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American Woman

American Woman is a movie starring Sienna Miller, Sky Ferreira, and Kentucker Audley. A woman raises her young grandson after her daughter goes missing.

Other Titles
Američka žena, Uma Mulher Americana, Amerikai nő, La mujer americana, The Burning Woman
Running Time
1 hours 51 minutes
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Drama, Mystery
Jake Scott
Brad Ingelsby
Sky Ferreira, Sienna Miller, Christina Hendricks, Kentucker Audley
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A woman raises her young grandson after her daughter goes missing.

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Johnny C. photo
Johnny C.

I have been a fan of Jane Campion's work since I saw her film version of "The Catcher in the Rye" and have always enjoyed her work. I was excited to see this film based on the trailer and I was not disappointed. This is a great film and I am glad that it was released on DVD. This film is very well made and the actors are very good. I think that the film is very well paced and the story is very compelling. I am glad that the film was made. I think that it was well worth the money that was spent to make it. I recommend this film to anyone who likes Jane Campion's work. I give this film a B.

Roger G. photo
Roger G.

The story is about a mother and daughter, who are too much in love with each other. They have a hard time being friends, but their mother is the one who wants the two to be together. A story about a mother and her daughter. The story is very good, but there are a few parts where it seems it can become boring. I think the film has a couple of flaw, that I can't tell you about. I think that they don't give enough time for the story to be developed, that's why it can become boring, and that's why I think it's important to cut it down. I think it's important to cut the film down, because then it would be much more watchable.

Keith Tran photo
Keith Tran

An extremely effective drama about a woman who is being stalked by a murderer. Well, I'm not sure who exactly stalked her, but whatever the reason, it was one of the most terrifying scenes in cinema history, and it's one that still brings a shiver down my spine. It's the sound of her screams, and her screams alone that I find so frightening. It's a story of a woman who has been through so much, but is still very hopeful, and in a way, loyal to what she believes in. Even when the story moves slowly towards its denouement, it's still worth watching.

Andrea photo

I just saw this film the other night and I was totally swept away by it. I was totally in love with this film. I think that it's truly a great film. It has so many different parts that people are going to love. The performances by Rooney Mara and Frances McDormand are great and I thought that the direction and editing were great too. They did such a good job with the story. I'm not going to tell you any spoilers so don't look at any reviews. Just go and see this movie. If you're the kind of person that loves Hollywood type of films I think you'll love this one. It's a great film. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to be blown away. I'm not going to tell you what the film is about but I think that you will understand the plot line of the film and you'll be in love with this film.

Arthur Guerrero photo
Arthur Guerrero

I am very impressed with the movie "The Wicker Man". It was a very good movie, the actors were very good and the story was very good. The main character was a very good and realistic one. It was not like the movie "Snow White" where the main character was a real princess and the fairy was the evil queen. This movie was very good, it had a good story and it was a good movie. I hope that people like it as much as I did.

Elizabeth L. photo
Elizabeth L.

This movie is an interesting look at a troubled woman who does not know how to live her life. In the beginning, she is a successful writer and is single, but she loses her job and has to move in with her sister. She decides to move to Los Angeles, and she meets a man who is an ex-convict and has a bad life. She falls in love with him, but she can't live with him. Her sister finds her and tries to help her, but she is unable to do it. Her sister wants her to move back to New York, but she doesn't want to do that. She wants to go to the movies and live a normal life. She does not want to move back to New York, and she wants to be with her sister. This is a very interesting movie. It is a real story, and it is a very interesting movie.

Phillip R. photo
Phillip R.

The novel, The Righteous, was a masterpiece. In the film, the novel becomes too literary for a film and loses much of its power. This is an exceptional film. It is beautifully filmed, very well acted, and well written. It is a film that will not be forgotten. Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep were excellent. The film is a work of art, it is inspiring and even moving. The novel is an amazing read, and this film enhances that reading experience. This is a great film.

Donna Lucas photo
Donna Lucas

For those who have heard of this movie before (including me) and have yet to see it. please do not take this review as a review of the movie. I am writing this as a reaction to many reviews, particularly the ones written by people in the business of film marketing who have a vested interest in how films are received. I saw this movie, and I found it to be entertaining, exciting and thought-provoking. So, maybe this is an appropriate vehicle to write my thoughts, but I am writing this after I've watched the movie. There are many things to point out, the main one being the question of why was the woman, Sarah (played by Brie Larson), able to fly? I thought this question was not answered satisfactorily. However, that is not the point. She flew because of her powers. She was able to fly because she was the one who had the powers, or her powers. It seemed like they were unsure what that meant. One can also point out the irony of the fact that she was able to fly because she was a woman. The way she was not allowed to fly in the movie did not go far enough. At least, the problem I had was that I did not think Sarah could fly. If she could fly, then she was granted those powers from God, which makes it harder for me to believe she could fly, but what did I know? All I know is that she flew. At least, I thought she flew. Overall, I liked the movie, but I would like to have seen more. It could have been better. That is all.

Maria Hunter photo
Maria Hunter

Here's the thing, if you like movies that are based on true events, then you'll love this movie. It's based on the true story of what happened in 1970 when Nixon's friend, Richard M. Nixon, Jr. (Cuba Gooding Jr.) is elected president and is put under a blood-pressure pill. The film is based on the book "One Nation Under Heaven" by Anthony Summers, who wrote the screenplay. It is based on a book written by Timothy Egan, who is the director. He wrote the screenplay for The Hateful Eight. The story takes place in 1969, while Vietnam is still in the news. The film features Patricia Arquette, playing the role of Cassia, a young woman with a mother who is a single mother and with three brothers, one of whom is Dick Nixon. She does not know that her mother is having an affair with Richard Nixon, Jr. (Gooding Jr.), the future president. With her best friend, Vidal (Vincent D'Onofrio), she starts to follow Nixon, Jr. to work. During this time, Nixon, Jr. is also in a relationship with Cassia's father, who is angry with Nixon, Jr. because he saw Cassia and the other boys being involved with the Nixon boys. Cassia is also extremely frustrated because she has a big crush on Nixon, Jr. She feels that he is a big dork and does not like her. She tries to make her life easier by working at the school, but she is always alone and is always in trouble. Her friend, Vidal, tries to help Cassia to find a boyfriend, but she is always putting him off. Vidal tries to be supportive of Cassia, but she is also trying to find a boyfriend for Cassia. They try to keep Cassia from going crazy. The first half of the movie is very intense. In the first scene, you see Cassia coming out of her home in her underwear. Cassia is having a heart attack and she is taken to the hospital. She is admitted and placed in an institution. She is not released until five days later. When she is released, she is depressed and starts a new relationship with Vidal. She gets a job as a secretary and she is getting close to Nixon, Jr. Nixon, Jr. and Cassia do not have a relationship until she starts to get close to Nixon, Jr. When Cassia and Nixon, Jr. meet, he has a hard time dealing with her. Nixon, Jr. is trying to control Cassia and tell her what he wants. He tells her that he wants her to drop out of college and work at the school, but she wants to stay and she wants to become president of the school. Nixon, Jr. gets a hold of Cassia and she is made to do his bidding. Nixon, Jr. takes her to the White House where she meets the real Nixon, Sr. The real Nixon, Sr. is a very mean man. He is upset that he was not made to have a birthday party at his home. Nixon, Sr. will do anything to get Cassia, even if it means beating Cassia. Nixon, Sr. will not let her get out of bed until she has a boyfriend. In the end, Nixon, Jr. comes back into his life. Nixon, Jr. is not a bully but is tough. Nixon, Jr. finally does get a job at the school and gets Cassia to start to like him. Cassia's father and mother get a new lease on life. They are both excited about getting her into college. Nixon, Jr. and Cassia go on a vacation to the Bahamas. Nixon, Jr. gets upset about the fact that Cassia is not getting along with Nixon, Jr., and tries to make Cassia hate him. The movie ends with Nixon, Jr. getting a phone call and in the background you can hear Cassia talking to her mother. The movie is very intense and the ending is very emotional. The film is a good movie to watch with a date, but be warned, it is a little bit disturbing. This is a great film and it is worth watching.

Marie photo

I found the movie to be more real than I thought it would be. When I went to see it, I expected a completely fake movie. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was more of a "real" movie. I found myself looking at the movie, thinking what I would have done in their situation. I would have probably been in that place. That is probably what most people are thinking about. It was really good and good acting. It was a good movie. I think most people will like it.

Melissa M. photo
Melissa M.

I just got back from the premiere of "American Woman," and I had a couple of observations about it. First, I was impressed with the color. The set design was incredibly impressive and extremely exciting. The lighting, camera movements and lighting were all very exciting, and the film was done beautifully. I did not think it was dated or out of date, but it did feel like it was two decades ago. I think a lot of the way the story was told, the time setting, and the sound editing was very impressive. Second, I was amazed by how many of the songs that were in the film were oldies, but were still very memorable. I think "Made of Honor" and "The Wind" are two that I will definitely remember. I especially liked the way the story went through them, and how they were perfectly placed to tell the story. I think that the fact that the song wasn't sung in a very high pitched voice was actually a great choice because it brought out the emotions of each of the characters, but also showed how much the singers had grown as artists over time. Third, the film was well directed. I think that the photography was done extremely well and the cinematography was interesting and realistic. I also felt that the music did well in the film and complimented the film very well. The acting was also very well done, with most of the cast playing their parts very well. I thought that Rachel Weisz and Heath Ledger did very well as the love interest and the father. The problem was that the other character did not do very well, but I think that the acting was better than what it was given credit for. Overall, I thought that the film was great and worth a look. I hope that I can catch the film on cable.

Sean photo

I don't know if I am supposed to be "pissed off" or not. I think that the film is trying to say something about the injustice that women have to go through, but it doesn't really say anything. I don't know if it is just the fact that I didn't like the ending, or if I didn't like the way it was done, but I don't think that it is a very good movie. It is a little bit on the slow side, and I think that there is a lot of time that is wasted on things that don't matter. I do think that the film is worth watching, though.

Marilyn Dunn photo
Marilyn Dunn

Not really a "great" film, but it is good and interesting. If you watch it, you will probably be surprised at how much you learn from it. The character development is good, though at times you will wonder why some things didn't happen as they should. I was surprised at how many holes there were in the movie, but it didn't really matter because you get the point. The characters and the story-line are the main ones. It was good, but the movie needed to end with the main character. I think that could have been done a little better. However, the movie is a bit different. I thought the movie was very slow in the beginning, but the story really was interesting. It made me think. The movie isn't really a Hollywood action movie. I think this is a movie you can watch with the family. Some parts are very graphic. But it is worth watching and it was an interesting movie. I think you can't put all of what is wrong in this movie, but the movie could have done a little bit more. The movie was a good one to watch with the family. I think the ending was not very happy for me, but the ending was good. I recommend this movie to people who have a sense of humor, and to people who have not seen a lot of movies. 8/10

Terry photo

I watched this movie the other day and I was very impressed. I don't really like the direction the movie was going in, but I didn't feel that way when I first watched it. I felt that the movie was really well done. The acting was very good, especially from Jessica Chastain, who was great. I think this movie is a good movie to watch, especially if you are a fan of the original, because the acting is very similar. The story is also very good, and the direction is good. This movie is definitely worth seeing.

Matthew Harrison photo
Matthew Harrison

The title of this movie is a clear indication of the direction that the film is going. It's not a remake, nor is it a sequel, as the plot is entirely different. This movie is a statement about the nature of forgiveness, and how the way we handle life can change the way we see the world around us. The movie is about how a woman can be forgiven, and how forgiveness is not something that can be earned, but something that we have to earn ourselves. I think that the movie is a very well-made movie, and it's definitely worth seeing.

Kathleen Palmer photo
Kathleen Palmer

This movie was a great remake of a classic thriller. I didn't expect to like it as much as I did. It's definitely one of my all time favorite movies, I could watch it over and over again. It's about a woman that becomes a whistleblower who falls in love with a young man she works for, but eventually falls for him. But there is a major twist in the story that made this movie so great. Great performances by all the actors, especially Kerry Washington, and it was really enjoyable watching it. It was a great remake, but not as good as it could've been, but still great.

Jessica photo

The plot of this film is a little bit of a mess, but it is definitely worth watching. The film has a lot of good things going for it. It is a little bit too long, but I found it to be a little slow. The film has a good cast, with a few familiar faces. I also thought the film had some good ideas, but it was not a great film. Overall, I would recommend this film, but it is not a great film.