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The Irishman

The Irishman is a movie starring Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci. An aging hitman recalls his time with the mob and the intersecting events with his friend, Jimmy Hoffa, through the 1950-70s.

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Airishuman, Airis, アイリッシュマン, 愛爾蘭人, Az ír, I Heard You Paint Houses, O Irlandês, El irlandés, Ír, İrlandalı, Irlandczyk, Ha'Irri, Irčan, Ирац, Ο Ιρλανδός, Irac, Irec, O Irlandós, 爱尔兰人, Người Đàn Ông Ireland
Running Time
3 hours 29 minutes
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Drama, Biography, Crime
Martin Scorsese
Charles Brandt, Steven Zaillian
Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Harvey Keitel
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In the 1950s, truck driver Frank Sheeran gets involved with Russell Bufalino and his Pennsylvania crime family. As Sheeran climbs the ranks to become a top hit man, he also goes to work for Jimmy Hoffa -- a powerful Teamster tied to organized crime.

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Patricia photo

I had high expectations for this movie. I had seen the previews and thought it looked promising. I wasn't disappointed. I felt the movie was a bit slow at times but I found it very entertaining. It's a good movie for anyone who likes to think about the issues that the movie is trying to address. I thought it was a good movie and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good movie. I don't think I would want to see this movie again, but I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the subject matter.

Benjamin B. photo
Benjamin B.

I can't understand why some people hate this film so much. It is an intelligent and well-acted film with some really good performances. I have never seen a film like it. It is a film that you will not be able to turn off. It is not a film you can watch again and again and again. It is a film that you have to watch again and again and again. I was very impressed with this film. I think it is a great film and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Gary Wright photo
Gary Wright

I just got back from watching 'The Irishman' which I had heard was awful but watched anyway. I'm very glad I did. It was an incredible portrayal of the book that a lot of people probably don't know about. It is a very dark film but it is so well put together and I was so emotionally invested in the characters and the story. I really liked the relationship between the character of Danny (Alan Rickman) and his dad. It was so well done. Also the story was very realistic and you feel a great connection with the characters. The movie has a really great ending which really touched my heart and made me want to see this movie again. The performances are very good and all the cast do a great job. I think that Alan Rickman is an incredible actor and I hope he does more of these types of films in the future. I think that all of the actors did a wonderful job. I give this movie an 8.5 out of 10. It is not a perfect movie but I think that it is really great.

Madison Hansen photo
Madison Hansen

This film is a great dramatisation of the early career of John Singleton, who was a mystery writer of mystery novels in the 1940s. John's literary work can be viewed as a version of the classic detective stories of Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Barrie, both of whom were Irishmen who came from very poor families, had a knack for languages and were highly intelligent. The films isn't a big Hollywood film, it's a small low budget film and it is the most personal film I have ever seen about the mystery writer of mystery novels. This film is great for people who don't like the type of films made nowadays. It doesn't have the normal explosions and action that is now used in these types of films. I do feel this is a better film than some of the films made today, it's a really honest and beautiful film about a very difficult time in the life of a writer. I think the only problem with this film is that the mystery is not particularly interesting, but then again it doesn't have to be. The acting is superb, everyone in the cast does a brilliant job. Ian McShane is excellent, but I felt the only actor who wasn't really on top form was Timothy Spall. Overall, I think this is a great film and I highly recommend it to people who like detective films.

Margaret Riley photo
Margaret Riley

In the same way that Brian DePalma's work on "The Untouchables" was a tribute to the actors, and "The Godfather" a tribute to the filmmakers, Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Irishman" is a tribute to the genre, and, more specifically, to the Irish film-making industry. This is the story of the making of "The Irishman," the lead character of which is played by the versatile Brendan Gleeson. I would recommend "The Irishman" to anyone who enjoys a good story about the making of a film, or who is interested in Irish cinema in general. I also recommend it to those who like their films with a little bit of humor. Gleeson is great in this film, and his performance is quite impressive. I think his performance is a big reason why the film works. His character is a rather simple one, and I found myself wondering whether he was truly Irish, or whether he was just pretending to be. He is also the kind of character who would rather be working on a film than be with his wife, and when his wife has to move away, he can't help but look forward to seeing her again. I thought this was a clever and touching scene. If you like the idea of a film about Irish cinema, this film will be a good one to see.

Bryan photo

This film is a very, very good drama. I liked the character of the Irishman, and I liked the way the film was shot. The film is very well done and I think this is one of the best Irish films ever made. The performances are very good and the direction is very good. I like how they portray the Irish character. I think this film is a very good film and I would recommend it to anyone.

Janice photo

This is a well-rounded film about a fictional story, but the story has no relevance whatsoever. There are very few plot elements in the film, except the most important one. The film is much more about the protagonist's life than the plot. The plot is the way in which the story is told. The Irishman is a tragic and tragic story, but it is told in a very realistic and realistic way. The filmmaker focuses on the protagonist's life and his hopes and dreams. He is the most important person in the film, but he does not tell the story in any way. I have read comments about the way the director portrays the actors' faces, but I disagree with them. In this film, the actors did not act as if they were actors. There is no artificiality to the acting. The actors are just being themselves. The director focused on their lives and the way they behave, and not the faces. I would like to see some more films about this subject matter.

Shirley photo

I saw this movie and thought it was very interesting, a nice movie to see and I will be looking for other movies in the same genre. I am a big fan of Billy Bob Thorton and I thought this movie was very well made, I think it will be one of the best movies of the year. The story was very well told and very interesting. I was surprised by how much the characters were developed in the film. I thought that most of the characters were very well done and I think that this film should have a lot of Oscars. The ending of the movie was good and it made the movie very interesting. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Edward photo

The Irishman is an amazing movie. It is an extremely well made film, with very good acting, a great story, and a great plot. The story is very interesting and has a very good ending. The Irishman is an amazing movie, and I highly recommend it. It is a great movie that will have you on the edge of your seat the whole time you watch it.

Brenda R. photo
Brenda R.

At last, a little movie which is a combination of good and bad. The good part is that it is done very well. The bad part is the fact that you can see more than a few obvious "plot holes". But what you can't see is that the screenwriters did all the preparation beforehand and what they show is part of the final act. They just didn't show it until the end. A shame really. Even with that, the movie is entertaining. No matter how you look at it, it's a really good movie. Not a masterpiece of course, but a really good movie. One of the better American movies I've seen in recent years. 8 out of 10.

Evelyn H. photo
Evelyn H.

I enjoyed this film, and I think the acting was good. I don't think it was the best or even the best picture I have seen, but it was enjoyable. It was one of the best movies I have seen in awhile. I would recommend it to anybody who likes films about the underworld. I would like to see it again and see how the stories fit together. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good film.

Daniel Davis photo
Daniel Davis

I really enjoyed the film because it had a real heart and soul. The story is about a lonely man who is an alcoholic who lives in a broken down trailer park with his wife and little son. It is a very raw look at the man's life. In the beginning, the man is just a drunk and a loser. But he learns to love again, and be happy again. The camera never leaves his eyes. It is a real eye for an eye. It is very very sad but at the same time, very very beautiful. This is a real eye for an eye movie. It is also a great story about family and love. I really enjoyed this film.

Shirley S. photo
Shirley S.

The Irishman is one of the best movies I have seen in my life.I think that it deserves to be a classic in the same way that The Shawshank Redemption deserves to be.I am still a bit sad when I see that the movie is not in the top 250 list.This movie has everything that a great movie should have.It is well made,charismatic and interesting.I think that it is a must see for all people who want to know more about the history of the Irish.I think that this movie will be seen and loved by all generations.I hope that it will be the success that it deserves.I give the Irishman a 10 out of 10.You must see this movie,you will not regret it.

Roy photo

This is a very nice film, very good acting, nice story and even though it's a very long film, it is well paced and interesting. I think that the story is well written, the characters are well played and the acting is very good. I think the main problem of this film is that it is a bit too long. I would have liked to have seen more of the story, but it is still very good. The acting is very good and the story is very good. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who likes movies with good story, good acting and a good story.

Stephen photo

I just watched this movie on DVD and I must say that I enjoyed it a lot. I have to admit that I had a few problems with the plot and the acting was not that great, but I still enjoyed it. The movie is about a Irishman, who is in prison for murder, and he is also in a relationship with a woman. The movie starts out with him telling his wife that he will leave her and go to prison. Then he tells her that he has a gun and he will kill her. The movie then shows the events that led to his escape from prison. I thought that the movie was very realistic and that it was very interesting. The movie is very suspenseful. I think that the acting was good and the story was very good. I also liked the way that the movie showed the different types of Irish people. I think that this movie is worth watching.

Cynthia G. photo
Cynthia G.

The film is about the rise and fall of the infamous Irish gangster John Galsworthy (played by the great actor Brendan Gleeson). The film starts out as a biography of John Galsworthy, and then quickly switches to the time of the gangster's rise and fall. The film is a very good depiction of gangster life in the early 1980s, and it is very interesting to see the gangster's rise and fall. The film is very well made, and it is very well acted. The film is very well done, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes gangster films.

Patrick Powell photo
Patrick Powell

I'm very surprised how negative people's reviews are. I saw the film and was completely captivated by it. I thought it was really well done. The acting was very realistic. The film made me cry. It also made me laugh. I think the story was very well done. I really like the way the story was told. The actors were very well chosen and they were perfect for the roles they were given. The story is a little bit like what really happened in the history of Ireland. The story is told in a very realistic way and the actors did a wonderful job. I have never been so moved by a film. The film makes you think and makes you feel. I would highly recommend this film to anyone.

Jennifer S. photo
Jennifer S.

I think it was worth the wait. The acting is very good. It is a very good film, especially if you like to see the Irish on screen. The plot is not very complex but the actors do a good job of making the story very interesting. The film is a great movie to see, and it is a great movie to have around.

Emily photo

I am a fan of Irish Films and this film is one of my favorites.The actors are all good and the characters are very believable.I highly recommend this film to all Irish Film fans and anyone else who likes a good film.

Amber photo

This movie is very good. It has some parts which are very disturbing. The lead actor was superb. The mother was very funny. The young boy was wonderful. The German boy was funny and cute. The mother's costume is fabulous. I thought it was pretty touching. I would definitely recommend this movie. It's a great movie for all of the family. It is not for children under 12. It is definitely worth seeing.

Donna Alvarado photo
Donna Alvarado

I saw this film at the Tribeca Film Festival and it was a tremendous experience. I love the film, it's a beautiful, warm and inviting film about the two-part story of a family, a love story, and a real-life journey of a man's search for a son. I would say the film is about as accurate as the story of the missing son, and it doesn't take any license with the facts, or anything else. The performances are great, the directing is great, and the film really captures the true feel of the times. I don't know what else to say except to say that it's a beautiful film that you'll want to watch over and over again.

Marie M. photo
Marie M.

In a previous review I said that this film was not the greatest movie I've ever seen, but I still had great respect for it. This film was one of the better films I've ever seen, and I thought it was also very realistic. The acting was pretty good, and the storyline was entertaining. I was surprised how well it was written, and it kept me involved in the film. I thought it was pretty well done. I think it was a good movie for anyone to watch. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a good film to watch.

Kathy photo

There are a few movies that are so good they are almost impossible to top. The Irishman is one of them. I can't think of a movie that's so good that it's difficult to top. The movie is about a man who is jailed for killing a man, a young Irish immigrant who was trying to get to America. The Irishman is given a chance to go free but he has to stay in jail until he is ready to go free. The movie is an extremely interesting one and it is difficult to find a better movie about the Irish immigration to America. It's not a simple story, it's very complex and it's full of drama. I give it an 8/10.

Anthony M. photo
Anthony M.

Michael Caine and Brendan Fraser have become the new choice of characters in screen versions of the plot of Sir Arthur Miller's 'The Crucible'. The movie is a witty, sometimes hilarious movie about the life of one of the greatest judges in British history, Judge Anthony Boudinot. Boudinot is one of the most important figures in British history, a jurist, a novelist, a poet, a comic and even an atheist. The movie is a biopic about Judge Boudinot and his rise to the top of the British legal system. The movie is based on Miller's short story 'The Crucible'. It tells the story of Judge Boudinot, the judge who 'redefined' British justice. It is a movie about British judges who are quite an uncommon sight. It tells of how an ordinary man's life is transformed by the course of events, and how justice is changed. It is a movie about a man who is admired, and hated, by many. The movie is very colorful, and all the actors are very convincing in their roles. They all make the movie very realistic, and the viewer is never completely sure of what is happening. The movie is one of those movies which you can't take your eyes off of. It is fun, and interesting, and it's a well-written and well-directed movie. It is a good movie, and it is worth watching.

Janet photo

i have never seen a movie which has been so emotionally affecting and so full of sorrow and sorrow and sorrow. the movie was not just a biopic, it was a true story, a real story. the actors were excellent. the direction was flawless. the movie was moving and very entertaining. i would recommend this movie to anyone, no matter how old you are. i have watched this movie over 30 times and i am not sure i will ever tire of watching it. i highly recommend it. i would rate this movie a 10, but there are some things i could change. 1. i would have made the movie a bit shorter. it was like 2 hours. 2. i would have made the movie longer. but i would have left some out. i don't think anyone could watch this movie and not cry. the cinematography was brilliant. 3. i would have left some out. i am not sure if i should. the only thing i can think of is to have more death scenes. i can't help it. i just can't help it. i think everyone can relate to this movie. it has an impact on everyone. i can't help but cry when i watch it. i don't think i can say it any better. this movie is absolutely beautiful. i have no idea how this movie has not been nominated for any Oscars. this movie should have been nominated for something.

Brenda photo

This is one of the best films of the year. The story was very well developed and the casting was perfect. Leonardo DiCaprio gave a great performance as the Irishman, he did a great job and I hope he continues to do these kind of movies. I do not know what the critics say about the film. I have not seen any of the critics reviews of this movie so I can not comment on the criticism. I highly recommend this film to anyone who is interested in watching a great movie. I will probably go out of my way to see this film in the theater again. The score of this movie is great, the music is very well written and the story is great. I am not a fan of films that have a very short runtime like this one does. I would rate this film 9 out of 10. I can't wait to see this movie again!

Frank B. photo
Frank B.

What I didn't like about this film was how the protagonist (Liam Neeson) was depicted as the same person who had escaped from prison when he was younger. I found it very irritating. That being said, I'm also not a fan of the way the plot was handled. The main conflict is between his mother (Vivica A. Fox) and the local police (Billy Bob Thornton and William Fichtner) and that is all it really needs to be. There is no real conflict between him and his father (George Clooney) and the only thing that is at stake is his desire to avoid being locked up. He doesn't really seem to care about the problems of the community and it's just not believable that he would want to escape from prison and that he would have such a bad attitude. I'm sure there are other issues with the movie, but I just didn't like the way it was handled. So, in conclusion, it's not as good as I hoped it would be, but it's still a pretty good movie.

Mark T. photo
Mark T.

I have just watched the film in England on Netflix and was utterly shocked at how much I loved it. The actors all perform amazingly well and the scenes in the train, the car and the hall are beautifully photographed. The production values and the level of detail of the film is also outstanding. The film contains no sex and a minimal amount of violence but it still has enough to keep your attention throughout the film. It is about people who want to be ordinary people but have been bullied into living their lives the same way everyone else does. The main character is a homosexual man who is trying to be normal but is in pain due to his past and the situation he finds himself in. I am not gay myself and I have never been bullied but I felt that this film was very real to my life. The only reason I don't give it a ten is because I don't think the film was very subtle about its message. I have read the book and I feel like it could have been a lot more realistic in some aspects but still it is a very powerful and important film.

Deborah photo

This movie is a great depiction of life as a free person in the midst of a huge, powerful corporation. It is a very uplifting movie about finding your place in the world and discovering that you can do anything you want, if you just give yourself to it. I was very impressed with the cast. The cinematography and the direction were excellent. The soundtrack was fitting and helped build the atmosphere. It was a great movie for anyone who wants to see a "feel good" movie, with an interesting story.

Jerry photo

I'm a big fan of Anthony Hopkins and I really like this movie. It's not only a good movie, it's a very good movie. The story is good and it's very well acted. It's a real story about a man who loses everything, his wife and his home and then goes on a killing spree. The story is about how the story of the Irishman is about a man, who's character was very very important to him, but what he's about to do is very very violent. This is a very good movie, and I recommend it to everyone.

Dennis B. photo
Dennis B.

I am not a great fan of Robert Redford but I did love him in this film. His character was very good, even though he was the main character, he was a very believable person. And I really liked the story, it was very true and very believable. The fact that he actually did do this to himself and that he could do it. It is not the best film I have ever seen but it is one that I will watch over and over again. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Terry Bryant photo
Terry Bryant

I am so surprised that so many people are being mean and so rude.I just saw this film and I liked it.It was a beautiful film and it made me think about the way things are, and how far we have come since those times.It was not too long, and it was not too boring.It was a very moving film and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Joe Guzman photo
Joe Guzman

This is a very sad movie, but a very sad movie that shows what the Irish and their culture has been through for the last 500 years. There are a few jokes and some very good acting in this film, but it's really not for everyone. The story is very interesting and has a lot of information to it, but it is very slow. I recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in Irish history or culture. It is also a good movie for those who have never heard of the Irish. I give it a 8/10.

Rose S. photo
Rose S.

If you're not familiar with the book, then don't read this review! A difficult book to translate to a movie. Every detail and word seems to have been edited out, or changed. It is very hard to get a feeling for how that book was. That movie I watched, a collaboration between Vincent, Richard and John, is not an attempt to translate the book. It is a movie about Vincent D'Onofrio's character, Hugh O'Shaughnessy, who is in prison, serving the most out of any prisoner in this story. Hugh is trying to escape, but is discovered by a detective, named Peter Mooney. Peter is going to kill Hugh for the sake of his brother, Charles Mooney. The whole time I was wondering how Hugh is going to escape. Then I found out that Vincent D'Onofrio is not going to escape. He had to be there, otherwise he wouldn't be escaping, he was going to be caught. The most important thing is that Vincent D'Onofrio's character, Hugh O'Shaughnessy, was meant to escape. That made the movie, even more interesting. The final scene is one of the best I've ever seen. You feel so close to Hugh's character, he is really a part of the story. This is a movie that was made for me, and it is a movie that I could watch again and again. I really recommend it, as it will make you feel like you're in the movie, as well. I give this movie an 8/10

Judith F. photo
Judith F.

For a film to have an unblemished reputation it must be seen in a cinema, but this film is better when viewed on DVD, with the added bonus of a commentary track with the director and the writer. This is a wonderful film, with a lot to say about the drug culture of the seventies, as well as the Irish working class. This film will make you want to go back to the 70's, to see how things were in that part of the world. I'm not a film critic, but this film does deserve to be seen by a wider audience. All the actors were wonderful, especially the Irish man who played the drug dealer. He was not as good as Johnny Depp, but he was excellent in his role, in the same way that Jim Carrey is brilliant in every film he is in. This film will be a classic, I just hope it gets released on DVD as soon as possible. I'd love to have this on DVD as soon as possible. This is a film that will be talked about for years to come.

Dorothy photo

This is one of the few movies which is based on a true story. The film is set in 1970's Ireland, in a small village. There are many more similarities than differences between the story and the actual events. The characters of the main character are fictional, but the village in which the movie is set was in fact very real. Some of the villagers had an acute fear of gangs and thieves. The main character is the son of the village chief, who has become increasingly involved with the gangs. The gang leader is in fact his father, who died in the village. The village is an Irish working class town, with a large Irish community. The main character is a young man, who is also a member of the local gang. The movie is very good, but not great. The acting was excellent, but there are some parts of the film which are difficult to watch. There is an incident which occurs in the village, but it is not clear what happens. The village is a real place, and the director chose to make it an Irish working class village. That might have been a good choice, but it does not make the film great. All in all, this is a good movie.

Brittany M. photo
Brittany M.

From the start, this movie is a must watch. I had never heard of it before, but the first time I watched it I was hooked from the beginning. The cast was great, I felt every emotion they felt throughout the movie. I thought it was a beautiful movie. I love that they went back to the 18th century and I felt it was the best part of the movie. It was also very interesting to see that this movie was based off of a true story. I thought it was a very well done movie. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone. It was definitely worth the money to see this movie. It is a movie I would recommend to anyone. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good story, action, and great acting.

Frances photo

This movie is not a typical James Bond film. The character of John Corbett was developed from the first to the last scene. I would like to see a sequel to this film. I would like to see it with Sean Connery, although he was not in this film, I think he would have been a good choice. This movie is not a movie to watch on a Friday night. It is a movie to watch on a Saturday night.

George Walker photo
George Walker

I don't know why the reviews are so terrible. The film is so good. The two main actors are really good. It's not your typical film, but the acting is good. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good story, with great acting, and who wants to see a great movie. My vote is 10/10.

Alan D. photo
Alan D.

I really like this movie. It is not a movie that I would usually watch but it was worth it. The acting is very good, the movie is quite good and I don't think I could have done without the main actor. I am not sure if this movie is suitable for children. It is not for little kids but it is not for little kids. I have seen this movie over 15 times and I still like it.

Jeffrey Cole photo
Jeffrey Cole

This movie had some really good scenes and the story of the story was great. I liked the character of the Irishman but he wasn't the character I would have chosen to play in this movie. I would have chosen someone like Samuel Jackson to play that part. I think Samuel Jackson would have been better than the Irishman. The movie was a little slow and I was a little bored at times but overall I liked it. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes to watch a good movie. I would have liked to see the story of the story unfold more but overall I enjoyed the movie.

Phillip M. photo
Phillip M.

This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. It's not just a movie about the Irish, it's a movie about America and the Irish. It's a movie about the different ways people of different backgrounds can come together and live their lives. The movie is very well made and has some very good acting. The story is very strong and very entertaining. The acting is great and the characters are very well developed. I was very surprised by the casting. This is one of those movies that you can watch over and over again.

Kathy photo

I don't know what my friend was smoking, but he was the only one in the theater. The other ones around me were chuckling as well. I saw this movie before, but not with my wife. This movie made me cry. I think that this movie is worth seeing. I think that the movie was more of a cry for help for Hollywood. The movie was made with love and heart. I think that movies like this are still being made. I think that some people think that films like this are made only for the money. I think that they should be seen by everyone. I think that if they did not make this movie, no one would have seen this movie. If I were in the movie theater, I would have probably had to walk out as well. My advice to the movie-going public, go see this movie!

Joshua R. photo
Joshua R.

This is a film which brings to life a modern day murder mystery, a film which is based on a true story, and one which tells a story of the old Ireland, a film which is a work of art. I am not a fan of the old Irish film industry, but this film was the first film which brought me to appreciate it's art. I am not a fan of cinema, but this film was truly an artistic experience, a film which is not only a work of art, but a work of a genius. The cast, the script, the cinematography and the direction all give you a true feel of the 1920s, a film which is a work of art, a film which will be enjoyed by all generations. This is a film which will remain with you for many years to come.

David C. photo
David C.

I am a big fan of David Strathairn, so it was with great pleasure that I sat down to watch "The Irishman." I felt it was a good, old fashioned story of people being beaten, abused, and left to fend for themselves. I think the story is based on a true story. It is told with a beautiful hand-held camera, as if you were really there. I especially liked the scenes of the beach. I think it was very moving to watch people just come up to the camera and say "hello." I was so moved by this movie that I cried several times. I don't think I have ever cried at a movie. I am not easily moved, but I was moved by this movie. It is not a movie that you can watch a couple of times, but you have to see it. I give this movie an 8. I think that is very high praise, but it is very, very high praise.

Zachary photo

This movie has a very dark and mysterious vibe, and I really felt it was great. It was also very intense and the ending was a bit hard to believe, but it was worth it. I think this movie is very well made and the actors did a great job. I thought the actor who played the cop was the best, but he's great. The acting was excellent. There were some parts where the guy would say, "I'm not a cop!" but he was a cop. I was shocked to see a movie with this kind of acting, and that was amazing. The movie is also very funny, and I really liked that. It was so refreshing to see a movie that was funny. There was one part where the main character was being beaten up by a gang, and I was like, "Oh, that's really funny." I really liked that. I think it's a great movie, and I recommend it. I think this movie is underrated, and it should be, because it is a great movie.

Lauren Coleman photo
Lauren Coleman

I've read the book and I've watched the film, and I have to say that I liked both, but I think that this is a much better film. The film is very well acted, the lead actor is brilliant, he is Irish, but he is British, and I think that he played the part well, because it is not the typical Irishman in the film. The film was very realistic, because it was not a love story between the two brothers, but a story of how they met, the money they lost and the events that led them to be in prison. It was a very good film, but I think that the story could have been a bit more complex, because it is a very good film, but it could have been better.

Gloria Hall photo
Gloria Hall

I'm not one to really like British film making, but this one in particular has got me interested in it for quite a while. It's got a story about a guy who kills his wife for a drug debt, so it's definitely got a twist to it. And it's got the classic characters you would expect in this type of film. James McAvoy is great as ever, and Saoirse Ronan is absolutely beautiful as always. The only real fault I found with this film was the fact that the ending seemed like it was a little rushed and all over the place. I also found it kind of boring at times, but I still liked it, because the film kept me entertained and interested. Overall, I think this is one of the best British films I've seen in a while, and I highly recommend it. It's got a great story, great performances, and a great twist ending. Highly recommended.

Carl H. photo
Carl H.

This film is about the Irish gangster Jimmy Reid, and how his life changed after he got killed by one of his own men. The gangster has no memory, he's a complete mess, and he's being tortured by his own gang, and then his daughter, who has been kidnapped. The daughter is a very vulnerable girl, and she knows that Jimmy is dead, and she doesn't know where she's going. She wants to be rescued, but she doesn't know how. This film is very powerful, and it is really disturbing. I was shocked, I was angry, and I was very moved by this film. I don't think it's a bad film, I think it's a very good film, and I think that the director did a really good job. This film is very moving, and I really recommend it to anyone who likes a good film. I give this film 8/10.

Justin Ortiz photo
Justin Ortiz

I saw the film at a screening with a very large audience. The film was very moving. It shows that the Irish people are so proud of their culture and heritage. It also shows how many people are suffering from the effects of the depression and the Great Depression. I am an Irish-American and have lived in the US for over 30 years. The film was very well done. I have not seen anything like it before. The movie was very moving and I enjoyed it. I would recommend it to anyone.

Arthur photo

For a movie to be a true "feel good movie" like this one, it must be written with the intelligence of a real person. And it must be. If you don't understand the language of the people who live in the neighborhood where this film takes place, then you'll never understand what the characters are saying. I've heard the problems that Irish people had with English, but I never knew the other way around. I'm very sorry to say that I didn't get that explanation here. I think the film makers did a very good job of communicating the history of Irish-American relations, but this is still a movie. The story is very shallow, and the characters don't get developed very well. Yes, the plot is pretty thin, but the movie does not feel like one. It's more like a drama. The two-person movie setup is good. But the two characters are not very interesting. Of course, they are interesting because they are Irish. However, they are too similar to Hollywood characters to make it enjoyable for an audience outside of Ireland. I don't understand why this movie was made. It's like a social comment on Hollywood. The film makers took great pains to represent an era of Irish-American relations and English-Irish relations. But they seem to have forgotten what it was like to be an immigrant in the 20's and 30's. That's where the heart and soul of the film lies.

Cynthia W. photo
Cynthia W.

In fact, the film is quite well done. A British newspaper man (Meredith Hall) writes about the search for a lost bank vault. She goes to the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius and attempts to find the location of the vault. The film does a good job of showing the true nature of piracy. It also shows the dangers of traveling to the Indian Ocean, especially when it is full of pirates. I am sorry to say that the film did not live up to the high standard of the film "The Hours." I thought that the film was a lot more gripping and captivating than the "Hours." I have a feeling that the director would have done better with the "Hours" instead of "The Hours." The film "The Hours" was also better than the film "The Irishman." If you want to see a film about piracy, then I recommend "The Hours."

Elizabeth photo

I saw this movie last night and it was amazing. I don't know if it was because it was a dark and gritty movie but I thought it was awesome. It was really sad and at the same time it was exciting. It was like a roller coaster ride. I was not expecting that much but it was definitely worth it. I was surprised that the movie was not a very long movie. It was about 80 minutes long but it felt like it was more like two hours. It had a very interesting story and I really enjoyed it. I think the cast was great and I loved the story and it was a great movie. I highly recommend this movie.

Harold M. photo
Harold M.

I've read the book. It was a wonderful, moving, and very realistic portrayal of a family that is very much like my own family. I was pleased with the movie, too. I have watched the movie three times, and have read the book several times. I hope the book will be made into a film. I love the film, but it was not made to appeal to the "art-house" crowd. The two young actors did a fantastic job, and the direction was perfect. I look forward to seeing the film again, and reading the book.

Helen photo

This movie is a sad tale of redemption, and it has a simple plot. A gangster and his wife (played by both of them) are on the run from the law, and must try to get away from their situation and get back together. You can see this story unfold as it unfolds in front of you. I've seen this movie many times and I love it. It's a film that stays with you, and it is not for the faint hearted. I can't say enough good things about this film. It is a well done film, with good acting, directing and story. I can't wait to see it again.

Jack photo

This film is very underrated. This film is very well acted, and it is a great character study. The script is very well written. The performances by all the main actors are superb. This is a very beautiful and uplifting film, that shows the human side of crime. The characters are really complex, and each have a moral dilemma that they are having to deal with. The character development is very well done. The story is very well told, the characters are very well developed, and the situations that they are in is very realistic. The story is very realistic, and is very believable. This film is very entertaining, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Harold photo

A family of four make their way from the British Isles to Ireland in order to visit relatives who have passed away. They arrive in a village where there are many old ladies living alone. They take refuge in a monastery and their new neighbor is a monk who is trying to solve the problem of the community of monks that are sometimes confused and disorderly. The people in the village begin to have doubts about the monk and soon the old lady who is the mother of the children tells her family about the monk's supposed powers. After a while the people of the village begin to recognize that the monk is doing a good job. The new residents of the village start to realize that they are in fact doing the best they can to help the monk. The monks of the village begin to realize that their neighbors have actually doing a good job and the new resident of the village (Ciaran Hinds)is also a devout Buddhist who gives up his job as a doctor in order to help the monks. He finds out that his wife was never married and that his two children had been born to another woman. This is when the new resident begins to realize that the monk is doing a good job and he realizes that his neighbors are doing the best they can. This is a very interesting film about a monk and his community. I liked the way the monk was trying to help the people of the village and I also like how the monk begins to care about the people. The actors were good, especially the lead actress, but the film lacked some plot development and some characters seemed to disappear. Also, the ending was a bit abrupt and the religious aspect of the film was a bit over-the-top. This is a very interesting film and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in religious films. However, it is also a bit over-the-top and a bit of a distraction.

Nicholas A. photo
Nicholas A.

This is the movie that was put out to the general public by the makers of The Shawshank Redemption. It stars Morgan Freeman as the reclusive Don Quixote and it is directed by the talented Tom Hooper. It stars Sean Connery as the legendary Richard III and it is directed by the great Michael Mann. It stars two great actors that are in the top ten actors of all time in the world. It stars Matthew Broderick as Sir Walter Raleigh, the English king of England, and he is great in the role. It stars Edward Norton as the honorable James Northumberland, the Duke of Norfolk. It stars William Defoe as Richard III. It stars the legendary Peter O'Toole as Sir Francis Walsingham. It stars the late, great, Robin Williams. It stars Jamie Foxx as Don Quixote. This is a great film that deserves more than what it has gotten. If you have seen it, I am sure you have enjoyed it. But I am not sure that it has reached a general audience that it deserves. It is a movie that will be enjoyed by both the young and old. I have seen it and I was not disappointed. I do not think it is a movie for everyone. But if you have not seen it, then I suggest you see it.

Jordan Garcia photo
Jordan Garcia

I saw this movie on a plane and it was the only movie I saw on the plane that I had to put on. It was so depressing, and I don't know how I stayed awake. I think it is a good movie, and I recommend it.

Aaron Jones photo
Aaron Jones

While the movie is good, I found it lacking in the acting department. It was just a little slow to start. The movie could have been a little longer and more interesting. If you like gritty crime films, this is not for you. However, if you like more of a drama with a little bit of crime, you should give this movie a shot.

Melissa Arnold photo
Melissa Arnold

The story is a good one. A young man named Tom Mullen is being blackmailed by the mob to help them kidnap his girlfriend's boyfriend. The mob wants Tom to murder his own father and this is what he does. He gets a few months in prison and then he's set free. It's a good movie, I really enjoyed it. The acting was good, and the movie had a good story. It was also a good movie to watch with a group of friends. I would recommend it to people who like crime films. 9/10.

Judy S. photo
Judy S.

I can't understand why people who saw this film give it such low ratings. The film is simply an incredible piece of cinema. The acting is superb, the story is compelling and the story of a dysfunctional family is so heart warming and it leaves you thinking about it for days. I would suggest that you watch this film at least twice, because I know that I will be thinking about it for days. I have seen this film three times and I still love it.

Beverly Beck photo
Beverly Beck

A story of how a British policeman became a serial killer. The story starts with the death of his wife. He starts to have a case of the week. He discovers a missing person. He is haunted by the memories of his wife. He is haunted by the past. He starts to be a serial killer. It is a good story. The performances are good. The direction is good. The film is good.

Marie photo

This is a perfect example of a movie you could watch and not feel bored. This is a strong, if not as funny as the first movie, even though it is a little bit less. They kept the same cast, the same director, but this time they made a movie that is more serious and more realistic, and because they made this movie, there are more similarities between the two movies. The first one was more a comedy, the second one is more of a drama, the third one is more of a thriller, and the final one, well, there is the movie that people would be talking about if they saw it and they said "oh, i want to see it!" But that is the part that made this movie interesting and unique. I will say, I like the ending, especially because the Director of the movie, John Madden, created a very funny ending for his movie. The one thing I would like to add is, the music and the camera angles were very good. It was very effective, and the camera angles were effective, and they worked really well, and the music was good. If you like crime movies, then this is a movie you would not miss, because it is just very realistic, very hard-hitting, and really funny. It is a very good movie, and it is also one that you can watch again and again. It is a very good movie, and I give it 8 out of 10.

Tammy R. photo
Tammy R.

There are many reasons why this movie is so good. First of all, it's very well done. The cast is very good and the story is compelling and sometimes even emotional. The cinematography is stunning, and the music is superb. The editing is perfect and the pacing is good. The story itself is very interesting and the ending is satisfying. I didn't expect a lot from this film and it delivered everything I wanted. I loved the story, the characters, the scenery, the pacing, the editing, and the acting. I especially liked the performance of Sean Penn who really brought this movie to life. I thought he was superb. And I also liked the performance of Gerard Butler, who plays the role of the bad guy very well. He really did an excellent job. I can't really say anything negative about the performances, though. They were all great. I was very surprised to see how good the music was. I think that the music was very appropriate for the mood of the movie. I was very impressed by the use of music in this movie. I think it was very good. The only thing I didn't like was the ending, but I can't really blame the movie because I didn't expect that. The only thing I thought was a little too dramatic was that they did not show the inside of the building where the execution took place. I don't know why they didn't show that part, but it was not a major problem. I really liked this movie, and I hope that it's going to be around for a long time. I'm going to buy this movie and watch it several times. I think this movie is very well done and worth watching. I highly recommend this movie.

Larry photo

In short: A real and sincere, rather detailed and well-paced and emotional film about a man who finds himself in a life-changing situation, and how he reacts to it. A great story, well-written and directed. A real moral of the story, and the moral of this film, is that if you don't have a life, you don't have one. The director, as always, has created an atmosphere of reality in the film, and that is what makes it so powerful. The movie is based on a true story, and is based on an actual case. The actors, especially John C. Reilly, are excellent. The movie has a real sense of reality. It is very well done. If you haven't seen this movie, you should. It is a very powerful and emotional film, and it is worth seeing.

Lawrence W. photo
Lawrence W.

I can't really say that this movie was a total flop. I have seen it twice and enjoyed it both times. The two times I saw it I was about 10 years old. I didn't even know what the title meant. But I did know that it was a movie about a prostitute who was shot in the head and died. So I thought it was a real nice movie to watch. I was not disappointed. It is an excellent movie with an excellent storyline. This movie was very realistic and kept you on the edge of your seat. The only thing that could have been better would have been the ending. It was so good but it could have been better. I think that there could have been a little more violence or sex in the movie. If they had made the ending a little more violent or sexier I would have given it a higher rating. I think that the movie was really good. It was really nice and enjoyable. I think that the actors did an excellent job and it was really a great movie to watch.

George W. photo
George W.

This movie is so well done, but i'm not sure if i can put it in the top ten. It's not a movie that i can put in the top ten of the best movies of all time, but it is one of the best movies i have ever seen. I really enjoyed it. There are so many things that I liked about it, that i'll list them as soon as i get them out of my head. I loved the acting, the cinematography, and the story. I especially loved the music and the songs in the movie. I'm not a big movie critic, but I really think that this is one of the best movies ever. There is so much to say about this movie, but I don't want to give away anything that you can't already see on the internet. So here it is, my top ten favorite movies: 1. The Godfather: Part III 2. Raging Bull 3. Raging Bull 4. Raging Bull 5. Raging Bull 6. Raging Bull 7. The Godfather: Part II 8. Raging Bull 9. The Godfather: Part III 10. The Godfather: Part II So if you want to watch this movie, please go out and rent it. And if you want to see this movie, please go out and buy it. And if you want to see it again, please go out and buy it.

Lisa C. photo
Lisa C.

I was surprised by how good this movie was. It was based on a true story, but the movie is not about the Irish, it's about the story of a man named John Paul Getty. I'm not sure if I would call him the greatest man ever, but he was certainly the greatest man of his time. He was one of the wealthiest men in the world, and he spent his life on a quest to find the fountain of youth. In his search, he found himself in a small town in Ohio, and the town was a poor place. It was run by a man named John Paul Getty, who was known as the Irishman. The Irishman was a man who was born with a birthmark, and he had a passion for finding the fountain of youth. He had his own medical school, and he became the first person to die of natural causes at the age of 88. But he was determined to live, and he lived to be 100. He was also the first person to die of cancer at the age of 95. His passion for finding the fountain of youth is the reason he is remembered as one of the greatest men of his time. He died at the age of 98. His death was a great loss to the world. But the movie was not about his death, but about his life. He lived a life of adventure, and he lived to be a legend. I think that the movie was a great tribute to the man, and I think it was well done. It was very interesting, and I enjoyed the movie.

Joyce Murray photo
Joyce Murray

An Irishman is a film that tries to do a tribute to Irish life in the 1950's, as well as in the 50's and 60's. I think the movie does a very good job of showing the problems of the Irish immigrants during the years that the famine was taking place. I have seen a few films on the subject of Irish immigration during the years of the famine, but none of them have been as informative as this one. The film is very well-done and accurate, and is based on the life of a man named James Braddock. Braddock was an Irish immigrant who came to America in 1882, and was living in New York when the famine began. Braddock was an Irishman who had been born in Ireland, and was a very good friend to his fellow Irish immigrants. He was able to keep his job as a clerk for the local grocery store, and even helped his fellow immigrant brothers and sisters get a job in the country. When the Irishman was unable to find work in New York, he decided to move to Canada, and to eventually come to the United States. The film shows that Braddock's life was one of struggle, and that he was a good man. I think that the film does a very good job of showing the difficulties that Braddock had to deal with. The film is very well-done, and shows that Braddock was an Irish immigrant, and that he was a good man.

Helen G. photo
Helen G.

I like to think of myself as a typical Irish American, not a typical Irish American. I'm not a cliche by any means, but I've always been an avid movie fan and I grew up with the Beatles and John Lennon. The movie seemed to be very authentic and the story was very interesting. However, the ending was very sad and I didn't really feel anything for the characters. They seemed like they just did not deserve to be dead. I think the ending could have been a little better, but I was still very happy with how it ended. I think the ending could have been better and I think the movie could have been better as well. It was still very interesting, but I was a little disappointed with how it ended. Overall, I liked the movie very much and I think it was very well done. I think it was one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Evelyn Spencer photo
Evelyn Spencer

This movie is one of the best movies I've seen this year. It's like a cross between the American Gangster and a hard boiled crime drama. It has the feel of a documentary, the music is great, the acting is fantastic and the story is true. The movie is about a hit man and his relationship with his family and the drugs he takes and the corruption that goes on behind the scenes. The performances in this movie are outstanding. Sean Penn and James Gandolfini are the best actors to be in this movie and they were perfect. The movie is also about a hit man's struggles with his son who is being raised by his drug addicted mother. The son is not the normal kid in school. He is angry, violent and just a hard-headed jerk. Sean Penn's character is always trying to get Sean Penn's character to stop using drugs and his wife to stop using drugs. This movie is a must see.

Jacqueline S. photo
Jacqueline S.

I'm going to take a short break here and address the controversy surrounding the film's ending. It's been pointed out here that the ending is anti-climatic and doesn't reflect the true story of Brian's murder. As a matter of fact, this is the only aspect of the movie I can honestly say I did not like. I feel the ending was completely the wrong way around. I mean, really, how can you not feel bad about the deaths of Brian and his partner? It's just such a cruel and heart-wrenching way of killing people. But, to the film's credit, the film doesn't go into any sort of detail about Brian's death. The ending was just too good, it just had to happen. And, I feel it was well handled and acted out. All in all, I loved the film. It was honest and raw. I think people are looking for a certain type of film. I think people will get what they want from this film, but the truth is, it's a real-life story. The acting was solid and the film wasn't going for the Oscars. It was a real-life story of a man who died a senseless and horrible death, but it was done with a kind of honesty that didn't make it seem like it was a political statement. I think this is the best film of the year so far, so far. 10/10

Kimberly C. photo
Kimberly C.

This movie is definitely the best one I have ever seen in my life. My husband and I have been watching it since it was released. It is very realistic, very emotional and very real. It really shows that you don't need money to make a difference. I believe that we can all benefit from it.

Melissa Austin photo
Melissa Austin

Although this movie is rated NC-17, I would have given it a 10, for the following reasons: 1. The ending is well done. It's a bit predictable, but that's expected, because the film is based on true events. 2. The actors do a great job. Matthew McConaughey does a great job playing a real man who's in jail, and it's interesting to see him as a character in this film. 3. The use of real historical figures is excellent. You really feel as if you are in the story. 4. The movie is a good adaptation of the book. I would have liked to see more history, but that's the only reason I don't give it a 10. 5. The music is very good. I liked the use of classic rock, and I was very impressed with the use of classical music in the movie. 6. I like the use of real places and people in the movie. This is a movie that is definitely worth seeing. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a good film. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Nicholas R. photo
Nicholas R.

The Golden Globe win for Best Actor in a Musical movie is so deserved! Johnny Depp was absolutely brilliant in his performance as "The Irishman", the drunken, drunken, drunken Irishman who has had enough of the Irish nation and decided to start his own. Now that he has come to America, the country is full of Irish people, so the Irishman has the idea to start a rum drink, so he can get drunk and enjoy his country. In a way, the Irishman was the big picture of this movie. As the movie continued, I was at the edge of my seat, waiting for the end. And it did not disappoint. All the characters were brilliant, the scenery was breathtaking, the story was perfect, and it was not at all predictable. The movie does not take any kind of side, and does not preach to anyone, except the fact that when you have done your part in the world, there is nothing left for you. That is the power of this movie, and that is what makes it so special. I'm sure everyone would love this movie. The entire country of Ireland is sure to love it. I would give this movie an 8 out of 10. But I can only give it a 10 out of 10 for the amazing performance of Johnny Depp and the wonderful music.