Steam The Least of These: The Graham Staines Story

The Least of These: The Graham Staines Story

The Least of These: The Graham Staines Story is a movie starring Sharman Joshi, Stephen Baldwin, and Shari Rigby. In India, a journalist investigates whether or not an Australian missionary is performing illegal conversions on the...

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1 hours 52 minutes
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Aneesh Daniel
Andrew E. Matthews
Sharman Joshi, Stephen Baldwin, Shari Rigby, Manoj Mishra
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In India, a journalist investigates whether or not an Australian missionary is performing illegal conversions on the local townspeople.

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Craig T. photo
Craig T.

I was lucky enough to see this on a double bill with "Dennis Potter's" (Wright's) movie "The Least of These." Both movies were pretty good, but "The Least of These" was an exceptional, extremely well written, and well acted movie. I thought this was much more moving than the first movie in this trilogy, "Beneath." My only regret is that it didn't get the awards it deserved. This movie is the closest that Wright has come to making a real movie in my opinion. The performances were great, the story was interesting, and the acting was good. The ending was a bit too simplistic, but the plot was interesting. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has not seen the first two movies in this trilogy, and to anyone who is a fan of Wright.

Pamela photo

At times I felt like this movie would end up as a surrealist piece and a jumbled mess, like a lost tape. In fact, that's exactly what it feels like. But in the end, I thought this was a decent movie, with great performances by the entire cast. The story starts out with Graham Staines, a man who used to live in a country house in the hills, but now lives in a run-down apartment complex. He's still in love with his old school friend, Carrie, but he can't stand the fact that she's married. He just wants to go on with his life. One day, Graham accidentally bumps into her, and she's afraid that he's cheating on her. She thinks Graham might be getting married to another woman, and she's mad at him for getting involved with Carrie. But he doesn't know. Graham asks Carrie to get rid of a photo of him and Carrie finds it in her apartment, and she decides to make a copy of it. But Graham doesn't want the picture to be seen by anyone, so he gives it to his father. The father tells Graham that he has to be the one to take it, and Graham takes it. He's so confused about the picture, he doesn't even know what to do with it. But he realizes that he can't take the picture back, so he decides to get rid of it. And he goes to his old school friend, Carrie, and tries to have a serious conversation about the picture. But Graham doesn't believe her, and she leaves him. He decides to use the photo to try and find out the truth. He goes to Carrie's apartment, and he's very happy to see his old school friend. But she doesn't believe him. Then he takes the picture to the local newspaper and tries to get the truth out about it. The story doesn't get much better for Graham. He's getting called a liar and a thief. He feels like he's losing his mind. Carrie, on the other hand, is the one who gets really angry. She thinks Graham is losing his mind, and she wants to prove that he's not crazy. Graham takes the photo back, but the story is still going on. Graham goes to Carrie's house and tries to make a phone call. Carrie doesn't believe him, and Graham doesn't know what to do with the picture. He goes back to the newspaper and tries to get the truth out about it. But he doesn't believe her either. The movie doesn't end until the last half hour. But the story is still going on. It's a really great movie. It's one of the few that I like a lot. I'd recommend it to anybody who wants to see a good romantic drama, and a good story. It's a great movie, with great performances, and a great story. I give it a 7/10.

Jeremy photo

I must admit that I was more than a bit excited when I heard that this film was being made. After all, I was a fan of Jim Carrey and Ben Stiller and had been following the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Glenn Frey, Rob Zombie, David Byrne, and most of the rest of the performers on the now-defunct "Stand Up For Heroes" shows on the television. So what could possibly go wrong? As it turns out, everything. First of all, the film is so "chick-flick" in its very first scene that I couldn't take it seriously and it was not until the end of the film that I really began to appreciate what the movie was actually trying to accomplish. It would be like saying that, for example, a movie about the destruction of a cruise ship can't possibly be taken seriously if you are a man. I had been asking myself, "So what?" all the way through the film. The end of the film brought the film into the realm of "just good" and I didn't want to see it any other way. The film, I suppose, was going to be a comedy, but it wasn't. I couldn't really tell you why the film wasn't funny. It wasn't even good, but it wasn't bad. The acting was good. The characters were real and the performances were believable. The story was good, and I think it was all the more important because it was the story of the film. The story was very well-done. It was a good balance between humor and drama. The humor was good and not too many times did I find myself laughing. The drama was not too deep, but it was not too light either. I liked the movie, but I wouldn't call it a masterpiece. I think it was very good. If you're not a fan of Jim Carrey, Ben Stiller, or Glenn Frey, you won't like this film. I think the actors did a good job and, if you like these guys, you'll probably enjoy this film. I do recommend the film. It was good, but not great. I think the film was an 8 out of 10.

Wayne Allen photo
Wayne Allen

This is a very touching and moving film about a young man who lives with his mother and sister. His mother has been suffering from dementia for a long time and his sister has suffered from the same problem. The sisters have been separated since birth, but they are now reunited. One day, Graham Staines's sister makes him go to the family house and she tells him about the secret of his mother's dementia. It's a long story, but it is a powerful one. The film is touching and compelling. I was deeply moved by the film, and I was glad to see it get the award it deserves. I really hope the Academy recognizes this film, because it deserves it. This film is one of the best films of the year, and it deserves to be recognized. 8/10

Cynthia P. photo
Cynthia P.

If you can't relate to Graham Staines, you will be disturbed by this movie. I myself have never known the people he met and I have a lot of friends from the world of fashion. So, I really do not know what it is about Graham that made him the way he is. For me, the problem was that the film portrayed Graham as an easy target for the sort of people he was befriending. For example, I think the character who Graham met at the US Open was a real asshole. He was just a big jerk. In fact, I have no idea what he was thinking when he decided to do what he did. I think he was just trying to get himself out of a situation that was really not the way he wanted to go. The problem is that Graham was the only one of his friends who actually had a conscience. He would go to the hotel to pick up his clothes. Then he would put them in the dryer. Then he would go out and buy a pair of shoes for a friend of his, then go to the store to buy a pair of jeans. But I am sure the other guys didn't know how he did it. They didn't want to be the guys who bought a pair of jeans at the dryer. I am sure that this is not true of all of his friends. I can only imagine the extent of Graham's loyalty and sense of duty. I think it would be hard for a person to believe that Graham would take a job that paid him a lot of money, and then would go to the bank and take out a loan that he knew was very risky. He would probably get a lot of the people who are supposed to help him in the form of a lawyer. I think that he would feel obligated to pay back the loan. If he was going to do something wrong, he would at least try to learn from his mistakes. But Graham was a very honest person, and was willing to put his life and his career on the line for the right reasons. I really feel that Graham Staines is a hero, and I think he deserves to be remembered for what he did. It is a pity that the film doesn't give us any character profiles of the other people he met.

Johnny B. photo
Johnny B.

The Graham Staines story is just an intriguing story with several interesting parts, but too much melodrama for my liking. What kept me involved was the acting, and I do mean acting. Without it, this movie would not have been enjoyable. The movie has several actors, but it is probably best described as one big ensemble piece. The story is very compelling, and there is enough depth to the characters to make the story interesting. The film is also quite a lengthy, so that is not such a problem. I think the acting of the actors is better than the story. If you want a good drama, I recommend The Departed or The Town. If you want to watch a decent, but not great drama, I recommend The Graham Staines story.

Amanda Curtis photo
Amanda Curtis

In the 1970s, Graham Staines (Richard Harris) had a successful, seemingly successful career as a writer. When he was young, his father (Michael Caine) was a millionaire. But when his father died, Graham's mother (Anne Bancroft) moved out. Graham's step-mother became a womanizer. Graham became bored with his career and didn't like the lifestyle. He became estranged from his wife. Graham's girlfriend (Bette Midler) came to visit and Graham told her he had to go back to his hometown. Graham agreed to go back, but he left his children and money behind. Graham lost his job. He lost his home. He lost his respect from his peers. His friends started to dislike him. But Graham had faith in God. He went to the funeral of his friend and got his money back. He wanted to go back to his hometown to see his friends. He went back, but he never returned. This film is a drama. It was filmed on location in Glastonbury, Somerset. It is about the loss of Graham Staines, a man who grew up in a wealthy family, and now has to live with the loss of his home, his children, and his friends. It is also about the loss of faith in God. This film is the kind of film that a lot of people would like to see. It is not a great film, but it is a very good film. I would recommend it to anyone.

Denise photo

A great, heartfelt look at a man who didn't care if his wife died, but he was stuck in a long-term relationship with his second wife. It's the kind of movie you can watch and feel the same way. You can feel the pain, the anger, the sadness and the sorrow that Graham felt when he was caught in a web of deception. And you can feel the hope that came out of it all. It's a movie that makes you want to know more about the people that Graham met and married. Graham was a great man and you can see the love in his eyes. He wasn't a murderer, but he had a very tough time keeping that secret. He suffered greatly from the lie he had to tell his wife and his children. And he suffered even more as he watched his second wife die. Graham was a great man. I hope you watch this movie.

Roy photo

This is a very different film for me than the usual "no one will know what is going on" type films. It's very entertaining and keeps you on the edge of your seat. I really like this type of movie and I think it's much more interesting than most films that come out these days. I was very impressed with the acting. My favorite actor was Kevin Bacon. I think he really did a good job in this film. The story is very well written and very interesting. I really recommend this film.

Austin Parker photo
Austin Parker

This is the kind of film that we should be seeing more of, especially in the current political climate. It was a wonderful film and I feel it deserves a bigger audience. I'm glad to see that the casting of Rooney Mara was also excellent. I also really enjoyed all the supporting roles, especially the actors who played the youngest members of the family. I'd like to see more films like this that are made today, and I hope that this film gets a bigger audience. My only wish is that more of these kind of films get made.