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The Pages is a movie starring Tika Sumpter, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Ben Tavassoli. Libby teaches at a university but 4 years ago she was top aide to VP Rachel and was part of a total victory action. Rachel is now US president and...

Other Titles
An Acceptable Loss - Decisione estrema, An Acceptable Loss, A verdade em segredo, Decisión extrema
Running Time
1 hours 42 minutes
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Thriller, Drama
Joe Chappelle
Joe Chappelle
Tika Sumpter, Jeff Hephner, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ben Tavassoli
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Former top U.S. security adviser Elizabeth "Libby" Lamm (Sumpter) is threatened by associates from her dark past including Rachel Burke (Curtis), a steely, commanding politician with an unwavering knack for achieving her goals. Colluding with Rachel is Adrian, an unyielding, patriotic chief of staff. Martin (Tavassoli) harbors another type of obsession with Libby in this story of betrayal and regret.

Comments about thriller «The Pages» (21)

Jessica Hughes photo
Jessica Hughes

This is a very strong movie. It's not the kind of movie that you'll enjoy watching again and again, but I was very impressed with it. It has a very powerful, hard-hitting story, and the acting is superb. The fact that the story is told through the eyes of a young girl gives it a real life feel. The cinematography is outstanding, and the score is absolutely incredible. The performances are great, and the direction is fantastic. It's a movie that has a real impact on the viewer, and the ending is really emotional. This is a great movie, but not necessarily a movie that you'll watch again and again. I definitely recommend this film.

Amy Owens photo
Amy Owens

The Pages is a movie about a woman who is raped, murdered, and buried alive. It is a masterpiece. The script is amazing, the acting is incredible, and the camera work is fantastic. The movie is not a straight forward rape story, but instead tells the story of a woman's murder and what she went through afterwards. The director, Joshua Zuckerman, did a brilliant job with this film, and I highly recommend it. There are some scenes that are extremely graphic, and there are some scenes that are disturbing. I really think that this is the best film ever made.

Sharon photo

The Page is one of those movies that you know that you're gonna like, even though you don't know what you're gonna like. It's not a great movie, but it's not a bad one either. There's a great scene with Jason Robards in a room with the camera, which is a pretty good scene. You've got the chemistry between the two leads, and a good story. I recommend it to anybody that's a fan of any of the actors.

Sandra photo

I have just seen this film at the Cannes film festival and was impressed. The film follows the life of the members of a group of writers, who must decide if they are going to break away from the group and form their own project. I think it is a very good film that is well done. I would have liked to have seen more of the writing group but overall it was a good film. I think this film will be one of the best films of the year. If you are a fan of the writers group I would definitely recommend this film.

Austin H. photo
Austin H.

I had never heard of this movie until I read the comments here. And the comments I read here are not about the movie itself. This is about the attitude of the reviewers. They seem to think that a movie that is trying to be a great drama needs to be completely and utterly serious. It doesn't. It is an intelligent and well-acted movie, that deals with a very important issue. There are many movies that deal with the same issue, but never get very far. I have to admit that I liked this movie. I think that it is a very intelligent movie, and one that is not too difficult to follow. I think it is a great movie to watch with a friend or a group of friends. You don't have to have read the book to enjoy it, you don't have to have read the comments to understand it. This movie is very well-done, and I can't wait to see it again.

Johnny photo

I don't know if it's just me, but I found this movie to be very realistic and realistic enough to make it believable. The acting was great, and I liked the fact that it was very easy to see what the characters were thinking. I think the plot was very well thought out, and I think it was very realistic. I liked that the movie had a bit of a "feel-good" ending. It's very hard to write a movie like this. But, this movie did a great job of portraying how a person can be manipulated by a cult and the bad things that can happen. I really enjoyed it.

Mark C. photo
Mark C.

This is an interesting film with great performances. I have to admit that I was not expecting much when I saw the poster, and I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was a very well done film with some real twists and turns. I have to say that it is a little over-done at times and there are some pacing problems. I also have to say that the ending was a little abrupt. But overall, this is a great film that I will definitely watch again. I do not think it will be one of the best films of the year but it is definitely worth the watch.

Heather B. photo
Heather B.

This film is about a "New York Times" journalist who travels to a small town in the mountains of New Mexico to do a story on a little girl who was raised in a mental institution. The woman starts to fall in love with the girl, and she becomes a little more human. I think this is a good film. I think it's not as great as "The Sixth Sense" but I think it's worth a watch.

Lori F. photo
Lori F.

If you want to know how a movie is made, watch this movie. It's not going to be for everyone, but if you like action, thriller, and have a good sense of humor, then you will enjoy this movie. If you like the movie, I think you will like the book.

Samuel Nelson photo
Samuel Nelson

This movie was great. I was shocked at how great it was. I was a little skeptical about the reviews I had read. They were almost all negative. So I was skeptical about it. I am glad I watched it. It was fantastic. I didn't know what to expect, but I was very pleased. I have been a huge fan of Banderas for a while now, and I loved this movie. It had a great story, and was realistic. It had an incredible cast. I was very impressed with the actors. I really hope that they do more movies like this. I loved the movie, and I can't wait to see it again.

Aaron B. photo
Aaron B.

In this gritty, suspenseful thriller, Jason Bateman plays a college student who gets a mysterious phone call from a mysterious man named Charlie. Charlie is the son of a wealthy, but degenerate family who are all planning a big party in a secluded beach house. However, the party goes horribly wrong and Charlie is kidnapped by a mysterious killer named Michael (Ben Affleck). The two of them are forced to work together to get Charlie back. In the process, Charlie starts to question his own sanity and morality. "The Pages" is a gripping thriller that is extremely tense and makes you think. This is definitely one of the best films of the year and a must see for horror fans.

Linda photo

I have been a big fan of Toni Collette for many years. She plays the role of Dr. Benjamin Loomis so well and so well that I felt she deserved an Oscar for her performance. The movie has a very good pace and I was on the edge of my seat throughout. It is a good movie to watch and a good thriller to watch. I think it would be a good choice for the family with the kids, but there is a lot of violence in it and it is not for everyone. The ending is very surprising and it left me with a lot of questions. I give it an 8/10.

Robert P. photo
Robert P.

I read the book and watched the film before watching this, and both were extremely well done. The acting, and the writing, were top notch. The whole cast was incredible. I was especially pleased with the casting of Ellen Burstyn, and the actress who played her daughter, Lisa. Both were outstanding, and made the film for me. The story was well-written and engaging. The cinematography was top notch. The music was very well-done. The sound and picture were very well-done. The special effects were very well-done. I am very pleased with this film. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves a good mystery/thriller/thriller. It is very well-done, and very well-done in my opinion.

Cynthia Brown photo
Cynthia Brown

If you are looking for a story about the 1970's and the Cuban Missile Crisis then this is a good one. It is a story about a group of young Cuban exiles who live in the US and try to find their place in society. The young men are obviously not political leaders and they have a different agenda. I liked the fact that they did not have a leader to follow but they had to find their own way. The film was shot in a way that was very realistic and did not take any liberties with reality. The acting was excellent and the story was very well told. I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good story.

Brandon Jimenez photo
Brandon Jimenez

I read the book years ago and I always thought it was good. The movie is pretty good. It does have a few holes but I didn't mind. The movie is good. It is a good story and it is good for a family. It is a good movie.

Kathryn P. photo
Kathryn P.

I'm not a fan of the book but the movie was good. It was the way it was supposed to be. The actors did an amazing job. The cinematography was great. It was all done in such a way that made the story seem real. I was also surprised by the story. I am not a big fan of action films but this was a good one. I have read the book and it was pretty good. I recommend this movie to people who like action films. I am a big fan of action films but this was a good one. I think that the story was very good and I really enjoyed the movie. I would recommend this movie to people who like action films and are not fans of the book. This movie was very good. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes action films.

Richard Simmons photo
Richard Simmons

I watched this movie in a screening of it. I didn't like it that much. I thought it was a little over the top and some of the scenes seemed a little too staged. I also didn't like the way that the FBI agents acted towards the film's lead. I didn't really like how the lead character acted towards the FBI agents. It was just a little too much. I also thought the ending was a little over the top and I didn't really like how the FBI agents were killed. The film did a great job of showing how the FBI agents were involved in the murder. They were in on the crime, and were aware of it, but they didn't do anything to stop it. I thought the ending of this movie was a little too dramatic. I think the ending could have been a little bit more dramatic. Overall, I thought it was a good movie. It was worth watching, and it was entertaining. It was not my favorite movie of the year, but it was a good movie.

Willie Webb photo
Willie Webb

I have seen the movie twice now and each time I am left with a new perspective of the events. I have always felt that the more time that passes between the events, the more interesting they become. I am sure that I have missed something, but it seems to me that the events were very different in the two viewings. I was watching the movie at a friend's house, and my father was watching it in the movie theater. The movie was not that great, but it did not look like a masterpiece. My father said that he was very surprised at how it turned out. He was not very much of a fan of the movie. The movie does not give you a great view of the crime scene. I thought that there were several things that I could have done better. The other day I was browsing through my cable guide and I saw a movie that I had never seen before, but I was very interested. I decided to watch it. It was a movie called "Crazy Heart." It was about a man who was dying of cancer and he wanted to keep the love he had for his daughter alive. I watched the movie and thought that I could have done a better job with this. The acting was good. The plot was very good. The story was very good. I thought that it was a very good movie. I thought that the events were very different. I think that it is a good movie for people who like crime and drama. I think that this is a movie that should not be missed.

Anna D. photo
Anna D.

It is very difficult to talk about a film without mentioning the lead characters. The main character, in this case, is a psychiatrist named Dr. Morris Dees. He is a man with a few secrets that he keeps to himself. He also has a very dark secret that he is keeping from his wife, Mary. The only thing that he can share with her is the fact that he is a serial killer. The story begins with Mary, played by the lovely Sharon Stone, leaving the home they are renting. She and her husband are going to an out of town trip. Her husband doesn't like the idea of her going to the country, and he tells her that he will never go to the country. She is surprised to hear this and decides to go. She finds out that her husband is already in the country. She and her husband are going to a cabin on the lake. The cabin is located on a farm. They are going to have a quiet day, and have a nice dinner together. She meets a couple that are traveling to the lake for the weekend. She begins to have suspicions about the couple. She begins to wonder if the man that is going to the lake is the husband of the couple. She finds out that she is right about the man that is going to the lake. She then starts to have more suspicions about the man. She then finds out that the man is a serial killer. She then finds out that the man is the killer. The movie is a very good thriller. I recommend this film to anyone that likes a good thriller. I would rate this movie 8/10.

Walter photo

For those who don't know the book, it's a very good read. It is also a very good film. But what I liked most about this movie was that I actually didn't know what to expect. I just knew that it was a movie about a man who has to write a book about his life, and then he has to write it over and over again, and write it for his family and friends. And when he finishes it, he has to sell it to his publisher, who is also his family's publisher. So what does this have to do with him writing his book? Well, he ends up writing his book on his death bed, and he writes it for his family and friends. The movie is a pretty good story, but it could have been a little better. The acting is great, the story is good, and it's a very good movie. It's just that the story is just a little bit underdeveloped. If you like the book, you'll love the movie, but if you don't like the book, you'll hate the movie.

Benjamin photo

This is a brilliant thriller. I had heard about it from a friend and had been waiting for it to come out on DVD. I was very pleased with this film. It is very well done and does not go for the easy way out with the story. It keeps the viewer involved in the story and doesn't let the viewer go on a guessing game about who the bad guys are. The only negative I can think of is that it is not exactly what I had pictured it to be. It is definitely not a kids film and I would not recommend it to anyone under 13. However, I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good thriller.