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High Life

High Life is a movie starring Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, and André Benjamin. A father and his daughter struggle to survive in deep space where they live in isolation.

Other Titles
Augstākā sabiedrība, Une vie en hauteur, Μαύρη Τρύπα, Живот међу звездама, ハイ・ライフ, Gyvenimas aukstybese, Csillagok határán, High life
Running Time
1 hours 53 minutes
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Drama, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Thriller, Horror
Claire Denis
Nick Laird, Claire Denis, Jean-Pol Fargeau, Geoff Cox, Andrew Litvack
Robert Pattinson, André Benjamin, Mia Goth, Juliette Binoche
France, UK, Germany, Poland
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Deep space outside the solar system. Monte and his daughter Willow live together aboard a spacecraft, in complete isolation. A man whose strict self-discipline is a shield against desire, Monte fathered her against his will. His sperm was used to inseminate the young woman who gave birth to her. They were members of a crew of prisoners - death row inmates. Guinea pigs sent on a mission. Now only Monte and Willow remain. Through his daughter, he experiences the birth of an all-powerful love. Together, father and daughter approach their destination - the black hole in which time and space cease to exist.

Comments about drama «High Life» (17)

Alice photo

This film was in the top 250 of IMDb's best horror films, and I was very excited to see it. It was good, but not great. It was good because of the special effects, but that's all. I would say it's worth watching once, but I doubt you'll be disappointed if you're not expecting it. If you're a fan of the genre, you'll probably enjoy this, but I wouldn't go out of your way to see it.

Carl Moore photo
Carl Moore

These movies are nice for people who like to watch a movie with a brain. I haven't really seen anything quite like this before. This is the type of movie that you watch once and enjoy it. It has an edge to it that makes it stand out. It may be a little slow in some parts, but it is never boring. I recommend this movie to people who enjoy their sci-fi movies and to people who enjoy a good, original idea.

Christina B. photo
Christina B.

Halle Berry stars in this film, which I've seen over the years and really liked. The premise of this film, that there is a wave of disease spreading through London, is interesting and I thought it was very well done. As a director, Halle Berry plays the leading role well, as well as a couple of the other actors. However, the story isn't very well thought out and I think that the idea of the two groups that are infected is a little far fetched. The movie seems to take place in the future where the people who are infected are not killed by the virus, but have their cells harvested by the military. One of the actors is killed and the military extracts the cells from his body and uses them to make money. I thought that the idea of the military harvesting these cells was a little far fetched, especially considering the fact that the majority of the people who are infected don't want to die. The plot and story in general are fairly dull and slow, as well as the acting, which is really good. As a film, it's a well made film that has a good cast, but I would say that this film is more of a sci-fi movie than a horror film. I'd recommend this film, but I don't think it's a very good film.

Lauren photo

This movie was not at all what I expected. It had a good storyline and great acting, which was a very good mix. If you are a sci-fi buff you might like it. If you are a chick flick junkie you will be bored. If you are a casual fan you will enjoy the movie. If you are a chick flick junkie, you may like it. If you are a sci-fi buff, you will be bored. The storyline was alright, but the acting was fantastic, the characters were likable and believable, and the cinematography was excellent. The only thing I really didn't like about this movie is that it was a little too slow, and a little too cliche, it was definitely not a good movie, but it wasn't bad, it just was not something I would want to watch again, if I had to choose, I would say it was a 6.5, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Jack Douglas photo
Jack Douglas

Interesting take on zombie movie with a strong female lead. I liked the use of themes such as youth, social difficulties, and expectations of parents. It kept me interested and engaged. The special effects were awesome. I don't understand how this movie has such a low rating.

Lauren photo

As a fan of film-noir, I have to say that I think "The Fourth Man" is pretty good. I have to admit that I was not as impressed by the film as the reviews. The story itself is fairly slow moving. But I thought that this is really what the film was all about. It's a real slow burner. It's not like you have to be around for the first 45 minutes to know what's going on. The acting is good. And there are a lot of really beautiful locations. But the story is just so, so slow. I can't really recommend it to anyone. The reason I say this is because there are parts of the film that are actually quite fascinating. And I have to admit that I did not hate the film. But I can't really recommend it.

Pamela Fields photo
Pamela Fields

A mother, a man and a son have a terrible accident, they wake up in a hospital where they have to solve the mystery. I haven't seen many British horror movies and I was impressed by this one. The movie is different from the usual British horror movie in that it's a mystery movie and the plot is good. The mother character is good, but the movie was rather slow and boring. The horror scenes were scary but they were not really creepy. The movie does have some atmosphere but it's not really scary. It's an okay movie that's worth watching if you're looking for something different from the usual horror movies. Recommended to watch it if you like British horror movies and there's nothing better than watching a British movie that's different.

Victoria T. photo
Victoria T.

When it comes to the zombie genre, there are very few films that are quite as much fun as "Zombie Flesh Eaters" - the sequel to the sleeper hit that was "Zombieland". With the movie being directed by the same director of "Zombieland" it made for an excellent movie. The story line is just as brilliant as the first movie. I was really surprised at how many similarities this sequel had to the first movie. The first movie was one of the better zombie movies that I have seen in a long time. I think this sequel is one of the better zombie movies that I have seen in a long time. It is one of those movies that you would love to watch over and over again - I love the amount of comedy in this movie and how the comedy does not drag on too long. There are also many different styles of comedy in this movie. There is no shortage of some really funny jokes in this movie. This movie also has some really strong and intense scenes. There are also some scenes that are really exciting to watch. I think that this movie is worth seeing - I think it is a very good movie and I would recommend that anyone who has not seen it to see it.

Patrick P. photo
Patrick P.

I have seen this film many times and still love it. The people in this film, are brilliant. They portray how people are in the real world and how it feels like to be living it. The acting is superb and the film has been rated highly in the press. The main reason why I love this film is that it's a little more twisted than your usual thriller. It's not a story about the conspiracy. It's a story about the effects of "terrorism" and how people are treated when the truth is revealed. It's a film about how society is structured and how it's all fake. So don't think you're watching a normal thriller. If you like watching films that are going to change your life, then this is the film for you.

Terry C. photo
Terry C.

There's always been a category of movies that came out that I don't really like or don't think I've ever seen but that seem to have a certain way of working. I've seen some of them and I've liked some of them but some of them just don't do much for me. I like the type of movie where the story and the acting is great but there is just no way of explaining it to the average person and that's what makes the movie, good. And this movie had that element. It was just a solid thriller that had a couple of things going for it. It had decent production value and good special effects. The story had a few twists and turns and the acting was good. It was a movie that was a good example of what is possible with a good idea. It was like something a 9 year old would come up with. I really liked the idea and it seemed like it was going to be a good idea. That was probably what was behind the downfall of the movie. The story needed more of a conclusion than just ending with an explosion. I could have made it work, but it just didn't end. It wasn't horrible but I'm not really a fan of "trouble" movies and I don't like a lot of the stuff that is put out. I'm not saying it's a bad movie because it is. But I'm not really a fan of the type of movies that are in that category. So I think it's fair to say that I liked the movie a lot. It was a solid thriller that kept you guessing until the end. If you like that type of movie, I'd recommend it.

Raymond photo

If you're into "Stranger Things" or even "Silent Hill" chances are you've seen this film before, or will see it again. It's been done to death and it's just an ordinary story about people who get shot in the head and try to survive, but that's about it. The premise of the film is the same as it was with the first two films, a bunch of kids run from a police station and end up in the middle of nowhere and have to survive. This time though the setting is in a forest, with lots of creepy trees, creepy insects, creepy creatures and a mysterious man who was killed by a girl who was dragged down a hole by a bear. If you enjoyed "Silent Hill" or "The Evil Dead" you'll enjoy this film, but if you're expecting a horror film from the genre you'll be a bit disappointed. The plot is fairly predictable and there are so many bad things happening that I wasn't surprised that I couldn't keep up with it, but the characters were pretty decent. The main character did a good job of making you dislike him, but there's not much else he does that isn't annoying. The mother and father are irritating and a bit of a distraction, the police officer is a bit of a disappointment and the robot looks like a joke. The film also features some good music and some good cinematography. The acting is good, but it's also very wooden. Overall this film is nothing more than a poor man's "Silent Hill". I wouldn't suggest watching it unless you're into the genre and want something very similar to that.

Timothy photo

What the hell is up with the rating? It's one of the most high rated horror movies in the last few years, and it's rated 5.7? That's actually quite low. People are just overrating it because they don't know how to rate a movie, or maybe they think they're better than everyone else. This movie is not worth your time, and in fact, I don't think anyone should even bother. It is as bad as everyone says it is. The actors are good, and they're mostly unknowns, so that's why I gave it a 7. The special effects are excellent, and it's not like this movie is a classic or anything. It's not even a good movie, just a typical low budget. You know the story, but this is not the reason to see it. If you're just here to see some good movie making, and you like horror movies, or something that is more in the vein of the Evil Dead series, then this might be worth it, but I didn't like it at all.

Jack R. photo
Jack R.

After a series of strange deaths, the government is called in to investigate. But the survivors of the disaster are not all that they seem. The story has been done before, but there is a few new twists to it. The movie is a little slow, but the movie is well made. It has a nice look to it. The acting is good, but the characters are not all that interesting. The movie is a little slow, but it is worth a watch.

Roy P. photo
Roy P.

The movie starts with a character - a young man - on his deathbed. As he dies he is seen to have 'gone white' and is now quite dead. But this doesn't seem to be a complete death, as he's still walking and talking and seemingly alive. He is no longer in a coma, and it is left to the viewer to decide whether or not he is still alive or dead. The movie then follows his companion, and while this may seem like a plot for a horror movie, in fact this is very much a story of character, and it is actually the most interesting thing about the film. As he is walking and talking we know he is alive, but we don't know for sure whether he is dead. The film is structured as a series of vignettes. Each vignette has a couple of characters and a certain number of scenes. The vignettes are often disturbing, and we know that they are scary. There is the woman who lives in the house with the dog. There is the small boy who tries to steal the dog. There is the family that has just moved into a new house and the two older brothers who go to a local museum to try and find a map of the town. There is the guy who lives next door who is creepy, but not too creepy, and the older girl who tries to become his girlfriend. There is the black man who has just moved in. There is the guy who knows where they live. And there is the town's sheriff who seems to be the main focus of the film. Each of these vignettes then show a different type of person, and they do it in a very disturbing way. This is what makes the film interesting. It is not just a horror movie. It is a film about a very interesting and different type of person, and what he will do next. You can't look at the character of the character, but at the person in the film. In the last vignette, the boy finally gets his dog back, but now he seems to have lost the ability to feel pain. The story then ends with the boy in a coma and his new companion saying that the boy will wake up and he will be fine. We can only speculate on whether or not he is still alive or dead. But this is still a very interesting film.

Joseph Young photo
Joseph Young

I saw this film on television and I thought it was okay. I thought it was good, but I'm not sure it's worth seeing on the big screen. The story is about a man who takes a group of people to an isolated island and then takes them on a long journey. The story is pretty simple, and there's not much of a plot. The film is pretty slow, and I think the only reason it's not a good film is because the characters are so boring. The acting was decent, and the cinematography was pretty good. The film is also pretty graphic, and there are some scenes that are pretty graphic. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes zombie movies, and I think it's worth a watch.

Gary Burton photo
Gary Burton

Not a typical sci-fi movie, but a rather clever thriller in the sense that it takes a conventional storyline and makes it something completely different. The movie begins with an episode of "Wired" on the fictional "Zeroes" podcast where the host, Craig Anthony, tries to convince his listeners to find out what they think is going on in the universe, but they all say "No." I was looking forward to a movie that would make me think and get my mind off of the daily grind of the 21st century and reality. Instead, I ended up wondering how much time there is in the universe. There are some scientific terms and terms used by the Zeros to explain their ideas. The Zeros have been created by an alien race that have evolved to the point that they can interface with humans and have a mind of their own. They were the first to be created and so they are the first to exist, but there is no time travel. So, all humans were created and they will die off one by one in the future. There is also a scene where the Zeros travel back in time to "save" a woman that they think will become pregnant and will destroy the universe. The Zeros are sent back in time to find a way to prevent that woman from getting pregnant and then to destroy the universe. One of the things that struck me was the lack of obvious communication between the Zeros and the human race. Even though they were a human race, the Zeros are trying to communicate with them and communicate with each other but we never hear anything back. The humans just take it and move on. There are also other problems with the movie that are dealt with very effectively and well. One example would be the discussion of reproduction. Some humans believe that humans are programmed to reproduce, but it is not like that. The Zeros believe that the universe is designed that way. They believe that if the Zeros were alive, they would still be alive and would have a strong mind. In order to keep their own existence, the Zeros have evolved into beings that can communicate with and interact with the humans. The question is, if humans are the same as the Zeros, why would the Zeros want to be human? What about the idea that the humans are programmed to reproduce and keep a population alive? When the Zeros tell the humans that they can never be human, what does that say about the nature of humanity? How would the Zeros interact with a human race that would make them human if they were really alive? Another thing that struck me was the ambiguity that existed within the universe. There are some things that could not possibly be happening. Like the Zeros asking the human race if they would do anything if they were created and a human race saying "No." At one point, one of the Zeros asks the human race if they would save the universe and a human race says "No." Now, that is a very interesting question because there is no answer to that. So, there is no answer to what would happen if humans are truly alive and the universe is in fact a simulation. Now, all of this is part of the plot of the movie and it works very well. I have seen a lot of movies in my life, but this was the only one I had ever enjoyed.

Jacob Warren photo
Jacob Warren

This is an excellent movie. The acting is good, the story is good, and the special effects are good. The only problem with it is that it is very slow, and there are a lot of long scenes where nothing happens. The movie has a lot of sex scenes, but I don't think they are that bad. If you like horror movies, then this is a good movie. If you like action movies, then this is not so good.