Steam Estiu 1993

Estiu 1993

Estiu 1993 is a movie starring Laia Artigas, Paula Robles, and Bruna Cusí. After her mother's death, six-year-old Frida is sent to her uncle's family to live with them in the countryside. But Frida finds it hard to forget her mother...

Other Titles
93 Yazı, 悲しみに、こんにちは, Estate 1993, Sommeren 1993, Fridas Sommer, Leto 1993., Sommer 1993, Verão 1993, Été 93, Lato 1993, Ένα αξέχαστο καλοκαίρι, Vara lui 1993, Verano 1993, Summer 1993
Running Time
1 hours 37 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Family
Carla Simón
Carla Simón
Bruna Cusí, Laia Artigas, David Verdaguer, Paula Robles
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

After her mother's death, six-year-old Frida is sent to her uncle's family to live with them in the countryside. But Frida finds it hard to forget her mother and adapt to her new life.

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Samuel photo

A wonderful family film, just as it should be. It will give a great lesson to the younger generations of children and it will bring a smile to the older ones. It is not a perfect film, but it is one that will stand the test of time and be a favorite of the entire family. I can see why it is not available on DVD, but it is a film that should be available in every home, and it should be given a chance. My family and I have seen this film several times, and it does not disappoint us.

Nathan Banks photo
Nathan Banks

This is a wonderful movie that I will remember for years to come. The story is simple, the acting is superb, and the children are a joy to watch. The adults are just as good, but the children make the movie. I saw the movie twice, and I enjoyed it both times. If you like movies about children, you should see this movie. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Elizabeth photo

I just saw this film at the South by Southwest film festival in Austin. I've always been a big fan of "Dangerous Minds" and this film is no exception. It's a beautifully shot film with some fantastic scenery. The film focuses on the battle of the sexes in which the dominant female is trying to break free from her man. The scene with the woman on the train is absolutely incredible and one of the best I've ever seen. The scene with the man in the restaurant is also brilliant and I felt that the tension between the two characters was handled well. I was very impressed with the acting in this film and I can't wait to see it again. I'd recommend this film to anyone who likes films that focus on the relationship between a man and a woman and that focus on the emotions and reactions between the characters. "Dangerous Minds" is one of the best films of the year and I look forward to seeing it again.

Tammy photo

I enjoyed the movie very much, it has a very strong message. However, the movie has a lot of flaws, the dialogues are very poor and it is too long. There is a lot of background of the story, and it is easy to follow the story, it is not very "packed" with details. The character development is also very poor, and it is hard to believe that these characters have been left for so long. I also think that the story is very weak, it is not really interesting and sometimes you can't follow it. The cinematography is also very poor, and the film is quite long and boring. However, I do not think that the movie is bad, it is a very good movie, and it deserves to be watched. I think that the message of the movie is very important, and it is very good to have a movie that shows how we can show that message and that message in a very good way. I give this movie a 8/10

Evelyn C. photo
Evelyn C.

I loved this movie. It is a film that gives you a wonderful feel for the Finnish countryside. The story is about two teenagers, Eero and Vika, who start to argue about the other's life, and their problems with each other. They are finally able to resolve their problems by turning their quarrel into a friendship. The main character, Eero, is a young man who works in a factory and dreams of going to university, while Vika is a girl who works in a restaurant. Both of them have a long relationship and become very close, but they don't know that they have a mutual attraction. The film shows you their life and what happens when you get involved with a person who has no friends, but it also shows how they face the problems in life. It is a film that shows you the problems that you might have if you were to become close to someone and that is very touching. The director has a wonderful way of showing you a film that is very touching. This is a film that will leave you in tears.

Bobby photo

A huge disappointment to me, I really like the movie but I just couldn't give it 10 stars because of the awful dialogue, I just could not understand how people in the movie could actually understand each other, there was too much cursing, a lot of people who were actually not involved in the movie spoke badly of the film and I also found it very boring, the movie is supposed to be a family film and there are some pretty bad scenes in the movie but I would give it a 7 or 8 out of 10, if the actors would have just been a little bit more believable and less like an idiot in the movie, maybe then I would have given it a 9 or 10 stars but that just isn't the case, I guess I am being too harsh on this movie. I have been going to a lot of family movies lately and I have just watched "The Secret Life of Pets" and I think this is the worst movie I have seen this year so far.

Gregory Baker photo
Gregory Baker

I saw this movie on the first day it came out, and I had to see it again. I'm not sure if it's the best movie ever made or not, but I'm glad I saw it again. It's just the right amount of drama and action, with a wonderful story. I think the message is to not judge a book by its cover, and the ending was wonderful. I was surprised how much the characters changed over the years, and they were all good and important. I loved how they all ended, and how they all survived. I think this movie is great for any age, and I hope to see it again soon.

Alice G. photo
Alice G.

This movie is so awesome! It is an amazing movie that will make you cry, laugh, and be happy. It has the best scenes in the whole movie. The story, the acting, and the songs. It's a movie that will make you cry. I give this movie 10 out of 10 because it is the best. And i hope you will enjoy it as much as i did.

Robert Perez photo
Robert Perez

I think this movie was the greatest movie I ever seen. The most dramatic scenes were shown on the screen, it was like I was there. The actors were amazing, and the story was great, so I think that everyone should watch it. It's a must for everyone to watch. It's a very good movie. I have to mention that I'm a very good movie lover and I have seen many movies. This movie was very interesting and I'm sure it will be one of the best movies. I recommend this movie to everybody.

Betty H. photo
Betty H.

I just got back from seeing "Man of Steel" and it's an excellent movie. It's not a "Superman" movie, but it's a good movie. I liked the story, the characters, and the special effects. It's very action packed, and has a very nice and smooth story. I also liked the direction of the movie. It's not a typical Hollywood blockbuster, but it's a good movie. If you want to see a good movie, I'd recommend this one.

Timothy photo

This film is a wonderful and inspirational movie, just like the book. It is a beautiful story about the bravery of the children and the children's bravery in their own way. The movie is very moving and touching, and you feel like you can just see the little girl's eyes. I recommend this movie to anyone who loves to have a smile on their face.

Gloria Pena photo
Gloria Pena

After reading some reviews here, I had my doubts about this movie. I really liked the book, so I wasn't going to watch it. But I decided to watch it anyway. And I'm so glad I did. I actually think this movie is a great movie. It's about a boy named John who lives in a small town in Georgia. He is a rebellious kid who doesn't want to be in school and who is very social. He is the type of kid that the other kids don't really want to be around. But John is his own person. He can't help it. He is a shy and quiet boy. He is so friendly with his older brother, but not very friendly with his sister. But when John and his friends get into trouble, they have to try and change their ways. And I think that's what is so good about this movie. It's like a character study. There is no bad guy or good guy. There is no villain or hero. It's just a guy and a kid who is trying to be a good person. I think this is something that I loved about the movie. The main character is actually the main character. The other kids in the town are just supporting characters. There is no antagonist. It's just John and his friends. And I think that's what makes this movie so great. It is a character study. It's about how people behave. And it's really interesting. I think the movie is great. It's very well written. The acting is great. And it's a great movie. I really recommend this movie.

Jose photo

This film was a gift for my family. We went with a whole family and all were entertained with the wonderful story. My dad and I enjoyed the scenes and the music. I also really enjoyed the other characters in this film. I would love to go again to see it. I love the movie and would buy it for my own children. I love the story and the characters.

Timothy F. photo
Timothy F.

An amazing movie that gets the viewer interested in the characters. The cast was excellent, as was the story. The first time I saw this movie, I was quite taken with it, but I think I've seen it many more times since then. I think the story is very true to life. The way the children are portrayed in this movie is very true to the real life. The acting is very good. I think the movie was very well made. I really think that the movie was worth the money. If you can get your hands on the DVD or the movie at a second hand store, buy it, you will not regret it. As a rule, I don't like seeing movies that are made into movies, but this one was. I have seen a few different versions of this movie, and I believe that the version I saw was the best one. I think that everyone should see this movie at least once.

Kelly photo

The acting was superb, especially from the young actors and the director. The film is a metaphor of the slow growth of a character and the development of the relationship between the main characters. The story is simple, and it is told with a clear sense of humor. The film is so full of atmosphere, and the camera work is so beautiful, that it almost seems like a dream. The soundtrack is very fitting, and the characters are well defined. I would recommend this movie to anyone, whether you are a fan of romance, a lover of wonderful films, or you just like to have a good time with your friends.

Laura photo

A great movie about a young girl who falls in love with a boy, and does everything she can to protect him, even though she knows he will be killed if she lets him go. It's a very touching movie, and very sad, at the same time. The message of this movie is that love is more important than money. This movie is a must see, and I'm going to watch it again. I'm also going to buy it!

John Graham photo
John Graham

A heart-warming story about a family of misfits. If you're looking for a "happy" movie, this isn't it. This movie is a story of hope, determination and trust. I have never seen anything like it. It's the story of a family of misfits who are determined to keep their dreams alive. This movie was an unexpected gem. It's an uplifting movie, and I highly recommend it.

Philip photo

I have seen this movie about a thousand times. I can't believe that it is no longer in print. It's a great movie. The story is about a boy named 'Nick' who lives with his parents. He's a very intelligent boy and he is well versed in many things. He likes to go to the gym and hang out with his friends. He is very excited about going to the school prom. He even went to the prom in his very own car. One day, he finds out that his parents aren't doing so well financially. Nick wants to live in a better place but the money is tight so he is forced to live with his grandparents. When he comes home, he finds out that his grandparents have moved out of the house. The only thing that they left is a sofa. Nick's grandfather had a very special sofa that was very old. He wanted to buy it for his grandson. He doesn't want to sell it. He keeps trying to convince Nick to sell the sofa. But Nick can't. So, the whole family goes to the store and buys the sofa for him. But the store manager doesn't like Nick and keeps trying to tell him that he is wrong. So, when Nick realizes that he's in trouble, he decides to sell the sofa and leave the house. This is a great movie. I give it a 10/10.

Betty F. photo
Betty F.

This movie is a perfect example of how to make a movie with emotions and emotion. The movie starts with a family and the father of the family is abusive, very manipulative and almost always tries to push the family into a new behavior. The father tries to make the family do things to get money, which doesn't work out, and ends up hurting the children. The mother is a little more caring, but also a little bit manipulative. And the father tries to get the children to do things for him and the kids, which doesn't work out. And when the father sees the kids start to cry, he starts to help them and they do a wonderful thing for him. The father finally gets his son to do some things that are in the family and they become good. And the family is happy for the whole movie. It's very emotional, with lots of emotion and a lot of love. It's a great movie, you should watch it.