Steam Leo Da Vinci: Mission Mona Lisa

Leo Da Vinci: Mission Mona Lisa

Leo Da Vinci: Mission Mona Lisa is a movie starring Johnny Yong Bosch, Cherami Leigh, and Bryce Papenbrook. A young Leonardo Da Vinci helps her friend Lisa to recover her house after it was destroyed by a fire looking for a fabulous...

Other Titles
Leo Da Vinci: Sho'dedei ha'otzar, Leo Da Vinci: Misija Mona Liza, Leo da Vinci: Misija Mona Lisa, Leo da Vincis: Misija Mona Liza, Leo Da Vinci: Misija Mona Lisa, Leo da Vinçi: Misioni Mona Liza, Leo da Vinči: Misija Mona Liza, Λέο Ντα Βίντσι: Αποστολή Μόνα Λίζα, Leo Da Vinci: Truy Tìm Kho Báu, Leo Da Vinci: Missione Monna Lisa, Léo Da Vinci: Mission Mona Lisa, Leo Da Vinci: Mona Lisa Macerası, Leo Da Vinci: Misión Mona Lisa
Running Time
1 hours 25 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Adventure, Family, Animation
Sergio Manfio
Francesco Manfio, Sergio Manfio, Anna Manfio, Sergio Manfio, Davide Stefanato, Francesco Manfio
Johnny Yong Bosch, Faith Graham, Bryce Papenbrook, Cherami Leigh
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

In the late Middle Age's Italy, Leonardo "Leo" Da Vinci is a young boy lover to invent advanced machines who lives happy with his best friend Lorenzo and beauty Lisa, being secretly fall in love with her. After to test the first dive suit of his creation in a lake, tragedy appears when coming back to home Lisa realizes that her house and lands have been burned by a fire. Owner of the lands threats Lisa's father to marry her with his son if he doesn't give all money he debts as retribution by the fire, causing Lisa's sorrow. Trying to save her, Leo Da Vinci decides travel to Florencia to gain money and pay the debt with help of Lorenzo. Unable to keep the secret, Lorenzo reveals Lisa Leo's plans, and Lisa joins her friends to make the travel to the big city, where they meet a storyteller that explains in a plaza the story of a pirate ship sunken with a great treasure inside it. Believing it as a true event, Leo buys the treasure map to the storyteller, but it's stolen by a rogue and orphan little child called Agnes. Making a deal with her, Leo recovers the map and Agnes joins the group at the same time that Niccoló, a little child lover of science and astronomy who befriends with Lisa. All five arrive to Montecristo Island looking for the treasure, but not knowing that a pirates follow each step they make, waiting the right time to steal the treasure and eliminate Leo and his friends.

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Kathleen Aguilar photo
Kathleen Aguilar

This movie was one of the most fun movies I've seen in a while. The animation was beautiful, the characters were awesome, and the plot was perfect. The soundtrack was great as well, I especially enjoyed the song "Cirque Du Soleil". The movie has a really interesting story, and the characters are a great addition to it. It's definitely one of my favorites.

Scott photo

This is a really good movie for all ages. I love how it is all about a boy who gets an opportunity to see his "mother" Mona Lisa. This is also a great movie for kids to watch. The movie was animated by the same people who brought you Wreck-It Ralph. This movie is funny, well-paced, and exciting. It also has a really good story line. I recommend this movie to all who like animated movies.

Walter photo

I have watched this movie at least 3 times and still love it. I am not an expert but I know what I like. And I love the scenery and the animals. I loved it. I think that if the movie was made with a different director, it would be a great movie. But I can understand if it is not a good movie. I don't think it is bad. I think it is a good movie for all ages. I think that is what makes it so good. I am going to see it again and I am going to watch it again with my family. I think it is a great movie for everyone.

Helen W. photo
Helen W.

I watched this movie in the theater and the animation was amazing. I love the way the characters move and look. I think that it is one of the best animated films ever. The only thing that I do not like about this movie is the characters. They are just not very likable. However, I still think that the animation is beautiful and the story is great. I think that this movie is very good and I would recommend it to anyone who likes animation movies.

George photo

I liked this movie a lot, the animation is great, and the plot is good. The characters are awesome, especially the wise old woman. I like the fact that they went with the traditional Italian fairytale idea, instead of the modern kids like "Shrek" or "Brave" they went with a fairytale story. It's a good movie for kids and it's a good story, but I don't like the ending because it's a little bit too quick, I'm not saying it's a bad ending, but it just felt a bit too quick. It didn't feel real to me. The voice acting was good, especially the famous voice actors that did the "Little Mermaid" movies. The movie is a good movie to watch for kids and it's a good story, but the ending was just a little bit too quick. It just felt a bit too quick. The animation is fantastic, and I really love the characters, but the story is a little bit too simple for my taste, it's kind of like the Disney Princess movies.

David photo

As a film for children, I give this a nine. As a film for adults, I give this a ten. This is the best of the pre-teen/teen/adult films I've seen. It's beautiful, and it's a great way to spend an hour and a half. You don't have to be an adult to enjoy it, but you do have to be a child who likes a good story. Kids will love it, and adults will love it. It's a must see for children. Adults will love it, and it will make them smile. If you like Pixar, you will love it.

Kathy Hayes photo
Kathy Hayes

I bought this on DVD a couple of days ago. I have always had a great love of movies from the Disney world. This one was definitely in the top 5 or 10. The story was great, the animation was great, and the characters were great. I must admit, it is a tad too long at 1:47 but it is still great for kids. I really enjoyed this movie, and I look forward to the sequels!

Joshua J. photo
Joshua J.

I really liked this movie. It is an animation movie. It is not a stand alone movie. This is a mix of more than one movie. It is an animation movie that has a few similarities with Leonardo Da Vinci. They are both depicted as young men, the main difference being that the boy in this one is not totally at peace with the world, the other being the fact that the boy in this one was taught to use the pen and not the sword. The main difference is that this one was taught the art of drawing things in the imagination. In this movie the boy was just a little boy who was not only learning the art of drawing but he was also learning the skills of "good faith" which is the ability to be good in order to do the right thing even when the wrong thing is right. But the main difference is that this one was not taught to do the right thing so he was left to the dark side. In this movie the boy was taught to be good and so he was taught to be good. The main difference in this movie is that the boy was actually taught to draw things in the imagination rather than from his imagination. This is a good thing. This was a good movie, a good story and a good movie overall.

Deborah Jordan photo
Deborah Jordan

I'm not a big Disney fan, but this movie was fantastic. The movie takes place in a world of which I don't know, but it's worth a look. My only problem is I can't believe this movie is rated PG-13. The movie is very dark and scary, but I think that this is a good thing. The movie takes place in an alternate world, and it is all about being the one to find out who killed the Mona Lisa. The movie is great. It's a really good movie and I recommend everyone to watch it.

Peter P. photo
Peter P.

I just saw this movie and I must say that I think it was an excellent movie. The animation was excellent and the story was great. I like the whole theme of the movie because it was not about what happened, but how it affected the life of the characters. All the characters are interesting and I like that there was no super hero, because it was made clear that it was not about super hero but about people. I like how it showed that if something like that happened to people, they would not be able to recover from it. There is one character that I think is very important to this movie, that character is called "The Assassin". This character was very important to the story and it was very important to the audience to know his name. I think that the movie has great animation and great story. This movie was very good, I give it an 8 out of 10. I think that this movie is a great movie and I would recommend that everyone watch it.

Karen F. photo
Karen F.

This is one of the best animated movies I've seen in a long time. It's a great story, it's animated, and it's very entertaining. I haven't seen the original, but I think it's pretty good. This is one of those movies that you'll want to see over and over again, even if you've seen the original already. I think that it's the best movie to come out in the last decade, and that's saying a lot. I think it's also a great movie for kids, too. I would recommend it to anyone, even if you haven't seen the original.

Matthew Lewis photo
Matthew Lewis

Yes, it is a bit like A Christmas Story, but for a Pixar film, it is really good. This is a story about the life of Leonardo Da Vinci. The film starts with a prologue which is about his childhood and some of the circumstances that led to his death. He is then taken away to an Italian orphanage. He is raised by an uncle and some of his relatives, and there are times when he feels lonely and withdrawn. Eventually, he becomes a part of the life of the nuns in the convent. When he has grown up and becomes a man, he becomes very popular with the nuns and the school. He even joins the convent and they have a lot of success. One of his best friends is a boy named Verona. He grows up in the convent and falls in love with his friend. She is the daughter of a priest. The movie is pretty emotional and I recommend it to anyone who likes history and loves a good family film. The acting is really good and the story is quite enjoyable. It is a good family film that will be enjoyed by all.

Nicole photo

I just saw this movie yesterday at the cinema. This is a really good movie. It is a great combination of fantasy and reality. A good story, great animation and a very good soundtrack. My favourite element is the music. I found it very realistic and lovely. It is very similar to the one that is in "Bambi", the one in "Saving Mr. Banks". In this movie, there is no background music, the only thing that is real is the music. It was also very important to add the background music. The background music in this movie is very impressive. A great work!

George Newman photo
George Newman

This is another great animated movie about Mona Lisa, the famous French artist. I found it very entertaining and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys an animated movie or art. Mona Lisa is based on the legend of Leonardo Da Vinci, and for me it was amazing that Disney took this story and made a fun, entertaining movie about it. The artwork in this movie is amazing, and the voices are wonderful. For me, it's a great movie to watch when I want to get into a good, fun movie with my friends and family.

George L. photo
George L.

This movie is the first in a series of four that are intended to be four to five movies set in the life of Leonardo Da Vinci. As I said, this movie is sort of a remake of an Italian film called "La Historia della Madonna", which is based on the real life story of the Madonna. This movie is very similar to that movie. I can't really compare this movie to it, but it is very good. This movie has a very interesting storyline that keeps you involved from the beginning to the end. The story line is simple, but the movie has enough depth to hold your attention. This movie is rated PG, but it was rated R when it was originally released, so don't be afraid to watch it. Overall, this movie was a great movie for families to watch. I highly recommend it to anyone, but be prepared to get bored at some points. I recommend that you buy the movie if you can.

Ruth photo

I am not a Leonardo fan. I do not like to see him in anything, except for the third movie of the "Star Wars" series. However, I saw "Mona Lisa" in the theater. I was mesmerized. I could not take my eyes off the screen. It was such a beautiful and unique story. I did not have to listen to any dialogue in the movie. It was simply a movie of pure imagination. It is not only a children's movie, but also a movie that can be enjoyed by adults. The movie is not only about the Mona Lisa, but also about the human mind and the beauty of creation. I believe that everyone should see this movie, and be amazed by the vision of Leonardo DiCaprio. This movie will not disappoint you. The character Mona Lisa is just as beautiful and unique as Leonardo DiCaprio. The movie was entertaining, but also educational. It will make you think and think about the beauty of creation. This is a wonderful movie that you will love to watch. This is a wonderful movie.

Kelly L. photo
Kelly L.

I didn't like this movie as much as I thought I would. It is as if a kid wrote the script and put it in the hands of a studio. I have seen the movie twice in the theater, once in the dark, once with subtitles, and twice at home. The first time, I was kind of excited to see the movie, because I love animation. But it was a let down because it was kind of a letdown. The same could be said for the movie with the kids. I know it is something of a family film and can't really fault Disney for trying, but it was a let down. It was slow and the characters were flat. It was boring to me, because I know it was meant to be. I don't think it was meant to be a masterpiece. The story was very predictable and in the end, it was just boring. I could have done without the red and blue color scheme and instead just tried to see if it was funny. I wasn't sure if the movie was supposed to be a satire on Disney or not. I can't really explain why I didn't like it. I just didn't like it. There are so many other movies I could have liked. I guess it is just a personal opinion. I think the only thing I liked was the art style. It is different, but it is a nice change from the typical Disney style. If you like animated movies, then it is worth seeing.

Robert photo

This animated feature from the same production team as "Cars", "The Little Mermaid" and "Beauty and the Beast" is a delightful family film. It is well-rounded with a clever story and imaginative animation. It has a good-looking cast of characters, especially cute "Little Mona Lisa" and "Little Lisa" the dog, which make for fun performances and funny interactions. There are many amusing characters, including an eccentric uncle who is a real jerk, an evil doctor, a vampire, a witch and a wizard. All are enjoyable and interesting, particularly the "Lady Death" character who is also an eccentric and is a great villain. The magical mermaid makes her first animated appearance, but is otherwise minor. The story is enjoyable and the animation is smooth and colorful. It has a good pace and it is a great family film. The voices are good and the voices are well-matched, with John Cleese as the wise uncle and Richard Harris as the mean doctor. The film is nicely-done and it has a good message and it is entertaining for young children. "The Little Mona Lisa" is definitely a Disney family film, but it is not as good as "The Little Mermaid" or "Beauty and the Beast" as a whole. It has a few minor flaws and one of the animation sequences is a bit too dark. However, it is a great film for young children, and it is a good family film that is worth watching.

Jose photo

This movie is great fun, a perfect movie for a family night out. I'm not a big fan of animatronics but I liked it here. It's quite a visual treat. The plot is simple enough, but it is visually satisfying and well written. It is actually quite a smart movie, even though it is not a masterpiece. It is a bit slow and the pacing is sometimes off. I will admit I could not remember every detail of the movie, but I do remember the visuals. All in all I thought it was a good time and I would recommend it. It is a bit lengthy but you can't go wrong with the movie. My rating 7/10

Martha McCoy photo
Martha McCoy

Just watch this movie. It's a wonderful movie, a masterpiece. The animations and the sound are brilliant. You may be interested to see the last part of the movie, the "Carry On". That part of the movie is very emotional. I think it's very nice that a movie can have a feeling of love and sadness, the mood of the movie is very well done. All the characters are lovely. It is a very good movie, a masterpiece, a very good and wonderful movie. A must see.

Christopher D. photo
Christopher D.

This is a great movie. I think this movie will be a big hit with kids. The animation is very good and the story is really interesting. I think this is a movie that will be loved by kids and adults. This movie is a must see for everyone. It is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. I think this movie will be a hit for the kids and adults. I think it is a great movie and I would recommend it to everyone.

Steven Hicks photo
Steven Hicks

I was never a fan of Pixar's previous film "Finding Nemo". My friends and I went to a preview of this movie, and were disappointed. This movie, however, is not as bad as I expected it to be. "Mona Lisa" is a very good movie that the whole family can enjoy. It does not have a great story or anything too special. I enjoyed it and found myself liking the characters and the story. The animation is very well done, and I found myself enjoying this movie a lot. It does have a little bit of a sad story, but I do not feel that it ruined the movie. This is the second Pixar movie that I have enjoyed. "The Incredibles" was the first, and I was very disappointed with it. I found it to be a movie that did not appeal to me. "Mona Lisa" is the second one. I think that they should make a third one and focus on the story and characters. Maybe I am just being picky, but I found it to be a good movie.

Debra Sullivan photo
Debra Sullivan

There was something in the air today. So what's a little movie to remind us of this? This film is about a 15th Century artist named Leonardo Da Vinci. He is credited with inventing the art of drawing and painting, but also with the first machine that was able to turn charcoal and the first to create a human-like face. The film is about how he works his way through the artistic world, in spite of everything that seems to be stopping him. All of these are lessons that will be taught to children in the future. And that's not all, though. What I like most about this film is that it has that nice feeling of not knowing what to expect. So I like the fact that there are a lot of subtle messages that are not explained, but that we can figure out on our own. For example, when they are walking on the stairs, when they are in the house, when they are on the beach. But even more than that, the idea of making a movie with the life of a painter is what really makes this film fun. It makes the film look like something you'd watch on TV, without the drama or real tension. So I really love this film, but I will only recommend it to anyone who can find it. I loved it and it is still my favorite film of the year, but I think it will be more appreciated in a few years.

Emily Jones photo
Emily Jones

So what if it's not a real Leonardo Da Vinci story? It's the same story with some slight alterations. It's still a good movie with a nice twist. I liked it. It's not for everyone, but I think everyone should give it a chance.

Christina Fowler photo
Christina Fowler

I've been a huge fan of this film since I first saw it. I've been in awe of it ever since I saw it on the Sci Fi channel. I've always loved the characters, the storyline, the animation, the atmosphere, the music, the voice acting, the story. I've even been searching for a DVD of it ever since I saw it. It was that good. I bought the DVD, and it was one of the best purchases I've ever made. It was a great movie, and I've seen it several times since. I've even been in awe of the film since I first saw it. I've never been able to put it into words, but I've been able to put it into words. I'm so happy that this film was given the attention it deserved. The animation is amazing, and the story is great. This movie deserves to be seen by everyone. I can't wait to see it again.

Dorothy photo

This movie is my absolute favorite, and it is one of the most amazing movie that I have ever seen. I am a big fan of Disney, and I thought this movie was amazing. The animation was great, and the voice acting was great. I recommend this movie to anyone that has ever wanted to know more about Leonardo Da Vinci. This movie has been a Disney film for a long time, and I hope Disney continues to do great things for children and adults alike. I really think that Disney should do more movies like this.

Kenneth photo

I thought the movie was great! It's a shame Disney does not put out these kind of animated films. I was pleasantly surprised with the animations and the story line. I liked the new characters and the story lines, it was nice to see a different side to Disney animated films. I thought the voice acting was excellent! You can tell that the animators did a great job. It was a pleasant surprise to see some new voices in a Disney animated movie. You can tell that the voice acting is just as good as it was in the past. The plot was interesting and it wasn't boring at all. The scenes were just perfect. I liked the story line and how they explained the mystery. I liked how they showed you the story through a different perspective, like in The Lion King. I thought the movie was fantastic and it kept you on the edge of your seat the whole time. The movie was not a time waster, it was a nice time waster. If you want to watch an animated movie, I think you will enjoy this one!

Judith Kennedy photo
Judith Kennedy

I was fortunate enough to have watched this movie at a local theater in Michigan. This is an unusual story for a movie, and it was definitely different. The movie starts with the little girl in her room talking to her dad who tells her the story of how she met her father and he is a genius who invented the Quasimodo sword. But the movie quickly gets moving. The story is of two people who met and fell in love. The father is a man who is a master swordsman and inventor, and the mother is a woman who is very ill. The mother is dying and she wants to leave the city to live with her husband in a nice house. Her husband is a good man who knows how to care for his wife and give her the love she needs. He also likes to play chess with her and is willing to help her learn. This movie is not too serious but the relationship between the father and the mother is so good that it makes it very touching. One of the best scenes was when the father comes to her to tell her that she is going to be a grandma. It is so moving and funny. The father uses a cat and a sheep to help the mother learn the Quasimodo sword. The mother and the cat are so smart and the cat learns many things in the process. Overall this is a good family movie.

Donald photo

The movie was wonderful. The characters are very realistic. The music is perfect. I have seen this movie 4 times and each time I get more and more impressed. The story is very original. The story is a good one. I like the use of the voice of the devil. I really like the use of the wind. I like the way the movie is set. I like the way the movie is told. The movie is so good that I would recommend this movie to anyone.

William Lynch photo
William Lynch

I just finished watching this movie with my family and we were thoroughly impressed. If you like an animated film that is both fun and creative, then this is the one for you. The animation was stunning and the story was well thought out. The characters, even the ones that were made of clay, were very unique and fun. The story was interesting and gave a different perspective on the main character. The dialogue was great and witty. There was not a dull moment. The only real problem I had was that it seemed a little short. It felt like it was a little long and was it just me, or did it feel like it was a little long? I can't really say, but you can't help but feel like there could have been more. But overall I loved this movie and would recommend it to anyone.

Stephen D. photo
Stephen D.

This movie is my favorite Disney movie, and it's the best animated movie to date. I think this is the best movie in the whole Disney universe, and I have seen it more than 15 times. I think it is very good, it's just a wonderful movie, and it's a great family movie. I really recommend this movie. It's a great movie, and I think it's one of the best Disney movies ever made.

Joe B. photo
Joe B.

This movie is very good. I am a big fan of Disney movies. I just love the animation, the characters, the music and the story. I also like that the movie is really educational. In the beginning of the movie it shows you the little secrets about the "Mona Lisa" and tells you that it was a painting. The movie also tells us about the history of art and Leonardo's work. The story of the movie is amazing. I love that they use a lot of real life images in the movie. I think that the story is very good and the animation is really nice. I recommend this movie to everyone.

Michelle Henry photo
Michelle Henry

An absolutely charming film. Very smart. The characters are unique. The visuals are stunning. You don't get many animated films that have this much depth. Also, a great voice cast. The voice cast was spectacular. I'm very surprised they went with a voiced version of Mona Lisa. A great job with animation. Wonderful characters. Enjoyable film.

Arthur Mendoza photo
Arthur Mendoza

Before watching this movie, I had read a lot of reviews and comments, some praising this movie, some criticizing it. The first review I read was from a person that did not like the movie at all. I was curious to find out why so many people hated it so much, so I decided to watch it. I have to admit, this movie is not for everyone. The animation is quite good and is comparable to that of the Pixar films. The story is pretty good, but it lacks the emotional depth that the Pixar films have. The characters are not too deep and each character is only in the movie for a short time. I do not know why so many people thought this was the best movie of the year. I think this is because of the emotions they felt when they watched it. I think that the reason why so many people hated this movie was because of the way they feel and the way they are feeling in this movie. This is the best animated movie I have ever seen, but it is not for everyone. The reason I rate it 8 out of 10 is because I really enjoyed it and the emotions it generated in me. I think that I will watch it again, and maybe I will find out something new.

Ronald H. photo
Ronald H.

One of the best animated films of all time. An experience to be treasured and one of the best children's films of all time. It is so great that we all know that Leonardo was in the movie and we can say that Leonardo Da Vinci is in the movie. So, if you haven't seen it, go and watch it now!

Kathy L. photo
Kathy L.

My sister and I watched this at our second consecutive family movie night and were very impressed. We love Disney and this was not only a family movie but was entertaining and kept us entertained the whole way through. We especially liked the part when the Little Mermaid mermaid is singing, which is pretty good. The soundtrack was also nice and upbeat, with all the rock, soul, and pop songs. We were all pleased with the story, not only for its historical significance but for its entertaining and entertaining, for its action and adventures and for the beautiful animations. The animation was amazing and the scenery was fantastic, and we were always thrilled with the visual effect. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for an enjoyable family movie that is also entertaining and entertaining.

Kathy photo

I just saw the movie last night and I loved it! It was so entertaining and a great movie for the whole family to enjoy. I thought the voices were very good and it was very colorful and very enjoyable. I would love to see this movie again! My 10 year old son and I were so excited to see it and we both loved it. I hope that more people see it and like it as much as we did!

Donna photo

The best part about this movie is the dialogue. There are many great lines, especially the ones between Napoleon and his younger brother, Napoleon and Dr. Martin Luther King. Napoleon speaks so much that I can't help but wish he were in a movie, but this is the only way to see him. For most of the movie I thought he was a little mean to Dr. King, but I really didn't mind that. The 3D animation was amazing, and I'm not a big fan of CGI. I like the 3D in its own way, but in this movie, I felt it was just a distraction. I was happy with the storyline, but I was not quite satisfied with the ending, it seemed like it could have been better. In my opinion, this movie is the best out of the trilogy. I don't think that there is much to criticize about it. It's not the greatest, but it is still a very good movie. I was pleasantly surprised that the story was so good, and I didn't even know that there were other movies made about Leonardo Da Vinci. This is an animation movie that is based on an actual story, which means that you should be able to find it. I hope that some day someone will do a movie based on the real story, and I hope that it is great. Maybe in the future there will be a Leonardo Da Vinci movie. Maybe someday there will be a Leonardo Da Vinci 3D movie. Either way, I think it will be great.

Evelyn Grant photo
Evelyn Grant

This is one of those movies that you can either love or hate. The animation is superb, the movie has very good morals and the main characters are pretty great. The problem is that the film is a little bit boring at times. The beginning is boring, the last hour of the movie is boring. Overall I recommend it.

Harold Ramos photo
Harold Ramos

I really liked this movie. It's very easy to watch, and its not that difficult to follow. But it's the reason why I like it so much. Leonardo is the best character ever in a movie. He's such a great actor. He plays such a character. The other actors play their roles to the best. I think that this movie is just a masterpiece of animated movies. I am the most proud of this movie. It's really good. It deserves a lot of awards. It's also a really good family movie. I don't think that you should really go and watch this movie. If you're in the mood for a really great animated movie, then I think that you should go and see it. But if you are a really cool person and don't want to go and see this movie, then don't go and see it. You won't regret it. It's a very great movie, but it's not very good. But I think that you should go and see it.

Andrea photo

I just watched this movie for the first time. I am completely amazed at how well it was done. The animation is beautiful. The voice actors are perfect for the characters. It is a beautiful movie. I recommend it to all of my friends. I also recommend that you get the DVD to watch it with your children. It is a great movie.

Jean G. photo
Jean G.

If you liked the original, you will love this. You will find a lot of similarities, like the music, the graphics, the art, the costumes, the dialog, and the "mona Lisa." The little kids, however, will probably like it much less than the parents. The music and the animation are not as good as the original. It's not bad, just OK. The adults will be more entertained. Overall, it's not a bad movie, but a bit less of an entertaining one. See the original instead. 7/10.

Kelly Garza photo
Kelly Garza

This is a movie for all ages. The story of Mona Lisa is a timeless tale of love, loss and discovery. It's also a beautiful visual and emotional journey for the viewer. There are moments of humor and it has a great message to it. If you love children or have children, you will love this movie. The movie's message is very relevant today, in the face of today's fear and ignorance of the world. The message of this movie is a beautiful reminder of the beauty of life, and the beauty of our relationships with each other. The movie also contains a great message to the viewer about life, love and death. The movie also shows the beauty of art, and the beauty of art is the beauty of our relationships with one another. This movie is a must see for all ages. This is one of the best animated movies I have ever seen.

Jonathan photo

I am a big fan of Disney animation and I really enjoyed this film. It was a very good mix of both Disney and Renaissance European animation. It had a very cool feel to it. I loved the way the movie incorporated the different environments and their music. I was impressed by how well the movie incorporated the different cultures. I loved how the music was translated into the film. I thought the movie was very well done. It's not just a bunch of animation but the film was actually a good mixture of animation and music. The characters were very well done and it had a very realistic look to it. The voice actors were also good and I thought they did a very good job with their characters. Overall, I really enjoyed this film. It was very well done. I recommend it to everyone who likes Disney animation.

Sharon G. photo
Sharon G.

In the very first film, Diamante Linz, a newly married couple goes to an Italian monastery to plan their wedding. After being told that they have to dress in white and have their vows recited, they head for the cloister in hopes of joining the monks. Instead they are met by a monk named Manfredi, who immediately tells them that they are not to leave the cloister and no one is to come near them. But a few days later, the couple is invited to return to the monastery, and the monks tell them that they are to leave the cloister and never return. The couple decides to go back to the monastery, and they soon realize that they are not the only ones in the monastery, as there are many other couples there, and the man who was rude to the couple soon finds out that he is not the only person who has problems. The couple soon learn that they must get married before they become bound by their vows and before the vow-breakers come to kill them. This film was good, as I have already mentioned. It is very cute, and it has a few good animation sequences, like the one where a woman opens her own chest with her own tongue. The music in this film was good, too. It was not anything spectacular, but it was good, and it fit the film well. If you liked the first film, then you will like this one as well, because it is basically the same story, but done differently. In the original film, this was done with a lot of symbolism, but in this one it is more obvious, and it is much less original. All in all, it is a good film. I give it a B.

Andrea photo

This movie has a pretty good plot that is based on the famous Leonardo da Vinci's story of Mona Lisa. The movie has a lot of animation, it has lots of colorful images and also a lot of detail. The characters are well done and the characters are interesting. The story is quite strange but entertaining. Overall, the movie has a good quality of animation. The movie has a good story and it is recommended to see it.

Joan M. photo
Joan M.

I had a great time watching this film. It's not as good as the original, but it is a great movie. It's interesting to watch a movie that is based on a cartoon, but it's not boring. The movie has a few bad points, but it's still a great movie. I like the way it starts off, but it doesn't really go on for too long. I think the movie would have been better if it was longer. I also like the way the movie starts off with the princess, but that doesn't last long. The movie is a little slow at first, but it picks up in the end. I think it's a great movie, and I think you should see it.

Sandra photo

I don't think there's much difference between this and the others, really. All are basically about a monk who needs to recover from a car accident. This one is set in the New Year's Eve when the monks went on a mission to rescue a kidnapped girl. It's about a bunch of monks in a temple who are sent to protect a girl. You might have noticed, though, that the setting is basically the same. They didn't say it was, but it sure seemed to be. They also used a similar use of lighting. The guys are still at the same temple. It was actually one of the scenes where I laughed the most. There's some really funny dialog between the monks and the priests. And there's a lot of wonderful visual humour, with two monks showing off their dancing skills. All the other dialog is really funny, and there are lots of humorous things about the characters. The overall feeling is that of an older film. The animation is really nice, and the characters are also very expressive. The best of the bunch is probably the young monk who is the comic relief. He's all confident and cool. He is a lot like a youngster. The young man does a good job. And his hair is a little long, but that doesn't matter. All in all, the film is a very enjoyable one. It's very charming and fun, and I enjoyed it.

Jesse photo

It's too bad that a little more animation would be added to this picture. While the characters are pretty good and the film is aesthetically pleasing, the story itself is lacking something. It's like there are some crucial parts that the story cannot be included in. The film's story is based on the creation of the Mona Lisa, which is said to be the first woman in history to work in the art department of a famous art museum. The story's main theme is to show the struggle between artistic greatness and conformity. The story itself is pretty decent, and if you can look past the slight flaws, it is enjoyable enough to watch. The film is about a boy who is drawn to a famous painting of a Mona Lisa, and after becoming attracted to the painting, he learns a lot about the history behind the painting. He and his family decide to visit the painting in the hopes of discovering that there's more to it than it's portrayal in the artwork. The film's acting is pretty good. I feel that they do an excellent job in their roles. They both do a great job with their characters. The character of Mona Lisa is done extremely well, and is extremely endearing. The characters in the movie are also very likable. The art of this movie is good, and while it may not be the greatest animated film, it's a good enough movie to watch.

Terry Sanders photo
Terry Sanders

The story follows Leonardo da Vinci's vision of painting "The Mona Lisa" in which the artist meticulously painstakingly and painstakingly works to finish the work. The story, if you don't believe me, is the movie's most powerful point. I haven't seen the movie for quite some time, and for the first time, I was able to see it's greatness. I could not find anything bad in the movie, though some parts were unnecessary and dumb. The idea behind the story is that Leonardo's vision of the Mona Lisa was destroyed by a malevolent lady named Mona Lisa, who was jealous of Leonardo's work. The painting is now in a very fragile state, and it would be extremely dangerous to restore it. This is where Leo comes in, and I guess it's his major achievement. Leonardo discovers a treasure hidden in a monastery near the coast of Spain, and he brings the Mona Lisa there. He also takes a machine which will allow him to replicate the original painting and restore it to its original perfection. Leonardo leaves with his assistant, and they find a new and hidden treasure that Leonardo is not sure where to find. He eventually finds the treasure, and it is in fact Mona Lisa. She immediately starts to chase him and end up leaving with her boyfriend. As soon as she realizes that Leonardo has discovered her secret, she attacks and attacks him. She ends up becoming very hostile and begins to kill off Leonardo's assistants and eventually killing Leonardo himself. Mona Lisa has since then disappeared, and her boyfriend is now kidnapped by a kind man named Giammaria. Leonardo and his assistant travel to the island where the treasure is, and they manage to rescue the young man, and Mona Lisa ends up returning to her hidden treasure. They then go on a journey to find her. I guess you can expect the same story from a lot of movies. I will go on a tangent for a second, but this movie really does an amazing job of making you feel good. The animation is very well done, and it really makes you feel like you are in the story. You will find yourself attached to the characters, and they all end up saving each other in the end. I was not disappointed. The story is very interesting, and you are able to feel for the characters, and it will make you want to go back to the movie. If you are a Leonardo Da Vinci fan, I think you will enjoy this movie. It is very well done, and the animation is beautiful. This is definitely one of the best animated movies ever.

Austin W. photo
Austin W.

I really enjoyed this movie. It was just fun to watch and I enjoyed the cast of characters. The animals were very funny. I especially liked how they represented the Virgin Mary and Jesus in a way that made it feel like a comic book. I also liked the music and the voice acting. The animation was great and the voices were great. I really enjoyed it and I am so glad I got to see it. I hope this is the last of this series. The movie was just awesome and I hope they do a sequel.

Crystal Hamilton photo
Crystal Hamilton

The plot and story line of this film may seem quite different to the original movie. But overall this is a fun and enjoyable film that all ages will enjoy. My younger brother, daughter and I all watched it together and we all loved it. It is quite a good movie and can be watched with the family. You may need to read a little more about the story before watching it, but overall, I think you should not expect too much and be prepared to have fun. We went to see it with my brother's sister and her husband. Both were big fans of the original movie. They liked the new movie just fine. It was a fun family movie and we all enjoyed it. This is my first comment on a review but I felt that it needed a comment, so I wrote my first. The animation was great and the voice actors did a great job. I was so impressed by the animation and voice acting of the film. It was a great change from the first movie. The story line was really good. It was interesting and interesting to see different aspects of the story. I liked that they tried to explain the story to the younger audience. It was interesting and different to see different sides of the story. The story was good and the characters were really well portrayed. I liked the way they presented the story. It was very interesting and I loved the story and the characters. It was a really good movie and I really enjoyed it. I am glad I went to see it. I think it is a really good movie for young kids and their parents. They will really enjoy it.

Amanda photo

It's an extremely surprising movie. This film is so imaginative, and so well done. It's very unique, and it doesn't have a single boring scene. I watched it with my brother, and we both enjoyed it very much. The only flaw is that it could've been a little longer, as it starts to get boring. But overall, I'd say it's an amazing movie. It was very touching, and I was very impressed. It has an incredible story, and it is very beautiful. It is the movie that the 3D film industry needs, to show a better vision of the future. It's an amazing movie, and I suggest everyone to watch it. I have watched it twice.

Arthur photo

As a kid, I saw the original movie. While watching the sequels, I realized how important the Leonardo De Caprio and Matt Damon character were. They were an important part of the story, and the story really made the movie. I was surprised to see that the story was the same. The only difference was the characters. You can easily tell which was the movie. I enjoyed the movie. I would recommend it to anyone who has never seen it before. It is fun, funny and it entertains you. I would rate it 8/10.

Dylan photo

I watched this film last night and was very impressed. I have always been a big fan of the animated version of the film and I was very pleased with this. It was definitely a great film, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves animation films.

Sara Clark photo
Sara Clark

My 4 year old daughter loved it. She is fascinated by the book and so we read it together and she loved the movie. She asked for the book so she could get all the facts. I don't know if she had read the book but she asked about the history of the movie and I explained the story and she had an amazing imagination. The movie is about Leonardo and he was in love with a beautiful girl Mona Lisa and Mona Lisa always followed him to his projects. She was born with this special ability to see the future. It is all about the coming of the light. I had to read the book a few times and read it three times for my daughter to understand all the details and for her to have the imagination to come up with her own thoughts. It was a great book and a great movie. It has a great plot and the acting is good. I highly recommend it. My daughter has to read the book a few times for her to understand all the details and the imagination. I was looking for a book that had been recently re-written and this one was a nice one to start.

Lauren photo

It's been a while since I've watched this movie, but I was amazed at how good this movie was. I've seen this movie at least 4 times and it's always a good watch. I like the fact that it's not just a kid's movie. It's a movie for all ages. The story is about a little girl who wants to be a model, but her mother wants her to go to art school. She tries to convince her mother that she should go to art school, but she's not happy about it. The story is really good, it's not a kids movie. The characters are really well developed, and the animation is really good. It's not just a kids movie, it's a really good movie for all ages. It's a must see movie for everyone.

Alice Campbell photo
Alice Campbell

This is one of the best animated movies I've ever seen. It's like a new animated version of a classic book. The characters are so well drawn that you can really feel for them. The animation is stunning. The music is great. The voice acting is great. The story is wonderful and it's very funny. The only thing I didn't like about this movie was the animation. It was a little to bright for my liking. But overall this is a great movie and I recommend it to anyone who loves animation.

Crystal photo

I've always been a great fan of the original book by Stacey Lee, but now, I'm looking forward to see the movie. My eyes are on the screen, not on my parents. The voice of Sam says words that are so fresh, and I think they are real. Every one knows that Disney has always done the right thing. I don't think it's an insult to Disney. Disney, Disney, Disney. I love everything Disney.

Raymond photo

I think this movie is fun and entertaining. The animation is beautiful, the voice acting is great, the movie is very charming and full of surprises. I don't know why so many people dislike it. It's really a unique movie that deserves more attention.

Lisa photo

Went to see the film at the press preview. The director has done an excellent job with the CG, the animation is spectacular and the story is engaging. The animation has been replaced by a live action approach, this doesn't detract from the film but is a really good decision. The "mona lisa" character is well done, it is a really good animation. The plot is good, but there are moments where you are wondering what is going on. The voice acting is excellent, especially from Michael Ealy who is fantastic as "Mona Lisa". The story is engaging and the animation is impressive. I really enjoyed this film and would recommend it to anyone looking for a light hearted adventure.

Heather photo

I don't think I have ever seen a movie like this. There was nothing to the movie, no story. A little girl that lost her mother to cancer and has to grow up and help her mother survive. The movie seemed to be too much for my young daughter, but she actually enjoyed it. The animation was great, the music was good, the characters were all good, and I think the message about the evil of money was very well done. This is a great movie for kids, and is not too scary for children under 12. This is a great movie, and I think most people should see it, and I think everyone should give it a chance.