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Breaking In

Breaking In is a movie starring Gabrielle Union, Billy Burke, and Richard Cabral. A woman fights to protect her family during a home invasion.

Other Titles
Gece Saldırısı, Asalto en la noche, Włamanie, Effraction, Breaking in - La rivalsa di una madre, Invasão, Betörés
Running Time
1 hours 28 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Thriller, Drama, Crime, Action
James McTeigue
Ryan Engle, Jaime Primak Sullivan
Ajiona Alexus, Billy Burke, Gabrielle Union, Richard Cabral
Japan, USA
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

After her father Isaac's murder, Shaun Russell travels to the house she grew up in with her two children, daughter Jasmine and son Glover. Shaun intends to settle her father's estate and sell the remotely-located house, which has multiple security features, including a hand-held remote monitor. The security system is off-line at their arrival, but is soon reactivated by Jasmine. Unknown to the family, four criminals - Peter, Sam, Duncan, and their leader Eddie - are already in the house. Jasmine and Glover are taken hostage while Shaun is outside. Peter chases Shaun into the woods, where she manages to knock him unconscious. She leaves him bound and gagged, and uses the intercom to call the house. Eddie tells her they only came for the safe and the $4 million they believe is inside; Isaac was under investigation and Sam had learned that he liquidated his assets. The crew has only 90 minutes from when they cut the phone line before the security company will contact police, so they want to find it and leave quickly. Concealed in the trees, Shaun sees Maggie, the Realtor, arrive with paperwork for the house sale. Eddie greets her at the door, explaining Shaun had gone into town briefly, and invites her in. Maggie notices Shaun's purse on the table behind Eddie and declines. As Maggie is leaving, Duncan attacks and slits her throat, which upsets Eddie, as it means Shaun won't be as controllable..

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Denise Johnson photo
Denise Johnson

I have seen this movie on TV a couple of times. It is a very well made movie and one of my favorites. It is not as violent as it seems, but the violence is intense. I am a fan of Robert De Niro. This movie has a lot of great scenes. It is a very dark movie and I think that is the best thing about it. It is not just a simple revenge story. The ending is a little different, but it is still very good. I think that the actors in this movie did a great job. I think that this is one of the best movies that I have seen. If you like movies that are about a gangster and his family, you should see this movie. It is a very good movie and I recommend it to everyone.

Sara H. photo
Sara H.

A couple of years ago, I saw this movie at a theater. It was one of the best movies I'd ever seen. I thought the characters were realistic, and I was so moved by their lives. This movie is one of the most meaningful movies I've ever seen. I never get tired of watching it. I think that's the best thing about it, that it makes you think about your own life, and how it might be different if you were in that situation. The actors were all great, especially Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson. I think they're two of the best actors in the business. I can't wait to see what they do next. I can't wait to see what they do in the future. This is one of my favorite movies, and I've seen it about a hundred times. I recommend this movie to anyone, and I think it's one of the best movies I've ever seen.

Steven photo

The film is based on the real life of Pippa Hopper and Nick Nolte. She was a young woman who went to London with a young man to see her boyfriend. She never got to meet him. They ended up in a car accident, and she was taken to the hospital. Nick Nolte was the only person to have seen her alive. He never saw her again. She ended up getting pregnant, and in prison. After a year she was released. She had to start all over again. This film is based on the real life of Nick Nolte. He was the only person to have seen Pippa alive. The film is really good. It's an entertaining movie. The actors really fit their roles. They are very believable. I like the story, and the ending. I would recommend this movie. It is an entertaining film.

Aaron Taylor photo
Aaron Taylor

This is a great movie. The cast is good, the story is intriguing, the pace is good, the camera work is great, and the soundtrack is awesome. This is not a movie that will please everyone, and I'm sure that for some it will not be a good movie. This is not the typical action movie, it has a good story, good actors, and good music. I highly recommend it, and if you are a fan of the cast and the cast is good, then go see it.

Benjamin McCoy photo
Benjamin McCoy

I am a huge fan of the Bourne series, so it was with great expectations that I went to see this film. The film had a great opening scene with the classic "Hang 'em High" music. However, the first half hour was a little slow and didn't really keep up with the action. The second half of the film was much better, with some great fight scenes. The last 15 minutes of the film was excellent, and was much better than the first half. The story was great, and the action scenes were really cool. I think the best part of the film was the last 15 minutes, and that was the best part of the film. The ending was good too. The acting in the film was very good. Matt Damon, who was in the first film, was great in this film, and really gave a good performance. The supporting cast was great, especially Jeremy Renner and John Turturro. The only thing that I didn't like was the fact that the film was kind of slow. However, it was still a great film, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has seen the first two films.

Jennifer M. photo
Jennifer M.

I don't know what is wrong with some of the reviewers, but this film is great. If you're looking for something serious and thought provoking, this film is not for you. I loved it and would recommend it to anyone who likes crime dramas. The film is not predictable, and it's never boring. The characters are believable and the acting is good. I really enjoyed it. I'd recommend this to anyone who likes crime dramas. 9/10

Raymond H. photo
Raymond H.

I thought this was a very good movie, with a great ending. I loved the acting, the action, and the plot. The plot was great. It is a great movie to watch with friends. It was a great movie to see with my wife and her friends. I recommend it to everyone. I think everyone should see it at least once. I hope everyone gets the chance to see this movie. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Megan O. photo
Megan O.

I was surprised by the "wow" factor of this movie. I expected a lot of the same "action" we saw in the "Fast and Furious" movies, and it was so much more. The acting was not just good, but great. The movie kept my attention and kept me thinking, and I was never bored. This is a great movie, and I recommend it to everyone who likes action movies. It's not just a "get the action, don't think" movie, but also a movie about relationships, the meaning of life, and just a good movie.

Raymond P. photo
Raymond P.

I am a huge fan of the original Silence of the Lambs. This film is not bad at all. It is a great crime thriller that is all the more enjoyable because of the great acting, great story, and great direction. The film is very dark and the characters are all flawed. However, the characters are not completely unlikable, and you can't help but root for them. The film is set in New York, but you can't tell where it is supposed to be. The film is very good in the sense that you don't know where the story is going to go. I won't give away the story, but I will tell you that the story is very intriguing and very entertaining. I will also tell you that I enjoyed this film a great deal. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good thriller, but if you are looking for something that is too cerebral, this film is not for you.

Hannah Welch photo
Hannah Welch

I thought this was a really good movie, with some great actors. I'm not a big fan of the police, but this movie makes me think of the police and the way they do things. It has some very good action scenes, and I enjoyed it very much. The music is good, the actors are good, and the plot is good. I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the police, or just looking for a good action movie. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Jonathan Russell photo
Jonathan Russell

I first saw this movie when it first came out. I really liked it. It was the first movie I ever watched in the theater. I was amazed at the amazing script and direction. The acting was great, the story was great, and the direction was great. I really enjoyed it. When I first saw it, I was disappointed that it wasn't released in the theaters. I have always wanted to see it, but I never knew if it would be released. I am so glad that it was released in theaters. I have seen it over 100 times. I still love it and can watch it over and over. I give this movie a 9 out of 10. It's a very good movie. I really recommend it. If you haven't seen it yet, then go see it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Edward Fox photo
Edward Fox

I saw this movie in the theater, and I really enjoyed it. It's a great movie, and it's not a movie I'm going to see again anytime soon. The action is great, and the cast is great. I also really liked the soundtrack, and I think it's very appropriate for the movie. The movie does get a little slow in parts, but it's good because it's not supposed to be a fast moving action movie. I really liked this movie, and I think it's a great movie to watch with your friends. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Craig Allen photo
Craig Allen

This movie was awesome! I don't usually like action movies but I just had to watch this one. I was surprised at how much action this movie had. I really liked the story and how the story was done. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes action movies, suspense, and action!

Johnny F. photo
Johnny F.

This is a great movie. It is so well written and has a great cast. This is a movie that I would love to see again and again. I recommend this movie to everyone who is looking for a good movie to watch and a good time. This is a movie that you will enjoy watching over and over again.