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Gangsterdam is a movie starring Kev Adams, Manon Azem, and Côme Levin. A student in Amsterdam tries to win over a young woman by chasing after a packet of drugs, which happens to belong to the Dutch mafia.

Other Titles
Missão: Amsterdam, Gangsterdamas
Running Time
1 hours 40 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Romain Lévy
Romain Lévy, Julien War, Mathieu Oullion, Remy Four
Manon Azem, Kev Adams, Côme Levin, Hubert Koundé
Netherlands, France
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A student in Amsterdam tries to win over a young woman by chasing after a packet of drugs, which happens to belong to the Dutch mafia.

Comments about comedy «Gangsterdam» (5)

Jeremy photo

I had the pleasure of seeing this movie at the premiere here in NYC. I would have to say that if you like to see a lot of fast talking and strange characters, this is a movie for you. I think it's also a good movie for people who like to be entertained. I think if you don't like the "Sci-Fi" genre of movies you may not like this movie. This movie is a great example of how you don't have to have a lot of special effects, or a lot of action sequences to make a good movie. I think if you have seen the director's previous movie "Rampage" you will really enjoy this movie because there are plenty of references to the movie and it's director. This movie really gives you a good laugh and shows that not everything has to be a comedy. The main characters have very unique personalities and keep you entertained. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes to be entertained and likes to have a good time. The actors were great in this movie and it kept me entertained the entire time. I think this movie is definitely worth seeing and is a movie that you should see.

Christina M. photo
Christina M.

I had heard nothing but good things about this movie. It looks very nice and I just had to watch it. What I didn't expect was how good it was. The movie is about a group of young people who are trying to create their own Gang of Ten. They create their own gang from scratch. The movie is so funny that it just makes you laugh. You have to see the movie to know what I'm talking about. If you like absurd comedies, this is definitely for you. The movie is full of dirty jokes and raunchy jokes. I recommend it to anyone who likes a good laugh. I really enjoyed this movie and I really hope that they make a sequel!

Jeremy photo

I am not a fan of comedy movies, but i thought it was really good. Not like a 'funny' comedy. it was entertaining and at the end was not too bad. And with the funny music score. I liked it. My friends liked it, and it was funny. There were a lot of funny moments. And i liked the plot. No more than about half hour. The ending was not a surprise. The first time i saw the movie was like 5 days ago, and the rest of the days i haven't seen it. I watched it last night. I have never seen such a nice movie. I hope to see this movie again. I give it a 7 out of 10

Gloria Walker photo
Gloria Walker

Karen (Barbara Tuchman) is a 16 year old girl who is being stalked by a stranger who is very fond of her, a retired man named Raymond (Cameron Bright). It turns out that Raymond is the only person who knew of Karen's sexuality, and she is going to be very lucky to have him as a father figure. One day, Raymond walks into a strip club and falls in love with Karen, and decides to commit himself to her. Meanwhile, Karen meets the man who is now her husband and father figure, who is not only a very attractive guy, but also very devoted to Karen. The problem is, Raymond doesn't really care for Karen, and in the end, he leaves her to try to get his body back. Will Karen find a new man and get her body back? Or will Raymond get his body back, and Karen will be left with no one? This movie was really enjoyable. I really loved the acting, the story, and the way the story progressed. This is a great movie to see, and even though it is the early 90s, the music is still very well-done, and the sets and costumes are excellent. The costumes were very sexy, and the movie was very well-shot. The cast was great, with the exception of Cameron Bright. The rest of the cast was also great. Even the leading lady, Barbara Tuchman, is very sexy and very good at what she does. I would give this movie a rating of seven out of ten, because it was enjoyable, and I would definitely watch it again. This movie is definitely recommended for anybody, but particularly for Barbara Tuchman fans.

Stephen photo

It's a very funny movie. The two leads are very good in it. The movie is very funny but it's not so serious. It's not that I want to get up and shout. It's just that I just love this movie and I'm not a crazy person like some people think. The movie is a lot of fun and the story is really funny.