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Trico Tri Happy Halloween

Trico Tri Happy Halloween is a movie starring Kendall Vertes, Armando Gutierrez, and Carson Rowland. A Hispanic middle-class family moves back to Miami after living in California to take care of their recently widowed Abuela. Little...

Other Titles
Trico Tri: Happy Halloween, Mutlu Cadilar Bayrami
Running Time
1 hours 29 minutes
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Christian Vogeler
Yamil Piedra
Kendall Vertes, Adriana Cataño, Armando Gutierrez, Carson Rowland
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A Hispanic middle-class family moves back to Miami after living in California to take care of their recently widowed Abuela. Little do they know their new house is the infamous Bradford house which is haunted by two mischievous ghosts. Hilarious situations ensue as the family settles in, romance unfolds, over-zealous ghost hunters stalk the house, Abuela becomes more and more superstitious all the while high schoolers plan to throw a big Halloween party at the Bradford house.

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Justin G. photo
Justin G.

I love the original film. This one is just the same, and a little better. The actors are more experienced, so they seem to have more experience in the movie, as opposed to the original. I also liked the fact that there are so many things going on. The point of the movie is to create a world where people can be themselves and not be judged for being different. There is more that can be said about this movie, but I'll leave it up to you. I would say that this is a good movie for teens, as they can relate to a lot of the things that are happening. If you have never seen this before, you might be a little confused. I am not saying that it is bad, but it is not really an original movie. It is just a little different than the original. It is a little better than the original, but not by much. This is a good movie for teens, but not really a great movie.

Jack photo

I've watched this film many times and have liked it so much. It's a family movie. I like that. It's about a family. There's a lot of family values in it. They try to do it the right way, but the family is trying to be more important than the person they are supposed to be. It's very important to them. It's a very nice film. I would give it a 10 out of 10. I think it's very well done.

Dennis R. photo
Dennis R.

I'm not a big fan of these sorts of movies, I think they are too obvious and too predictable, but this one was just so much fun, and so much fun I couldn't wait to get it on DVD. This movie is a great way to kill some time, or if you're not a big fan of the genre, to watch with a group of friends. It's also a great way to introduce a young adult to the classic Halloween movie series. If you like a good old fashioned film noir, and are in the mood for something a little different, then this is definitely a movie you should see. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good old fashioned movie with a twist, and if you like the original Halloween movie series, this is a great movie to add to your collection.

Julie P. photo
Julie P.

In my opinion this is the best movie that I have seen all year. The only reason why I rated it so high was because it was the first movie to have no music, the movie made no money, and the storyline was so powerful. I hope that this movie can do well in the box office because it has been lacking in recent years. I would love to see more movies with no music, especially since I enjoy the actors that have it. The story is quite unique and the actors are amazing. I give this movie a 10 out of 10.

Daniel photo

This is a wonderful film. A movie which I would recommend to anyone. I would rate it 9 out of 10. I highly recommend it for people who are looking for a movie that is a little different from the normal mainstream horror movies. I would recommend this movie to people who are looking for a little bit of fun. This movie is the perfect Christmas movie for Christmas.

Jean photo

It's really a nice movie. And if you think that this movie is boring, just watch the whole movie. It's very funny, very entertaining. A must watch. I really like it. If you like movies like The Boss, Memento, Die Hard, The Fifth Element, and many more, you should really check this movie out. It's a really nice movie.

Gary O. photo
Gary O.

I just recently saw this movie and I had no idea what to expect. What a pleasant surprise. There is some nudity and violence, but this is a gentle, funny movie. I would recommend it to anyone. It is one of the funniest movies I have seen. I was laughing out loud a lot. I also think it is a great film to show children. I liked the little boy who played the blind boy very well. He is very charming and sweet. I also thought the story was very well written. I especially liked the ending. I thought it was great. I would recommend this movie to anyone. I gave it an A.

Willie K. photo
Willie K.

This is an excellent film. It is a young adult story and I found the teenage love story very engaging. The film is well directed and the acting is superb. This is a well rounded film. The story is good and there is lots of humour in the film. The acting is very good. The actors all do a wonderful job. The film is about a 12 year old girl who goes to a rave and meets the world. She meets a man who is a wizard and she is forced to marry him. They travel to a magical world where she has to help a man who is being killed by a witch. This is an excellent film that is worth watching. It is very entertaining. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes thrillers and romantic films.

Adam Pena photo
Adam Pena

A wonderful family film. Not much to say about it. A great family film, a bit on the dark side but just a lovely film. If you are a fan of Spinal Tap and/or Family Guy you will love this. The acting is spot on, the music is great and it is so beautiful to watch. If you like a film that isn't over the top and some humour, then you will love this. Don't expect to be entertained for very long, but it is a great film that everyone will enjoy.

Jean O. photo
Jean O.

This is a good film that shows us that people have their own "color". The music is good and makes it enjoyable to watch the movie. The movie shows us that we should give thanks to those who have helped us. We should also give thanks to those who are willing to help us. The movie is an entertaining movie and a great way to spend the night.

Nicholas photo

I really enjoyed this movie. The story is really great and the cast is really great. There's also a lot of humor. It's not as "gritty" as some people would like it to be but it's not too serious either. It's not too happy either. The characters are all well written and the writing is really well done. It's funny and sad and exciting and there's a lot of action. It's definitely not a chick flick and I think it's a great movie for the whole family. It's a movie that's good for all ages and I recommend it for everyone.

Evelyn Ruiz photo
Evelyn Ruiz

I was a bit skeptical of this film after seeing the reviews. I think they were expecting something more original than what we have here. The film is absolutely amazing and the actors are excellent. The storyline is good and it keeps you wondering what will happen next. The music is great and keeps you entertained. I'm not sure what the audience was expecting and I would have thought the film would have been better without it. I highly recommend this film to anyone who likes thrillers, a good story, and a good time. I give this film an 8 out of 10.

Joseph H. photo
Joseph H.

This is a charming little film about a friendly neighborhood family that meets a tragic end. The first half is a cute, funny and nostalgic look at how the family is changed by the death of one of their own. It's a wonderful little story, full of good humor and a warm heart. The second half is the horror part. While the family is in the hospital, it's very hard to watch. I was so scared for the kids, and so glad they were safe in the hospital. But the scares just keep on coming, and the kids never get to see the real horror that's happening to them. The film is very well written and directed. It's a family movie that's great for kids. I'm sure that parents will love this film. It's a wonderful film for adults to enjoy too. It's a perfect family film.

Alexander Lewis photo
Alexander Lewis

Trico Tri Happy Halloween is an entertaining family movie for the whole family. The story is about a man named Dwayne whose job is to deliver large amounts of candy for a local church. One day, a female employee at the church brings a package of candy. She wants Dwayne to deliver it. She takes the package to the warehouse where Dwayne works. He is just a normal guy but he gets called on to deliver the candy to a young woman named Edie. Dwayne and his team of delivery men must stop the delivery person who is using the delivery person to deliver other people's candy. The acting in this movie is great. Tom Hanks and his team deliver some really good performances. It is great to see some actors who have great acting ability. My favorite actors in this movie are the delivery men. The delivery men in this movie are really great. The actors in this movie have great chemistry with each other. They make the movie so fun to watch. I really enjoyed this movie. It has good family humor. It is a good movie to watch with your kids. The movie is rated "R" for strong language and some sexual references. If you are over 18, this movie is rated "PG-13".

Roy C. photo
Roy C.

Trico Tri Happy Halloween is a film that I was not expecting to be anything special and I am glad that it was not. I didn't have high expectations but I was pleasantly surprised. I have seen this film at least five times since I have seen it on the festival circuit and I find it to be quite entertaining and quite original. There were a few things that I did not like but I think that it was done very well and it was more or less just like a group of friends playing a game of "ghost busters" with a twist. There were some things that were a little too gory for me but that was not a big problem. Overall I would say that this film was enjoyable and is a film that I would recommend to those that have not seen it before. It has some flaws but it was fun and I would recommend it.

Roger C. photo
Roger C.

I'm not a fan of kiddie films and in particular of the "Scary Movie" movies, but I have to admit that this movie did entertain me. The movie is a little overlong but it is still worth the watch. I'm not sure why the ratings are so low, but I think they are low because they have to have a parent or someone close to a parent in the audience, so the parents can't see this movie. This is a movie that children of all ages can enjoy and I think the whole family can enjoy. I think that a lot of the bad reviews are from parents who have to be in the theater, and the parents can't enjoy the movie. The movie is entertaining and enjoyable, and the movie is not for those who don't enjoy the genre.

Megan Weber photo
Megan Weber

I have never seen a movie so fast paced and exciting that I never stopped to breathe. This movie is fast paced and very intense. I wish that the movies would go back to that in the future. I have to see the movie again. I am glad I am a fan of this movie because the movie is so much fun. The acting is very good and the story is very good. I would recommend this movie to anyone and everyone. The movie is fast paced and extremely entertaining.

Nicholas Torres photo
Nicholas Torres

When I first heard about this movie I thought it was a little strange. I'm not a big fan of movies that feature people dressed up like clowns. I was right. But when I saw it I was really surprised. It was a fun, funny, and wonderful movie. It was the kind of movie that I could watch again and again. I really loved it. I would recommend it to anyone, because it's a movie that I would watch over and over again.

Brian Stewart photo
Brian Stewart

This film is very cleverly done. There are several creative twists, each of which is brilliantly executed. The ending is very original and it is so funny to see the characters having a ball while the school is watching the film. It is also a lot of fun seeing the gang at the big party, and a great scene in which they share a beer. Overall, this is a very enjoyable film that I would recommend to anyone. It is not a major film, but it is a very good film, and I highly recommend it.

Heather photo

In the beginning of this movie I was confused at first, but as it goes on I understood that it is a movie about a guy who has a bad luck, when he gets in a car accident and the car goes over a cliff, then he starts to live in a villa. Then he meets a guy who wants to marry him, and the guy and the girl is a married couple, then they are happily married. Then the guy dies, and he is buried in a cemetery, and when he is buried, a bad luck begins to happen, then a girl starts to live in his villa. I can understand this movie being good and entertaining, but when I see the movie it is not that good, it is a movie that is good for kids, but not for adults.

Lawrence photo

This movie is really cute and has a really nice story. I think it is a movie for people who like to see a nice happy Halloween movie. I have read some reviews that say it is not good because it is "too cute" or "not scary". I can't really understand why people say that. I think it's a nice movie and I think the ending is really cute. The only thing I don't like is that there is a scene with the clowns. It's just really stupid. But other than that, I think this movie is really cute and I really recommend this movie to all people who like to see a nice Halloween movie. I rate this movie 8/10.

Amy photo

This film has it all. Fun, cute, funny, exciting, and a very well thought out storyline. It's also a film that you can watch over and over again and never get tired of. You'll never get bored with this film and it's so much fun. The characters are very well written and the film has a very solid story and flow to it. It's very hard to predict what will happen next and the ending is very satisfying. It's very funny and you will definitely want to watch this film over and over again. It has everything you could want in a film, romance, suspense, comedy, fun, fun, fun. It's a very well written film and it has a lot of great scenes that I would recommend watching over and over again.

Diana photo

A comedy of manners in a way I would have never thought to do. It's a little bit of a cross between MacGyver and The Breakfast Club, but in a way I would not have thought to do. A little bit of action and comedy mixed with a little romance. I loved the ending, but the rest of the movie is quite different. So many different twists and turns. A movie with a great script and great performances, with a great plot and a great ending. I'm looking forward to more from this movie and this writer. A must watch!

Brandon Baker photo
Brandon Baker

I loved this movie. I didn't like it at all but i liked it. The characters are funny, you can relate to them. The main characters are very smart and have no flaws. This movie is about a guy that is a clown and this girl that is a girl. The boy that is the boyfriend of the main character is really funny and this guy that is the clown's boyfriend is really funny. The story is really good and it has a good ending. I don't know what is wrong with people that say that it's bad but I think that it's really good. This movie is really funny and it has good characters and it has a good story. I recommend this movie to everyone because it is really good and you can watch it with friends. Also I think that you should be able to enjoy it. 8/10