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Twiceland is a movie starring Na-yeon Im, Mina Sharon Myoui, and Momo Hirai. The girl group Twice's big-screen film is the movie version of their world tour 'Twiceland Zone 2: Fantasy Park'.

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Music, Documentary
Jin-young Park
Chae-Young Son, Mina Sharon Myoui, Na-yeon Im, Momo Hirai
South Korea
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The girl group Twice's big-screen film is the movie version of their world tour 'Twiceland Zone 2: Fantasy Park'.

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Dylan Martinez photo
Dylan Martinez

The movie looks like a great educational and inspirational experience for the kids. I was inspired by how this film made me feel about a lot of topics, and I can't wait for the movie to be released on DVD. My favorite part was the interview with Daniel Dumont (the original drummer for the band). The band was very funny and very talented. I really like this movie and I hope they can make more movies like it.

Jesse A. photo
Jesse A.

This is a documentary about Robert Johnson, a brilliant singer/songwriter. It covers his early days in Greenwich Village, his rise to fame, and his later decline. It's also a look at his private life, his failures and successes, and his legacy. I found the documentary to be extremely well done. It had a very interesting style. The visuals were incredible. It also helped to have a director with a good understanding of the music of Robert Johnson. It was nice to see Michael Moore appear in this documentary, but he was not particularly well-known for his work. The film did a good job of explaining why he became a musician. As far as the music is concerned, I thought it was very well-done. I thought it was the best thing about the documentary. I thought it was the most interesting thing. Overall, I thought it was a very good documentary.

William photo

This is a truly unique documentary from a highly revered and highly intelligent film maker. While it is not a documentary on any subject, it is most definitely a documentary on the film industry. It is the first documentary to show how artists go from the most popular and most important to the most forgotten and the most hated. There is no single moment in the movie that isn't poignant, yet the film is not heavy-handed. It doesn't try to "make you feel good" or "make you feel better." The focus is on the artists and the creative process that goes into their work. It's an unflinching look at an industry that is "the great unwritten law" for the most part, but is also very abusive. In this case, this is the film. (But, if you're not into art, you'll probably have a hard time following it.) We look at how an artist has to deal with social media, life and death, and dealing with rejection. We see how artists react to the critical acclaim and the recognition that comes with it. And, of course, the artists themselves. And it is hilarious. When we look at the artists, we're actually sitting there in the cinema. There are tons of films like this out there, but this is one of the few films that is actually made by artists. It is a rare thing to see an artist in a film, but here, we see these guys live their lives. We see them get up every day, go to work, go to class, go home. They're not famous. We're not even familiar with their work. But, they do the best they can, and we see them react to their art. This is how we get to see these artists react to the criticism. These are the artists, and we're watching them. It's a very fascinating and fascinating experience. The filmmaker also put in some commentary about how it is difficult to get an artist to open up about this sort of stuff, because they do not like to be "politically correct." That's not to say the documentary is not critical of the arts or film. It is. It is a very personal look at the industry. This is how art should be done, and it's a fantastic film. It's definitely not for everyone. It is a well-made film, but it is not a documentary, and it is not very well-made. There are a few parts that are a bit rough around the edges. (One of them being the very emotional part where they talk about a rape case involving a famous artist.) The biggest problem with the film is that the interviews were done by the artist and they don't give you a lot of background information. It's not like they're sitting there in a gallery and talking about how they met and how they met their artists. It's like they are speaking to you in their studio or a restaurant. It's not a "Greetings from Iowa" type of thing. I think this is a great documentary, but it's not a documentary that everyone will want to see

Larry photo

This is the story of the 1970's punk rock scene. The film is made with great accuracy, as it is from the perspective of the people involved. The documentary is very funny and the interviews with the bands themselves are very interesting. The documentary has a great message. It is not just about punk rock, but it is about a lot of other things as well. For example, it talks about the different feelings of depression and happiness, as well as the importance of music. There is also a great amount of information about the bands themselves. This is a must-see documentary. I can't say enough about how good it is. If you are a fan of punk rock or you are just curious about it, I suggest you watch it.

Brian H. photo
Brian H.

I have watched this film about 3 times, and every time I find something new. The best thing about this film is the ability of the director to bring the audience into the story, without saying a word. I'm not sure how this film was able to be made, but it is done very well. The cast is excellent. I also think that the film is very well done, and I think that it is a great film. It has an amazing music score, and is very well shot. This film is a must see for anyone who is a fan of the rock and roll scene.

Amanda L. photo
Amanda L.

I have to say I wasn't expecting much from this documentary, but I was surprised and thoroughly enjoyed it. There is so much to talk about in this film, but I'm going to cut out the boring bits. The main reason I wanted to see this film is because of Martin Scorsese, and although this film doesn't have anything new to say, it does raise some important points about how music has been defined and how it has been affected by what's happening in our world today. I think what this documentary did was not just inform but educate, not just in the music industry but also in society. It shows the problems and the problems that have affected music, it's very important and to say the least, it's extremely emotional. I think this documentary is the reason why I think this documentary is underrated, not because it was too long, but because it's too emotional. However, if you haven't seen this film yet, I would definitely recommend it. I would definitely recommend this film.

Albert E. photo
Albert E.

I saw the film in London, and it really was a privilege to see it there. I have been to Cannes before, and really enjoyed it, and I would have enjoyed it even more had I known that it was a documentary. I know that it is not easy to get any film in Cannes, but they have come a long way. The film itself was great, and I recommend it. I can only give it an 8, because I know that the film will be better without knowing how it was made. But still, it was an 8.

Stephanie photo

I don't know why this film was so under-rated, its as good as any "classic" b-movie that I have seen. There's a little bit of nudity, a little bit of sex, a little bit of action, but there's very little that is scary. I didn't see any of it coming, because when I read that it was a straight-to-video movie I wasn't expecting that much, but I didn't expect a really good story. I also didn't expect the music to be so good. The guys from the band Boneyard broke the story down to song, and I'm glad they did. If you like art-house movies this one is great. If you like b-movies this one is great. If you like b-movies, go see this one.

Rachel W. photo
Rachel W.

A great film! Excellent music, and excellent interviews with band members, and complete with the notorious "we're going to let the fans decide what we do with the music" quote. Just about everything you'd want in a documentary, with great music and interesting story-telling, and most importantly, a great film!

Jonathan J. photo
Jonathan J.

This is a must see documentary. I'm not sure what people were expecting from a documentary but it's not what they got. The filmmakers did an excellent job of not making it seem like the director was the one who "put the film together". It's more like they were inspired by the music and the band's name and just started shooting. It's not a documentary and it's not a concert. It's a story about a band that has been around for over 30 years and it's their story. If you like the music of the band and you like the band's music, you'll love this film. I don't think anyone could dislike this film.

Christina photo

Many have commented that this movie was too long. I agree. But it's very important to see a movie, not just hear it. This movie is worth seeing. Watch it. See it as many times as you can. Then you'll realize it's not all about music and drugs. The movie is actually about the dark side of the music business and how it's about greed, making money, and not caring about the people you're working with. After you watch it, you'll be able to look at your manager or agent and realize that this is what they're doing.

Sharon photo

A great documentary about some of the greatest musicians of all time, Robert Plant, Joan Jett, Stevie Nicks and Lynyrd Skynyrd. I highly recommend this documentary for all the music lovers out there.

Joe Taylor photo
Joe Taylor

If you have a chance to see this film, it's definitely worth it. It really is a roller coaster. To say that the film has no musical side to it would be an understatement. You don't have to pay attention to the music to get the story. The ending is very sad and true. I can't wait for this to come out on DVD so I can listen to it on the drive to work. This film is absolutely beautiful.

Donna S. photo
Donna S.

I'm a fan of the Rolling Stones, and this documentary is about their life in the early 1970s. They're friends, and the documentary is about the times in their lives that they were together. They talk about how they were an important part of the music scene, and how they were responsible for the success of a lot of bands that have been around since then. The documentary is very interesting, and I was surprised at how good it was. It's about their relationship, and how they were different people in different parts of their lives. I was really surprised that it was this good. It's really well-made, and I really enjoyed it. I recommend it.

Joyce A. photo
Joyce A.

What a movie. I'm surprised this wasn't on the front page of the New York Times. I've seen the same thing happen to "Gangster Squad" which I saw on HBO a few days ago. It's a shame that the public doesn't get to see this film. It's a very important film and one that will be of interest to many. It's a very entertaining film with great acting, story, and a great soundtrack. I recommend it to anyone.