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Yalom's Cure

Yalom's Cure is a movie starring Irvin D. Yalom and Marilyn Yalom. This cinematic feature documentary is more than a classic biography. Yalom takes the audience on an existential journey through the many layers of the human mind...

Other Titles
La cura de Yalom, Yalom's Line, Ο κήπος του Γιάλομ: Η φιλοσοφία μιας ζωής, Yaloms Anleitung zum Glücklichsein, Irvin Yalom, la thérapie du bonheur
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1 hours 17 minutes
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Biography, Documentary
Sabine Gisiger
Sabine Gisiger
Irvin D. Yalom, Marilyn Yalom
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日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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This cinematic feature documentary is more than a classic biography. Yalom takes the audience on an existential journey through the many layers of the human mind while he shares his fundamental insights and wisdom.

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Elizabeth Patterson photo
Elizabeth Patterson

There are two versions of this film. One is the complete film with interviews, and the other is the edited version. The edited version has some very interesting footage. I especially like the discussion between W.A. Mozart and his nephew, Heinrich Schleitner. The two men are very interesting to watch. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to learn more about the Mozart family. I also highly recommend this film to anyone who likes to listen to music.

Steven photo

I think it is extremely important to know what the Ebola virus is, and how it spreads and causes death. The information in this documentary was very interesting. I really enjoyed it, and I will be interested to see more from this documentary. It's a great documentary, and it is worth watching.

Karen Wagner photo
Karen Wagner

In 1981, Uwe Boll, a prominent director, was accused of having filmed child pornography. The film, The Paedophile, which he directed, was shown as a documentary and played in theaters around the world. The accusations were disproved in 1985. In 1990, the film was rediscovered and was screened again. Some of the people who attended the screening at the San Francisco Public Library said that they were shocked by the film. The film tells the story of how Boll tried to convince the family of the child pornography accusations. It was a controversial subject. The film is presented in a very personal way and does not present the accusers as heroes. It shows the many people who supported the Boll family. It also shows the family's devotion to Uwe Boll and his work. The film includes a lot of interviews with Uwe Boll and his wife Barbara (Melinda Dillon) and other family members. The film also includes interviews with victims and their families. It also includes some other interviews with people who were at the screening. The film is very powerful and it was shown on television in the U.S. It was also shown on PBS. The film was later shown in Europe. It was also shown in the U.S. on HBO. The film is also available on DVD. It was released on March 21, 2014.

Barbara C. photo
Barbara C.

I saw this movie at the Toronto Film Festival. It is one of the most disturbing movies I have ever seen. I didn't like the ending, but I can't say I didn't like the whole movie. This is an absolute must see!

Eric Mitchell photo
Eric Mitchell

I really enjoyed this movie, and it is a rare thing to see a documentary that is as well done as this one. The editing was flawless and the film itself was great. The main topic of the documentary was a very interesting one and I will tell you why. People who have seen this documentary are probably aware of the symptoms of ALS. Some people with ALS have an extremely stiff body, they cannot walk, they cannot talk, and they are in a constant state of paralysis. The symptoms are very painful, and the people who have it are very intelligent and witty. They know what is going on around them, and they have developed a clever strategy to survive. They are not living a normal life, but they are not dying either. There are also many people who are living with ALS who are not getting better, but they do not know why. There are a few people who are not going to live past the age of 55. They are living their lives in a very slow way, but there is a way for them to survive. This documentary is really great and very interesting. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves documentaries and they can't find anything good about them.

Bobby W. photo
Bobby W.

I watched this documentary on my own. I had no idea what it was about or where it was coming from. I just wanted to watch it and I was impressed. There is a lot of great information that is not always talked about and I believe that it should be. It was a great way to get to know these amazing people. I am going to recommend it to my friends and family. If you want to learn more about the people that created the film and how they lived their lives, then watch this documentary.

Kathleen Kim photo
Kathleen Kim

I've seen a lot of movies that try to portray the negative aspects of a specific industry, but this movie goes a step beyond that. The film shows the true face of what goes on behind closed doors. It also shows that the people in the industry are not that bad, but the things they do and the lies they tell to cover it up are really bad. I feel this film was very well made. It was well paced, and it really showed the truth behind the industry. I really recommend this film.

Susan Carroll photo
Susan Carroll

This is an excellent documentary. It's really the first-hand account of the numerous medical trials conducted by the Nazi regime. Many of the trials were conducted with the full support of the SS, and it is quite incredible to learn that these trials actually resulted in the creation of some incredibly successful drugs. What's most interesting is that the trials were conducted under the guise of a "scientific" justification. The trials were conducted in secret, and were never published. The Nazi's were also very interested in the long-term effects of drugs, and would literally do everything they could to prevent their drugs from being found out. I would recommend this documentary to anyone, especially if they are interested in history or medical research. The film has been released on DVD, but the movie is still very much worth watching.

Teresa Welch photo
Teresa Welch

I had the pleasure of meeting Ken Burns and his wife Ann in the late 80s and early 90s. When I first saw the documentary I was in awe. I was so moved by the way he captured so many facets of the US' past. He brought out the best in all the people who were part of it. His story of his father being the ambassador to the Soviet Union and how he got his assignment is one of the most inspiring stories of how a life can be changed for the better. I have seen many of his documentaries and I have loved all of them. In his newest documentary he talks about the history of the Peace Corps. He talks about the huge impact that this group had on people's lives. The people in this documentary all have different stories. Some have worked on the Peace Corps and some have not. They all tell their stories. I am surprised at the ratings the movie is getting on this site. I think the movie should be rated highly. It is not just about the Peace Corps. It is also about how the people in the Peace Corps changed lives. It is a story of how the Peace Corps has changed the way Americans look at the world and how the US can be a force for good. I hope this movie will be shown on many more people's television screens.

Walter photo

This is the second movie in the series, and I think it's better than the first one. It's a bit different from the first movie, as it focuses on a man named Allan Jones who has schizophrenia. The first movie focuses on his relationship with his father, and his relationship with his mother. The second movie focuses on the relationship between Allan and his brother, William. This movie is really good and I recommend it to all people who have loved or have loved someone who has mental problems. I give it an eight out of ten.

Larry Smith photo
Larry Smith

On the first night of release, in a packed house in L.A. I was sitting in the front row with several friends, most of whom were film critics. The movie was a hit with the audience, and it was quite a nice surprise when the film won the Oscar for best foreign film. I was very surprised and quite upset to learn that the Academy had given the film only a nomination for best foreign film. The first half of the movie was so slow, it was almost unwatchable. I left the theater and asked myself what I had just seen. I realized that I had just watched a documentary on the making of "Cure". I was also glad that the movie had not gotten the attention that it deserved, because it would have been an impossible task for a filmmaker to get "Cure" to the public in the time it took for the film to come out on DVD. I would recommend "Cure" to anyone who enjoys documentaries on the making of films, or has ever had to edit a film.

Craig photo

I think this movie is one of the best documentaries that I have ever seen. It does an excellent job of explaining the causes of gun violence in the United States. Although the movie does a good job of explaining what happened to the victims, it also gives a much needed look into the very real problem of gun violence. In the end, I thought the film did an excellent job of showing that it is not only the irresponsible behavior of a few, but the irresponsible behavior of an entire culture.

Willie R. photo
Willie R.

A little known movie from the 1950's, "Vera Drake's" (the great Vera Drake) life and achievements are showcased in this documentary. After losing her daughter to cancer, she was a well respected, respected writer, and considered a pioneer in women's rights. Unfortunately, her personal life became overshadowed by her work. She was also the director of an international women's rights organization, and was known for her tough stand against those who had the courage to criticize her. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in her lifetime. The film does a fine job of showing her life, including her first marriage to writer Edwin Edwards, and how she dealt with her loss. The story is mostly about her health, and how she dealt with it. However, the film does a good job of showing how her work and life turned out. She wrote a book called "Vera Drake's" Life and Times of a Woman, and her collection of short stories were published. She is shown writing with an ironing board, in a closed room, with a high pitched voice. This is a powerful, powerful picture of her life and how she had to deal with the loss of her daughter.

Nicholas S. photo
Nicholas S.

I'm not a fan of Chazelle's previous work. I have seen two of his films, Whiplash and Before Night Falls. I liked them both but I wasn't crazy about Whiplash. I liked Before Night Falls, and I loved the fact that Chazelle had created a different sort of story. After seeing this film I thought that this could be one of his best films. I loved the acting, the cinematography, the use of color, and the way the story was told. I don't know if this film will be as big as his other films. I was really excited to see it, but when it came out on DVD I had to wait until I could watch it again. I have to say that it was a great film. It had a great story, great acting, and great music. I recommend this film to anyone. I give this film an 8 out of 10.

Lori photo

I loved this movie. I've watched it a few times and I still watch it today. I don't think the movie is for everyone. It's a great story of a Jewish family and how they deal with a situation that affects them. It is a bit emotional, but I feel it's worth it. It's a story about a person who needed help and now is able to do what he needs to do to survive. It shows the love and support from others and how we can all be heroes and be heroes in our own lives. It's a great movie and I'm glad I watched it.

Danielle photo

This documentary follows the life of Reza Aslan, a religious Iranian man who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. We follow Aslan and his wife and their two children. They travel to the United States where Aslan goes through the last stages of his treatment, and we see the impact his illness has on his family and his treatment. We are also introduced to other patients who have faced similar illnesses. We also learn that it is very difficult to get an official diagnosis of prostate cancer, and this documentary is informative as to why. Aslan is very patient and compassionate in his treatment. Aslan is a very interesting and interesting person to follow. He is very down to earth and believes that he is doing God's work. His belief system is based on the Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad. I believe that this is the type of person we should be looking to for inspiration in order to survive and be healed.

Patrick V. photo
Patrick V.

I read this book at the tender age of 12, and watched the movie about a year later, when I was 15, so I had a great appreciation for it. This film was so fascinating, so beautifully photographed and shot. I just wish there was more about it. I wanted to know how the characters got their powers, and what happened to them. I also wanted to know what happened to the people who didn't get their powers, and why. I loved the dialogue, the music, the history of the movie. I thought it was very exciting and thought-provoking. I was so disappointed when the movie didn't continue to tell the story of the people who got their powers. The story was very interesting and I hope the film keeps going on.

Gregory photo

A very interesting documentary about a "hippie" (although not a "hippie" in the way we are talking here) and his search for a cure for his cancer. This man had a life style which was neither a hippie nor a "hippie", but a real human being with a real life style. It is difficult to find a good summary for this documentary. I will try to do this. The documentary starts in the mid-80's, when Johnny Boy were still playing a huge part in the music scene of London. They were the main players of the band The Blue Leopards, which also featured people like Charlie Watts, Roger Waters, and even someone called Rufus Wainwright. They were one of the bands which were the main forces of the 80's. The documentary then shows the life of one of these people, Johnny Boy, who was suffering from an incurable form of cancer. The documentary shows the symptoms, the hardships, and the agony of this man. It shows the interview with his wife and children, and the interviews with his doctor and his friends. The documentary ends with Johnny Boy's funeral. I will try to do this again, but I don't think I will manage it. I hope that you will find it useful, and I can only say, that this documentary is very moving. It's very sad, but you don't have to be a hippie to appreciate it. The documentary is very touching, and has a very well constructed story. This is the best documentary I have seen this year.

Christian B. photo
Christian B.

This movie is excellent, but I'm not sure if it's the best documentary I've ever seen. It feels like a cross between "The Vietnam War" and "The Devil's Highway." I also have a lot of questions about the war and the government's cover-up. It's just an amazingly honest and touching documentary. It's worth seeing, and it's also the best documentary I've ever seen about the aftermath of the Vietnam War.

Beverly M. photo
Beverly M.

A great documentary, that serves as a wake-up call for everyone to seek out more health care options. A real gem of a documentary.

Harold photo

I was lucky enough to attend the screening of this documentary at the Austin Film Festival. The film is about the music industry and the individuals who were instrumental in shaping the music industry of the '60s. I was blown away by the film. The film is a must see for any fan of music and the music industry. The documentary takes us through the early days of the music industry and shows us the people who shaped it and how they did it. The film is an eye opening look into the music industry from the perspective of the people who were involved in it. The film was well done and informative. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in music. The music industry is one of the most important and important industries in the world and it is a very important subject to show. I hope that more films like this are made about the music industry.