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Lost & Found

Lost & Found is a movie starring Liam O Mochain, Norma Sheahan, and Brendan Conroy. Seven interconnecting stories set in and around a lost and found office of an Irish train station.

Running Time
1 hours 36 minutes
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Comedy, Drama
Liam O Mochain
Liam O Mochain
Brendan Conroy, Liam O Mochain, Norma Sheahan, Aoibhin Garrihy
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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'Lost and Found' is a film with 7 interconnecting stories set in and around a lost and found office of an Irish train station. All segments are inspired by true stories, share a theme of something lost or found and characters that come in and out of each other's lives.

Comments about comedy «Lost & Found» (4)

Anna Mills photo
Anna Mills

Another great film from the master. After two long years of waiting, we get a sequel, and one that doesn't waste any time. The story is still strong, the characters still look the same as they did in the first film, but the other things are expanded. The film itself is not a story, but a series of vignettes. The first three vignettes are very well done, as is the last two, but they do go on too long. The first two vignettes are great, as are the last two, but the last three are very good as well. The first two vignettes, at least, are like a "wish we had had" movie, which is why they are the best, as they are most reminiscent of the first film, as they are very fast paced and have a lot of dialogue. The last two vignettes are very good, because they are very similar to the first three, but in a good way, as they are more in the "wish we had had" category. I really liked the first one a lot more than the second one, but I think that the third one is just as good as the first two, but without the running time, which was a big problem in the first movie. It's always fun to see John Travolta and Meryl Streep on the same screen, and that's the case with both of them in this movie. They have a good chemistry, and they have an amazing ability to be able to act on a different level than the rest of the characters. I think that they should do more films together, as they have such great chemistry and this is one of the best films they have ever done together. So it's a good movie, and it's a shame that they didn't go on to do so many more, but I'm glad that they did, because I really love the first one and they had such a great chemistry. 9/10 stars.

Albert T. photo
Albert T.

In the simplest of terms, "Lost and Found" is a "lost" movie. It's one of those movies that's not so much about "the story" but "the process" that takes place. The movie itself is worth seeing only if you have a sense of humor. This movie is not too hard to sit through, but it's really not all that funny. In a certain way, the movie is very touching and powerful, but it's also extremely sad. "Lost and Found" is very well acted and directed. Tom Hanks and Kevin Spacey both are terrific as the leads. In fact, "Lost and Found" has the most moving moments in the movie. But what really stands out are the little touches that are in the movie. Some of the things that are "hidden" in the movie are the things that make this movie great. For example, the scenes where you can see the hard work that goes into filming the movie. The scenery is breathtaking and "Lost and Found" has a very unique look. The movie is also very creative and is full of quirky humor. It's one of the most thought provoking movies I have ever seen. It's very moving and very thought provoking. If you're in the mood for a good sad movie, you'll probably enjoy this movie. But if you're looking for a "gotta see it" movie, you're going to be very disappointed.

Denise photo

With many critics saying that this is a slow-paced and disappointing movie, I have to disagree. It's still enjoyable and well worth watching. The cast is strong and it's easy to forget that this is a indie film. It is full of action and comedy, and the movie has a little drama. The story is not complicated, but it's not as simple as all that. For example, the young protagonist begins the movie as a passive individual, yet by the end he has developed to be a strong and decisive person. The movie itself is a little slow, but it's never boring. It has some really great lines, and many of the actors really deserve their awards. I love the way that it has a whole ensemble cast and it's all together in this great movie. This is a film that I really enjoyed, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to see a film that isn't necessarily "based" on a book.

Robert photo

This is a great movie and I strongly suggest that everyone go see it. If you have a 2 hour movie marathon on DVD this will be a fantastic addition to the collection. While it was well acted and well directed this movie had a lot of heart and soul and really dug into some of the things that could be difficult in life. The one thing that I didn't understand was why this movie was such a big hit and why it was so popular. I think that it is really easy to become numb to the world and this movie does a good job of portraying that. I also think that people are being too hard on this movie because it isn't really a "religious" movie. I thought the movie was interesting enough that it did touch on a lot of different things and left the viewer with some new perspectives on the world. I thought that the acting was good and the characters were engaging and believable. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in a good "feel good" movie.