Steam Starfish


Starfish is a movie starring Virginia Gardner, Christina Masterson, and Eric Beecroft. A unique, intimate portrayal of a girl grieving for the loss of her best friend, which just so happens to take place on the day the world ends.

Other Titles
Starfish - Vozes e segredos
Running Time
1 hours 39 minutes
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Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi
A.T. White
A.T. White
Eric Beecroft, Natalie Mitchell, Virginia Gardner, Christina Masterson
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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A unique, intimate portrayal of a girl grieving for the loss of her best friend, which just so happens to take place on the day the world ends.

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Doris Gibson photo
Doris Gibson

As I saw it, this movie was a great remake of a great movie. I really liked it and thought the plot was great. I also loved how much it was like Alien in a good way. But it was also good that the characters were able to go through a lot of stuff. And I thought that it had a good story line. It was a good remake of a really good movie.

Karen O. photo
Karen O.

I really enjoyed this movie, in a way I haven't seen since I saw CHILDREN OF THE CORN. I was surprised at how well the film incorporated aspects of the Frankenstein mythology, the most telling aspect being the linking of the Martians and the "Kraken" in the opening scene. This film does a fantastic job of bringing to life a concept that's been written about for some time, and does it with flair. In fact, most of the films I've seen that have brought this to life have only created a shallow bit of mythology, rather than using the mythology to fill in the gaps of the movie. This film does it in spades. The acting is solid, and the editing is top-notch. The direction of the film is first-rate, and the pacing is just right. The most surprising element of this film was that it held my attention the entire time. While the film contains some light-hearted moments, it's really just an evening at the theater. Overall, I'm not sure if this film is truly great or just "it". Some people may find it boring and boring, while others will find it a solid sci-fi flick. I'm personally unsure of that. If you're a sci-fi fan and you're in the mood for something that is in your face and uses your brain to keep you occupied, this film is for you. It's something I'd love to own on DVD.

Martha Williams photo
Martha Williams

Although I had the displeasure of seeing it at the local cinema, this is the best we've got of Denis Villeneuve's directorial debut, that is in my opinion. The story is about a scientist, Dr. LaBerge (Brendan Gleeson), who is traveling to Antarctica to do research. Along the way, he meets the mutated character Anna (Lauren Lewis), and decides to go back to Antarctica to figure out how to stop her. This film has a lot going for it, it's got a fantastic cast of recognizable faces, it's got the acting chops of its stars, it's got a mindblowing plot, and it's got some of the best cinematography I've ever seen. The cinematography is on par with Arrival, which I must say is something I've never expected from a film that's supposedly one of the biggest box office hits in the past couple of years. The locations, costumes, and makeup are all very well-done, and if you can get past the questionable acting and not being able to see it's budget, I promise you'll see a lot more in this one than you ever thought possible. I can see why this film has a 7.5 rating from the IMDb users. A lot of these users seem to be vocal on the fact that they thought it was awful, I mean come on! If it's that bad, who's to blame? It's not the acting, it's not the script, it's not the script's lack of continuity or continuity in the original idea, it's not the script's visual effects, it's not the script's plot, and it's not the script's inconsistency, it's not the script's plot's inconsistency. I've seen some bad scripts, but that's not the case with this one. It's not even the script's inconsistency. The only inconsistency that this film has is that it's impossible to follow. It's so easy to see how many loose ends this film has, but it's even harder to say that there's actually a plot. For example, when LaBerge goes to the crashed ship and first meets Anna, it's so blatantly obvious that it's a long setup. If you actually paid attention to the way it was laid out, you'd have figured it out in seconds. The scene between Anna and LaBerge is one of the most convoluted in the movie. It's as if they knew there wasn't going to be any good reason for LaBerge to be there, but they wanted to get LaBerge back to Earth. The only reason why the main character would have wanted to be there is because he knew Anna was there, and because of his obligation to the research project. The only way he could have explained his situation was to tell LaBerge that she was on the ship with him and was a kind of "proxy

Louis Wright photo
Louis Wright

This movie was truly great. From the way it plays out, to the way it's presented. I had no idea how powerful this film was going to be when I went in, and really appreciated the beauty and intensity of it. The first half of the movie was absolutely fantastic, and the second half was just as powerful. A solid movie, definitely worth seeing. Definitely worth recommending to your friends. I'll have to say it's one of the best movies I've seen this year. The writing and acting was just perfect. Every single person in the movie made it seem real. There wasn't a single character I didn't care for. The characters were all played out beautifully, and I loved every moment of it. I think this movie had a really unique and amazing look and feel to it, and really showed off a lot of the best aspects of modern day cinema. I really liked the overall direction that the movie took, and it was very different than most movies. I really like how this movie's plot was handled, and how it was very well written. I really like how every actor's performance in this movie was perfect. They all had different types of characteristics that they brought to their characters, and really made them all very unique and great. I also really liked how every single line in the movie was really well written. The dialogue was really effective, and really added to the story. The story was really well written, and the best part of it was the way it was written. This was truly a masterpiece. The story was really well thought out, and it was very well crafted, and really made the movie very engaging and fun to watch. This is definitely a movie I'm definitely going to be seeing again, and really hope to see more movies from the writer/director. This movie really did have an amazing look and feel to it, and I really loved it. It's one of the most unique movies I've ever seen, and I really think the style of the movie was one of the best aspects of it. It was beautifully written, and I really enjoyed the look and feel of it. This was a great movie, and I really liked it. I highly recommend this movie to anyone, and I think it's definitely worth the time to see.

Diane L. photo
Diane L.

I'm not going to make a long-winded review, but i thought the film was good, and that it was a little slow in spots, but this is not a zombie movie. I know people who have watched it, and loved it. I've had it on DVD for years, and it has never left the player. So my comments, since it's only been a couple of days and I still have it. Now the film starts off with a young man walking through his parents house. The son claims that it's their house, and that they know they can't get out. They invite him in. At the end he's inside with them. They take him to a lab, where the lab techs are looking for this alien, which they believe is a bad guy. I don't want to spoil anything, but I was a bit confused, at first. But once the alien is brought in, I realized that it was the weirdest movie i've ever seen. The film was really good. I will give a little synopsis of the story. A group of people go to a graveyard, for some reason, and there they meet a boy who has just died. He claims he's been watching the dead, and he wants to make sure the boy is alright. The boy's mom goes to the grave, and finds out that his son has died of a heart attack. The mom decides to search for her son, who she assumes is dead, and they get lost in the woods. There's a bunch of weird stuff that happens. The dead who are watching them, think that the kid is dead, and the kid calls them "murderers" and that they should all die, so they do. Some of them do die. And then. The story ends. I haven't read the book, but i heard that they did a good job with it. I would recommend it to people who like a slow-burn movie, and someone who is a bit confused at the beginning.

James W. photo
James W.

I have to say I was impressed by this movie. I have been interested in the horrors of cyborgs since I was a child. While there are some serious elements to the movie, it is far from being what you might expect from a horror movie. The ending is very interesting and emotional, and I was pleasantly surprised. The acting was very good, especially for the first time. I was really touched by the development of the characters. The movie was also very well made and shot. All in all, I was very impressed with this movie. It was different, and if you're a horror movie fan, you should definitely see this movie.

Christopher Hall photo
Christopher Hall

I actually enjoyed this film more than I did the first two, but still love the first one. I guess it's not fair to compare it to the first two since this is just a different film. It's an interesting take on an alien that tries to kill us. The first half of the movie was pretty boring and I really wanted to get back into the story. However, I think the film got better in the second half. The aliens look like some kind of giant kiddie bloodsucker but I think they were cool. The aliens were really creepy looking but the only reason I watched this was because I liked the second film. I'm a fan of most alien movies and this is a great film. I give it an 8/10.

Phillip Bowman photo
Phillip Bowman

Filled with tension, purpose, and strangeness, 'The Human Centipede' is one of the best films in the horror genre. Basically, it's about a man who lives in a cage which is equipped with a feeding system for small insects. One day, he develops the ability to use these tiny machines as weapons to control people. The film is filled with atmosphere. The atmosphere is that of a bizarre, grotesque, but also intelligent sci-fi thriller. For example, during a scene where the man eats his mother's fetus, the man begins to twitch and move his hand. There are many moments where I had the urge to get out of the theater, but I couldn't because the film made me feel uneasy and worried about the world. Overall, this film is truly a masterpiece. It's very hard to find, but if you're lucky, it might be able to appear on your local video store shelves soon.

Gary Hall photo
Gary Hall

I am not a huge horror fan, I watch a lot of horror, however I have to say that this is my favorite film. The fact that there is no twist is very clever, and the fact that you will believe there is a twist is another interesting note to me. The only thing I could say is that the film was slow, I wouldn't have expected to get the story until the end. All in all I thought the film was well worth the watch, I can't wait to see it again and will buy the DVD for the long run.

Christian Little photo
Christian Little

The first time I saw this movie I found it rather dull but since then I've seen it a few times and it still holds up well. It's well-crafted, tense and surprisingly fun. It's about a group of people stranded on an Antarctic ice shelf. They are picked off one by one by some mysterious killer. It's a good way to spend an afternoon. I really like this movie.

Willie L. photo
Willie L.

A lot of people have said that this movie is very realistic and doesn't exaggerate. To me, it is very realistic because I have been a mother, and I am not exaggerating. When I was a teenager, I was at home with my mother, who was in her 60's, and I was being raised by my father, who was being raised by his mother. He was not very good, and he always seemed to get angry at times, and he never wanted me to do anything. He always had his moods, and he always acted out of the norm. I do not think that he was crazy, because he always seemed to be doing the right thing. This movie has a lot of good things, but it also has some bad things, like the plot and the acting, but that is just my opinion. This movie is not a horror movie, it is a drama, which is a very good genre, and it is not meant to be a horror movie. It is a movie, that will appeal to people who love good movies, and will have you on the edge of your seat. It is a very scary movie, and it has some good things in it, like the plot and the acting, but that is just my opinion.

Brenda R. photo
Brenda R.

I think most people have not seen this movie. It was one of my favorites when I was a kid and I saw it a number of times over the years, never getting tired of it. So I went on Amazon to see what other people thought about it. Most of the comments I read seemed negative and thought it was a waste of time. I thought it was really worth seeing. It is a horror movie. I have seen many other horror movies that are comparable to this one. I can not think of any other movie I have seen that is comparable to this one in the horror genre. I would like to add that I have never read the novel, so I don't know how accurate it is, but I'm pretty sure it is not the same story. The storyline is based on a novel. I have read it a number of times and it is well-written. The movie has a good balance between comedy and horror. It is not offensive in any way. I am not religious, but I think this is a movie that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Raymond Riley photo
Raymond Riley

Okay, I admit I was a little skeptical about the film because I'm used to the same old monsters that appear in the summer blockbuster (including many of the monsters from Resident Evil and the The Ring films) and The Mist. But I thought that The Girl on the Train would not be as bad. It turned out to be quite a good film. It starts out with a lot of hype and as soon as the film is over, the hype is replaced by a feeling of genuine dread. I'm not going to say that I thought it was going to be another Resident Evil or The Mist, but it is a movie that has a unique twist on the horror genre. It isn't a "horror" film, but more of a psychological horror. It's something different. The acting is great, and the storyline is gripping and actually makes sense. The ending is also one of the most satisfying endings I've seen in a horror film. I loved the look of the movie and the sound design, but the film is even more gripping when you are actually paying attention to it. I give The Girl on the Train a 9 out of 10 because it really is a great film.

John photo

I can't really give you any spoilers. If you haven't seen it yet, then you should go and see it. You might not like it. Or you might like it. But then again, you might not like it and that's the beauty of movies. So, go see it!

Evelyn P. photo
Evelyn P.

I must say that when I first heard about this movie, I thought it would be some kind of mindless alien invasion flick. Instead it was a story about aliens in the 1950's. The movie is a homage to all kinds of sci-fi movies from the 30's to the 80's, and it does it well. It's not the most exciting movie in the world, but if you want to be scared, this is a good movie. I did not like the ending, but that was just my opinion. It is not the best movie I've seen, but it's definitely not the worst. It's definitely worth a look.

Lauren photo

The death and rebirth of the SS Death Squad. My favorite part of this movie was when they tried to find a body. And then they found it. It was awesome. The plot is a bit ridiculous but the film is still entertaining. If you like zombies, then check it out. I give it a 9/10.

George photo

I am surprised that this is not more recognized. Most of the people who are giving it a 1 star are either from the Generation X-ers or Generation Z, and if they are they are judging based on the films they've seen. This is a very unique film in that there is no one for the older crowd. The acting is also pretty good. There are some genuinely frightening moments and some good scares. The ending is rather unexpected, but worth the watch.

Arthur Graham photo
Arthur Graham

This movie is one of the most underrated in the horror genre, and I'm not talking about the low-budget horror flick "Alien" here. If you haven't seen this movie, I strongly recommend that you do. It's a truly great movie with some of the most creative and eerie ideas I've ever seen in a movie. I loved how there was no focus on characters, it was all about the creepy atmosphere and the ideas. The atmosphere is one of the most effective things in the film. The most intense scenes were set in the underwater city of the dead, and those are some of the most visually beautiful scenes in a movie. As for the characters, the majority of the characters are just people wandering around and doing nothing. Most of them are just passing by, or talking, but they do seem to have an overall purpose to their lives. They have an overall purpose to exist in the film, and they are the only things that make the film worth watching. The movie is also an example of something that was common in the 80's, and most of the 80's movies: the ending. I love movies that leave you with a sense of satisfaction, and I think the ending of this movie does just that. I highly recommend this movie. It is a great horror film that is worth seeing, and I think it's a movie that any horror fan should see. I give this movie an 8/10.

Christian Jacobs photo
Christian Jacobs

After reading many of the reviews here I can say that I would not call this a "haunted house" movie. I did think the acting was good and I like the idea of the audience becoming part of the events. But the ending was a bit too predictable. I do not recommend it.

Tiffany photo

I will be blunt. This movie is so freaking good that it might be the best movie of the year. There are so many aspects of the film that are so under-appreciated. The story, the acting, the directing, the cinematography, the score, the costume design, the creature design, the music, the production values, the CGI, the storyline, and more. It's truly an amazing film. I honestly cannot praise this movie enough. There are two reasons that this movie got a low score. One, the film doesn't work in a linear fashion. This movie is a little bit of a mix of a short story and a documentary, which doesn't work well. The second reason that this movie is getting a low score is that it's not really an action movie. Sure, it has a lot of action in it, but the action is not that memorable. That said, this movie is great. It's entertaining, it has some tension, it has some awesome action, it has a little bit of horror, it has some great characters, and it has some awesome dialogue. The characters in this movie are great. The actors are great. The dialogue is great. The tone is great. It's just a great movie. I highly recommend it. This movie is simply one of the best I've seen in a long time.