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Killerman is a movie starring Liam Hemsworth, Emory Cohen, and Diane Guerrero. Two friends launder money in NYC. They make a quick drug deal. Things go wrong as dirty cops are involved. One gets amnesia during escape with the drugs...

Other Titles
El informante, La loi de la rue, Killerman: A Lei das Ruas
Running Time
1 hours 52 minutes
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Action, Drama, Mystery, Crime, Thriller
Malik Bader
Malik Bader
Diane Guerrero, Liam Hemsworth, Emory Cohen, Zlatko Buric
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Two friends launder money in NYC. They make a quick drug deal. Things go wrong as dirty cops are involved. One gets amnesia during escape with the drugs and money.

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Amanda S. photo
Amanda S.

I was intrigued to watch this film after hearing a lot of good things about it. I found it to be quite enjoyable. The movie starts off well, with a great plot twist in the middle. However, the movie falls apart as it goes on, and the ending just leaves you hanging. The movie is not that bad, and I would recommend it for the action-movie fan, but it's just not that good. Worth a watch, but definitely not a must-see.

Catherine Perry photo
Catherine Perry

My Rating: 7/10 The film is well acted and the story is good. But the film is a little bit too long and the actors are a little bit overexcited. The story is about an American with the accent of a Japanese detective. I have seen this movie in a film festival and it was very good. The film is very well made and I have to admit that I have never seen such a film in my life. The film is very similar to "the French Connection". I think that the director is trying to show that there is no bad guy and the bad guy is a criminal. This is a good movie and I recommend it to everyone who has an interest in Japanese movies. If you don't like it, you don't have to watch it.

Jeremy Jimenez photo
Jeremy Jimenez

I saw this film at a screening last night and was not disappointed. I am not a huge fan of Liam Neeson and was surprised to see him in a lead role. His performance is great and the film is enjoyable throughout. The story is very simple and has a good flow. The villain is very good and the film is just about him. The plot is very simple and very predictable, but I really enjoyed the film. There are some action sequences that are a bit over the top, but that is what the film is all about. The music score is also very good. There is a little bit of humor to it, but it is not over the top. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who likes a good action film.

Mildred Douglas photo
Mildred Douglas

In the final scene of the movie, the killer goes back to the apartment, and brings a fresh box. This is the end of the movie, but not the end of the movie. I was hoping that he would take the box, put it in the garbage, and then he would be arrested. However, this is not the case. He just takes it home and takes it back to the police station, and the police are not amused. They do not believe that the killer would leave the box in the trash. The box contains a ransom note, and this is the reason the police want the box. The killer has no intention of paying, and he is just out to get his money. He just needs the money to pay off the cops. In the end, he is arrested, and the box is returned to the trash. The movie ended with a cliffhanger, and the killer went back to his apartment, and brought the box back, and put it in the trash. I thought this was a pretty good movie, but I would have to give it a 7 out of 10.

Anthony photo

This film is an excellent, excellent thriller. It is one of those films where you think you know the ending, and then the film reveals something new. The film is also very good on it's own, with a great cast and great acting. A lot of this is thanks to the acting. The story is good, and has some interesting twists and turns, and the film has great twists and turns in the plot. I think the film could have been better, but I didn't really care. The ending is very good, and the film is very good on it's own. I like it a lot, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good thriller.

David Silva photo
David Silva

The movie has a lot of great action and action sequences. The story is a little unclear and it is a little hard to follow at times. I really liked the action sequences in the movie. I also thought the ending was a little hard to believe. Overall I give it a 7 out of 10.

Nancy W. photo
Nancy W.

Brought to you by the folks at The Asylum, this is the latest film from director Robert Rodriguez, who we have been following closely for the past few years. This one is a pretty good action/thriller with some interesting ideas. The movie begins with a teen-aged boy, Bill (Dominic Cooper), who is out to avenge the death of his father. His quest involves killing several people, including a gang of bikers and the criminal leader of the gang, one "Pimp". The action sequences are pretty good and the story is pretty well-written. I liked this movie. The acting was good and the script was entertaining. There is a good amount of action, and the special effects are really good. This is a solid action movie that is worth a look. I rate this movie 7/10.

Robert photo

I was really surprised to see that this movie had a 9.5 average rating on IMDb, but I was still quite pleased with it. In my opinion, it was one of the better action movies of the year. The film is about a man who has been diagnosed with a mental disorder and has been assigned a lifeguard job in a local pool. This job has a lot of physical work involved and also involves being surrounded by a crowd of people. The movie is really fast paced and also really exciting. The first part of the movie is really interesting, and I liked the first half. It also shows the other side of the pool, the side that is hidden. There is also a nice shot of the grounds of the pool. The second half of the movie is very good, and I think the action sequences are also very good. There are also some funny moments in the movie. The acting is really good and there are some great quotes in the movie. It's also nice to see Sam Jackson in a different role. Overall, I think this movie is really good. It has a good plot, good action sequences, and it also has some good humor. I would definitely recommend this movie to any action movie fans, and I would also recommend this movie to anyone who likes action movies.

Linda photo

The classic thriller has had a few remakes, but I always seem to enjoy the original version the most. It's still great, but I've always enjoyed the more recent ones better. There's a few things I liked about this remake. It's a lot tighter, and a lot more compelling. The story is even better. It's also a lot more fun, and the action scenes are much more satisfying. In my opinion, this is the best remake of a classic thriller since The Bourne Ultimatum. It's not perfect, but it's a lot better than the previous remake.

Heather Garza photo
Heather Garza

The first three chapters of this tale of vengeance have been mostly ignored, and a few of the first two films were clearly based on stories by the writers of this series. The sequels have been really disappointing, with only a few of the films standing up well to the first. Here, "Three Days of the Condor" is one of those few that is worth watching. The first two films were more or less in the vein of the TV show, which is a great thing. The TV show is always entertaining, but the movie is more of a straight-up action movie. That being said, this movie is still a very enjoyable film. It's a lot better than the second film, but it is not as good as the first two films. The acting is actually quite good, and the action is well-executed. The best part of the film is the final sequence. The action is all over the place, but it is very well-executed. I found myself really enjoying this movie. The only reason I didn't give it a 10 is that the ending is not as good as the first two films. The ending of this film is the best part of the film. I will say that the acting is still good, but the film is better than the first two films.

Jane Vasquez photo
Jane Vasquez

We know the ending. We've seen the twist in the first two films. It's all been foreshadowed. But it's not like that in this one. There is no pre-ordained resolution. You're never sure who's doing what, or why. We're left to work out for ourselves. The film is made up of many different stories, and the first half is filled with such disparate scenes that it becomes clear that this is more like a series of short stories than a movie. The camera-work is very strange, as is the music. Some of the scenes are absolutely beautiful, like the opening shot of the train, and the film's final shots. The first hour is a fantastic exploration of the human condition, and the human condition as a society, but the second half is like a mess of disconnected stories, some of which are actually very funny, like the killer's obsession with a sex tape. I'm not sure what to make of this film, other than I've seen it twice, and it's still not clear what it's trying to be.

Margaret Jones photo
Margaret Jones

This film is an interesting take on the serial killer genre. This is not a typical revenge film, as it is clearly not about revenge at all. The film has a lot of black humour, which is definitely a plus. I think that there is a very clear message that comes through in this film. It's about the price of freedom, and how easily it can be taken away. The message is very clear, but the film is not afraid to make a bit of a mess of it, and it is a very enjoyable ride, and it is very cleverly done. The film is about a serial killer who is hunting down his next victim, and the film makes the obvious point that if you have freedom, you can do anything. This is the film that shows the difference between freedom and control, and how easy it can be taken away. The film is a good film, and I would definitely recommend it. 7/10

Lawrence photo

I have to say I liked this film, it's got great acting, great special effects, good storyline, and good writing. I've never seen a movie that was as good as it is, and I don't know why. I can't wait for the sequel. I'm glad they didn't turn it into a movie with a major hero, but I can't wait to see it again.

George M. photo
George M.

The mystery of the missing $50 million is solved in this film. The movie is fairly good and I think it's worth a look. The story is not really that good, but the movie is watchable. The acting is good, the film is watchable, but the mystery is not really solved. The only thing that I really disliked was that it was a little too long. But still, it's watchable. The only thing that I disliked was the story. It was kind of a waste. If you want to watch this film, I recommend it. I rate this film 7/10.

Carolyn photo

I'm not a big fan of Liam Neeson. The only movie I really liked from him was Taken. I don't know why I liked this movie so much. I like action movies, and I like seeing a great villain. I liked this movie a lot. It's definitely worth seeing. It has great acting, great action, and it's about a man who is a superhero. The plot is a little weak, but the movie is not. I think I was very surprised by how good this movie is. I think the director is just doing a great job, and he's making the most of what he has. He didn't just get the actors to do the same thing. He got them to do it differently. He's just being a great director. He has to be. I think he's an amazing director. I don't know why people don't like it, I'm just not a fan of Neeson.

Bruce Schmidt photo
Bruce Schmidt

I remember seeing this movie on TV when I was a kid. I loved it and it remains one of my favourite films. I have watched it over a few times and I still enjoy it. In fact I would say it is more enjoyable now then when I first saw it. The cast is brilliant and the acting is just brilliant. The story is very simple and the pace is fast, but this is where the film shines. The story is about a kid who steals from his friends. He also steals from his father. He is then sent to a school where the teacher's are bullies and the students are bullies. The teacher also starts a school war against the kids and has no reason for this. The film is a little slow, but it never loses its pace. The acting is brilliant and it is quite different from the typical Hollywood film. The only drawback of the film is the story is not that interesting and the movie is a little slow. It is also a bit too long, but the film is worth watching.

Kyle S. photo
Kyle S.

I saw this movie on its first day of release and I thought it was pretty good. It is a bit slow in the beginning but once the mystery unfolds, it picks up. The plot is pretty simple. You have to watch the movie, you'll see what I mean. The movie does have a lot of action, but not that much. You'll get a good thrill if you watch it. The acting was pretty good, especially from the main characters. It's a really well made movie with good production values. It's not perfect, but it's definitely worth a watch. I give it a 7 out of 10. I hope you'll see it when it's released on DVD. Enjoy!

Michael S. photo
Michael S.

I love the art of the character, but I hate the acting. It's a good film, but it's just not the same. The music and cinematography are great, but the acting is terrible. You want to see the characters fight. This film doesn't do that. The film could have been so much better, and I would be happy if it was.

Roger Contreras photo
Roger Contreras

This is a good action film. Not one of my favorites, but it's entertaining and well-done. I found it pretty good in a film genre where I've generally been more disappointed. I can't help but compare it to "The Terminator" (1985). It's a good film, but it's not the best of the "Terminator" films. And, as I said, it's not one of my favorites. The action is good, but not as good as in the "Terminator" films. It's not as good as the "Die Hard" films, either. The performances are great, though, and the writing is solid. There are some good comedic moments, too. It's not a perfect film, but it's not a bad one either. If you're looking for an action film that's not too confusing, not too action-oriented, and doesn't have a lot of strong points, "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" is your film.

Daniel Lee photo
Daniel Lee

I really liked this film, the beginning is interesting, but it gets kind of boring. Then it gets really good, but you still can't help to have a problem with the pacing, like the ending, that was not good. All in all, this is an OK movie, but it's not a great one.

Doris Harris photo
Doris Harris

Although I am not a fan of martial arts movies, I loved this movie. It is well-made and looks very professional. The action scenes are very well choreographed, and the violence is bloody and very realistic. I think this movie is a good mix of martial arts and thriller. I would recommend it to anyone who is into movies about an assassin, who will not be disappointed.

Christopher H. photo
Christopher H.

This is the first feature film from writer/director/producer Mike White, who's also written the screenplay for the excellent TV series "The Wire" and the excellent TV series "Hudson Hawk" and "Elektra" (co-written with White, and featuring Danny Glover and Bruce Willis). He also co-wrote the screenplay for the highly acclaimed action thriller "Fast and Furious" and the no-budget horror movie "The Other". The movie has a good deal of tension and action in it. The performances are excellent, but the character of Ted Knight (Thomas Jane) is rather one-dimensional. The performances of Glover and Willis are excellent. The movie also has a good deal of suspense. I'm not sure how accurate this is, but I think the movie is probably a little bit better than the average John Wick. For more movie reviews, check out my blog at

Danielle photo

I'm not really sure how to describe this film. On the one hand, it's very much a gangster movie, with some smart dialogue, some clever and well-done action sequences, and a story that seems to be developing slowly but steadily. On the other hand, it's a very disturbing, and somewhat disturbing film. The characters are extremely believable, even though I didn't really believe what they were saying, and the atmosphere of the movie is very well-crafted. Overall, this is an interesting and very dark film. You really need to pay attention to the details, and to the subtle hints. I didn't really like the ending, but that's really personal, I guess. This movie has a very strong atmosphere, but I think it's also very good. I think the style of the movie is very well-made, and the actors are very good. I definitely recommend this movie. I'm surprised by the negative reviews, but I think it's more of a psychological thriller than a "gangster" movie. I think it's actually a good movie, but I wouldn't say it's the best movie of the year. The cast is very good, and I think the director did a really good job. I would definitely recommend this movie.