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Straight Up is a movie starring Katie Findlay, James Scully, and Randall Park. Todd and Rory are intellectual soul mates. He might be gay. She might not care. A romantic-comedy drama with a twist; a love story without the thrill of...

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1 hours 35 minutes
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Comedy, Romance
James Sweeney
James Sweeney
James Scully, Randall Park, Betsy Brandt, Katie Findlay
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Todd and Rory are intellectual soul mates. He might be gay. She might not care. A romantic-comedy drama with a twist; a love story without the thrill of copulation.

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Dylan photo

I like this film because it's so well written and has so many great actors. I also like it because it's so good at being both fun and serious. It's a bit of a cross between a romantic comedy and a romantic drama. It's not too long and it's a lot of fun. I like it because it's a great time waster. It's got great performances from the lead actors and a great supporting cast. I also like it because it has a great storyline. It's a little bit of a romantic comedy and it has a good plot. I love this film and it's my favorite romantic comedy. It's a very good movie that I recommend.

Christian photo

I just saw this movie and was surprised at how much I liked it. I am not a fan of the TV show and I was glad that I saw this movie before I had to see the show. I thought it was a good way to see what happens when you have a crush on someone. The movie was about a guy who wants to be friends with a girl who has just broken up with her boyfriend. He goes to the same school and he meets her and falls in love with her. The movie was funny and enjoyable and I thought it was a very good movie. I recommend this movie to people who like romantic comedies. I think people who like this movie should watch the show. This movie was good, I would have given it a higher rating but I am not a fan of the show and I have not seen it. I have heard that there are a lot of spoilers in this movie so I would suggest you see this movie before you see the show. I would recommend this movie to people who like romance comedies.

Judith R. photo
Judith R.

This is a great movie! It's a classic teen movie that will stay with you for a very long time. Also, it has a solid storyline, and a good cast, so it is a must-see. The acting is fantastic. The acting is well above average for a movie of this type. The characters are great. There are wonderful cameos. The cinematography and the sound are excellent. I recommend this film to anyone who wants a good comedy. It is definitely a must-see movie.

Barbara Obrien photo
Barbara Obrien

I've been waiting for a movie to come along that I could say "I loved this movie" but it's never been made. I know I will say that, because it's something that I can't stand. It's one of those movies that has a big cast, good story, but no direction. I can't stand movies that don't have a direction, because it makes the movie look like it's trying to be something else. The reason why I love this movie is because it's a true classic. It's the type of movie that will make you laugh, it'll make you cry, it'll make you say, "I really love this movie!" It's a movie that you can watch with your family, and you can laugh, and it'll make you cry, but it's a movie that you can stand on your own two feet and say "I really love this movie!"

Gary W. photo
Gary W.

This movie could easily be a four star movie if not for the relative incoherence of the plot, the conclusiveness of the sex scenes, and the lack of subtlety. Its OK, but I can't believe this movie has had such a high rating. I think the guy behind it, whether it was Mark Wahlberg, Leonardo DiCaprio, or Jamie Foxx, is a a weirdo, and that the movie needs more diversity of perspective.

Nicole G. photo
Nicole G.

I thought this movie was a lot of fun. I was expecting it to be corny and predictable, but I was surprised at how many funny parts it had. It was well acted, with a good sense of humor, and it kept me laughing the whole time. I also really liked the cast, especially the leads. The story is about a young man who finds out that his best friend has been cheating on him with another guy, and he is trying to figure out how to deal with the situation. The story is good, but the comedy is very good. It's a very smart, well written movie, and it's well directed. I recommend it to anyone who likes romantic comedies, or just a good laugh.

Nicholas Wagner photo
Nicholas Wagner

A man, Michael, is a driver for a large company. His boss' wife, Lori, is spending a lot of time in the pool, which has turned into a drinking establishment for her. Lori gets a job at a larger company, where she meets other women and does not like the company. She meets a man, Billy, and he is a co-worker, John. It is an odd couple, because one of them likes the company and the other one doesn't. He puts the brakes on on Billy and says he wants to continue to work for the company. Billy is a bit sad that Lori is living a life without him, but after a bit of coaxing, he goes along. The end of the movie is where Lori realizes that the company has changed, and wants her to leave. When she realizes that he will probably not be willing to leave, she leaves and takes the car and leaves without Billy. Billy is a little upset that Lori is leaving, but he realizes that his wife is doing the same thing. Lori never told him about her life with Billy. He sees the big world they are going to and he wants her to go with him. When Lori goes to Texas, she realizes that the old ways of living are changing and will go away. The movie was an enjoyable movie. I will give it a 8 out of 10.

Angela photo

How do you fit a director, musical, screenplay, musical, etc. for a single movie? In this case, you have to take all of these elements and make a movie with them all blended into one. What is the story? It's about two people in New York City. One is a young woman, whose boyfriend is cheating on her. She is trying to make herself happy, and as the title says, she gets mixed up with a local who runs a strip club. She gets to know the person, and after some initial awkwardness and feelings, they start to get closer. The movie starts out as a break up, then evolves into a love story, before all of the other elements come together to create a successful movie. The music is what made this movie, because of its feel, but also because of the score it created. The actors are great, but I think the director, producer, and writing were also great. I really enjoyed this movie and hope you do as well.

Hannah photo

I went into this movie expecting a simple comedy, which I thought would be a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun. It had a good plot, the acting was great, and the script was well written. The only thing that really bothered me was that the writers had to add an extra character to the movie to make it a little more "intelligent" and "deep". What were they thinking?

Louis photo

This is a very funny movie. The plot is easy to follow and the humor is pretty good. The actors are all good, but the one who really stands out is Ben Stiller. He is always funny and this is his best performance. There are some really funny lines and he is really good at playing a really dumb guy. I think that he is better at playing dumb than most of the other actors. Overall I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

Janet photo

Brett is a female stereotype in a male's body - she looks and acts like a man but acts like a woman and that's not a good thing. So she ends up escaping her status and heading for the country house of an old friend, her doctor. Her new friends are a couple of guys with muscles - all of them together. Eventually Brett's friend tries to impress Brett by being more masculine and not sounding like a man at all. Brett meets the handsome Jason (and his boyfriend), the "feminine" son of her friend who is played by a guy with a very feminine voice and voice of a woman. A middle age male next door starts getting really jealous. He has a crush on the best friend. Brett finally has enough of the moody Jason and the other guy tries to force him to relax. Brett's doctor shows her how to say the "f-word" properly, like a man would. She finally kicks the whole thing off. You see Brett is just like a real woman. Not that we should all think of ourselves as women all the time. We can still be a great person. But, we need to learn to accept who we are and move forward. You can never expect to become perfect.

Howard P. photo
Howard P.

This is a light comedy movie which I thought was entertaining and enjoyable. It was funny and enjoyable. I laughed a lot. It was a little predictable but it was entertaining. I enjoyed the acting of the main character and I thought he was funny. I thought he was believable and I think it was a good character. The jokes were good and it was a lot of fun to watch it. I think it was a good movie to watch with your friends. It was not too bad. I would recommend it to anyone who likes comedies. It was entertaining and enjoyable.

Joshua L. photo
Joshua L.

This movie was surprisingly good. It is very funny and has great chemistry between all the actors. It is just a typical teen movie and there are a lot of things that we would not expect from a teen movie. There is a lot of sex, drugs, and nudity. The movie has a very good message about how important it is to keep your promises. It is not the best movie but I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fun movie.