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Suffragette is a movie starring Carey Mulligan, Anne-Marie Duff, and Helena Bonham Carter. In 1912 London, a young working mother is galvanized into radical political activism supporting the right for women to vote, and is willing...

Other Titles
未来を花束にして, Suffragette: Taten statt Worte, Suffragette - Kampen for frihet, As Sufragistas, Naisõiguslane, Sufrażystka, Suffragette - Taten statt Worte, Sufragistes, A szüfrazsett, The Fury, Diren!, 女權之聲:無懼年代, Sufragistas, Suffragestiot, Suffragett, Σουφραζέτες, Les suffragettes, Las Sufragistas, Sufragete, Las sufragistas, Sufražetke
Running Time
1 hours 46 minutes
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Drama, History
Sarah Gavron
Abi Morgan
Meryl Streep, Helena Bonham Carter, Carey Mulligan, Anne-Marie Duff
UK, France
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A drama that tracks the story of the foot soldiers of the early feminist movement, women who were forced underground to pursue a dangerous game of cat and mouse with an increasingly brutal State. These women were not primarily from the genteel educated classes, they were working women who had seen peaceful protest achieve nothing. Radicalized and turning to violence as the only route to change, they were willing to lose everything in their fight for equality - their jobs, their homes, their children and their lives. Maud was one such foot soldier. The story of her fight for dignity is as gripping and visceral as any thriller, it is also heart-breaking and inspirational.

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Peter Ryan photo
Peter Ryan

This movie was a complete and utter failure. I would have thought that the makers of this movie would have had the courage to tell the truth about the suffragettes. It was very disappointing to see how they did not even try to be fair to the suffragettes. I would have given it an 8 but the actors were such a distraction. The only actor who made this movie enjoyable was Alia. Her acting was very good. I think that if the producers would have told the truth about the suffragettes, this movie would have been much better. I think that this movie was only successful because of the acting of the actors. There was a reason why this movie was a complete failure. The actors were just not good enough to make this movie good. There were no good actors in this movie. The only good actors were Alia and Kim Cattrall.

Judith V. photo
Judith V.

I can only say that I can't get over how true this movie was. It really moved me. It just seemed so sad to know that people were denied their rights to vote. I had seen a lot of movies about the suffragette movement and this one was very real. I know that there was a lot of media bias and a lot of censorship, but I have to give this movie some credit. It was brave. I recommend it to anyone.

Ann photo

I saw this movie recently and found it a very refreshing, non-traditional (in the sense that it is very realistic) movie. Its a film about the struggle to be female in the 19th century. I will not give any spoilers, but I will say that I did not like the ending. It felt like a huge letdown to the whole story. However, I don't know if the film makers meant for this ending to be that way. Maybe they just wanted to move the story along. Overall, I thought this movie was a great, realistic look at how women were treated in the 19th century. This movie really makes you feel like you are living in that time. I am glad that I watched this film and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Megan A. photo
Megan A.

I saw this movie in the theaters in New York City. I remember, as a young girl, that I had a crush on Sissy Spacek. I even saw the movie with a girl that I thought was Sissy. Sissy was in it, and she was pretty good, but it was just a good movie. I have seen this movie since then, and I have not seen the original film. It has a very strong message about the gender roles that men are supposed to be and women are supposed to be. It was really good, but I have not seen the original. I think it's better than this. 9/10.

Keith photo

I had the opportunity to see this film at the recent American Film Institute's Seminar at the Vancouver Film Festival. The audience was evenly split between women and men, and there was no obvious sign of sexism or discrimination. There was a definite sense of an atmosphere of freedom in the air. If you are a woman who has experienced oppression, the themes of this film can bring to the fore some of the deeper issues of our time. You will learn to challenge yourself and learn to see the flaws in your own ideology. The messages of this film are important and they will be important to you as you grow into your adult life. The film has a strong message that must be taken seriously, and that message is this: One can survive anything, and one can take chances and succeed in spite of one's weaknesses. This message will be especially important for women who are struggling to fit in. Although this film is not the greatest of its kind, it does have many messages for those who are capable of critical thinking, and who desire to see their own reality reflected in a film. For those who can't do that, it is a great way to put a film into the hands of a child and allow her to see the reality of her own life. This film has been made with such passion and care, and it should be watched by all. It is a film that you can trust.

Steven photo

This movie is about an innocent young woman who had to put her life in danger for the people she loved. A brave woman who would rather die than give up her freedom and freedom of speech. This is the story of the American suffragettes and the way they fought for their rights. This movie tells the story of a great woman who made the world a better place for women. Her life was made and she was the one who changed the world. She was a strong woman who fought for women's rights. This movie is a must see for all women and all people who are against gender discrimination.

Brandon Howell photo
Brandon Howell

I've read the reviews of this film, and I have to say I am really surprised. I am one of those people who believe that they should never judge a book by its cover. I'm surprised that some people didn't like this film. It's not just an average chick flick. It's a truly great film. The story is engrossing and is told from the perspective of a 14 year old girl who has been through the worst of the times. I'm sure it was a hard story to tell, but I feel the director did a great job at portraying the emotions of the story. The acting was good, and the music was awesome. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who has not seen it yet, because it is a very good film. This is one of those movies that I would watch over and over again.

Beverly photo

The film is well-directed and well-acted, although the love scenes are not too well done. The ending is very emotional. The actors were all great. There is no one to root for. Everyone is in the wrong. The film is about the struggles of the suffragettes. I didn't see it as a feminist film, but I saw it as a film about the suffragettes. The film is very well-directed. It's a great story. It's not a feminist film. It is a film about the suffragettes.

Sean Murphy photo
Sean Murphy

I have been an ardent supporter of the Suffragettes for the past 20 years. The movie is one of the best and most accurate portrayals of the times that I have seen. It tells the story of the group of women who were forced into the service and who became so effective that the British Government turned their backs on them. The movie also shows the many negative reactions of the British government to the women's efforts to bring about change in Britain. I do not believe that the film is biased towards the British government. I do believe that the British government is being presented as a villain in the film. However, the British government did indeed do the right thing in the face of the suffragettes. I believe that the film is very accurate and should be required viewing for all Americans.

Jacqueline photo

I've seen this movie three times now and it still has the power to move me. I don't think I'll ever tire of it. I'm glad I saw it, and I'm glad I saw it in the theater. It's a great movie and will stay with you for a long time. I know that the director won't ever be able to top this movie, but I hope he can.

Shirley Davidson photo
Shirley Davidson

Well, I watched this movie about 3 years ago. I just recently watched it again, and I found it to be a good movie. The story of the suffragettes and how they fought for equality, freedom and justice. It is a well-written, well-directed and well-acted movie. The actors are very good, especially the lead actress. The story is well-paced and interesting. The film is really well-acted, I don't know why it didn't win the Oscar. I give this movie a 9 out of 10. If you like this movie, I recommend you to watch the following films: The Wages of Fear (2012), Gattaca (2010) and Emma (2006).

Lauren photo

I have not seen the original film of Suffragette, but I have seen several versions of this movie, and this version is my favourite. The story is very interesting and the acting is superb. It is also very moving. This version is also the one I think the most people will like. The acting in this version is amazing. It is a very good movie, and it deserves all the awards it has been nominated for. The music is also very good. My vote is 9 out of 10.

Teresa photo

This movie was absolutely brilliant. It was really an emotional roller coaster. I've watched it twice now and I'm sure I will watch it again soon. It's not about the politics, it's about the human emotions and how they are intertwined. It's a great movie about love and friendship. The film is very powerful. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to watch a great movie about the human spirit.

Lori Carter photo
Lori Carter

I just saw this movie last night at the premier in Washington DC. It is a good film about the Suffragettes. I am not a great fan of this period of history. It's hard to find good documentaries about this time period. I have seen some good documentaries about the Civil Rights Movement and some bad documentaries about the Vietnam War. Suffragette is a good film. I felt that it was worth watching. I really like the way the film portrays the women of the time. The film is about the women and their fight for women's rights. I really like the way the film portrays the film. It's a good documentary. I recommend this film to everyone.

Christian J. photo
Christian J.

This film is a remarkable story of a family, and the struggles they faced when they faced the realisation that their first daughter was a woman. This is a story of a family and how they deal with their own families. We see the family struggle to deal with this issue, and the role of the press in covering it up. It is a real eye opener to see how one family reacts to a news event. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn more about the complexities of race and gender issues.

Aaron F. photo
Aaron F.

After hearing the hype about the new biopic on the Suffragettes, I finally saw Suffragette. And I wasn't disappointed. The film is a true representation of the Suffragettes. It was insightful, it had a great cast, and it was authentic. It's a must see for anyone who is interested in the subject. The only thing I would change would be to have more information on the actual struggles of women in the suffrage movement. The Suffragettes were not overly-feminine. There were no Bettys and Margarets, but instead there were the Suffragettes. The film did a great job of showing the actual struggle of the women to make their voices heard. I loved the film and highly recommend it.

Frank R. photo
Frank R.

I would like to say I am a fan of the book but I have not read it, so I have not read any of the comments made on the movie. I really wanted to like this film, I really did. I am very much into the history of the women's movement and I think this film is very accurate. It is very refreshing to see a film about the women's movement and not the other way around. I am very interested in the story behind the film, which is not very well known. I am really looking forward to seeing it again and would love to hear what others think about it. I think it is very important to see women's history and to see the injustice of the way things were. I think that this film is very well done. I highly recommend it. I think that everyone should see it and learn something about the women's movement.

Kelly Ramos photo
Kelly Ramos

The film is a great documentary, about the struggle to be free of the oppression of the patriarchy. It's a masterpiece, a very deep thought-provoking film that tells a compelling story. It's not an easy film to watch, because it is not about freedom of speech, or freedom of thought. It is a film about the struggle of a woman to exist, to exist, to exist. I recommend it highly, as a great movie, that gives a lot of information about the struggle of the women's movement, the struggle of a woman to be free from the patriarchy, to be a human being, to be free. I strongly recommend it.

Alexander R. photo
Alexander R.

It is a movie you can watch at any time and never get tired of. It is very well done and every character is absolutely perfect. The movie is about the women of Suffragette and how they fought for the women's rights. The movie is very realistic and the storyline is strong. The movie is funny and entertaining. The movie is also very well cast. The actors are perfect and can really make you laugh. I also liked the music. The music is very good. The movie is very enjoyable. It is very entertaining. It is a very good movie to watch. I have never seen a better movie so far. I also liked the other movie "A Soldier's Tale" a different movie and not as good. I recommend this movie to people who like to watch movies.

Amber K. photo
Amber K.

The Suffragette is a documentary film about the 1916-18 Women's Suffrage Campaign, one of the most significant and successful campaigns in British history. It is the story of two women from different social classes, both deeply affected by the campaign. The film is very well directed and shot and shows the major locations of London, the country, the countryside, and the City of London, the political and social forces that shaped the campaign. The film is mostly filmed at night. The film starts with the press coverage of the campaign, and then jumps to the campaign itself. The documentary has some great performances by the cast. It is an inspirational film that is well worth seeing.

Martha P. photo
Martha P.

The story of the Suffragettes is as pertinent today as it was in 1903. The film is beautifully shot and beautifully written. The lead actress is a phenomenal talent. The acting of the supporting cast is superb. A masterpiece of film making. Well done.

Sharon E. photo
Sharon E.

I was not familiar with this movie when I watched it last year but I was taken by the quality of the story. This is a well-made movie about the struggle of the suffragettes to bring about the women's suffrage. The story is compelling and the actors portray the characters very well. The movie is well-acted and the drama is realistic. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes to learn about the struggles of the women's suffrage movement.

Kyle S. photo
Kyle S.

I was amazed by this movie. I am a big fan of the left wing movie "The Borrowers" and was excited about seeing this. I had a big "aww" moment when I found out that the main character was white, not black, and the story was actually based on a true story. The movie, while disturbing, was the story of a woman who was a member of the ARABIC community and chose to give up her life and help people in distress. This movie was accurate, and even though it was a little slow in some parts, it was entertaining, and I had a great time. It was a great movie and I'm glad I got to see it. I recommend this movie to everyone.

William R. photo
William R.

I watched this film at the Amsterdam Film Festival. I was actually very impressed. It is a very interesting film, and I will not say that I have watched it before, because it is a very interesting film. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes films with a good plot. My vote is nine. Title (Brazil): "O Freire de Tibi" ("The Untouchable")

John photo

There are many things in this film that are important to me. The story is well done, the acting is brilliant, and the direction is superb. The soundtrack is wonderful. I have never seen a film where the music is so important to the story. I feel this is the first film that I have ever cried while watching and I am still crying to this day. I feel the story was very important to me and the story is told in a way that allows the audience to understand the story. The characters are all very well developed and I feel they have been portrayed with a great deal of emotion. I feel this film shows how important women are to the men in the film. I am so glad I saw this film. I would recommend it to anyone who likes historical films and has an open mind to what is important to a film.

Doris Lynch photo
Doris Lynch

The movie is based on the life of Sylvia Pankhurst (played by a beautiful and believable Katie Holmes). The movie does a good job of showing the harsh life of suffragettes, and the difficult things that they had to go through. The movie was also very respectful of suffragettes and their struggle, while not actually showing any violence. The movie also did a good job of showing the hard work that the suffragettes had to do to get their voices heard. Overall, this is a great movie that I will definitely watch again.

Judy B. photo
Judy B.

The ending of Suffragette (1967) is one of the most powerful endings in cinema history. The film ends on a high note and it is a great way to end a film, but it can be a little overwhelming. Suffragette follows the story of Elizabeth Barrett, a suffragette and suffragette supporter who is targeted by the government for her activism. The film starts off with the suffragette who has been following the politics of the day and her actions and words, which includes her passive-aggressive behavior toward her fellow suffragettes. But as the film progresses, we see how she was a violent and controlling person. She is a hero to the people but not to the government. The government is opposed to her activism and acts in an authoritarian manner. And when she gets caught by the police and she is accused of being a witch, she says that her witch-like behavior was what made her famous. She is also a criminal, and this leads to her arrest and the government tries to arrest her. At the end of the movie, she says that the most important thing was to keep fighting. The government has no interest in what she has done and that is why they target her for being a witch. The movie is very interesting because of the fact that it deals with a controversial subject that has been a hot-button issue in America since the beginning of the 20th century. I recommend this movie because of the fact that it is a great piece of cinema and the acting is brilliant and the storyline is great. Suffragette is a very compelling story and I highly recommend it.

Christian Rogers photo
Christian Rogers

One of the greatest films I have ever seen. And it is great to see a film about the suffragettes, where the male lead is a woman. This film has a great mix of genres. It has drama, comedy, romance, and the film itself is a journey of self discovery. I recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a great film. It is a great film that anyone should see.

Christine Bowman photo
Christine Bowman

This is a wonderful movie about how women came to dominate the world. It is quite different than the usual Hollywood movie about women. It is extremely rare to see such a movie about women. If you haven't seen it, go and see it, you won't regret it.

Alexander Guzman photo
Alexander Guzman

I recently watched this film on DVD for the first time and I am very impressed. I loved this film and was very impressed by the performances and the camera work. I am currently working on a film in which the movie is shot in full-frame 24fps, and the camera is obviously the main focus. I am impressed by how the director and producers managed to use the old film as a backdrop to the modern day. The story is set in the late 19th century, but it is set in a time when women were not only employed in factories and factories but also as nurses, spinsters and all kinds of roles. The camera work is excellent, the performances are superb, the cinematography is superb, the use of time and the modern day feel is superb, the story is brilliant and the performances are superb. This film is amazing and I hope the directors future projects are even better. It is not just about historical accuracy, but the modern day feel and the modern day feel is superb. I hope this film is released on DVD so that it can be seen by all.

Jacqueline Allen photo
Jacqueline Allen

I was very surprised to see the so-called critics not like this film. I liked it very much. It is not about the Suffragette movement, but about the struggle of a poor, working class girl to make a difference in the world. She is a student who is an easy target for the men who abuse her. The film shows the struggles of women in England at that time. The scenes are realistic and the actors were very good. The story is very interesting and gives you a feeling of the struggle that women in England had to go through. I really liked it and it is worth watching.

Philip Brewer photo
Philip Brewer

This film is a must see for anyone who thinks that the Suffragettes were nothing more than an uninspired bunch of granny-queen wannabees who were more concerned with the political benefits of their cause than they were with the betterment of their country. The characters in this film are truly heroic and true to life. A film that is not politically correct but it does show a side of the British society that is otherwise not well known. The cast is wonderful and the story is truly a real eye opener. Although the film does show the most important events in British history, the characters in this film are very realistic. I have no idea what the people in this film thought, but they certainly did not make me feel that way. I give this film an excellent rating.

Barbara M. photo
Barbara M.

I'm a huge fan of the RSC, and was looking forward to seeing this, but found it to be pretty dull and forgettable. I had no expectations for this movie, having just watched the trailer for the remake of The Hand that Rocks the Cradle. However, I really enjoyed The Hand that Rocks the Cradle. The script was engaging, and while I did not always like the film, I really enjoyed it. I was very surprised at the number of female leads, as I had never really seen a female lead in a film before. The female lead's performances were very strong, but it seemed a bit like a lot of the female leads were just there to be there. The supporting cast were also great, especially the German diplomat played by Stephen Rea, who really showed some of his strong performances in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I think the film did what it was supposed to do, and that is to tell a story about a woman's struggle for equality, and the struggle of women to achieve it. It was a pretty well-made film, but it could have been a lot better. All in all, I felt this film was very entertaining, but I would not recommend it to anyone.

Justin Lynch photo
Justin Lynch

This film is about a woman's struggle to gain her right to vote in the 19th century. A well-acted, deeply moving film with a very realistic, well-written script. It's a must-see.

Andrea photo

I am a big fan of history, and a fan of films about history, so I was expecting a lot from this film. However, I was not disappointed. I'm not going to go into the history of the suffragettes, but this film is very accurate. The actors were excellent, and the costumes were fantastic. The film had great cinematography, and the direction was very well done. The only problem I had was that the film was a bit slow. I would have liked a bit more action and a bit more drama. However, I still think this is a great film, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys historical films.

Melissa B. photo
Melissa B.

It's great to see a movie that is based on a true story, but there are times when it is hard to believe that a true story was involved. Suffragette is a good example of this. The movie tells the story of Emmeline Pankhurst and her struggle for the vote. The movie is divided into chapters, and the actors play the characters in each chapter. Each chapter shows the struggle of the characters in a different way. The movie is great for those who don't know the story of Emmeline Pankhurst. It is great for those who do know the story and can relate to the characters. The acting is great, the story is great, and the movie is great. It is a great movie, and it is a great movie. I recommend it to everyone, regardless of age. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Danielle photo

This is a great movie, that has a great message. A woman who is not the best at everything she does in life, but she never gives up, and makes the best of the situation. This is a must see for everyone who loves true stories, and doesn't care what people think about the subject.

Emma photo

I am so glad I did not see this film in a cinema. I saw it at home on DVD, and it is worth it. The best thing about this film is that you get to see the way things are in the US in 1851. It is a fascinating look at the state of women's rights and women's life in that era. The acting is great, and the cinematography is superb. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a great historical drama.

Ralph Estrada photo
Ralph Estrada

FICTION FILM. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DO. Don't have the time to watch a film like this one, or just don't like the subject matter. See this film if you want to see a film that is about feminism. This film is all about the women of the time. The women that went up against men, and were able to win. The women who went against the state, and lost. It's very difficult to see a film about history, but this film is very well made. It's shot very well. The colors are vibrant. The acting is excellent. There are a lot of great lines. I love the way the film ends. I love the scene when the men are walking back to the castle and the women are crying. It is very well done. This is a film that will be remembered for many years to come.

Marilyn photo

A true masterpiece. Not only is the acting, direction, cinematography, and screenplay of this film truly superb but it is a true representation of what the 19th century women fought for. This film shows the struggle for women in the 19th century and also the determination of the 19th century women to fight for their rights and their freedom.

Helen Jacobs photo
Helen Jacobs

This is an important film in its own right. The film itself is not a historical drama, nor does it deal with the legacy of Suffragette's. The film is much more about the women themselves and their struggle for a better world. The documentary aspect to the film is very effective and the women themselves are very real. The documentary footage of the women was shot in a way that shows the women as real people. It makes you feel that they are fighting for the same thing that the women were fighting for. It also makes you feel that they are fighting for women's rights as well as equality and better lives for women. The film is worth seeing.

Carolyn H. photo
Carolyn H.

This is a great film, one of the best I've seen in a long time. It is full of facts and it tells a story well. It's all very well told, and the acting is superb. It is not just a film about the Suffragettes, it is about the political struggle of a nation, and the difficulties of the suffragettes, and the different views, both from the upper classes and from the lower classes. The film is very well made, the photography is beautiful, the acting is superb. I recommend it to anyone who wants a good film about a movement for a better society, and who can appreciate the period it is based on. It is a good film, and should be seen by everyone.

Amber Elliott photo
Amber Elliott

I like this film because it doesn't take itself too seriously. What makes it different is that the "hero" isn't a saint, he's just a guy that has the ability to fight a war, and he's not very good at it, and he's not very popular. In a way, he's the opposite of a hero. I like this film because it doesn't look for any sort of redeeming quality. I'm glad it's not trying to be an Oscar-winning masterpiece. It's not trying to say anything good about the war, or any of the issues involved, or anything. It just shows the normal life of the women who are living it. I guess it's a movie that can be enjoyed by both men and women, and I've seen it several times. I'm very curious to see it again.