genre of horror and it also should be recommended to anyone who loves a good movie.

Brittany photo

I've seen this movie about 5 times and every time it gets better. So much so that I can't stop watching it. Every time the story gets better and better. The casting was great and the actors did a great job. The direction was very good, especially the way it moves from scene to scene. Every time the director shows the transition from one scene to another, it was perfect. The sound was also very good and didn't get annoying. The thing I like the most about this movie is how it showed the brutality and how the characters got to understand their situation and it showed how the murders were done. If you haven't seen it yet, I suggest you watch it, you won't regret it. I give this movie 8 out of 10. I know this review is very personal and that's why I can't give it a 10 but I just want to let people know that this movie is amazing.

Andrea photo

I am so glad I saw this movie! It has a good plot, great actors, a good story, and great special effects. My favorite part is when she is doing her thing with the zombie and the camera zooms in on her fingers. That scene is the best part of the movie. The story is good. It starts out pretty simple and ends pretty good. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes zombie movies. It is a great movie to watch with friends, and even to rent at some times.

Eric photo

I am sure that many of you already know that this movie is set in the same universe as The Shining. It is very different. But that doesn't mean that it isn't scary. This is a low budget movie and that is exactly what makes it so good. Some of the acting in the movie is bad, but not enough to take away from the scares. I saw it at the city's premier. People were standing up and cheering. It was a great experience. The movie is still very good, I promise you that. And I promise you that this movie will leave you thinking.

Kathleen photo

One of the better slasher films I've seen, and certainly a winner for the genre. The story is decent enough and the characters are all good (although it's pretty clear from the beginning that there's going to be a lot of violence, so we're not expecting any Oscar material). There's some good acting, especially from the lead (Erika Eleniak) and she gets a good role. The film really relies on her and the other two actors to carry the movie. Some of the movie is a little slow, but it's still good. The gore is a little over-the-top, but it doesn't detract from the movie too much. I recommend this movie to anyone who's into the slasher/horror genre, or anyone who's bored of the cliches of the genre.

Tammy photo

For starters this movie was really enjoyable. The acting was good and the plot was decent. The acting wasn't a huge issue for me. The actors in this movie are great and they were believable. This was a great movie for those that enjoy horror movies and for those that are fans of the genre. I liked this movie and would recommend it to anyone. I think people that haven't seen it yet should give it a try.

Robert Duncan photo
Robert Duncan

When I first saw this film at the cinema I was shocked at the sight of the end scene, the only thing that made sense of it. At the time I thought it was a very disturbing film. But when I watched it again, I realised that it was brilliant. This film has been quite controversial, mainly because of the ending. But the ending has been one of the best in the film. It had the potential to be a really disturbing film, but the ending makes it a very good film. I highly recommend this film to people who want to see a good film. I also recommend it to people who want to watch a really good film. This film really has a very good ending. It leaves you thinking about what happened, you are left with a sense of justice. You have a sense of peace after watching this film. I can understand why this film has had a lot of criticism, but it really is an excellent film. A great film.

Samantha photo

This movie was a little confusing in a few places, but overall the movie was a good watch. It kept me interested throughout. The actors were very believable in their roles and the story was solid and intriguing. There were some obvious plot holes, but overall the movie was good. It kept me entertained and I really enjoyed it.

Lori Marshall photo
Lori Marshall

My wife and I enjoyed this film and we were moved by the tale of what happens when a mother has two daughters, one who is 13 and the other 14, and their friendship and how they interact. This film is quite different from most of the movies we watch. It is based on a true story and includes strong performances by the entire cast. However, it is a lot less violent than most of the movies we watch and that is not a bad thing. I did enjoy this film and it is definitely worth watching.

Doris photo

One of the best horror movies I have seen, it has a good story, good acting, good music and the ending is a little surprising. But, this is not like a slasher or something. This is a dark horror movie, it is for people who likes horror movies. 7 out of 10.

Christine W. photo
Christine W.

This is the first movie I've seen by Dutch director Roberta Vergara, and she's done a great job with it. The movie is quite predictable in the beginning, but it makes it fun to watch. The whole movie is set in a haunted house, and there's also some violence, but not too much. The whole movie is a blend of Gothic horror, with an interesting story and a lot of twists and turns. It's quite a nice movie to watch, and you'll be interested in seeing what happens next.

Anna Franklin photo
Anna Franklin

After his partner's demise, an aspiring writer gets out of jail to rekindle his relationship with his wife and daughter. Despite the love they shared for each other, the marriage was not sustained and they divorced. While away from the family, his wife finds out about his past life as a serial killer. Now he must keep his family safe while trying to piece together the pieces of his past. I think the story is quite different than what it appears on the screen, however it works. The film is quite unique and keeps you guessing, a fun ride. This film is about making a difference in a family, but there is also something else going on. A bit of darkness goes into this film. It's a thriller, but the film is also very dark. There is also a little bit of tragedy as well, which is not the usual norm. The acting is good. There are a few questionable performances but it's forgivable. This is a dark film that I recommend to anyone.

Hannah G. photo
Hannah G.

This movie is in my top 5 of all time for good reason, and it's awesome. The whole cast is great, I don't think I've seen anyone in a role I've liked that much in the past 20 years. The ending is classic, and it was even more awesome than the original. The movie has a very strong storyline, and I would recommend this to anyone. 8/10.

Dennis photo

It's always a pleasure to watch a horror film, or to see a movie that was written by the original creators, but sometimes you get such a movie, and I think this one was no exception. The movie was absolutely awesome, and I definitely would recommend it to anyone who liked the first one. The movie had good story and the movie was very unique, but if I would have been the producer of the movie, I probably would have tried to make it more sinister, and that's what I tried to do, but I think I succeeded in making the movie entertaining for the most part. The movie is about a woman who has been raped by her husband, and the victim's new boyfriend tries to seduce her and keep her in the house. I really think that the movie is worth a watch. I would give the movie a 10/10, but I would give it a 7/10.

Heather photo

*Spoiler warning* I really like the film. It has good script, good acting, and good acting. Although, I did not really like the ending. But, it was interesting, and the direction was well done. I really like the film. I would watch it again.

Craig photo

I thought that this movie was very good, I am a big fan of the show, and of course, I am a big fan of the movie. The acting was good, the story was good, and of course the actors were great. I think that the only thing I didn't like about the movie was the ending. It was so predictable and it was also very weird and messed up. But it wasn't the worst thing I've seen, I think the ending was really good, and I think it would have been good to have a more real ending. Other than that, I thought that this movie was very good. It's definitely worth watching.

Julia Warren photo
Julia Warren

This film is a bit of a rip-off of "The Sixth Sense", but with a bit of a twist. It's a bit of a slasher/drama with a bit of a horror twist, but still very enjoyable. The film starts with a group of teens playing in a field, and they get attacked by a scary little dog, and get scared out of their wits. Then one of the group goes to investigate the noise and finds a girl who looks just like her, and is very petrified of the dog. Soon a cultist named Mrs. Death begins to stalk the group, killing people with her pet, and then throwing them out of the window. The group is hunted by a couple of other cultists, who were also attacked by Mrs. Death, and become part of her cult. They use her to perform rituals and also to make people disappear. She and her cult also control the body parts of the cultists, and can use them to make other cultists disappear. This film is pretty funny, the best part is when Mrs. Death starts to play the old school horror/scary piano song, "Ohhhhh Ohhhh Ohhhhh." The rest is really bad, and all of the lines are too corny and too cliche, but the most annoying part is when they call the cultists "f*king t*ts" and a bunch of other horrible stuff. This is one of those films that you should definitely not miss, and definitely don't rent. It is really bad, and I really wouldn't even recommend it to friends. I mean, come on. I'd rather watch my kid play with her Xbox, or playing a video game, or watching some TV. Overall, I really recommend this film, but I really don't recommend renting it. If you want to watch something fun, watch "The Sixth Sense" instead, and you'll have a good time.

Ryan James photo
Ryan James

I loved this movie! I watched it last night with my family and was entertained the whole time. It is not a film for everyone, but for those who like a good mystery and suspense, you will love this film. I'm a big fan of the Silent Hill series, and I think this film is the best of the series. This film follows the typical events that you would expect to see in the series, but in a different way. This film was a good way to watch a horror film that is not the usual gore, blood, and supernatural stuff. I thought the actors were great, and the story was interesting. This film was very unique and it gave a good mystery to it. Overall, I thought this film was great! I give it a B+/B

Christian photo

I really liked this film, but in a good way. First of all, I'm a person that likes different types of movies. Sometimes I prefer watching a horror movie, sometimes I prefer a mystery. And I'm also a person that likes some comedy. And this film I did not find any of those. I don't know if it was because I don't like horror movies or maybe it was because of the way the story was told. But in the end I really liked this film. It's got a great story, it's got a great cast, it's got a great ending. I give this film a 7/10, I think that it's worth watching. If you want a good horror movie, watch "The Ring" or "The Grudge", or "The Sixth Sense". These movies are really great. I think that the main problem with this film is that it is very short and that it isn't very scary. In the end, I would recommend watching this film. But I still think that it's worth watching. I like it a lot, but if you're not very interested in horror, it might be a bit boring.

Ryan photo

I'm not going to lie, this film is not a masterpiece, but it has a very good storyline. I can't say I enjoyed this film a great deal, but I still enjoyed it. This is a great movie that should be watched. It will keep you interested, and maybe you'll say, "Yeah, I'll watch it again." The acting was good, the story was good, the story line was good, and the horror was very good. I definitely recommend this film. 7/10

Gloria photo

The characters in this movie are not that easy to relate to. Most of them are dark and mysterious. When I first saw it I was probably 16 years old and it was completely different. I think this is the reason why this movie is so great. You can feel the character's emotions, and they become a part of you. I also think this movie is good for teenagers because it has a lot of dark situations and the characters are really scary. I love how they use black humor and you can't tell what is going to happen next. This is a very good movie and I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes horror movies. 7/10.

Billy W. photo
Billy W.

Don't take this movie too seriously. It is a bit like a ghost story without the scary parts. However, it is definitely a good movie. It is a bit like a creepy ghost story mixed with a paranormal thriller. I did enjoy the movie and was entertained by it. It is certainly not your typical scary movie, but it is definitely worth watching.

Jean photo

The true movie that gives you the clues to what's going on, then provides you with the answers. With a strong emphasis on the communication between the characters, not a trace of the usual crassness. Two young men, with their own problems, but both stuck in a vicious cycle of poverty. The dialog, the subtle hints of the relationship between the two characters is portrayed so perfectly that you forget the problem. You just let go of the screen and concentrate on the story unfolding before you. If you enjoy watching a story that has twists and turns, this one is for you. It's not just for those who like to see some gore. There's a lot of symbolism, though it's hard to follow, that leads up to the end. The only criticism I have is that the acting is mediocre at best. There are a couple of moments where you can't really believe that they are in fact actors. But, if you like a movie that takes you by surprise and gives you a real scare, you should check this one out.

Olivia photo

Although it isn't exactly my kind of movie, I must say it was pretty good. It was made in Canada and I watched it on Canadian television and it was aired on Canadian radio, so I guess it was pretty good. The only reason I don't give it a higher rating is because it could have been a lot better, but the acting was very good. There are a couple of flaws in the story that I found distracting. For example, the bad guy can't see in the dark because he doesn't have enough light. He just doesn't have enough light. Maybe that's supposed to be funny? That's a lame idea, but it was just a bit distracting. I also don't like that he can't see the people behind him. They're not going to be able to see them because the light is so dark. That's not a great idea, and it's not funny either. Another flaw was that he kept having to make his own money. He had to start an operation, and he had to go to the doctor to get a new prescription. He has to go to the hospital to get a new prescription. I don't know how they make money doing that. I guess it's supposed to be funny, but I didn't like it. In the end, I enjoyed it.