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Sudden Fear

Sudden Fear is a movie starring Joan Crawford, Jack Palance, and Gloria Grahame. After an ambitious actor insinuates himself into the life of a wealthy middle-aged playwright and marries her, he plots with his mistress to murder her.

Other Titles
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Running Time
1 hours 50 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Film-Noir, Thriller
David Miller
Lenore J. Coffee, Edna Sherry, Robert Smith, Joan Crawford
Gloria Grahame, Joan Crawford, Bruce Bennett, Jack Palance
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Actor Lester Blaine has all but landed the lead in Myra Hudson's new play when Myra vetoes him because, to her, he doesn't look like a "romantic leading man." On a train from New York to San Francisco, Blaine sets out to prove Myra romancing her. Is he sincere, or does he have a dark ulterior motive? The answer brings on a game of cat and mouse; but who's the cat and who's the mouse?

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Lawrence Edwards photo
Lawrence Edwards

After seeing a movie and finding out that it was produced by a group of guys who worked at a porn studio, I thought I'd never see the day that I would be going to see a movie directed by a group of porno producers. All I could think of was that I really hated porno movies in general. I'd been hearing about the 'experience' of watching porno movies, the enthusiasm of the people behind the camera and the sense of creative control and control over what was being filmed. I really wanted to like the movie. However, seeing that this group of people has a lot of experience with what being a producer should be like, I was reminded of what a horrible experience this was. Having the experience of seeing this, I was encouraged to see the movie as well. Seeing this was the best thing that could have happened to me. The story of this movie is about three women who go into a business to release porno movies for an audience of their favorite actors. Having gone through a strange (and possibly insane) experience of watching hardcore porno movies, one of the women (Alexandra) is known by the other women in the company as a woman who likes hardcore porno. All three of the women's stories are similar, yet have different effects on the story. After seeing the movie, I was reminded of the intense, awkward, painful experiences that I've had with watching porno movies. The movie wasn't as good as I hoped it would be, but I felt like it still represented some of the things that I was hoping to see from the movie. I think this is the best movie I've seen for a while. It's the best movie I've seen about the industry of porno movies, the people involved and the people who make these movies. If I were to see the movie again, I would be the same, but knowing that I don't know what is going to happen, I'm not quite sure what to expect. If I had seen this with any other people, it might have been a different experience. Having a friend of mine who really hated porno movies, I can tell you that he would not recommend this to anyone else. This is a movie that you really need to see, but if you've seen a porno movie before, you won't like it as much. I really loved the experience of watching this movie, but I can't imagine watching it again. I thought it was a great movie, but not the best I've ever seen, so I've rated it accordingly.

Rebecca photo

It was one of those movies that you had to see and it really was great. The story was amazing and the twists and turns really kept you on the edge of your seat. All of the acting was great and I was really impressed by the cast. I wish the rating on this movie was higher because a lot of people are rating it low and that I don't really understand why, it was really great, if you like a good thriller, then definitely see this one. It was pretty cool to see them in prison and they had really bad prison cells and it really helped develop the characters so that they were more interesting. I think this movie was really underrated and I feel it should be more seen.

Shirley G. photo
Shirley G.

I loved this movie. It was a great movie and the acting was great. I think the story line is very good and the characters are very likable. The actors were all very good. I think the best part about this movie is the ending. I think it is the best ending that I have ever seen in a movie. The ending was very good. I also like the ending of the movie. I think the movie was very good. I think this movie is a great movie.

Gloria photo

When I first saw this movie, I thought it was a good thriller. I saw it a few years later, and I think it is still a good movie. The cast is good, and the story is good. It is suspenseful, and it has a good ending. I think the ending is a little predictable, but it is still good. If you like a good thriller, this is one to watch. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Marie Grant photo
Marie Grant

I watched this movie last night and had a good laugh while watching. The supporting cast is so great, it would be impossible to pick just one actor. I would have loved to see a ten-minute commercial for Splenda. The movie is really great. The cast plays off each other very well. The actors play off the director very well. The movie is unique and original, and the characters are very unique, and the writing is really great. It is not the same as other "horror" movies, and it is great. Overall I give it a 10 out of 10.

Joshua Sanchez photo
Joshua Sanchez

I saw this movie in theatres with a screening of the movie at the last day of release. I was, luckily, not in a good mood that day and decided to sit with a friend who seemed more interested in life than the movie. I had not seen the movie, but had read some of the reviews on here and was expecting it to be another derivative teen movie. As it turned out, I was extremely disappointed. The story was very, very good and the character development was excellent. I was also surprised by the cinematography. I have never been a great fan of Quentin Tarantino's style. I have seen some of his other movies but have never been a big fan. I will say that he did a fantastic job at capturing the city of Minneapolis in this movie. It was nice to see a city portrayed in a positive light. I believe that if the movie had not had such an ending it would have been as good as the movie itself. I am planning on going to see this movie again.

Maria photo

I really enjoyed the film and was amazed to see it that was made in South Africa. It was filmed in a real factory that makes concrete with the workers living in a house that is worth 50 times the market value. I can't wait to see more of it and I can't imagine the home movies I would have taken with my parents if I was born in that time!

Tiffany Mendoza photo
Tiffany Mendoza

I don't think I've ever seen a movie with a story that I felt like I could relate to, but I really enjoyed this one. I watched this movie last night and thought it was pretty good. It had a good plot, but I thought it was a little slow at times. I liked the fact that it was realistic, and I thought the characters were great. I think they did a good job with the acting, and the story itself was pretty good. The movie was a little slow, but I think that was because I felt like I could relate to the characters. I really enjoyed the movie and I definitely recommend it to everyone. If you don't mind a slow movie, this is a great one.

Jacqueline Cole photo
Jacqueline Cole

I have to admit I had a pretty low expectation of this film and I was pleasantly surprised. It's not a perfect film but it's certainly well worth seeing and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes a good thriller. I found it a bit slow at times and it's a shame that the ending is so predictable, but I'm sure the ending will be a surprise to most people. The acting is very good and the story is gripping and interesting. It's a film that you'll definitely want to see.

Diana Peterson photo
Diana Peterson

Sudden Fear is a fascinating film about a young man who is a former drug addict, who is now looking for a new way of life. His new drug is MDMA, a psychedelic drug which causes you to go crazy. The film is very interesting and has a good story line. The acting is great, the story is good and the direction is very good. The only problem I have with the film is that it is a bit slow at times. It is a good film but I don't recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fast paced film. I give this film 8/10.

Benjamin W. photo
Benjamin W.

It's a shame that some reviewers don't understand the true meaning of an emotion. First of all, look at the guy. He's just.sick, that's all. The rest of the movie is all about what happens when these guys come to this island to die. The special effects are pretty well done, and this is a good old fashioned thriller movie. The characters are decent. We know who they are and what they do. But this movie isn't about characters at all. It's about a weird woman who kills the lead guy and when we find out who the bad guy is, she tries to kill him too. These guys are in for the biggest surprise of their lives, and I'm sure you're going to be satisfied.

Helen Howard photo
Helen Howard

I saw this movie at the cinema. I was surprised that it was so good. It was very scary and thrilling and it kept me on the edge of my seat. I have seen many movies like this and this one was one of the best. The acting was very good and the director did a great job. I really liked the atmosphere in this movie. I would recommend this movie to everyone and give it a 9/10.

Jeffrey L. photo
Jeffrey L.

This is such a amazing movie, it's a very emotional one, it's a bit too predictable, but I'm not gonna argue with that. It's a good story, good acting and good writing. I'm not gonna say the ending was great, because it was, but it was a good ending. I really do hope that there's going to be a sequel. It's a really good movie, it's a bit too predictable, but it's a good story, good acting and it's a very emotional movie. I really do hope they do a sequel.

Doris photo

This is a film that I saw at the very first screening at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. It was a great first time experience. It is very well written, well directed, well acted and well directed. The cast is excellent. The story is intriguing and the cinematography is great. This is a film that I would recommend to any fan of crime thrillers and/or thrillers in general. It is definitely one of the better films of the year.

Scott Washington photo
Scott Washington

I liked this movie very much. I liked the way it was filmed very well. I liked the story and how it ended. The atmosphere and the way it was shot was very good. The actors were very convincing and believable. It has a really unique style, it's way different from anything I've seen. All of the cast did a great job. I'm actually looking forward to seeing this one again. I'll say, though, it's a bit slow paced and in places it was kind of hard to follow but that's probably because I'm not a huge fan of movies that are slow paced, but still I think it's a great film. I'd give it an 8/10.

Walter photo

As a person who watched this on TV, I can't begin to understand how these two young actors ended up in these roles. I can remember seeing them in their freshman year in college, and now all I see is their faces on the cover of a sports magazine. It's weird, but at least they made it worth it. I read an interview with Ebert, and he said that he was also shocked by what he saw, and made sure he was aware of it before his review. If he really cared about the characters, he would've thought twice before giving this film one star. I will always love the National Football League, even though it seems like it's never going to be my passion. I feel that's the best compliment I can give the movie, and I agree 100%.

Ann L. photo
Ann L.

I just got back from seeing this film. It is a masterpiece. On a personal level, I knew the plot from the other reviews and how I knew what was going to happen from the preview, but I didn't know how much I wanted to see it until I saw it in the theater. I had my hopes up on seeing it without spoilers so it's not spoiler at all, but I'd like to add the following: from the moment Jake and Bridget get in bed together, it was a roller-coaster ride. There was so much pent-up emotion in that scene. In my opinion, the sexual scenes in the film are the best. The other sex scenes are too cut-and-dry. The acting is excellent, the writing is superb and the direction is superb. If there was any flaw, it would be the movie would have probably dragged a bit more. I'm going to see it again in a few days and I'm going to go in with as little information as possible, hoping that it will all make sense and the ending will keep me very happy. I really think the only criticism I have is that it's not as bad as the critics say it is, it's just not as good as some of the comments in the movie reviews. Even if you don't like the ending, you still want to see this movie, and I'm not going to give it up because it's not as good as they say it is. It is a movie to see in a theater with an audience. It's not something that should be shown on video-it should be seen on the big screen.

Sharon King photo
Sharon King

I liked this movie. The story was compelling and the characters were well developed. It was the type of movie that really makes you think about the future. I was intrigued by the idea of a movie that had a very interesting twist in the end. I think the movie was well done and well acted. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone.

Barbara Turner photo
Barbara Turner

This film was an incredible ride. I loved it! I think it's a must see film for any horror movie fan.

Gary photo

This is a very, very good movie. I'm not going to lie, I was very skeptical going into this one. But I was pleasantly surprised. It's the kind of movie that you really need to pay attention to. It's about a man who is so devoted to his family that he'll do anything for them, no matter what the cost. But he is in such a hurry to get them out of the house that he completely ignores the fact that he's already on his way to the airport. The rest of the movie is a very intense journey through a very difficult situation. It is very emotional, and I loved it. It was definitely a movie that I would recommend to anyone. I highly recommend this movie.

Samuel B. photo
Samuel B.

I watched this film yesterday with my wife and it was one of the most powerful films I've seen in a long time. I was scared, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad. My wife, who doesn't normally like to see a film with no violence, said she had to leave the room. This film was amazing and she had to leave the room. The acting was superb and I can't say enough about it. It was one of the most powerful and moving films I've seen. If you don't watch this film, you're missing out. I highly recommend it.

Debra photo

I first saw this movie on TV and thought it was really well done. It was so intense I had a lump in my throat. It was also well made and not to "soapy" like I expected. It had a tense opening scene and kept me in my seat. It also had good humor, great acting and a great story. I can't believe how this movie hasn't got any Oscars. A must see for everyone. 10/10.

Joe R. photo
Joe R.

I would like to thank the director, the producer, the cast, and especially the actor, Rob Lowe. This was a wonderful movie that I believe was a "must see" for fans of the original series. If you loved the series, you will love this. I have watched it several times and it is still as fun, exciting, and scary as it was back in 1982. Bravo to the filmmakers, actors, and everybody else involved.

Justin C. photo
Justin C.

An excellent, well-written, well-acted, and well-directed film about a single-mom, who's in a very unique situation. She's a single mom who has to deal with the emotions of raising her kid, but she has a secret. She's a porn star. We see her sex scenes and what she does for a living. She has to keep her personal life and her private life separate, because she is a porn star. It's a great movie. It's very good at depicting the struggles of a single mother who's having to deal with her son's sexual needs, and how she tries to keep them separate. The only thing that I didn't like about it is that the movie is very graphic, and sometimes graphic, violent. I don't think it's appropriate for younger viewers, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone under 18. The movie is very realistic, and has a lot of heart, and I think it's very appropriate for all ages. I would recommend this movie to anyone who's a fan of a good, well-written movie. I think this is a good movie.

Pamela W. photo
Pamela W.

I was surprised to see this movie on the shelf at my local Blockbuster Video. I went into it with no expectations. I had heard nothing about it except that it was a drama/thriller. I was very pleasantly surprised. It was a very good movie. It was so different from other movies that I have seen. The actors and actresses were all very good. They had a lot of different personalities. I think that the script was good. I don't know what it was about but it was very different. The action was good too. The story was good. The characters were good. The ending was good. I liked it. I think that it is a good movie.

Kenneth Herrera photo
Kenneth Herrera

A good thriller with a good story. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good thriller.

Shirley R. photo
Shirley R.

This is one of those films that you have to watch multiple times just to fully understand and appreciate. The film is an action/thriller. It is about a family in the middle of the desert who are dealing with the horrors of the desert. I won't give any details about the story, but it is a good one. The acting is superb, the director is very good and the characters are very well written. The director also shows great talent with the editing. The acting is very good. The plot is also very good. It is a very good movie. I highly recommend it. I give it a 9 out of 10. It is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time.

Marie S. photo
Marie S.

When I saw this movie I thought it would be like "The Matrix" but it wasn't. It was more like "The Shawshank Redemption". I'm not a big fan of horror movies but I was pleasantly surprised. It was very good. The acting was great and the story was very good. I thought the ending was a little weak but overall I think it was very good. If you like horror movies I recommend this movie. I think it would be a good movie for a young audience. It is not scary but it is definitely a good movie. It is a good movie. It is not like "The Matrix" but it is very good. It is worth watching.

Lori M. photo
Lori M.

I had heard a lot of bad things about this movie, but I have to say that it was well done. The performances were good, the storyline was gripping and the ending was satisfying. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is into the suspense genre.

Gerald photo

What a great movie, it was one of those films where the only thing that bothered me was the ending. I think that the director made a great choice to not go with the traditional ending of a Hollywood movie. Instead, he chose to show a very tragic story of a family and their lives in the past and their current lives. I was very impressed with the cast, especially the mother, she was very emotional and very real, her character was a little different than what you would expect from a mother, but overall, she was great. I think that this is a very underrated movie, and I think that it deserves much more attention.

Melissa Ortiz photo
Melissa Ortiz

I am not a big fan of teen movies, but this movie is a different story. It's like watching a normal movie and a very entertaining one at that. The characters are well developed and the story is very interesting. It's not just a typical teen movie, it's a good movie. You can tell that it's been produced by a very good crew. This movie will make you think about what is really going on in your own life. I think you will love this movie and I think you will love it.

Gloria photo

Despite their flaws, Unforgettable Moments is a thoroughly engrossing film, based on a screenplay by one of my favorite screenwriters, Tony Bill. Featuring real life events, it explores the ever-plunging emotional wall of a teenage child struggling with the unknown. But it's the central character's dynamic, a brilliant story by Tony Bill, that makes this movie a treat to watch. It's the acting that makes this movie a classic, thanks to a cast full of greats. Playing an aged ex-cop named Luke, and his son, Haley, it's a very believable, lovable performance. Her acting is so well-rounded and so convincing, it's almost a relief when her character goes mad. There's also a supporting cast of intriguing actors who help lend great balance to the strong story. I'll leave you with the title of the movie, which by itself, should be enough to turn anyone into a fan of this film. Unforgettable Moments (1993)

Julie L. photo
Julie L.

I've always been a big fan of 'Logan's Run'. I was just reading the 'Chronicles of the Fall of the Berlin Wall' on my laptop and I thought 'Why not?' I thought 'what's not to like?' So I gave it a go and I'm glad I did. It's a great movie that is very original. The story is unique and very well told. The actors all do a fantastic job and you really feel for them. The ending is one of the best I've ever seen. This movie is one of those that you'll watch over and over and over. I give it a 9 out of 10. Recommended.

Jeremy M. photo
Jeremy M.

This film does not deserve to be in the bottom ten of all movies. I was very excited to see it, but it took me about 3 hours to get through it and my girlfriend absolutely LOVED it! This is a great movie for older adults and preteens because it shows you how to handle emotions, deal with some very difficult issues and make a grown-up decision to do something about it. It also shows how you can be resourceful in a crisis and you may have to stand up for yourself. The actors were great and the message was very clear. This is the kind of movie that you can watch over and over again and still get the messages across, it is hard not to enjoy it. I've watched it several times now and it keeps getting better. There are many different opinions about movies and there will always be a group that will say that they don't like it but it's an important film. Don't listen to them. Go see this movie and then decide for yourself what you think.

Kimberly photo

This is one of those movies that I still find it hard to believe it is actually true. I had heard the story of a russian ex-girlfriend from a friend when she came to visit. She mentioned that she had met a man who had a theory she was talking about and had met a gun shop owner and had contacted them. I had the same story but I have no idea how she could have actually seen this, it just seemed weird that she could have known that a Russian girlfriend had traveled to the US to meet this man, or that she was talking about the gun shop owner. Even a former girlfriend told me this story and she was not sure that it was true. I just couldn't believe this was so accurate. The only thing I'm not sure about is the ending. The boyfriend of the Russian woman said that she had just died but she seemed to have survived. I have to wonder if she was just alive by talking to the boyfriend. Overall, this movie is one of my favorites and will always have a place in my heart.

Michelle Ford photo
Michelle Ford

I saw this movie at a film festival in my home country and it was an interesting experience. I found the movie to be quite engaging and compelling. I liked the characters and their motivation. The movie had a lot of action and a lot of suspense. It is not a film to be taken too seriously and it is not a film to be taken for granted. It was a very good movie, but I would recommend watching it if you have a chance to do so.

Virginia photo

I saw this movie on my own and thought it was awesome.I was intrigued to see a movie about a psycho killing other people in a way that made sense. I liked how they used cameras and other things to draw a picture of the killer. It was a great movie that people who know about the madness of this nut should see. My wife thought it was very good and she gave it a 10. I loved it!

Amber Rice photo
Amber Rice

I thought that this was a very good movie. I was fascinated from the beginning to the end. The ending was so good that it made me feel sad. The way that Chris was talking with his old family just touched me. A young man, and his girlfriend going out on a vacation, should of had a good day.

Wayne Carpenter photo
Wayne Carpenter

I've seen many of the reviews for this movie, and I'm sure I missed some. I'm not sure why. The movie is a masterpiece. It's the story of a man, who has a horrible accident on his car, and has to live with that for the rest of his life. The movie shows us how this man deals with his injury and how he deals with his own life. It's a real eye opener. It's the story of a man who has a terrible accident, and has to live with that for the rest of his life. The movie is fantastic. I highly recommend it. It's a movie I would watch over and over again.

Michelle L. photo
Michelle L.

I've always been a fan of B.B. King and his albums and movies. The movie itself is a masterful tribute to King's work, not just for the music, but for the cast and the story. One of the things that struck me as interesting was that this film is really a story of a family. We have the father, played by B.B. King himself, played by John Cusack. The mother, played by Kim Basinger, plays a crucial role in the story. The children, played by B.B. King himself and a young boy named Kevin, are played by Matthew Lillard, who is a real young talent and the best thing about this film. The actors are all good, the cinematography is excellent, the sound is great, and the story is great. The movie is well worth seeing, and is a real treat for anyone who likes King's work.

Megan F. photo
Megan F.

This is a superbly crafted movie that doesn't bore you with it's main plot and the twists and turns that it takes. The actors are all great, and the cinematography is fabulous. This movie is not for everyone, and those who don't like action movies, or are not very open to plot twists, will not enjoy this movie. If you like psychological thrillers, this is the movie for you. I give it a 9/10.

Vincent R. photo
Vincent R.

I've always been a big fan of Mr. Kinski, and I was very pleased with his performance here. I think he nailed the character perfectly, and really added some depth to the character. I liked the fact that he wasn't just a jaded old man anymore. He was a man who had grown up in the world and was still very much in touch with his youth. And, in that way, he was very believable. He was able to convey the kind of sadness he felt about his wife's passing and the fact that he couldn't remember his childhood, even though he was living in an entirely different time. This was one of the best performances I've seen him in. I thought he really added to the film, and was very believable. The scene where he's talking to the police officer about his past is great. I also liked the part where he said he was just happy to be alive, and his reaction when the doctor told him he would be seeing him again. That was really funny. And I also liked the way he treated the other characters in the movie, and how they treated him. I thought it was very believable. I think the film was very good overall. I didn't find it too slow or boring, but it did drag a bit in the middle. I liked the idea of having the audience think about how things were going in the world, and how things were going to be in the future. And I liked the way it was filmed. I think it was a very good film. I would definitely recommend it to people who like films that have a story, and don't just have lots of action. I think it's a very good film, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes good films.

Tiffany Carr photo
Tiffany Carr

I just recently got back from watching Sudden Fear and was not disappointed. I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It has a very good story line and it is very well acted. I think it was a good movie to start out with. I think it is a good movie to rent out on a rainy day. I highly recommend this movie.

Jane C. photo
Jane C.

The last time I saw this movie was in 1986 when it was released on VHS. At that time I thought it was a very good movie. The music was also great. It's still a great movie and I recommend it to everyone. The acting is great. I'm not going to say the plot because I don't want to give it away. I'll just say that it's not a plot that most people would expect. I saw this movie in the theatre when it was first released. It was great. And I saw it again on video. I just thought it was a very good movie. It's got great music and great acting. It's a must see.

Brandon Jacobs photo
Brandon Jacobs

I liked this movie a lot. It was well written, acted, and directed. I liked how the director kept the story going until the end. It was a bit predictable, but I guess you have to go with the flow of the movie. The characters were believable, and the story was very well done. It was very interesting to see the effects of a disease on a family, and how that affects everyone in the family. I liked the music in this movie. It was very nice to listen to and the sound was great. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes good suspense and good drama. I would give this movie a 10 out of 10.

Theresa photo

This is a great movie. It is a mix of thriller and drama. I really enjoyed this movie. The plot is interesting and the movie flows well. The actors all did a good job, and I really enjoyed the chemistry between the characters. The movie is very suspenseful and has a very good ending. The plot is also very interesting. The movie is very suspenseful, and has a very good ending. This movie is not for everyone, but if you like thrillers and dramas, then you will enjoy this movie.

Amy photo

As the title says, the movie is not a love story. It's a revenge story, with a few twists thrown in. The movie takes place in a hospital in Berlin, in the year 1990. Dr. Schreber (Schwarzenegger) is a scientist who has done some important work, but his life is ruined by a mysterious accident. He is now in a coma, and in the middle of the night, a woman enters the hospital. She is a nurse and a friend of Dr. Schreber. She is expecting her husband, but she doesn't know who he is. She asks Dr. Schreber to help her find out who he is. She is also looking for her husband. This movie is very good. It's a thriller, but it's not just a thriller. The movie is very suspenseful. It is also very well-acted. The movie is very well-written. It's a drama with a little bit of action. I give this movie an 8/10.

Nancy photo

This movie is quite enjoyable to watch. I was a bit skeptical when I first saw the trailer for this movie. I thought that it was a very dark and depressing movie. But I was wrong. This movie is a great family movie. It is very realistic and has some great actors. It is not a super-hero movie, but a good one. It is not scary, but it is very realistic. It is not a great movie, but it is very entertaining and fun. I recommend this movie to all ages, because it is not a typical movie.

Brittany B. photo
Brittany B.

This is by far one of the most outstanding movies I have ever seen. There is no Hollywood formula. The performances of the cast was remarkable and I believe the writing is well done. I don't care who the directors are and I don't care what the budget is. The budget should not determine the quality of the production. This movie will be a cult classic. The best part of the movie was when Jennifer Lopez said "You're in a car with a woman and a man in it". This is perfect.I know a girl who's gone to the cinema to watch this movie to which she said "Do you think the movie is going to have a happy ending?". The movie will make you think.

Roy Sandoval photo
Roy Sandoval

Haha! Not sure what I was expecting from this movie but it was a good movie. It didn't have a typical ending or plot twists like many movies lately. I thought it was a good movie.

Tammy A. photo
Tammy A.

An excellent, scary movie that's worth a look! Very original. Definitely worth the time to see. The story is intense. Highly entertaining. Yes, the ending is a bit weird, but it actually is a part of the movie's story. The acting is excellent. Honestly, I'm surprised at how many people have complained about how great the acting is. I loved every actor in this movie. I would say it's possibly one of the best horror movies I've ever seen. It's suspenseful and scary in equal measure. It has really good gore effects and definitely deserves an R rating. It is definitely not for younger children. The only thing I wish the movie had was some more action and some more shockers. That would have been better. This movie is definitely worth your time. I'd say watch it!

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I didn't see the original 'Sudden Fear' when it came out. I found it to be a much more original film. It was more about the psychological and mental effects of trauma than about the political side of it. It was about a family trying to come to terms with the death of their son. I still think it was a great film, and still find it so insightful and relevant today. So it's not a film that I would recommend to anyone, but I would recommend it to anyone who has a good relationship with their loved ones. It's a movie that you would watch over and over again. I also think that the only thing that would really bother people about the film is the fact that it's based on a true story. That's all that I can really say about that. So I think that people who haven't seen the original should watch it, and I think that people who have seen the original should watch it again, just to see how much better it is than the original.

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Ashley D.

I'm not a fan of movies based on books, but this one was so good. I love it. If you like movies about crazy people who fight and have fun, you'll love this one. It is a great movie, not for everyone, but it is definitely worth a watch. If you want to see it, rent it and watch it, and you'll like it. The movie is full of violence and it will make you want to watch it again and again. I have already seen it twice and I still love it. I give it a 9/10