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Small Group is a movie starring Sterling Hurst, Emily Dunlop, and Matt Chastain. Documentary filmmaker R. Scott Cooper, on a mission to expose the dark side of Christian culture, infiltrates a small group.

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Matt Chastain
Matt Chastain
Matt Chastain, Sterling Hurst, Emily Dunlop, Derrick Gilliam
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Documentary filmmaker R. Scott Cooper, on a mission to expose the dark side of Christian culture, infiltrates a small group.

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Carol photo

I just got back from watching this movie at the BFI, and although I'm not familiar with it, I think it's one of the best I've seen in a long time. It's one of the better recent British films, with all the elements I like to see in films: deep, emotional, intelligent, creative and with a bit of humour thrown in. It's beautifully shot and has an amazing cast, and there is an extremely strong emotional theme woven into the narrative. It's not one of the films that is "sucked up" into the hype and has a certain notoriety as a result. I'm not going to criticise it, because I haven't seen it in a while and had some time to think about it, and I think it's one of the best films I've seen recently, and one that I would definitely watch again.

Jean S. photo
Jean S.

This is one of those movies that you will either love or hate. I enjoyed it, and think it's great, but it's also got some flaws. The movie's about a couple of guys who are black, and a white guy who is their son. The whole movie is about the guys' friendship, and their growing up, and the friendship that develops between them. I think it's great, and I enjoyed it a lot. But then again, there are some flaws. For example, the ending is very rushed, and a little too quick. It was almost like they were afraid to take the time to tell the story, or they wanted to get it over with. Or maybe the story itself is too good, so they decided to go with a more quick-cut ending. But I can't say that I'm complaining. I just think that the movie is way too short, and too rushed. But then again, I also think that it's a very good movie, and I highly recommend it.

Joshua photo

A movie that is only about one hour long, but it does not feel like it. It's a tale of revenge and survival that is very gripping. The film is about the life of a father and son in West Virginia. The father, a father who has lost everything, who has to look after his son, is an unemployed factory worker. The son, a rebellious teenager, is a drug addict, who has to look after his mother. He is also a gang member who is willing to do anything to win. This is a very difficult story, but the director of the film, David Cronenberg, does a good job of telling the story. The acting is excellent and the directing is very good. The violence is very graphic and this film is very much about survival. I was very moved by the movie, which I thought would be another cheesy action-horror-romance. But this is not, it is more of a tragedy about a father and son. I thought this was a very good film and I recommend it to anyone.

Timothy Watson photo
Timothy Watson

As far as I know, this is the first movie to focus on the Japanese internment camps. This is a good movie that should be shown in schools and high schools to teach our kids the importance of civil rights and how the "American Dream" is being stolen from us by big corporations. There are also two really good performances by John Turturro and Sam Rockwell. They show how American families were shattered by the war and how the men and women in the camps were treated like cattle. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Cheryl Sanders photo
Cheryl Sanders

I watched this film recently on DVD and found it a unique take on the theme of how life changes you. This is based on an autobiography by a father and son team. The father of the children is present in the film, however his role is very brief. The father's life is closely linked with the sons. It is a little slow moving in parts, but at the same time there are some very moving scenes. I really liked the use of language in the film. At times it is very intense, and at other times it is very quiet and thought provoking. The father's work has been a family affair. I don't think this film is for everyone. The subjects are fairly disturbing and the violence is very graphic. The family is very close and well behaved and for me this film stayed with me.

Michael H. photo
Michael H.

Movies like this just aren't made anymore. Usually, a film like this would never be made, but in this case, it was made and starred Christian Slater, and they showed it to an audience. This is one of those movies where the viewer is drawn into the story, not just seeing the main characters, but seeing the whole world. So many films that make me excited to see them because I think that if I watch it, I'll like it, but in this case, it's a bit too much. I'm glad I saw it, but I'm not sure if I want to see it again. Not to mention that it was a little too long. I give it a B.

Kevin Alvarez photo
Kevin Alvarez

In a couple of words, this is a fantastic film. I don't think I've seen a film that's so convincing. The acting, the script, the was a hard film to leave one's thoughts on. The idea of suicide was well done, but I didn't find it as interesting as the actual idea of it. This is a film that's so good, that it doesn't need to be told to you. If you are in the mood for a great film, this is one of the best ones I've ever seen. The directors and the actors did such an outstanding job. You can tell they had a great time making it.

Crystal Weber photo
Crystal Weber

This is an interesting little story about a young woman, a lawyer, and her investigation into the affairs of the wealthy and powerful in her district. It is quite an interesting and compelling film. The pacing is good and the story is interesting. The plot is interesting and it never seems to drag. It is well written and the acting is good. It is a good film for the family. I found it to be good and worthwhile.

Doris photo

This is a movie that doesn't really tell us anything, but it's not trying to. You can't go on talking about it the whole time. We didn't know why Gioia died, but we knew how he had become a gay icon in Europe and how it had changed his life. We know how he was connected with the Nazis, and we know how he helped them. You never know what he will do, or what he will say, or what will happen to him. That's why it's more difficult to talk about it than it is to see it. It's not a love story, so it's not a comedy, so it's not a drama, so it's not a drama about the Nazis, so it's not a romance. But it's not really an argument, so it's not really a movie about politics. I'm not so much interested in all the details, but I did like that the film gave us a new perspective on the film industry. I don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing, but it's a good thing to be in a movie theater with people you don't know and people you don't know who will ask you questions you don't want to answer. I like that a lot, but it's not a great thing. It's not a great thing to know every single detail about a movie.

Grace Barnes photo
Grace Barnes

Let me start by saying that I am not the biggest fan of comedies, but when I heard about this film, I thought I would at least watch it. My hopes were higher than what I ended up watching. I saw it on a Saturday night, and I still have vivid memories of it. It was an amazing story of a man that was so young, yet he was able to make the biggest impact on others. I never knew what to expect, but I felt it was worth it. The only thing I did not like was that it was too dark. I think it would have been better if it was lighter. I have been to the beach before, and I don't remember anything that wasn't pretty. I don't know why this film was rated R, but I can't believe that this movie was rated R. I do not think it was that bad, I am just a little confused. I was able to laugh and enjoy the movie, but the sexual innuendo was definitely not my cup of tea. I thought the plot was great, the characters were well developed, and the plot was very well done. I thought the story was great and I loved the ending. It was a nice and unexpected ending that kept me on the edge of my seat. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of movies and can appreciate a good film. It is not a bad movie, but it does not deserve the R rating it got. I have seen it 3 times and I would watch it again. I was not disappointed in the least.

Danielle Matthews photo
Danielle Matthews

This is a great story of a child who is only 9 years old, who is being taken away by her parents. She ends up being the "baddie" in the family, and her mother is very concerned about the child. The parents are determined to keep their daughter, who is getting really sick, and try to persuade the other members of the family to let their daughter go with the "bad" mother. And as I say, this is a great story. The cast is very good, and the young actress who plays the young mother is very good. I give this movie a 10.

Brittany photo

This is not the movie you are looking for. It's not about a vampire. I got the impression this was made in the late 80s, and even though it was a long time ago, the movie is still very interesting. It's not a typical vampire movie, because it's not about the main character, and there is no way you can predict how this will end. I think that this movie is about the character of Dr. Ben, and the way he sees the world. It's like a documentary, and you can't predict what is going to happen next. The director, Roman, does a good job in directing a great movie about a man and his way of thinking. Roman also did a good job in directing a good movie about the social aspect of vampire. I have never seen a movie with more social message in it. It's a very good movie, I recommend it to everybody. 7.8 out of 10

Kenneth H. photo
Kenneth H.

A lot of filmmakers today come up with an idea to make a movie about life in one small town. With the success of "War of the Worlds" in 2003, I'm sure that many more filmmakers will try their hand at the same theme. The movie is about "Old School" steelworkers in a small town. It's set in the late 1930's and focuses on the marriages and families of the town. It's a simple story that will appeal to any audience. It isn't exactly a funny movie, but it's not a bad movie either. It's an excellent story, and I enjoyed watching it. It's good that we have two films about the big town's influence on each other. These films will go on my DVD collection for a while. This film is a must see.

Nathan photo

I believe this film is definitely a great movie for people who are into indie films or for those who love the independent film scene in general. I was really surprised at how strong the reviews were for this movie. I am always a fan of the indie movie scene and when I saw that so many people loved it, I was like "Oh, that must be a good thing". I thought this movie was more of a "what-can-we-do-about-it" kind of movie, and it had some great acting in it. It is not like a high profile movie in the way that things are going. It has some good stories, good actors, and good things to happen in the movie. I think people who like independent films should definitely watch this movie.

Samuel photo

Degraded veteran Lenny Pitzner (a truly convincing performance) sits in a video store and decides to rent a "Beatle" soundtrack album. His wife Margot (a compelling performance by the always excellent Lacey Chabert) tries to dissuade him, but she gets rejected. Lenny tries to track down the album and finally finds it. He takes a look at the cover, sees that the lyrics are in Russian, and can't wait to see it. He buys the album, but when it arrives at the store he realizes that the CD contains not a single word of English. His son Michael (a very convincing performance by Nick Stahl) believes that the English translation on the CD is accurate. The father and son team decide to track down the elusive album. Meanwhile, Lenny's girlfriend Jeanie (a very convincing performance by the always brilliant Rosanna Arquette) tries to turn the tide of Lenny's rebelliousness. At first it seems that the album will be a lost cause, but the disc's cover will eventually lead the disc to the owner. The disc is the least of Lenny's problems, as he also discovers that the disc contains no English words. In the process of trying to track down the disc, Lenny runs into a mysterious person who is interested in the disc. Finally, the disc is found, and the band (who also has a score to work with) begin work on a new album. I thoroughly enjoyed this film, even though I am not an avid fan of the Beatles. I was only familiar with the work of the Beatles prior to this film, so I was impressed with the collection of English songs that were chosen for this film. The music was a strong point in this film, and the British influences on the music were well-chosen. The acting was solid as well. The music was an integral part of the film. All of the performances were very strong, and the film held my attention the entire time. Overall, this was a very well-done film that I enjoyed very much. The soundtrack was a strong point, and the film was engaging throughout. I give this film an 8/10.

Stephanie L. photo
Stephanie L.

I found it to be a very well done movie. The acting was very good, and the scenery is beautiful. The story is interesting and well done. The movie is not for all tastes, but I enjoyed the movie very much.

Mary photo

Probably the most unintentionally hilarious scene in the movie. After a young boy is killed by a felled tree in his neighborhood, and his parents are nowhere to be seen, the entire neighborhood is suddenly in on a hunt for the parents. The rules of the game are ambiguous, and the outcome of the game is supposed to be unexpected. What is that supposed to mean? You'll have to watch it to find out. If you can stand the latter part of the movie, it's a very interesting and slightly entertaining movie.

Joyce photo

The movie is quite interesting, but the performance of the actors is just bad. Still, the acting is quite impressive. I've watched the movie twice, once in English and once in Arabic. In the English version, I was not able to understand a word of the subtitles, which were quite annoying. In the Arabic version, I felt the language was much better. In the movie, when there were very few moments in which the dialogue was clear, the actors were unable to understand. There was an interesting scene in the middle of the movie where some actors had to shoot with the gun. It was quite a strange scene, but it was fascinating. Still, the whole movie, it's full of flaws. To be honest, I don't know why some people find the movie interesting. It was worth the watch, but I was very disappointed with the acting of some of the actors.

Christopher photo

I am not familiar with the works of Alain Resnais, but this is a very good movie, and I would recommend it to people who want to experience a cinematic masterpiece. I think it's not a new story, but what I liked was that the director was very conscious of every single frame. This is a very mature movie, where the director does not come to the screen and say, "Here is a good movie! Go watch it!", but lets see what happens, and I think that is a very good way of telling a story. It is a documentary, and the documentary director is a mute man, and lets say, the mute man can tell the story, but not us. But we are supposed to enjoy the movie, we have to sit and listen to the director's words, we have to accept the mute man telling us what we can't accept. It's a very unique movie, and I think that's why it has this unusual power. I do not recommend it to everyone, but it is worth a watch for those who have the skills to appreciate a great movie.

Keith Wade photo
Keith Wade

The story of a young man in charge of the new school in a seedy bar to find out more about the town is compelling. The story is based on a true story and is well told. The character development is well done, especially the character of Mark. The character development is lacking in the film. If you are a kid, you will find this a bit boring and it will be hard to get involved in the film. If you are an adult, I recommend it but I think it is more of a teen film. Not for the movie club.