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Buffaloed is a movie starring Zoey Deutch, Jai Courtney, and Judy Greer. Set in the underworld of debt-collecting and follows the homegrown hustler Peg Dahl, who will do anything to escape Buffalo, NY.

Running Time
1 hours 35 minutes
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Drama, Comedy
Tanya Wexler
Brian Sacca
Zoey Deutch, Jai Courtney, Judy Greer, Jermaine Fowler
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Set in the underworld of debt-collecting and follows the homegrown hustler Peg Dahl, who will do anything to escape Buffalo, NY.

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Diane A. photo
Diane A.

I will be the first to admit that I am not a fan of David Duchovny, but I still think he is a great actor. I also like his work in this film. I have never read the book, so I was completely unaware of the film, but I have to say I was very impressed. I thought the cast did a good job, especially the mother. I was very impressed with the way they portrayed the character of the mother, who seemed very real and believable. I also thought that the director did a good job of making the film flow and flow well. I think the film will be very successful. I have seen a lot of bad reviews for the film, but I feel that a lot of the people who have written bad reviews were probably not going to be able to watch it. It was a great film, and I definitely recommend it. I think it is worth watching.

Alan photo

I had to watch this movie a few days ago and I liked it a lot. It's a really funny movie about a female friend who's divorced and a man who's father is a porn producer. The father wants to make a porn film for the porn industry and makes her a porn film for her. The movie is about two women who are friends. They have to go to see this porn film. The porn film is really good and they have a great time. They have sex and talk about sex. They are really close friends and they can't get rid of each other. The only thing is they are all divorced and they don't know each other. But they still have each other and they are still friends. This movie is really funny and it's really nice. I give it a 9/10. It's a really good movie and it's really funny.

Paul R. photo
Paul R.

I was blown away by the opening of this film, which featured a hilarious scene where a woman walks into a bodega and asks for a carton of milk and the checkout clerk says, "Oh, well, the milk is for sale here, and we have it in a carton for sale." It was the sort of remark that just about anyone who's ever had to shop would find offensive. I mean, come on! Who would say something like that? And the rest of the movie is just as funny. I've never seen any of the original '80s TV show, but I have seen some of the more recent movies (such as this one) and I have to say, I don't know how they got that film made, but it's terrific. I've seen it twice and I'm never going to get sick of it.

Pamela photo

A wonderfully surreal comedy about a man who loses his memory when his brain is removed from his body. He returns to his old apartment, and a great cast of actors, including Chris Rock, John Turturro and Janeane Garofalo, are just a few of the celebrities who are invited to witness his transformation. As the movie progresses, we learn more about the man's past, his relationships with his former roommates, his friends, his job and even his favorite band. The film is funny and surprising at the same time, but not a typical comedy. It is one of those films that leaves you thinking about it for a while, but still not saying much about it. It is worth watching, but be prepared to be entertained.

Roy photo

Forget the Caine and Bening films, this is a great film. Not a big fan of any of the "prestigious" actors in it, but I have to admit that it is good to see them, and see the style of the film, which was not the best, but it was better than many others. I give it 9 out of 10.

Vincent photo

I loved this movie! The characters are so unique and the movie is so funny! It is very funny. It was a good movie. It is very funny and it is very well written. It was a great movie and I think it is the best comedy I have seen in a long time. It is a very funny movie that will keep you laughing and not to forget it. It is a great movie. I give it an 8 out of 10. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Louis Simpson photo
Louis Simpson

It's really quite hard to find a movie that is as good as this. I really like this movie, it is funny and I like it because it is about a guy who has to go to a party in order to finish his college and not to fall in love with a girl. The movie is based on a true story and it has a great story about friendship and it shows the importance of friendship in our life. I am going to recommend this movie to everyone who likes a funny comedy, I am going to recommend this movie to all of my friends. The movie is really good and I really recommend this movie to everyone who likes a funny comedy.

Diane B. photo
Diane B.

As I watched this movie I was continually thinking about what would be appropriate to eat for my family. I think my parents would enjoy this movie, as would my sister. However, my sister's family would not. In the beginning I thought I would hate this movie, but it grew on me. I found myself laughing at the many parts of the movie, and I was able to enjoy the food. The movie's message of family is not only for families, but for any people. I loved this movie. It is so much more than food. It is a family movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants a movie that is not only funny, but has a positive message.

Emma Owens photo
Emma Owens

I think it's a movie that shows the power of a good story. It was a good movie. I didn't have any expectations but I was very pleased. The movie has a lot of humor and its a good story. It was very entertaining. I recommend it to people who are fans of the movies of the actor who played the main character. I also recommend to people who are fans of the movie. I think it's a good movie.

Tammy V. photo
Tammy V.

I'm not a fan of the current "hipster" trend. I'm not a fan of the "hipster" movie that is based on a book, the "hipster" musical, the "hipster" TV show, etc. I don't know what all the hype is about. The movie itself is very good. It has a very good story line, good acting, and a lot of humor. I am a big fan of the story. I thought it was very well written. The movie had great acting, and a good plot. I think it was very well directed and edited. I would recommend it to anyone who likes movies like the "smart" and "funny" comedies, like I do. I think the movie was a good and enjoyable film.

Philip W. photo
Philip W.

I really liked this movie. It was one of those movies that you can't look at the trailer and say "I don't want to watch that" because it's just so much more than that. The characters are well-drawn, the plot is great, and the movie is funny, but it is also a story of relationships and how we can be used by someone we love. The way they are all connected by this girl and that guy is really cute. The movie is not that great, but it is an amazing movie and I recommend it to anyone who likes movies like this. I think it would be a good movie to show kids, because it has some humor and drama. It's good to know how to tell a story and how to be in your friends' and family's world. I give it a 9 out of 10, because it was just so much more than I expected, but I am sure that I will see it again. I really loved it and hope everyone else does too.

Dylan Morrison photo
Dylan Morrison

The most important thing about this film is that it is very well done. It has a great ensemble cast that includes a very powerful performance by Alexandra Paxson as the mother who wants to care for her daughter, but is trapped in her own fears and insecurities. The supporting cast are also very good, particularly Tim Roth as the 'wrong man' of the family, and Anthony Mackie as the 'typical' man of the family. The film does not feel like it is being made for an audience, rather it is trying to say something about the fear and inner turmoil of the people who live in the 80's. It is a beautifully made film and is highly recommended. Highly recommended.

Julia photo

This is a great movie! I have seen this movie a number of times, and I still enjoy it! I have seen it in the theater, on DVD, and I have seen it on cable. I really don't see why this movie has not been released on video! This movie was so funny! I recommend this movie to anyone who has a sense of humor and a sense of a good story. I highly recommend it!

Carol Price photo
Carol Price

I loved the movie. It was funny, cute and very moving. The actor's were great and the story line was perfect. I will definitely buy this when it comes out on DVD. I have never seen the original movie but will definately buy this one.

Johnny Collins photo
Johnny Collins

I've been meaning to see this film for years. I finally had the opportunity to watch it and I am so happy that I did. The characters were real, but I didn't feel like they were very real. That's not to say that the characters were not real. I thought the actors did a great job, but the characters did not feel like they were very real. The movie was very slow, but it was very entertaining. The movie was very enjoyable and I think you will love it. I think you will also enjoy this movie. It is a little more "hidden" than most movies because it is based off of a true story. I am sure you will enjoy it. I highly recommend it. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Kathy photo

I love "The Office" and "Friends", and I can't say that I've seen a better film about these characters. "Buffaloed" is a brilliant film. It is not a great film, but it is a very good film. I thought that it was well done. It was intelligent, it was funny, and it was very entertaining. The acting was great, and the directing was great. It was a very funny movie. I recommend this film to anyone who likes "The Office" or "Friends". This film is very good.