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3 from Hell

3 from Hell is a movie starring Sheri Moon Zombie, Bill Moseley, and Sid Haig. After barely surviving prison, the demented Firefly clan go on the run, unleashing a whole new wave of murder, madness and mayhem.

Other Titles
3 From Hell, 3 από την Κόλαση, Os 3 Infernais, Los 3 del infierno, Three from Hell, Traja z pekla, Trojka iz pakla, Tři z pekla, Τρεις από την Κόλαση
Running Time
1 hours 55 minutes
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Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie
Sheri Moon Zombie, Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, Jeff Daniel Phillips
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Needless to say--after escaping death by the skin of their teeth during the blood-soaked shoot-out in The Devil's Rejects (2005)--the murderous trio of sadists, Otis, Baby, and Captain Spaulding, are now left to rot in jail for the rest of their lives. However, evil knows no boundaries, and as the unrepentant mass-murderers miraculously escape from prison, they reunite with Otis' half-brother, Winslow Foxworth, to pick up where they left off, brutalising, once more, the unfortunate ones who stand in their way. Now, a dusty village somewhere in Mexico seems like the perfect refuge; nevertheless, there, too, death, and the brutish henchmen of a powerful assassin, follow the Fireflies. Who shall live, and who shall die in the Day of the Dead?

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Louis L. photo
Louis L.

This movie was a fun little horror flick. It starts off with a bunch of kids playing around the pool and end with them looking at a family portrait in a gallery. The movie has some gore and nudity which will definitely turn some people off, but I think this movie will be great for any age. If you have seen any of the movies listed here, you should like this movie. It has a good story, some great characters, and a very clever and funny ending. The acting is a little weak but it is mostly the kids that carry this movie. The special effects are very cool and unique. There are some really scary moments in this movie. This movie is great for a lot of reasons, but there is no one reason that this movie is great. It is a fun movie that will make you think about it a lot.

David N. photo
David N.

I remember seeing this movie back in the 80's when it first came out and it blew my mind. The story and special effects were outstanding. The gore was great as well. I remember the opening scene where the alien was walking through the school. I was scared to death that it would show up. I was hooked on it. After that movie I started to watch it a few more times. Now I have the DVD and I can finally watch it again and it is still great. The special effects and gore are still great and the acting is still great. I have a feeling I will be watching this movie over and over again. I can't wait to watch it again and again. This movie is a classic. The first time I saw it I was so excited. I watched it over and over and it never let up. I recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of the horror genre. The story is great and the special effects are great. This movie is the best horror movie ever made and I think everyone should watch it.

Roy photo

I recently saw "8 from Hell" at a film festival in the UK and loved it. The film started out with an interesting mystery and gave a slight sense of mystery to it before the true evil began. This is one of those horror films that has a sense of dark, twisted humour and makes you feel like you are trapped in a haunted house. There are some very creative gore effects that are often the funniest and most inventive of all the gore effects in this film. There are a few jump scenes which were good but when you are watching a horror film, there is no point of slowing down for a "gore scene". The sound design was great, with the best horror sound effects coming from the TV screen, which sounded like something straight out of a 1970's Hammer horror movie. The effects were great and it was really fun to watch the film. I also really liked the subtlety of the film with all the dark, murky atmosphere. There are two very clever endings to this film that are worth watching. The first ending was definitely the best ending I have seen in a horror film and was quite clever. The second ending was also very clever and ended on a very nice note. I recommend this film to horror fans and fans of 70's horror. 8 from Hell is a must watch for horror fans and fans of 70's horror. It is definitely a must see for any horror fan.

Daniel Parker photo
Daniel Parker

This was one of the best films I have ever seen. I thought it was very scary and creepy. The atmosphere was really good, it reminded me of the original film with its dark and gloomy setting and the female lead was just so beautiful in her role. The atmosphere was really great, as were the performances, the music and everything else. Overall, this was really great film, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes a good horror film, and I highly recommend it. I also would recommend it to anyone who enjoys good horror films.

Brandon Fisher photo
Brandon Fisher

In 1968, a young man (Bill Duke) and his girlfriend (Rebecca DeMornay) are driving through the countryside when they stop at a small roadside cafe. Upon entering the cafe, the couple is attacked by a group of thugs led by one of their friends (John Carradine). What follows is a series of bloody murders in which the thugs are killed by a blind man who has a peculiar gift for killing people. The blind man later tells Duke and DeMornay that he kills his victims by using a special instrument that shoots blood out of their bodies. Duke is convinced that this strange man is behind all the murders and must find him. The film has a definite 70's feel to it. The soundtrack is great and the cinematography is excellent. The acting is pretty good, although I don't think DeMornay is particularly memorable as a victim. I do like how Duke and DeMornay are a couple and I think the murder sequences are quite effective. Overall, a really good film that doesn't leave you feeling unsatisfied. It is definitely a horror film and although it isn't the greatest, it is definitely one of the best I have seen. I give this a B.

Andrew R. photo
Andrew R.

This is a very odd movie. You have the usual horror movie that the horror movie genre has become known for. There is a murder, a serial killer, and a prison. But I think the main thing about this movie is that the murder is one that isn't a serial killer killing, but a woman. The first murder of the movie is a really good murder, but when she kills the second one it's just stupid. But it's not all bad. The prison scene is really well done and scary, and there are some really good scenes that add to the movie. But the main problem with the movie is the end. The movie ends on a really bad note. I would recommend this movie only to those who really like the horror movie genre. It's not that bad but it's not great either.

Alan photo

Okay, the story is weak, the plot is a mess, but it's still enjoyable. The lead performance by Colin Farrell is very good. He pulls off the character's weaknesses and struggles. We don't find out too much about the character, but we feel for him. The special effects are excellent. It doesn't try to be as clever as Alien and Prometheus, but the atmosphere and looks are very well done. This is a good movie to watch on a lazy Sunday night, and the atmosphere and look is as good as the plot and special effects are. I recommend this to fans of the genre, but I wouldn't watch this movie if I were you.

Mark photo

This movie is fantastic. If you don't watch it, you will regret it. The concept is great and the direction is amazing. There are some scenes which are really chilling and even if you don't like gore, you will probably like the story. The camera work and editing is top notch, and there are scenes that are very convincing. In conclusion, this movie is great. It may not be a masterpiece, but if you are a fan of horror, you can't go wrong with it.

Virginia Palmer photo
Virginia Palmer

I am somewhat surprised that I have never heard of this film before. I know that it was pretty popular in the 80's and 90's. That is a good thing, because I liked it very much. I thought it was actually pretty good. It's not as good as the original, but it is not terrible either. I found the acting to be decent, the direction to be good, the story to be interesting and the acting to be believable. I like the fact that it wasn't really a "horror" film, more of a "thriller". The killer in this movie is quite creative. They could have made the killer a psycho or something. I really liked the ending, although I didn't like it too much. The ending kind of had me, but I thought it could have been better. Overall, I like the film quite a bit and I really liked it a lot. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes psychological horror films.

Jane Rose photo
Jane Rose

This is an unusual movie, about a young man who has to choose between a good and a bad thing. I found it quite intriguing. First of all, it is interesting to see how the movie takes place, without any special effects. Second, it is interesting to see how a video store manager deals with the situation. It is not the typical horror movie, but it is not scary either. It's a good movie for a day with the family. It is not a movie for a family with a particular problem. The title is strange, because in this movie, the characters have to choose between good and evil, but it is not clear whether the good and the bad are in any way the same person. So the movie is kind of interesting. The acting is not that good, but it is not bad. The scene in which the young man gets to know that the evil is evil and vice versa is very good. The ending is very good. I really liked it. The movie is not something I would recommend, but I would recommend it to my friends, who are interested in interesting movies about bad and good.

Judy May photo
Judy May

This is a great mix of psychological thriller and the vampire horror genre. The story is very good and the film flows very well. There are also a few scary scenes, but not enough to worry about if you like horror. The film does have a few weak points. The last 30 minutes are really long. The slow pacing of the film does drag on and doesn't end the way it should. It feels like it's dragging on to the end. The final twist was also a little to complicated. All in all, I really liked this movie and recommend it.

Vincent Evans photo
Vincent Evans

I finally got to see this film a few days ago and I was pleasantly surprised by how great the film is. I'm glad I waited for it to come out on DVD, because I don't think I'll ever get a chance to see it again. I really liked the film, I thought it was very well done. The story was somewhat unusual, I thought it was very original and really creepy. The actors were very good in the film, they all gave very good performances. I especially liked the little boy in the movie. He had the coolest voice ever. The whole film had a very good feel to it. It was creepy, violent, and suspenseful. I think it was very good. The special effects were excellent, I love this film. It is truly a great horror film. The story and the characters were very good. The ending of the film was very well done, and I really enjoyed the way they did it. I think this film is a very good horror film. I definitely recommend this film to anyone who loves a good horror film. I give it an 8 out of 10 stars.

Sandra W. photo
Sandra W.

I have just watched the film and I must say that it was a good film, a lot of things made it even better. I have to say that the film is very disturbing and I think that the director did a good job on that. But i must say that it was a lot better than the movie "Constantine". Anyway, I still think that the film is a lot better than "Constantine". The film is about a gay couple who get divorced and then, the lesbian lover gets all the money that the man gets and he starts a new life with the other woman. However, the man must deal with a drug addiction and all the problems that he has with his children. Also, there is a psycho who runs the drug bar and he is doing his best to kill the man. I think that the film is very good and a very well made film. It is very graphic and shocking at the same time. The film also has a good story line and it has a lot of twists and turns. But in the end, it is still a good film and it is worth watching. The film has a lot of strong scenes and it is worth to watch the film because the director has a very good and a very great job on this film. This film is also the best film that the director has done. I give this film an 8/10.

Daniel D. photo
Daniel D.

I really liked this movie and enjoyed it. I liked that it is very good at showing you exactly what the hell is going on. You can't get it wrong. The story is very solid and not very predictable. The acting was very good. The action sequences were great. If you like action and horror movies, you will love this. The DVD is well packed with extras and extras. It also has a 6-track sound-track, which is very well done. If you are looking for a good horror movie, you should see this.

Anthony Schneider photo
Anthony Schneider

Troma released a movie called "Troma Deception", this movie is about a group of plumbers who find out that some old toys are coming back to life, they find out that the toys are coming to life and the plumbers have to save the day, there are lots of gory and fun scenes in this film, it is very well done and very entertaining, a great movie that I can recommend to anyone.

Matthew A. photo
Matthew A.

What a sickeningly beautiful film! Is it just me, or did the only shots that looked remotely convincing were the ones where the actor wasn't actually in the film? What a great performance by the actor playing the director, I swear it was as if he was playing the part of an average director. The movie is just horrifically disturbing, but still manages to convey a lot of strength and strength of character in a disturbing way. The story has been well-done, and the story is not at all what I expected, but it was definitely the best part of the film. I haven't seen any of the earlier titles in the series, so I can't compare the overall quality of the film. I am a fan of the series and I will definitely watch the next installment when it comes out. A must-see movie.

Joe Peterson photo
Joe Peterson

i saw this movie with my friends when we were in college and we loved it! then i saw it again a couple years ago and i absolutely loved it again. the story is about a young girl who starts her life as a zombie, which is a very creepy thing to say because you don't see a lot of this in zombie movies. and then, she discovers that she has an ability to see the future and that is what makes her so special. she also discovers that her family is being threatened by a family of killers who are looking for a person who has all of her parents' possessions. i thought that this movie was great. it had so many great things going for it and it kept me entertained throughout. i think this movie is a lot more scary than the rest of the zombie movies that are coming out of Hollywood right now, which is a shame because i think this movie is a lot scarier than any of the other zombie movies that are out there. anyway, i highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good horror movie.