Steam Puffs: Filmed Live Off Broadway

Puffs: Filmed Live Off Broadway

Puffs: Filmed Live Off Broadway is a movie starring Langston Belton, Madeleine Bundy, and Jessie Cannizzaro. For seven years a certain boy wizard went to a certain Wizard School and conquered evil. This, however, is not his story....

Running Time
1 hours 58 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Adventure, Comedy
Kristin McCarthy Parker
Matt Cox
Nick Carrillo, Madeleine Bundy, Jessie Cannizzaro, Langston Belton
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

For seven years a certain boy wizard went to a certain Wizard School and conquered evil. This, however, is not his story. This is the story of the Puffs. . . who just happened to be there too. A tale for anyone who has never been destined to save the world.

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Jose Robinson photo
Jose Robinson

I actually saw this show with my mom, and she loved it. It's the kind of show that's so silly and silly and silly that it's almost funny. The kids love it and it's not just a family movie. It's like a cross between "Old Yeller" and "The Lion King", and there are some great songs. Some of the songs were great, and some were terrible. The kids especially liked the songs. This was a great movie to watch with your kids. It's really good and it's not your typical family movie, and if you're not looking for a family movie, this is the kind of movie you'll like.

Maria Ortiz photo
Maria Ortiz

I wasn't sure what to expect when I first heard about this film. I hadn't heard anything about it, so I went in with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised. This movie is like an off-Broadway musical. There are plenty of songs and some of them are great, some are not. But overall, I really enjoyed this film. The cast was amazing and the cast was excellent, so if you're into this type of film, you should definitely check it out. It's definitely not for everyone, but it's definitely not a film to watch if you're looking for something more serious or dramatic. I really enjoyed the movie and I think it's worth the watch. So go out and check it out and enjoy!

Matthew photo

I haven't seen this movie in a while. I was looking for something to watch with my friends and we were all like "Who is this movie about?" I went on the IMDb's film list and didn't see it listed. I was like "It's called 'Puffs'" and I was like "WHAT!?" I couldn't believe it! This is a great comedy! I love how it's told from the perspective of the puffs! The acting is great! You won't find a better movie to see at a theater! I recommend this movie to anyone who likes comedy!

Rebecca S. photo
Rebecca S.

I had the privilege of watching this film at the Tribeca Film Festival and was delighted to hear the actor and director actually performed their own version of the play on stage. I loved the story and the fact that the actors had to actually perform the dialogue. It is a great time-pass film, and will likely keep you laughing and singing along to the ending. The costumes and props are beautiful and the lighting is amazing. I have been a fan of David Burtka for years and this film was the first time I have seen him actually perform. I highly recommend this film to anyone who loves live theatre and is looking for a light-hearted, laugh-out-loud comedy. It is so much better than the dry and dull comedies out there, and I will be buying it when it comes out on DVD.

Eugene photo

This is a great movie, and I think it is perfect for all ages. It is funny, sexy, and just a blast. If you have seen the TV show "Punchline" you will like this movie. It is not a rip-off, but a funny and sexy spoof on a classic movie. I am not a fan of the "Punchline" series, but I really loved this movie. The cast is great, and it is filled with people who are well known in the "Punchline" world. I would recommend this movie to anyone, and I think anyone would like it. The premise is fun, and the comedy is great. The cast was great, and the movie was filled with some very funny moments. I hope this movie is a success, and I hope everyone enjoys it. It is my favorite movie of the year, and I am so glad I have the chance to see it. I am going to see it again. 9/10

Katherine B. photo
Katherine B.

I loved this movie, and you will too. I think the reviews here are mostly because the actors are "big name" and the movie was "big name" too. I guess they thought this movie would be big name, and they were right. I did see a bunch of people on the street who didn't like it, and I am not surprised. I think the writers of the movie were smart, and wanted to make a funny movie about a bunch of people who got too big for their britches. I really do think that you should see this movie. It is a great movie, and you won't regret it. The way the movie is structured, you will be laughing your head off, and you will be wanting to go and see it again. It is a perfect movie for a rainy day, and you should see it. Go see it!

Christina A. photo
Christina A.

This is a new little gem. I don't know if I've ever seen a movie where the cast and crew couldn't be more different. The cast is a riot, and there's enough depth and heart in the script to keep the audience's interest. The cast also includes a funny woman who knows more than she lets on, a charismatic homeless man, and a guy who just wants to have fun. Not to mention the very real tragedy that the family has to go through. It's a story that shows the struggle of every person in the world. While the idea may be a bit silly, I think it's a very funny movie. There are some great one-liners, and the most important thing is the simple truth that we all go through and that we have to deal with in our own way. It's also a very touching film. I don't think there's a single moment in the film that didn't make me laugh. It's a great movie. 10/10