Steam Kin


Kin is a movie starring Myles Truitt, Jack Reynor, and Dennis Quaid. Chased by a vengeful criminal, the feds and a gang of otherworldly soldiers, a recently released ex-con, and his adopted teenage brother are forced to go on the...

Other Titles
Kin - Le commencement, Kin. Zabójcza broń, Brolis, Brāļi, Kin - Arma Letal, KIN キン, Kesher katlani, Kin: Vũ Khí Bí Ẩn, A kötelék, 光戰未來, Kin: Le commencement, El legado
Running Time
1 hours 42 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Crime, Drama, Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Adventure
Josh Baker, Jonathan Baker
Daniel Casey, Jonathan Baker, Josh Baker
Zoë Kravitz, Dennis Quaid, Myles Truitt, Jack Reynor
USA, Canada
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

14-year-old Elijah "Eli" Solinski lives in Detroit with his stern adoptive father Hal, a widower. While scavenging an abandoned building for copper wiring to sell, Eli discovers the aftermath of a skirmish, with armored corpses and high-tech weaponry strewn about. He picks up a strange weapon, but drops it and flees after it mechanically activates. That evening, Eli's newly paroled older brother Jimmy, Hal's biological son, returns home to Hal's chagrin. Eli dreams of the weapon and sneaks out to retrieve it. Sneaking back in, he overhears Hal and Jimmy arguing. Jimmy owes $60,000 in protection money to Taylor, a local crime lord, and asks Hal to help him steal the money from Hal's employer. Hal refuses and kicks Jimmy out. The next night, Hal catches Jimmy and Taylor breaking into his office's safe. Hal is unwilling to walk away, so Taylor shoots and kills him. Jimmy kills Taylor's brother in the ensuing scuffle and flees with the money. Jimmy convinces Eli that Hal is stuck at a work emergency and wants to meet them at Lake Tahoe. Eli secretly packs the weapon, and they leave moments before Taylor and his gang arrive to ransack the house. Taylor vows to kill Jimmy, as well as Eli to avenge his own brother's death..

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Donna Vasquez photo
Donna Vasquez

I enjoyed this movie, and it was a very good movie. The acting was good, the action was good, and it was an enjoyable movie. If you liked the Matrix movies, you will like this movie. I did not like the fact that the characters were in some kind of a coma, or that they were in some kind of a coma for a long period of time. I don't know what that was supposed to be about. They were not in a coma. The people that died were in a coma. I didn't like that they did not go to the planet, and instead they went to the other planet. It was a good movie, and I recommend it to everyone.

Nicole Thomas photo
Nicole Thomas

One of the best movies of the year. This movie has more action than all the other action movies. This movie will make you happy and sad. If you want to see a great action movie then this movie is not for you. This movie is definitely not for everyone. This movie will make you feel like you are in that part of the world. I love this movie so much. The story is amazing and you don't get bored. The acting is great and the story is amazing. I have never watched a movie with this much action. This movie will keep you going to the end of the movie. There is nothing I can say that has not been said before. I think that everyone should watch this movie. This movie will be a hit with everyone. I give this movie a 9 out of 10.

Dennis J. photo
Dennis J.

I've seen this movie about three times and it's just so beautiful. I think it's a perfect movie for a family to watch together. I don't think I have seen a movie that can make you cry, laugh, and also make you think. The music is great, the acting is great, the story is great, and the special effects are awesome. This movie has a very good story that makes you think about things and makes you feel for the characters. The characters are very well developed and you can feel their pain and happiness. I recommend this movie to anyone that wants to watch a good movie that will make you feel and think.

Gary photo

I went into the movie theater with low expectations, but I'm glad I didn't listen to the critics. I liked it. It's a movie I can watch again and again. It's a little bit like the Matrix, but it's a little bit different. The acting is good, the plot is good, and it has a good twist at the end. It's a good movie for people who like to watch action movies. I can't wait to see it again. It's a great movie, I recommend it to anyone who loves action movies. 9/10

Nathan photo

The movie is a story about the isolation of a man, who does not want to be alone and who makes his own rules. It is a movie which makes you think about yourself, about what you want and why you do what you do. You may think about how you have the right to do what you want, but if you don't, then you should not be living like this. The only real reason to do this is to be part of a clan or clan of people. This movie has a big message about isolation and isolation is an ugly thing. It also shows how power corrupts and how human beings can take it away by making bad decisions. This is the movie where "the silence is what scares us". I give it 9 out of 10 because of the message, the acting, the concept, the directing and the filming. It is the best movie of the year so far.

Virginia Mendez photo
Virginia Mendez

There is not a single thing wrong with the movie. In fact, it is very well written, the acting is superb, and it has a very good concept. I don't think I've ever seen a movie that made me think about so many things at once. The ending is a bit of a shocker, but in a good way. In fact, I think the only thing that could have made this movie even better is if the movie had a bit more action. Otherwise, it is an amazing movie that I will definitely be buying and watching again and again.

Laura Jacobs photo
Laura Jacobs

While I love the Japanese original, I am not really a big fan of the movie. This was, at first, a complete surprise. I was drawn into the story immediately, and kept watching until the end. I am always afraid of writing reviews of movies because I don't want to give away the story, but I really have to warn you. Do not watch this movie if you are looking for a plot synopsis. It's actually pretty good. It's the kind of movie that you need to have a sense of humor, a strong stomach and an appreciation for the Japanese culture to truly appreciate. I am usually a fan of Sci-Fi and have a good taste for Anime. I've watched the original and I will say the plot and the characters are completely different. While I am not going to give away the story, I will say the movie is a bit different from the original, but not in a bad way. It's just different. I know the original is a movie I loved and I loved the Japanese original, but the movie is more of a character piece. While the movie may seem long at times, it's not really. It's a movie that you really have to sit back and enjoy and the movie is not really that long. I feel like the movie is very entertaining and I will recommend it to anyone who is interested in a good movie. If you enjoy the movie, you should give it a chance. This is one of those movies that will make you laugh and it is worth your time.

Roger photo

This movie is a 10/10 for me. The action sequences are very well executed, it looks like it was filmed by a first time director. I recommend this movie to anyone that likes to see a fast paced movie and the story is interesting and clever. I would love to see more from this director and to be honest, he deserves to be recognized for his work.

Larry Bryant photo
Larry Bryant

Django Unchained. Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, David Oyelowo, and a totally unforgettable performance by Samuel L. Jackson. This movie was a pleasant surprise and I think its worth watching. I liked the portrayal of the Wachowski brothers. This movie does not even require an internet connection to be enjoyable. It's well worth the money. Watch this movie if you want to see a great action movie.

Ann photo

Let me start off by saying I am not a huge fan of the Hunger Games franchise. Sure I've seen the first two, but I did not think it was all that great. The last one was good but not as good as the first one. I have read a lot of reviews on here saying it is not the same as the first one and that there is too much action. I have not read the books, so I don't know if this is true. So my question is is the first movie better than the second one. I think the second one was much better than the first. In my opinion, the second movie was much better. This movie is a great movie. The special effects are awesome, the story is great and the acting is great. The only bad thing about this movie is that it is a bit long. I recommend this movie to anyone. It is a great movie.

Joe photo

When i first saw this movie, i was a bit skeptical at first, but i was excited when i heard that it was coming out. I was amazed how well the acting, directing and everything was done. The characters and the story were all very realistic and I really enjoyed it. I thought it was the best action film in a long time, and I definitely will be seeing it again! The characters were all great, and I really enjoyed watching it. I was just amazed how they did such a good job on the special effects, they were amazing! They were the best I've ever seen. I recommend this movie to anyone who has ever seen a movie before, and I would definitely say see this movie!

Alexander M. photo
Alexander M.

There are so many similarities between this movie and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. In a sense it is quite similar to Lord of the Rings, in that the plot is fairly similar. However, it is much darker in tone than Lord of the Rings. I think that this movie was intended to be darker and more serious, and I think that it is as dark and serious as I would have hoped for. I think that if it had not been for the fact that it is based on a book, I think that it would have been much darker and more serious than it actually was. There are some things in the movie that really don't make sense, for example the fact that Keira Knightley was pregnant in the first place, and I can't see how she could possibly get pregnant in the first place. But other than that, I think that this movie is a great one, and I am glad that I got to see it. I think that it is probably the best movie that I have seen in quite a while. I think that if you have not seen it yet, you should definitely check it out. I highly recommend that you go and see it.

George photo

Wow. What a piece of work! And what a good one at that. The soundtrack, the lighting, the action. it's a BLOODY BLOODY FAST SPINNING TRAIN RUNNING MOVIE! And the actors are all amazing. It's not a movie for everyone, I am not a fan of the original BLOODY BLOODY BLOODY but I'm not a fan of the reboot. But the action is amazing. It's a story about a good cop who gets more than he bargained for when he teams up with the bad guys. One of the guys he has to fight is a mysterious girl who has the power of a god. The movie has a great ending that is so unexpected that I was speechless. It is so unexpected that you will find yourself on the edge of your seat. The music is great. You'll be digging for the soundtrack for the rest of the movie. The costumes and makeup are also very good. The script is very well done. It is a very strong story. There are so many twists and turns and so many twists that you will be dying for it to end. The fight scenes are great and the CGI is fantastic. It is so cool and I have seen all the things they did to make the city look so cool. The special effects are great too. It is a great movie and I have seen it many times. And I hope to see it many more times. I loved it so much that I had to buy it. Now I have a copy to add to my collection. I will give it a 10/10.

Jesse W. photo
Jesse W.

I have never seen a movie this awesome in my life. I am not the biggest Tarantino fan but I will admit that I am not the biggest fan of British movies but this movie has got to be the best one I have seen in a long time. The plot is good, the actors are amazing and the effects are great. Don't get me wrong, the plot is very well written, it is so well written that you can understand it. It is just that I don't really have a big problem with the ending, but other than that the story is great and the acting is brilliant. If you are a big fan of British movies, you will love this movie. This is a must watch movie. It is so good, I can't think of any movie in my life that is this good. And yes, I do have a very big problem with the ending. But the movie is so good that I can't help but love it. My rating: 9/10

Joyce H. photo
Joyce H.

It's amazing how this movie came to be. The film itself is an interesting take on the idea of this big brother who tries to control the actions of everyone he knows. The movie has an interesting story, the characters are well thought out, and the actors do a great job in this movie. I can't remember any other movie that has so many great actors. However, the one I really remember is the young lady who is killed in the movie. I'm not even sure if I liked the way the movie ended, but I know that it was an ending I didn't see coming. I will give this movie an 8 out of 10 because of the very good acting and characters.

Ashley M. photo
Ashley M.

I am still not sure what the verdict will be. I must admit, that I am not a fan of the genre, however I was impressed with this film. I loved the special effects and the story was compelling. I thought that the acting was pretty good, with the exception of Will Smith. I found him to be really irritating in this film. In addition, he looked too old for the role. The action sequences were well-done, and there were some decent moments of comedy, however I did not find it all that funny. The ending was a bit of a letdown, and it didn't really match up with the rest of the film. Overall, I think this film is worth seeing.