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Love, Antosha

Love, Antosha is a movie starring Anton Yelchin, J.J. Abrams, and Sofia Boutella. A portrait of the extraordinary life and career of actor Anton Yelchin.

Other Titles
Con Amor, Antosha, Całuję, Antosza
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1 hours 32 minutes
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Music, Documentary, Biography
Garret Price
J.J. Abrams, Sofia Boutella, Anton Yelchin, Nicolas Cage
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A portrait of the extraordinary life and career of actor Anton Yelchin.

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Tammy photo

I thought that this film would be another pretty-boy documentary, but I was wrong. I thought this film was very good. The documentary touches on a lot of different topics, but doesn't show a lot of depth. It does a good job of showing how Kanye West and Jay Z came to be famous, but it doesn't go much deeper into the subject matter. The film does show a lot of random moments, and random things that happened on their road to fame. It doesn't really show much depth into the characters. Kanye West is the star of the show, and has the most depth in this film. The majority of the film consists of interviews with various people, some of them are friends of the West family, and the West family. One of the interviews with the guy who is the father of Kanye West's baby is the most interesting. I can't say that I'm a fan of Kanye West, but this documentary is a great way to learn about his life, and how he became famous. It is kind of sad that he isn't getting the recognition he deserves, but I think he should be. He is a talented musician and an artist, and I'm sure he deserves it. The only part I didn't really like was the part of Kanye West in which he was singing a song that he made while he was growing up. It was very hard to understand what was going on, and I'm not sure if the song was supposed to be a documentary about the situation, or if it was just supposed to be a very long rap song. Overall, the film is a good documentary, but I think the subjects it talks about are not very interesting or deep. It's not a documentary that I would recommend, but it's not a documentary that I would avoid.

Sandra Fisher photo
Sandra Fisher

At one time, I was a fan of hip hop. Now I'm an outsider. I don't listen to hip hop anymore, and I've never seen a song that I liked from a hip hop artist. I had a sense of things coming apart at the seams. I had a feeling that something was going to happen, and it did. I guess I saw the light a little bit in the end. In one of the scenes, I was in the bar at a rave. I had the most amazing time, and then the lights went down. I remember feeling a lot of sadness and sadness, but then all of the sudden, everything was so bright and the music was loud. It was like the lights were going on and off, and I was able to feel the music. That's what I felt when I was on the rave floor, and I felt the music, and the lights went on and off, and everything was so bright. When I was at the dancefloor, I felt like I was in the middle of the dancefloor. It was a whole new feeling. I think I got really lucky. I had a chance to see the light. But I'm still not in the dark. I still haven't figured it out. I feel like I'm living in a time warp.

Deborah Richards photo
Deborah Richards

A lot of people have given this documentary a bad rap. I really enjoyed the documentaries "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and "In the Realm of the Senses" and have always been interested in the events surrounding the events of 9/11. I had a hard time figuring out why so many people in the country were more worried about a terrorist attack than the bombing of the World Trade Center. Why was this more important than the actual events? The idea that this event could have been prevented is, frankly, ludicrous. It was a day to day event in New York and New Jersey. Had the government not intervened in the middle of the day on 9/11, we would have seen a massive explosion in the buildings in Manhattan. The military wouldn't have been able to keep everyone safe overnight in the basements and basement levels of the World Trade Center. It would have been a day or two before everyone was brought out. On a scale of 1 to 10, I gave this documentary an 8. The reason I gave this film an 8 is that, while it was very well done, I thought the filmmakers went overboard in explaining and drawing attention to the events. It was quite entertaining and thought-provoking, but I think they did a disservice to the cause of freedom of speech and free expression. I was glad I did not have to watch the documentary on the 9/11 Commission Report, which I would have rated an 8, and I think this documentary should have been given a 7 or a 7.5.

Ethan photo

A lot of the criticism of this film was that it was not as good as its theatrical trailer. Not true, this was definitely an enjoyable film and would be a good choice for a rainy afternoon. I would recommend this to anyone interested in film, who can't get enough of Antosha!

Christian P. photo
Christian P.

If you're a fan of music and jazz, or have ever loved someone, then you should really dig this film. It's a great look at a life in music and how it can go awry. It's very fascinating and very well done. The interviews are so well done, especially at the beginning. You feel like you're getting to know a lot of the people in the studio. It's a very rich film. I don't think it has any flaws, it's just a very well-done documentary.

Jacob W. photo
Jacob W.

If you are a music lover, this documentary will provide you with the most complete picture of the music industry. It is a documentary that covers not only the music industry, but also the social aspects of the music industry. For example, it is a documentary that takes you through the evolution of the music industry from the late 1800s to the mid 1960s. The interviews with artists and music industry professionals, as well as the interviews with musicians, reveal the history of the music industry, from the golden age of classical music to the late 1960s to the 1970s. At times, it is hard to understand the evolution of the music industry, but the documentary covers all of the major eras. It is the most complete picture of the music industry, and is a great documentary to have on your shelf.

Brenda photo

I think this movie is brilliant. It is probably one of the best movies ever made about music. The music is great and the idea is fantastic. I love this movie. It's really inspiring and I recommend it to everyone. I really don't know what to say about this movie. It's a really good movie. I love it. It's amazing.

Lauren Franklin photo
Lauren Franklin

I am a huge fan of the Grateful Dead, and I found the documentary on the band to be an excellent insight into the creative process that made this music great. This documentary is an interesting look into the making of "The Grateful Dead" and it is very well done. It was interesting to hear the story of how Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir and Phil Lesh came together, and I found it very interesting how they were able to write songs like "Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again" and "Looks Like Rain" as they were in the studio. It was also interesting to see the life of the musicians, and how the band members were able to get into the groove of their music and the chemistry between them. This documentary is an excellent look at the making of "The Grateful Dead". I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in the making of this music and the creative process that made it great.

Martha Watson photo
Martha Watson

This documentary is about the life of the legendary musician, Antosha, who had an extraordinary musical career and died at the age of 44. He is portrayed as a family man who was loved and respected by his friends and family. He was also a brilliant musician. He had a particular affinity for jazz, and as such, had a particular style of playing. His music was really unique. He was an expert at improvising, and his style of playing was so unique that it is hard to describe. His death is really sad. He left behind a tremendous legacy. The documentary does a great job at showing his life and how it influenced the music that he played. It also shows his death and how he is mourned by his friends and family. I really enjoyed the film and was very impressed by it. I would definitely recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in music. I give this documentary an 8 out of 10.

Linda photo

There is no doubt that 'the Bad Seeds' is a hugely influential documentary, but how would it have fared if it had been directed by someone else? In a sense, it's a classic example of a documentary whose primary objective is to get to the bottom of a story. Which is the case here, but the main problem with the film is that there are too many layers of subjects to be able to say anything meaningful about them. The story of Joe D'Angelo is of course the subject of this documentary, but the two central people who make it all the more interesting are director Martin Scorsese and his editor Joe Berlinger. Berlinger has a good sense of how to frame a scene or put the music in the right place, but he is the film's weak point - the film is too self-consciously self-important for his own good. Scorsese himself is, of course, a great example of this. He loves his music, but it is in a totally self-absorbed way. His self-consciousness is perhaps what makes it so hard to like the man he is supposed to be portraying. The film is also difficult to watch. The focus is on the two people who make the documentary, and we are not allowed to see much about them. The focus is not on the music or the music-making itself, but the personal life of the musicians and the public persona of the musicians. This is one of the film's biggest problems. The camera is held up over the musicians as they sit around and play their instruments, but the camera is not allowed to get close to the musicians. In this respect, the film is not very good. The 'uncaring' relationship between Berlinger and Scorsese is also very difficult to watch, even though the two men are both fantastic musicians. Berlinger's self-absorption is very much the focus of the film, which is why it works at all, but we see Berlinger only from a distance. The camera is too close to Scorsese. The rest of the film is not much better, although I did like the documentary a lot more the second time around. It was the second time around that I found myself caring about the musicians and their stories. I think that is because I had previously liked the film. This could be down to the fact that the film is too self-conscious about its own self-importance, and not only about the story of the Bad Seeds. There is also the fact that I think the film could have been longer. The length of the documentary is something that could have been more than just about the music. This is because it is an interesting story of a life, which is only tangentially connected to the music. This is not a problem, as the film is very well made, but it would have been nice to see more of the musicians and the story. That said, the documentary is still an interesting film, with many of the same things you would expect in a documentary. If it hadn't been for this problem, it would have been a masterpiece. It is certainly worth watching, but only if you are interested in the music and the story.

Kenneth photo

A fascinating, if somewhat limited, look at a music legend's life, this film follows a group of friends of the late Beatle's as they attempt to keep the legend alive. With a focus on the life of John Lennon, we see his struggles as a young man with drug addiction, his involvement in the "60s counterculture movement, and his search for a musical vision that would be truly revolutionary. The film features interviews with many of the people who knew Lennon, and his family, as well as a detailed look at the things that made Lennon so iconic. Some of the interviews are a little bit slow, but overall, the film is informative and enjoyable. The film features a great soundtrack, with a great selection of Lennon's songs. While the film is not as long as a documentary, it is well worth watching.

Jessica Reed photo
Jessica Reed

Antosha (Steve Coogan) is a successful musician in London who has had his work cut short by a career-ending illness. After years of drug-taking, he is now sober and looking for a career in music. But Antosha is a bit of an odd duck, his career-ending illness seems to have left him without the ability to control his body. He is now looking for a job, and hoping to get into the music industry. Antosha's old band, The Atoms, are on the verge of disbanding, and his producer, Gary (David Tennant), is now starting a new band. But the only way Antosha can get into the music industry is by buying the Atoms record. Antosha can't afford to buy it, so he tries to persuade Gary to let him buy it, but Gary refuses. When Antosha shows up at the record shop, Gary explains that he is not interested in selling the Atoms record, but is willing to buy it, for Antosha's music. The Atoms record is a big hit, and Antosha decides that he is going to do whatever it takes to get his music on the radio. But the record company that Antosha is trying to get on the radio has other plans. I really enjoyed this film. I thought it was an interesting and entertaining film, and it was a good look at a fascinating subject, addiction. The subject of addiction is something that is very difficult to get into, and I think the film did a good job of making it seem very easy for the audience to understand. There was a lot of substance abuse in the film, and the addiction that Antosha has to drugs is something that is very difficult to watch, but I think that it was done very well. Steve Coogan did an excellent job of portraying Antosha, and I thought the film was very interesting, and I think that this film was very well made. The movie was very entertaining, and I think that the way that the film was done was very well done. The film was very well done, and I thought that it was a good movie. Overall, I really liked this film. I thought that it was very interesting, and I think that it was an excellent film. 8/10

Sean photo

As a musical lover, I found this documentary very informative. I also found it very interesting to see Michael Jackson as a musician. I also like the music he performs on the DVD. The thing I was not aware of before seeing the documentary was that Michael Jackson's main mentor was the same man who played in his songs "Beat It" and "Fame". I learned that he would go on to collaborate with Quincy Jones and Eric Clapton. I found the documentary to be very interesting and entertaining.

Jeremy Franklin photo
Jeremy Franklin

I love this movie, it's about a young rapper named Antosha, I saw this movie on the HBO Movie Network, and I think it's really cool. I thought that it was great to see a lot of new people in the industry, and I think it's a really good thing that more people are going to see this movie, because it's very rare to see this type of movie. This movie shows how young people with a lot of money get turned into idols, it's really sad to see the people that are still hungry. They are only trying to make money, but they don't know what to do with their lives. This movie also shows how people's lives are really bad when they're under the influence of drugs, because they just can't think. I really liked this movie, I think that it's really good and I really recommend it to everyone.

Jonathan photo

I'll be honest, I was sceptical about this film, as I've never been into the business of being in a band. However, once I got into the story, and it started to go in a direction I was in for the most part interested, I was pleasantly surprised. The story focuses around the life and career of David Bowie, and how he became a rock star. The film is a little long, but the first half is all in the world great music, and the second half is interesting as well. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the music and life of David Bowie.

Linda photo

I've just watched this for the first time, and I'm still thinking about it. After watching this, I realized how much I have missed and how much I could learn from the people in this documentary. A lot of people, especially the people in the Hip Hop music industry, seem to be unhappy with the way their lives are turned on, and the way their dreams are crushed. This documentary gives the viewer an understanding of why some people are unhappy with their life. I can't believe I haven't seen this documentary before. It's a must-see for any artist, or anyone that wants to know why some people in the music industry have such a hard time in life.

Nicole photo

Antosha is a great documentary about the artist's career and personal life. It's mostly about him on the road. He's talking about the things he's been through as a musician and how he was influenced by his father and the way he grew up in an oppressive and negative environment. It's also about his first love, which is a Japanese singer. It's also about his work in an art gallery and the exhibition he was supposed to be working on. It's a fascinating look at how he approaches his art and what he thinks. The documentary is a little slow in places, but I think the point is that these are real people and there are real issues they're dealing with. I thought he was talking about everything from relationships to addiction to life in general. It's a really good documentary and I recommend it to anyone who's into music.

Kelly photo

While the subject matter is very hard to stomach, this film is a great documentary about the life of one of the most fascinating and talented musicians ever. The film is not as definitive as I hoped it would be. The film does not give us the complete story, nor does it go into the many sides of the musician's life. But it does show the incredible journey that Michael W. Smith's life has taken him. It is a wonderful film, and one that should be seen by anyone who loves music. It will touch you. It will make you feel. It will make you laugh, cry, and be moved. It is truly a must-see.

Thomas photo

I'm going to start this review by saying that I don't particularly care for rock music. The music in this documentary is not very good. I never really cared for the music in this documentary. I did like the way the documentary was made though, the cinematography was beautiful and the music was decent. This documentary is very well done, and I recommend it to anyone that likes to think about music. This documentary is very different from other documentaries that I have seen. I do think this documentary was great though. It gives a very in-depth look into the music and what the music means to people. This documentary has many stories that were very interesting. It is very interesting to see people like this that are extremely into music. They are not the most popular people in the world, but they do care about music. There are many interviews with people who are famous for their music, and they talk about their music, and what it means to them. It is very interesting to hear their stories. I think this documentary was very interesting and worth seeing. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who likes to think about music. I think it is very interesting and worth seeing. 8/10