Steam In den Gängen

In den Gängen

In den Gängen is a movie starring Andreas Leupold, Franz Rogowski, and Peter Kurth. Christian begins to work as a shelf stacker at a supermarket and finds himself in a new, unknown world: the long aisles, the bustle at the...

Other Titles
En los pasillos, Στους διαδρόμους, In the Aisles, Walc w alejkach, Printre rafturi, A la vuelta de la esquina, Muhtemel Aşk, Une valse dans les allées, Un valzer tra gli scaffali, 希望の灯り
Running Time
2 hours 5 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Thomas Stuber
Clemens Meyer, Thomas Stuber, Clemens Meyer
Franz Rogowski, Steffen Scheumann, Andreas Leupold, Peter Kurth
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

After the shy and reclusive Christian loses his job, he starts to work for a wholesale market. Bruno from the Beverage aisle takes him under his wing and quickly becomes a fatherly friend to him. He shows him the ropes and patiently teaches him how to operate the fork lift. In the aisles he meets "Sweets"-Marion. He is instantly smitten by her mysterious charm. The coffee machine becomes their regular meeting point and the two start to get to know each other. But Marion is married and Christian's feelings for her seem to remain unrequited, especially when Marion does not return to work one day. Christian slowly becomes a member of the wholesale market family and his days of driving fork lifts and stacking shelves mean much more to him than meets the eye.

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Joan Lawrence photo
Joan Lawrence

I've always loved this movie and I loved the way it was told. The cinematography was beautiful and the story was well told. I've watched it over and over and it never gets old. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of the original or a fan of art and cinema in general.

Donald photo

Den Gängen is the story of a middle-aged woman, whose life is a series of long hours and lonely days. The story is told through the voice of a single woman. It is also the story of a great artistic work. The film is told from the point of view of the single woman, who is in constant communication with her family and friends. It is interesting to watch how the family and friends react to her. The film is very artistic and the cinematography is excellent. The acting is very good and the movie is very entertaining. It is not a film for everyone, but it is worth watching.

Jacqueline M. photo
Jacqueline M.

This film is about a family living in a small village in the middle of the country. It is not very clear what is happening in the town, or even in the country itself, but it is clear that it is not the town that is in a state of chaos, but the family. I think that this is because the family is isolated from the rest of the village, and it is a very small village, so there is no need for the whole village to know what is going on. I think that the film is very important, because it shows that a family can still be together even though it is isolated from the rest of the village, because the family has a strong sense of unity and is not afraid to share any difficulties with the other members of the village. The film is about the crisis of a family, but also about the importance of family unity and how it can survive in the face of all kinds of problems. The film is very difficult to watch because it shows so much, but it is also very good because it shows the importance of family unity. The film shows the importance of the family and of family unity and how it can survive in the face of many problems.

Charles photo

The first half of this movie is simply great. The main characters are all so likable and interesting. I could not help but be drawn into the story. This is one of the most heartbreaking movies I have ever seen. The only thing that I would have changed would be to cut out the constant shots of the naked bodies. It's just too much. You really don't care for any of the characters. They are all so annoying. I think the only thing I didn't like about this movie was the camera work. It was all over the place and just seemed a little cheap. But the music and cinematography was amazing. I really enjoyed this movie and I can't wait to see it again. It was a great ride.

Albert S. photo
Albert S.

I think this film is an example of a documentary that is too short. The film starts off very slowly, but once the main character is introduced, the film just gets better and better. It's a very good story and is very hard to predict. The story is very sad, but it's also very funny. It's a very good film and I recommend it to everyone. 7/10

Tiffany photo

I liked this movie. I had no expectations of this movie, but I really enjoyed it. The performances of the actors are really great, especially the one of the young woman, that is really really good, the acting is also really good. This is a great movie, and I really recommend it. I also like the scenes that the girl is in, especially when she is in the "house".

Ann B. photo
Ann B.

This is the kind of movie you just have to see. It is one of the few movies in which I actually liked it. The story is very simple, and the characters are really interesting. There is no big twist in the story, but it is very well executed. It is just very interesting and engaging. This is not a movie you can watch once and expect to see a new story. I have seen a lot of movies with a lot of twists, but I always get a sense of "Oh, I knew that already" when watching a movie with a lot of twists. It is really the same thing when watching a movie like this one. I really liked this movie and I hope to see more movies like this one. It is definitely worth seeing.

Louis B. photo
Louis B.

The Norwegian film "The Girl from the Mountains" has been dubbed in English as "The Girl from the Hills". That's a shame, as the film is actually about two women, one a hippie and the other a socialist, who live in the mountains. They share an apartment and a passion for photography. The hippie is played by the beautiful Jodie Foster and the socialist by a very young and very beautiful Winona Ryder. They meet in the countryside and immediately fall in love with each other. Their lives are the subject of the film, but the plot is secondary. It's really the two women's lives, the events that happen in their lives, that are the real focus of the film. The film is slow and I didn't care for it much, but it's very much worth seeing. Jodie Foster and Winona Ryder are both wonderful actresses. I would have liked to see more of them together. "The Girl from the Hills" is a very good film. It's not a perfect film, but it is very much worth seeing. Recommended.

Kyle B. photo
Kyle B.

I saw the movie today in Berlin and it was the first time in the cinema. I have to say that it was a very good film and very well shot. The film starts with a very interesting idea. A friend of mine (a member of the German Nazi party) is trying to find the people who participated in the extermination of the Jews. The film shows the way he does it and how he has to do it in order to find the people. He has to find the family, the wives, the children, the friends of the people he has to meet and then he has to make a film about it. It was very well shot. I can't say anything else about it. All of the actors were great. The story is very interesting. It was a very good film. I really recommend it to everyone.

Joan Hill photo
Joan Hill

Saw this in a film festival, and I'm glad I did. It's a beautiful film. The plot is intriguing, the characters are well-developed and the acting is great. There's not much to say about it. You have to be able to suspend your disbelief. The cinematography is beautiful, and the score is very well-done. It's a very good movie, and I think it's going to be in my top 5 favorites this year. If you're looking for something more adult than the usual Hollywood fare, I highly recommend it. It's not for everyone, but it's definitely worth seeing. I highly recommend it. I give it a 7/10. :)

Andrea Grant photo
Andrea Grant

I'll start off by saying I'm not sure what the director was trying to do here. He's clearly been influenced by the writer's work, but it's not clear what he's trying to do. As an attempt to bring it all together, it fails. It's far too linear. The story doesn't have enough twists to make it interesting. The story is already done in such a way that it's not interesting to repeat it. The film-making style is too generic to make it feel unique. The ending is very abrupt. The only one-dimensional character is the old woman's husband. The best part is the final scene, where all the characters are in the room together. The only time I laughed was when I realized that this was just a movie. It's very disappointing to see a film like this pass through the system. I won't be watching it again, because the producers are making some big money off it. It could have been a very good movie, if the director had tried to do something different.

Bryan Long photo
Bryan Long

There's a lot to say about the title of this movie, 'Neuschwanstein' or 'Neuschwanstein' in English. It's the name of a mountain in Switzerland, the highest point in Europe. The name sounds like the name of a mountain, but it's actually a combination of words 'Neuschwendigkeit' and 'Gängersteigkeit' which are Germanic words, so that means 'being strong', 'unconditional' and 'tough'. The movie takes place in the year 2001, when two German brothers were in an accident on their mountain (or was it the other way around?) and survived. After that, they try to rebuild their family. During this time, there are also two American tourists who come and stay at the family's place. They bring a camera to record everything they see and hear. One of the brothers, Klaus, is a single father of a 6 year old daughter and he can't take care of her anymore. He also has a bit of an obsession with a paleontologist, who is also a part of the family, but he has a different personality. The scientist has a bit of an addiction to drugs. After Klaus finds out that the paleontologist is having an affair with another woman, he starts to turn to a more darker path. The movie is very interesting and very well made. The acting is superb. Especially the father of the girl, who is played by Christian Bale. The film is very psychological and very interesting, even though it is hard to believe that such a huge mountain is on the Swiss Alps, let alone that there are people living on it. It's a good movie to watch if you like movies that deal with the problems of a family in an interesting way.

Pamela M. photo
Pamela M.

My husband and I are in love with this film. I bought it and watched it last week, and I'm still looking for something to see it again. After the first viewing, I was a little disappointed, but I was still impressed with the acting. It reminded me of a darker type of film like "The Wizard of Oz", but it was different. The film was well shot and well-acted. It was a thought-provoking story and a powerful tale of love. I would recommend this film to everyone.

Jason Burke photo
Jason Burke

One of the problems of the young Dutch man is that he is convinced that everything is an illusion. He tries to convince himself of this but he cannot. A very nice, realistic movie about a young man who lives a lie and is trying to convince himself of this lie. It is a very entertaining movie with a great story line. The director is well known for his other works, especially his other work with the Dixmars. His movies always have a great story and he never lets the story get boring. I think this movie is a really good movie. The director really made a good job on this movie.

Marie Gilbert photo
Marie Gilbert

The story is about a group of friends who have a crisis of conscience when they are about to cross the border into the United States, to make a film about the refugee crisis. They meet a young woman, and they feel obliged to help her, but then they realize that they are just like them, and they are the ones who will be forced to go to the US. The film has a very interesting and moving story, that is shown in a very simple and innocent way. The only thing that the film has in common with the other films, is that they are all about the refugee crisis, but this one is about a group of friends, and not about a group of refugees. All the actors are really good in this film, they all have very good characters, and they do their best to be realistic. The only thing that I can complain about is the music, it's not that great, but it's not that bad either, it's just that it's a bit boring sometimes. All in all, I really liked this film, it's very interesting, and I recommend it to everyone who likes a good film about the refugee crisis.

Mary Murray photo
Mary Murray

At first I was sceptical about this movie, but now I think that I'm in love with it. From the very beginning, it is very slow but very absorbing. The camera work is very well done and it is very creative. A lot of the cinematography is very well done too. The story is about a small-town girl named Emilia and how she gets involved in an odd love story that involves sex, death and the devil. Emilia wants to save herself from being in a human form and she is lured into a human body. It is very beautiful and it is a real romance. But also she gets trapped in a web and it seems that this is all part of the human desire to save the world and to be human. I also liked the fact that the people were bad, although some of them are human beings. I think that the acting was very well done. I liked the character of Emilia and the actress was very good at playing the character. I also like the characters of the people who are trying to stop the story, or who want to find out the truth and to kill the devil, and also the priest. It was a very original story and the whole movie is very good. I recommend it to anyone who likes a story about people trying to find out the truth, people who get trapped in a web and the whole drama of a romance. And of course I recommend it to my friends and also to the audience that is going to watch the movie. A very good movie, and a lot of questions to myself. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Rachel Nichols photo
Rachel Nichols

This film will definitely keep you thinking for a while. It's well acted, directed, and edited. It shows the darker side of humanity, and it really makes you think. If you're into films about the darker side of humanity, this is definitely one you should check out. I give this movie 9 out of 10 stars, because I really loved this film.

Cheryl L. photo
Cheryl L.

Being a former high school teacher, I found this film to be very realistic, as well as being extremely well-made. The characters are well-drawn, and the acting is generally superb. I would say this film will appeal to those who want to see a film that has meaning to it, as well as those who like to watch a good drama. The film itself is actually based on a true story, and although the events depicted in the film were extremely rare, it is an interesting, well-told story. This film is definitely worth seeing, and it will make you think.

Margaret Crawford photo
Margaret Crawford

I have seen a lot of movies, and this one is on my top 10 list. It is not so easy to understand the characters. They are not very clear, and you feel more like a spectator than a character. I don't think this is the case with most people who watch this movie. The characters are interesting, and they should be seen by everybody. I'm not a very good movie critic, so I'm not sure why I like this movie. I guess it's because it doesn't try to be profound, or big, or all over the place, or anything like that. It just shows how life really is, and I liked it that much. The best movie I have seen for a long time.

Richard Morris photo
Richard Morris

I didn't expect much from this film, but it was a good watch. The acting is good, the story is well written and the director was on the mark. I recommend it.

Brittany R. photo
Brittany R.

This is a great Swedish film with a beautiful cinematography and an interesting story. I first saw it at an art house in Stockholm, when I was in the U.S. for the school year. It was on a long period of my life, when I was bored and just wanted to make a film. It is also one of the few times when I watched a Swedish film that was pretty to see. It is very beautiful, and the colors and imagery that is present in it are so appealing. The story is quite interesting. A character named Talja (played by Margarethe von Trotta), the wife of the leading actor, has a severe and fatal heart attack while her husband is out of town. We follow the relationship between her husband, Herminer, and the last person she loves, her daughter. The story is quite interesting, but the acting is sometimes weak. The ending is not too happy, but it is quite heartwarming. I liked it very much. You should see it.

Megan H. photo
Megan H.

There is so much that I liked about this film that I don't want to give away, but it was refreshing to see a film that was able to make me feel a certain way, even if I didn't agree with the message. It was also refreshing to see a film that had the right amount of humor to make me laugh and not feel like I was being pulled in by the light-hearted nature of the film. It was also nice to see that in a film that was on the darker side of things, the characters were actually very likable and realistic. It was nice to see that the film had a strong ending that left me feeling like the characters had grown and learned from their experiences. I was also glad to see that the film had a strong message to it, because it made me feel like it was a film that was able to teach me a thing or two. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who has a strong interest in film, because it is one that you will probably be able to relate to. It is also a film that will make you think about life, because it has a message that will make you think about what you think you know and how things are supposed to be.

Cynthia photo

It's impossible to explain the quality of this film. I suppose if I can be objective about it, it is simply because I thought it was a complete waste of time, but that doesn't really make it any better. The story revolves around a young girl named Anna and her mother, who are still living in the family house that they had when they were children. She is a romantic who falls in love with a younger man, then her mother ends up taking her with them on a trip. The journey is done in a way that is very ironic, but also very genuine. The story is very emotional and emotional can only be produced through realism. The main character Anna is very clever and very original in the way she presents her story. There is nothing unbelievable or fake in this film, which is why it really stands out. I had a difficult time trying to relate to the characters. Their thoughts were very real, and if this film had been filmed on some remote island in a cold weather, they would not have been as real as they are. The music also played an important role. I have not heard this kind of music in many movies, but I think it was very good and complemented the story perfectly. The way the music was used and how the song "Ode to Joy" came to be a part of the soundtrack was brilliant. The cinematography was very well done and every scene seemed to have been carefully put together, as if everything had been carefully planned out. Overall, I can't really recommend this film, because there is nothing that makes it worth the time it takes to watch it. It is simply a waste of time and a failure to make you feel like you have seen something that is really worth watching.

Matthew photo

This is not a great film by any means. I think it's a film that has been on the bottom of the shelf for quite some time. But I liked it. I liked it a lot. I mean, I can't say I was moved by it, but I was moved by it. I was moved by the sense of the film, the feel of it, the ideas of it. I was moved by the small parts that really stood out for me, especially the last scene. It was one of the more moving scenes I've seen in a long time. And the way the young couple got together was so beautifully done. I thought the story was really great, especially with all the pieces of the puzzle coming together, and how the character's lives worked out. It was a lot of fun to watch, especially since I was in a small theater where it was quite loud. I really loved the scene where they are going to the train station to get their first train. It was so good to see them get together in that moment. And I liked the way they went about getting back together, I think that was really touching. And the ending really made me cry. I thought it was really well done. The music was also pretty good. I thought the soundtrack was really good, and it fit the film perfectly. I liked the film and I thought it was really good. I recommend it to anybody who wants a nice, clean, easy to watch film. It's worth it. 7/10

Donald Long photo
Donald Long

This is a very powerful film, and is also very graphic. It is the story of two people. The main character is a man named Steen, who is living in the small town of Hammersmith. His friend is a young woman named Jan, who works as a housekeeper for a rich man. She has a daughter, who is a bit crazy. Steen has a girlfriend, who is also a bit crazy. He sees Jan's daughter doing strange things and he takes her away. Jan does not like this and wants to find her daughter. Steen and Jan are able to find her daughter. Jan goes to see Steen in Hammersmith and asks him to take her daughter. Jan is really confused, and she tries to convince Steen that Jan is crazy. Steen, however, does not believe her. Jan finds her daughter, and she tries to tell Steen about her. Steen is confused and decides to take Jan to his home. Jan is still not convinced, and she and Steen fight. The fight lasts for a long time. This is a very disturbing film, but it is also very powerful. It is also very graphic. It is a must see film.

Joan photo

This is not a typical film and its appeal is not to say that. It is based on a real story, so to say, and so it should be. I just wanted to comment on the fact that there are no other comments on this movie yet. If you have not seen it yet, I think you should do so now. I know I will have to see it again and again and again, just to catch all the subtle details. This is a very good movie. You should see it.

Sara C. photo
Sara C.

I saw the film last night, and it was very strange. It's a "Nordic" movie, and what you would expect from such a film is lots of "Nordic" stereotypes, and when you see "Nordic" stereotypes like Finns, you can also expect "Nordic" stereotypes like housewives, close-knit families, small-town life, etc. That is, until the very end. Then I realized that, since I also belong to "Nordic" culture, I understand the film quite well, which makes the movie even more appealing. The main character, a little girl, is a bit more realistic than the average Norwegian movie heroine. We can see that she feels pain, and her father and brothers are a bit more stubborn than we can expect from their stereotypical Norwegian roles. The actors are all extremely convincing, and there are some very subtle, beautiful, and touching scenes that will make you feel something. There are some great set-pieces, which I won't give away. I just want to point out the scene with the family dog. In this scene the father is walking around the house in front of the house, and he suddenly turns to look at the dog. And we see that he's a bit obsessed with it. I thought this was one of the most touching scenes I've ever seen in a movie. You'll see what I mean when you see it. The scene with the girl, whose mother just broke down, is also touching, and I can understand why so many people in the theater were in tears. I have never cried in a movie, and I had no idea why I was crying. If you are able to get over your emotional attachment to stereotypes, this film will make you feel something.

Brenda B. photo
Brenda B.

After the recent success of "Moulin Rouge", the new generation of filmmakers is returning to the history of cinema. And what a joy it is to see such a fresh, new, and innovative film. "Moulin Rouge" was a groundbreaking film in many ways. First of all, it was the first film that I ever saw that had such a direct, visually spectacular style. I've seen many films that use the same techniques, and they all are great, but "Moulin Rouge" stands out. The cinematography is stunning, the sets and costumes are unique, and the acting is amazing. It is a movie that is very unique and quite original. I don't think I've ever seen a film that was this fresh, and that had such an original and original plot. The film also has a unique style and style that I haven't seen in a long time. The film is not like any other movie you've ever seen. There is no other movie that has a style like this one. It is a completely unique style, and it's a style that I haven't seen in any other movie. It is a style that I would have never thought I would see. The film is completely unique and I recommend that everyone see it. The film is a unique style, and I recommend that everyone see it.

Eugene photo

I really enjoyed this movie. It is a very real, true story about a mother who lost her child in an accident and made a life for herself in her country with her daughter. There is a lot of emotion and drama and it is very well done. It is a very good movie, especially in this day and age. It is very uplifting. It's sad that they lost their daughter, but it makes you think of how your life has changed. The film also shows that, sometimes, even with your child, things can go wrong. But that is what makes it so heartwarming. The film is very realistic. It has an amazing script and it is very good. There are also a lot of well-known actors in it, especially the leading actor. I also really enjoyed it. I would recommend this film to anyone.

Virginia photo

A father and his two sons, who are already estranged by a divorce, spend their summer holiday in a beautiful French countryside. During their stay, they encounter the magical side of the country, an isolated wilderness and a world where it is difficult to be a boy. The father's good and kind, but he is also one of the older men in the village and is in charge of the farm. He is called Laat, and for him and his wife, a house is an extension of a horse, a dog, a snow machine. It is natural that a peaceful life is the only way to enjoy their time on the farm. This is a kind of fantasy, but also the story of a family and of its nostalgia. It is a movie, with a simple but meaningful story. It is nice that it tells the same story, but from different perspectives. It is a movie of images, beautiful landscapes, good actors and an unusual direction. This movie will be remembered as a nice and realistic family holiday.

Theresa M. photo
Theresa M.

The main problem with the film is the way it is edited. There are moments of dialogue where the audience is asked to make a connection, and this is not always possible. There is a fair amount of narration, and if the narration is taken away then the entire narrative is compromised. This is not to say that the film is not worth seeing, for it is, but it could have been better, or at least not ruined as much as it has been. One of the problems with editing is that a scene is not necessary to the overall flow of the film. The scene that takes place at the end of the film should not have been in the middle, as it was unnecessary to the main story. This is not to say that this is a bad film, as it is a very good film, and I recommend it. However, it is possible to make a better film out of the same material, and in the end, that is what it is all about.

Jacob Jackson photo
Jacob Jackson

I'm a fan of the director's earlier works, such as "Wild Life" and "The Killing Fields", and I was very interested in seeing this film. I really felt that the story was lacking in depth, but the cinematography was amazing and the acting was good. It is a very dark film, but the color tones are really very beautiful, and it was the only one that kept my eyes open. I really do hope that the director will continue his work with "Wild Life" and "The Killing Fields".

Peter photo

You can't take it seriously. The attitude towards life is just wonderful. As we see from the start, life is just a little bit better. Just to show that it is really there, we watch a little girl who is really beautiful and wants to be a model. This is the main theme of this film: what we are doing. Just to show that life is not so bad and to tell us that there is hope, and that everything is worth it. In the end, we are just amazed by the beauty of this little girl and her smile. This is the real message of this movie.

Danielle Ramirez photo
Danielle Ramirez

I loved this film. It was one of the best I've seen in a long time. It was a great movie that I hope is given a wider release in the U.S. It was a great story, with a good ending. It was also one of the most surprising endings I've seen in a long time. I was really surprised at how it ended. I thought it was really good. I also really enjoyed the music. It was really well done. The acting was also good. I think the film was really well written. I think the film has a good message, and it's also a great story. I think it is a great movie.

Jerry photo

A film about the lives of a group of people in post-Soviet Russia. It tells the story of a teenager from the US who meets the parents of a local girl from the old country. They become friends and move together into the old country. The girl and her family are reluctant to take in the two American teens, but do anyway. The father is a wise man who seems to have good intentions, but he is the type of person that would do anything for the welfare of his children. His mother is angry with the new friends, and she does not want them in the country. The father is willing to take in the friends, but his brother is not interested in the two teens. This movie is interesting, because it portrays the plight of the Soviet youth. As it shows the limits of their ability to live in the Soviet Union, it makes you realize how much they must have suffered for years. It also shows that the young Americans were very concerned about the welfare of their parents and their own welfare. The father's good intentions and his sense of caring for his children is very heart-wrenching. This is a very sad movie. If you can get the opportunity, watch it. The director does a good job. It is not a film for everyone. The subject matter is not for everyone, but it is a good movie.

Roger Foster photo
Roger Foster

I am surprised that no one has mentioned this movie. I have seen it twice. One time I watched it alone in my room and the other time I watched it with my sister and brother-in-law. The first time I watched it, I thought it was a very good movie. The second time I watched it, I thought it was a very good movie. I recommend this movie to everyone.

Evelyn George photo
Evelyn George

This is the kind of film that really gets under your skin, you can't quite put your finger on it. You can just tell that the director really put his heart and soul into the film, it's not like any other film he has made, not that it is terrible but it just feels like he is there and you really care for the characters and are completely mesmerised by what is going on. There is a scene near the beginning when the young boys make fun of the older boy in the boys changing room, that scene is so brilliantly shot, you really feel like you are a part of it and feel completely caught up in it. This film is about some of the best scenes I have seen in a film. It's not perfect but it is not a bad film either. It's a shame there are no other German films like this one, really good.

Dennis M. photo
Dennis M.

The story of a young girl who is really in love with her parents, but cannot express her feelings. It's a movie that makes you feel sorry for the parents, but also feels sorry for the young girl who is really in love with her parents. I thought that the movie was a good one. The acting of the main character was very good. You can feel the love between her parents, but you also feel that they don't understand her feelings. I think that the movie is worth to watch.

George Henderson photo
George Henderson

As much as I do not appreciate the dancing in the movie, I also find it very sad. Even though they are able to deliver the message to the viewers, it is a sad thing. What are they trying to say to the viewers? This is my main point of criticism. Why are they dancing? What is it about dancing that they want to say? I think the message that they were trying to say with the dancing is a very weak one. Maybe there is more to the message. But I don't think that it is enough. I would like to see more discussion about that. However, I don't think that they are trying to say something about dancing, but it is still a very sad and something that I would not like to see. The actor does a very good job in this movie. I think that the message of the movie is valid and has been told and presented very well. If you want to watch a good movie that deals with a very sad subject, I would recommend this movie.

Lawrence photo

I have to admit that I'm no prude when it comes to cinema. In fact, I'm very fond of it. So it's a little disappointing when I read reviews here or in other blogs that recommend this movie for what it's really not. I found it to be a little more honest and far more humane than I expected it to be. It's not even that it's a chick flick. It's just that the cast is mostly women (and not only) and it's the first German-language movie directed by women in a long time. And of course, it's a bit more truthful about what German woman actually go through on a daily basis. Sure, it's not a perfect film and in the first 10 minutes I already thought that it might not be a good one. But then, that happens more and more with the movie. I was surprised and delighted by the ending, I was surprised and pleased by the first few minutes. And in the end, the movie is the most honest and revealing depiction of a female's life, and it's just a pleasure to watch. The acting is top notch, and the camera work is great. It's very well directed and you can tell that it was a lot of effort put into this movie. I think this movie is very important and I encourage everyone to watch it. 9/10

Beverly Duncan photo
Beverly Duncan

A strange journey to the unknown, an oddity to the norm, a film of a "literary" sensibility which has been shaped by the artistic sensibilities of the German film industry, and with a vision that makes you think a bit. The title of the film, "Die Aller Hauptmann" (the chief), is a reference to the chief of the police department of a small town, a man who is a little eccentric and eccentric himself. He was the first to be involved in the discovery of a mass grave of the dead children. The film is the story of how he tried to keep this secret, the film is a drama with a surreal vision, and a strong emotional effect. The cast, with a list of some of the best German actors, all have their roles very well chosen, with great performances from Klaus Kinski and Christian Kersting, who play the main characters. The script of the film, written by Christian Schnaas, is a very strong script, and this works really well for the film. The direction of the film, by F. W. Murnau, is not very good, but not bad either. I was really surprised to see that the film was not a masterpiece. The film could have been more intense and dramatic, the film could have been more powerful and great, but the film is not a masterpiece, it is a nice film that can be seen in cinema and in some schools. It is a movie that can be enjoyed by the whole family, but I would not recommend it to anyone younger than 14 years of age.

Andrea photo

I just saw this movie today and I can't believe how much I enjoyed it. This is a great movie. I have to say that the main characters are very likable and I really liked the way they were portrayed. I liked the way they used real-life situations and situations that are used in the movie. I really liked how the main character managed to overcome his fear and that he was able to get through it. I think this is a movie that can be enjoyed by everyone, especially by young children. This is a great movie for anyone. I highly recommend it.

Joseph photo

We have not yet seen a good movie of the year. Instead, we have seen more movies, with a lot of nudity, sex and violence. The movie "The Other Woman" is not like any of the movies I've seen this year. It's not a good movie, but it's definitely not a bad one. The plot is quite interesting. The character's are more interesting than the plot. The story is a bit slow and difficult to understand, but it does not distract from the movie. The acting is also good. The character's are good, too. I really recommend this movie, even if it's not as good as other good movies of the year.

Jeffrey photo

Just because it's a foreign film, it doesn't mean that the film itself isn't worth a look. And that's what makes "Somewhere In Time" so good. While the film itself is slow to get going, it's more than just that, because it contains so much more. Let's start with the people. Harry Dean Stanton's voice is amazing, and is given the attention and focus that he deserves. He really seems to embody both the duality and the beauty that has been so hard to achieve on film. This is more than just the case with his voice, it's the manner in which he breathes. It's a simple yet powerful impression that communicates the mystery of the main character, and it's a wonderful idea for the film. Peter Coyote as his younger self is a very subtle performance, but it is effective and stands out as one of the better performances of the movie. Not the best, but certainly the most effective. The acting is so good, that it leaves you thinking. From his quiet demeanor to his power and confidence, to his difficulty to maintain his own voice, his abilities are not only impressive, they are believable. The few times that they overact (such as the guitar solos), it leaves you questioning, but the emotion is so genuine, it makes you wonder how they could possibly be so unbelievable. The movie does have it's faults, and while they don't hinder the film as a whole, they do detract from the acting, but the film's faults are very minor. The ending is simply great, as it's set in a perfect and unreal world. It gives you everything that you could possibly ask for. The film is very slow at times, and that's the only complaint I have. The film is done so well, that if it was anything less than perfect, it wouldn't even be worth a viewing, but it is flawless. "Somewhere In Time" is not for everyone. While it's a unique film in every sense, and there are some characters that may not appeal to everyone, there's no denying that it's a film that will resonate with anyone. Not for the plot, but for the outstanding acting and an overall great idea that may be a little on the boring side, but is worth every bit of your time. 8/10.

Joseph M. photo
Joseph M.

The movie is well done, well directed, well acted and the movie is not an easy watch. But it's not a "feel good" movie. It is very realistic and hard to watch. It is very real. It is very "sensational". The only bad thing is the movie is not very long. It is almost over before it starts. The ending is also a little bit of a disappointment. But the movie is worth watching. It is very well made. It is not a movie to watch for the entertainment value, but for the experience.

Sharon Bishop photo
Sharon Bishop

Eddie Redmayne is a struggling actor in a small English town, who must cope with a past and present which have nothing to do with him. After a rough day in the pub he falls into conversation with a young man who is travelling across town to see his grandmother. Redmayne is given a great opportunity to enter the small town's leading role and he responds in a very powerful way. The film is based on the real life story of Eddie Redmayne, but is not an adaptation of that story. Redmayne himself has said that the film has nothing to do with his life. The film is essentially a depiction of the rise and fall of Eddie Redmayne. Redmayne plays a young man who is struggling to make his way in a small town. The town is run by the mayor and a very corrupt council. Eddie Redmayne is given a chance to make a name for himself in the town, and take on the town's most powerful man, and eventually make it big. The movie is very powerful and has a very strong ending. The acting is very good by Redmayne. The supporting cast is very good as well. The supporting cast include Olivia Colman, Jack Reynor, Brendan Gleeson and many more. The film is a very powerful film and should be seen by anyone.

Dylan R. photo
Dylan R.

There is a huge disparity between viewers' and critics' opinion of this film. Some think it is the best film of the year, others think it is a boring film. It's not a perfect film, but it is very, very good. You may want to read the reviews on IMDb before seeing this film. Many criticize this film for the length and many say it is too long, but this is not the case. It is short, but it doesn't need to be. It shows the only hope for the future of the country in which it is set. I really liked this film. I can see many similarities to Midnight Express. I think people are looking for something completely different, but they will be disappointed. I can see why some people would call this film boring and slow-paced. It is not. It is one of the most beautiful films I have seen in years. The acting is fantastic, the photography is stunning and the overall look of the film is gorgeous. If you have time, it is worth your time. 8/10

Kathryn H. photo
Kathryn H.

In a remote village, a young boy is brought up by his uncle, a local butcher, who is a rather unkind old man who treats the boy badly and has a great hatred for the boy, but he seems to care for him. The boy has to learn to deal with his uncle and the villagers, and he must learn how to survive in a harsh world. While this is an excellent film, it has many flaws. The main problem is that the main characters are not very likable, the boy is almost always the victim of bullying, and the uncle is a downright jerk. The story is also quite repetitive and, though the violence is very graphic, it is not very strong. Some of the characters are incredibly annoying and the ending is a bit ridiculous. This is definitely not a film for everyone, but it is well worth watching. It is worth the time to watch it.

Jordan photo

This film tells the story of a woman who is addicted to heroine and becomes a victim of rape and murder in her late thirties. Her life changes drastically when she meets a drug addict, who tries to help her recover from her drug addiction. This film is a lot of emotional and sexual content that will make you cry. The end of the film is also really dramatic, and very well done. Highly recommended to watch. 8/10.

Bobby W. photo
Bobby W.

I don't know why this film was not recognized by most people. It's a very powerful and deep film. It's about a young man who is very depressed and suicidal. He has no friends and has no way to express his feelings. He is a lonely and depressed person. He's only able to be in a group where he has no friends. This film shows us that the world is a cruel and cruel place. I highly recommend it.

Jennifer R. photo
Jennifer R.

I have seen this movie a few times and after every viewing I find something new in the movie. Sometimes I don't find anything new. Sometimes I can see the same film a hundred times and still I can learn something new. After reading some reviews about this movie, I thought that I would give it a chance. To my surprise, I have watched the movie many times and I can learn something new about the movie every time. In the movie, you will hear three different thoughts. All the thoughts in the movie are thoughts about our society, society in general, how people think about life and death, and how you can choose to live or not to live. The thought that is the most important for the movie is how people feel about the future. There are also some "rules" in the movie. Like for example, one of the rules says that a dead person must be left alone in the house for 3 years before they are considered dead. This is not a rule that is supposed to be followed. There are some other rules that are not like that. For example, the rules say that one person must be on their own, a doctor, or a nurse. I really enjoyed the movie and hope that I will watch it again.

Kathleen photo

The movie is amazing and I can't believe how well it is made. It's a drama about the death of a mother, her son and his wife. The movie has a very good story, and the acting is very good, the mother is very sad and she was showing all the emotions. I really recommend this movie to everybody, it's a great movie.

Kimberly A. photo
Kimberly A.

Some of the comments here will make it seem like I love the film. And that may be true. I've given it an honest rating. It was very hard to rate it, because I wanted to like it as much as I did, but I just can't. The main characters are likable and the acting is great. But when the focus is on the serious problem and they just can't do anything about it, the movie just gets really depressing. I think the problem lies in the movie's style. It's very dramatic, and you think the characters have been through a lot. But then the movies loses its balance and becomes all over the place. It starts out just like the book, and then just as it was about to start, it just goes off in another direction. I would recommend this film to anybody, but I wouldn't recommend it to everyone. The book is so much better than the movie that I don't think anyone would find the film better than the book.

Kathy B. photo
Kathy B.

i came across this movie for free after buying a game for my Playstation. (although i played the game first, you'll know what i'm talking about if you've ever played the game). The movie revolves around a child. Now, why is it a child? Because of the message he conveys, the main character in this movie is supposed to be a child and we see a little more of his life. (kind of like Game of Thrones, the characters are supposed to be little children and this message is supposed to have a little more meaning than "d.o.d.") But i'm afraid the message is rather weak and this movie is not really the reason i decided to see this movie. The reason I saw this movie is because it was in Dutch, but the movie was also available in English. The translation is awful (in my opinion) but not in the movie itself. Although i understand why this movie was translated. The movie focuses on the life of a little child and the struggles of his parents. The movie is very serious and sometimes I wanted to stop watching it because the whole movie is so slow. But the story is good and the acting is good. The little girl is a good actor (you'll know what I mean if you've played the game), although she's not the main character (if you haven't played the game, this isn't really a big difference). The storyline is good, but it's not a good storyline. It's like a movie made up from different parts and separated into parts. It doesn't flow well (the movie is a bit long). There are more plots and characters in this movie than in any other movie. This is my first review here, but I'm going to try to be very fair and not give out my personal opinion here. I would have rated this movie a higher if it was in English. It's about as good in English as it is in Dutch. The movie would have been a 9.5 in English. There are lots of movies out there that are not made in English. The movie is not bad, it's just not good. If you want to see a good movie, see Limitless, which is in English. If you want to see a good movie, see Limitless, which is in Dutch. The story, the acting, the script and everything else is good in both languages. I would not give this movie a 6 or a 7, it's a 9.5 in Dutch, but it's really not a good movie, just watch it if you want a good movie. Go see more than one movie, because this one is only about 2 hours long. You could do a lot worse.

Amanda S. photo
Amanda S.

This is a dark and surprising film. I saw it on BBC2 when it came out and it didn't grab me as I thought it would. It was a good film in a world of strong scripts and solid performances. But I was also aware of the inanity of the title and, frankly, I didn't want to have anything to do with it. But the more I saw the movie, the more I was captivated by the characters and the story. I don't want to give too much away but I will say it is a dramatic and emotional film, full of tension and hope. The acting was superb and the setting was beautiful. I would recommend this to any lover of dark films or to anyone who appreciates a good story.

Lori photo

An intense psychological study of a woman who, like many others of her generation, sees herself as a victim of social norms and injustice. Her stories range from the mundane to the surreal, and they constantly pull the audience in as we follow the women through their personal struggles. In a process that feels like a series of scenes but is actually a series of silent minutes, we begin to understand the mind of this young woman and how her life is affected by her violent mother and her older sister's isolation and the love her older sister has for her. With her going to court after she has been accused of shoplifting, her mother sends her to live with her sister who had a breakdown after her mother's death. Her sister is so traumatised she can't express herself, and the long distance with her family keeps the women isolated, and almost does them in. The isolation of this woman is also a result of the lengths her mother goes to in order to keep her child. She keeps her child with her in a body bag to keep her from hurting her. She sends her mother's lover for her, makes a good deal of money and she even forces her sister to walk a mile in a row in front of the camera to get the attention of the police. The wife is very manipulative in her attempts to keep her son under control and always blames the mother and tries to get back at her by taking things away from her and putting her in her place. The film is very evocative and atmospheric, with the camera appearing in the backgrounds and seeming to move like it is real. There are also several dream sequences that all contribute to the main story. The small flashes of colour and sound that come through the cracks in the house and outside the windows are extremely memorable. The film ends with a sequence of archival footage that may seem unrealistic but is actually a very effective device to show how the film is actually composed. The performances are excellent. The actress who plays the sister, Jessica (Mina Ludwurm), is very strong and touching. Her performance is so strong it is often hard to believe the woman she plays is only nine years old. Her character is almost one of a kind and we can see how difficult it is to live in a world where every rule and order is in a total state of flux. Her scenes with her sister are brilliant. Annette Bening, who plays the mother, is also very good in her role, but is slightly overshadowed by Ludwurm. I would give this film an 8.5 out of 10, but my vote would be 8. The film won the German film award at the 2003 Berlin International Film Festival.

Judith photo

This is one of those films that sticks in your mind for days afterwards. I can't help but compare it to the final scene of "Casablanca". What makes this film special, is that it doesn't have a clear ending. I won't give away the end, but it will be something that you will remember for a long time. This film will leave you with a deep feeling of a connection with your country and the people who live there. This film also gives you a unique insight into the life of a "politically incorrect" black youth who is making a new life in Germany. This film will stick with you for a long time. This film will be an unforgettable experience for many years to come. To sum it up, this film is a must see. 10/10

Johnny photo

I saw this film at the MIPRA film festival in Munich and really enjoyed it. The actors are good, the film is very good. The film is not about sex and violence, but rather about love and its consequences. I also liked the way the director used music to describe certain scenes and especially the ending. The film has a very unique atmosphere, it's very refreshing. The film is about how the men can't see their love and how they feel ashamed of their feelings, and also about how the women see the men and the men see the women. The film is also about the consequences of love, how the people in the relationship try to hide their love from the others. The film is not about sex, but rather about love and the consequences of love. I think the film is also about the difference between the right and the wrong way of love, but also about the good and the bad way of love. The film is not only about love, but also about love as a drug. The film is about the people in love and their love, and also about the love itself. This is a very good film, very nice and very enjoyable, very good. I think that the film is a must see, and if you have the chance to see it, I recommend you to see it.

Gregory H. photo
Gregory H.

It is hard to understand why a film like "Den Gängen" is rated so poorly. At first I was confused by the story as to why there are so many horrible people in it. I could not make sense of it. Then I realized that this is a Danish film. I could not understand the words that were spoken or the actions taken by the characters. I thought that the film was great but the subtitles had been translated so badly. The actors did a good job in the voices of their characters. The soundtrack was good and kept me in the story. I really enjoyed this film and will definitely be going to see it again.

Angela Carroll photo
Angela Carroll

I was expecting this movie to be boring and not so good, but I was very surprised. This movie is full of stunning and inspiring images. I think it's a masterpiece, not just a movie. It is a way to tell the story about the way of life and how life is more important than the thing itself. The movie is made with great intentions and it is even better than it could be, because it is very faithful to the original work. I'm really sad that this movie got this bad reception. It is a great movie and I recommend it to everyone.

Cynthia Torres photo
Cynthia Torres

Den Gängen is a rare German film that has at least two things going for it: first, it's a story from the POV of its subjects, but not necessarily the protagonists. Second, it's a true story. What makes a film work, is the fact that it is telling a story. As I said, it's a story told by one of its subjects, though we do see the subject from the perspective of other people, namely a friend of the man who recorded it. In this sense, there is no "bad guy" in the story, because the subject of the film was not a criminal, but a man who is a criminal. As the film opens, we see the title of the story that we're watching: It's a relationship film between two people. We first see a man with the camera, who records a lot of footage of the same man who recorded the film. Eventually, the man with the camera leaves the man and we follow him on his journey, documenting the story. The guy recording the film is now dead. There are some moments when the story of the man is told by him, but not, unfortunately, the story of the film. The story is told by the man's friend, and the film is the story told by him. There are things about this film that would probably be called "forgotten" because of the subject, but not because of the style or the content. If you think about the subject of the film, you realize that this is a film about the "killer cop" that everyone is talking about. The man recording the film is an investigative reporter who comes across this guy who recorded the film. He is also the man who would document the story by the man with the camera, and he is also the man who is dying in the film. It's a very complex story, and we have to make some judgments about how to interpret it, if at all. The style of the film is very original. In this sense, it is not a "throwback" to another film style, but a film about a subject that people have been talking about since the 70s. This is not something that could have been done with just one camera and some sound. In other words, we have to make some judgments about the style of the film, because that is the style that the subject is talking about. We have to make these judgments because we are watching the film in a culture where one of its subjects is dying and we are witnessing the dying. I think the film is excellent. It was made before I was born, but I think it's not that far away from the time I was born. If you get to see this film, you should see it with an open mind. Just like with any film, the movie needs some of those parts that are missing for it to be successful. I

Sandra Jordan photo
Sandra Jordan

I've been waiting to see this film for a long time and finally got the chance to watch it. I was not disappointed. The movie is an amazing film, which really makes you feel like you are in the time period of the film. I really loved the movie. I found myself caring for the characters and the way they reacted to their situations. The movie is very realistic, and I can say that I really sympathize with the characters. The story is not what you would expect, it is an amazing film and it will make you think about your own life, what you have been through and what you think about the world around you. The acting in this film is also amazing, and really makes you feel like you are watching a documentary, or a documentary on the period you are living in. This movie will touch your heart and make you feel for the characters. It is a very good film, that will keep you thinking and it will leave you with a lot of questions, which will make you think about life and what is important to you. Overall, I loved the movie, and I hope you will too.

Jean R. photo
Jean R.

This is a good movie. It's the story of a disabled man's struggle to find a job and to support his family. It shows the cost of living and the burdens of daily life. But more importantly, it shows that people aren't always supposed to be like machines and they can learn to adapt to their surroundings. In spite of all the prejudices and obstacles people have, they can learn to accept each other. The performances are good, and the cinematography is gorgeous. This is a movie worth seeing. I can't recommend it enough.

Linda Hanson photo
Linda Hanson

The story of a young man who becomes embroiled in a global conspiracy to destroy humanity by releasing a virus in a small American town. His only recourse is to stop the virus from spreading. We see him as a man who is in search of the truth, but is at a loss of what to believe. As the film progresses we see him confront some of the people who have been causing the damage, including the one who was responsible for the destruction of the town. As the film progresses we learn more about what the virus does, how it spreads, and how to stop it. The climax of the film is when the virus is released and is able to cause mass death and destruction in the town. The film ends with a question that is answered and the ending of the film is of course, shocking. There are some really shocking scenes, such as when the virus infects a man who had been lying in the hospital bed with the rest of the town. It seems as though he was never infected and is still alive. The ending of the film was truly shocking, and it also left the audience with the question of how can it be possible for a virus to be released and not be able to be stopped. Overall, the film is really good. It is a very good film, that is worth watching. It is highly recommended.

Anna Berry photo
Anna Berry

I think it's important that we all take this movie as a very honest representation of what life is like for anyone who is currently in a relationship with a person who is HIV positive. But, for me, the film was not a movie about love or sex, but it was about friendship and commitment. As I watched the film, I found myself thinking about the people I knew in my youth and how they affected me and my life. I could see them in a different light than I would have when I was younger, and I found myself saying to myself, "Wow, I'd never have met them, but I would have met them." That's a very important message. The film is not about how to change the disease into a cure, but it is about how to find out how to love and stay loyal to a friend that has been through so much. So, I would recommend this movie to anyone who has not yet seen it, but I would also suggest that you watch it before you get involved with a romantic relationship. The effects of the disease can be devastating and can last for years and years after the individual has left the hospital.

Gregory photo

I've never been interested in the history of Nazi-affairs, but when I read a review in a German bookshop about how tough and deep this film is, I had to read it. This is a very important film. I can't understand why it was completely overlooked. I guess that the distributors were afraid that it was too "black" and too "violent", which it wasn't. The reason is obvious: it is a film that needs to be seen to be understood. There are all kinds of meaning behind it, but it can be understood only after seeing the film. Anyway, it is a very important film. It doesn't show the whole story of Hitler's rise to power in Germany, but the negative side of his "Salvation". One of the questions the film is asked by Adolf Hitler is: "Why do you still exist?". In other words, why is there still Hitler and Nazism? Is this also a question that is asked by Adolf Hitler. The film seems to be showing the truth: we are all born into a particular situation and it can change. But it can also change. When I saw this film, I saw in an unusual way the past. What happens to a person when he/she loses his/her will to live. I think that the film is not telling the story of Hitler and the Nazi regime in an evil way, but of its internal problems, of its victims, of its supporters, and of its supporters' reaction to the past. It tells us something about human nature, about the limits of our capacity to understand things in order to justify them, about what is the essence of the war and about the life of the human being. For me, this film is very important, and I think that it is worth seeing.

Billy Nichols photo
Billy Nichols

A bittersweet but bittersweet film. The sunsets on the Lake Victoria-named after the Norwegian explorer Stavridis who named it-give this film a feeling of immediacy. It is a travelogue, in the sense that it is telling a story. However, as a story, it is quite revealing, and it's not unlike documentaries that come out of the Middle East. It's difficult to compare this film to any other film in the "real" world. That being said, it is a beautiful film, and it will stay with you long after the film ends.

Raymond photo

This is the first film that I have ever seen that has been so emotional. It is a real experience to watch this movie. Not only the camera work but the editing and the story is a real classic. There are a lot of films that can be referred to as great classics but that are no longer in the public's knowledge. It is important to remember that you cannot judge the originality of a movie by its achievements but by its emotional and educational value. I have never seen a film like this before.

Diane photo

The story of this film is about a group of young men who meet for a weekend in a cabin in the woods. During the weekend they are introduced to the local townspeople and the older men in the town. This film is quite good, the cast is good, the plot is good and the acting is good. The film is very good, I would say it is one of the best German films I have seen in a long time. I give this film a 7 out of 10.

Sharon photo

One of the best movies of the year. This movie is very close to that. First of all I like the characters, but that doesn't mean they have to have perfect characters. Also the storyline is very good, and the script is very good. Even if the plot isn't very original, it is good. Some of the lines could be better, but I think it is fine. The only bad thing I have to say about this movie is that I don't know how the movie is in German. I haven't studied German, but I can't imagine that they are doing something wrong with the language. Anyway, I can say that this movie is not bad, and that is why I think it is a good movie. My vote for this movie is 9/10.

Gregory photo

I have been watching a lot of German movies lately, and this is by far the best of all. I think the cast was perfect and the story was very well put together. It is a great movie. I can't find a single flaw in this film, and I think it will be a classic in the years to come. I would highly recommend it to anyone, and I think that anyone who loves to watch a good movie, should definitely watch this.

Alan H. photo
Alan H.

For me this is one of the best movies I have seen. For me it was very much like a real life story. The actors were excellent, the cinematography is great, the music and the story is very real. I found myself laughing, I felt sorry for the main character, and I found myself crying. The main characters is a young man who has an older sister, and a sister who is a schizophrenic. The young man and his sister have no real relationship, but one day, the sister starts seeing the young man's old girlfriend, and that's when the whole story starts. I think that is the main point, that the two main characters have a relationship that is not normal. This relationship is very hard for the sister, but the young man is not really the type that she is attracted to, but the main character. It is a very sad movie, and I think it is very important for people who are thinking about suicide. It shows that if we really want to make a difference, we should try to do it, and not just be happy and forget about it. I think this movie is very important, and I hope that this movie will be released in Europe and other countries, and that it will be shown in other countries, that will see the importance of this movie.

Keith photo

The characters are just too real. The way that we find ourselves in the movie, is that we know them, but we don't know why. We feel empathy with the movie characters, but we don't know why they do the things they do. But when you're a little bit into the story, you get the sense that it's more than just the ordinary story of a small community. It's about the lack of a sense of belonging, about finding yourself. I would highly recommend this film.

Emily Hamilton photo
Emily Hamilton

This movie, rather than showing the traditional cinematography, as is usual in German movies, focuses on the sound and mood, and doesn't really have to deal with action. It's a simple story of a woman who moves to a new city, with a house that she lives in for 20 years. The house is the only thing that seems to be the same from her childhood up until now. But, as she finds out later, all the memories in the house have changed, and all the memories from her childhood are slowly going to be forgotten. The music is also great. It gives a sense of nostalgia, when everything has changed. It's a little boring, though, because it's not really a movie about the ghosts of the past, so the nostalgia was never present. However, if you are willing to accept the outdated elements of the past, you'll enjoy the movie.

Evelyn photo

What makes the movie really great is that it's a character study of two people, one of whom is very damaged, the other very normal. The latter is the only one who feels sad and sometimes angry. What makes this movie special is the beautiful performances, both by the two main actors, by the director, and by the other actors and actresses. This movie is an absolute must see for everyone, for anyone who likes psychological dramas, for anyone who likes art cinema, for anyone who likes movies that are even better than the books they are based on, for anyone who likes to learn something new about the psychology of living. The book is really good, and this movie is even better.

Paul photo

The opening scene in a jail cell is eerie. There is the night breeze, this empty place is the place where the protagonist leaves the "other side" and is sent back to his youth. When he returns, he finds everything lost. The protagonist is of the third generation and is expected to make a journey to his childhood home. He doesn't speak the language but he knows the language of a first generation immigrant. The direction is superb. The camera is so close to the actors that you almost feel the ground under their feet. This is not a comedy, although I thought it was. I am a writer, but this movie was much more than that. The characters were very good. The kids were believable. I was trying to stay in my mind, but I knew that the parents were struggling, that they were trying to get by. It was very moving and moving to see the father actually saying goodbye to his son. I really like how the main protagonist stayed a little more with his son, because he loved him, he had lost everything, but he didn't want to lose him too. He wanted him to survive. He didn't want to lose the best of his life, but to be able to be proud of him. I am the person who would have the little boy go back with his mother to his home. I was so proud of the son, he had a great heart, and his mother was really in love with him. I was so glad that the father got to see that. It was sad, but very beautiful. The man who played the son was an actor, so he was chosen for the part. It was really cool to see him play the father. The mother was great. She was really proud of the boy, and the father. I was so happy when he found his son. I thought this was really good and he was really good at being this father who didn't want to lose his son. It was real sad to see how they were struggling. The mother had a lot of problems with her son, because she was too controlling. She was the one who really had problems with her son, and that was very sad to see. She wasn't the one who said she was leaving. It was really sad to see how they struggled. The father was so proud of his son, and he had an attitude, and the son did well with his performance. He was very successful, but he had problems with his mother. He was a great actor, so I was very proud of him. He was so proud of his son, and he was happy. There was a lot of themes in the movie, and a lot of problems. This was a good movie. It was real sad, but it was beautiful. I liked it. I recommend this movie to people who want to see a movie about true love. I was so happy when the son finally found his father, because I was so proud of him. He was the best, and that was so sad.

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The camera man was wonderful and so beautiful. He is a woman, and it's too bad that there is no other female camera operator in the country who can do this as well. When I first saw this movie I wanted to say that this was my favourite movie ever. I didn't expect a 100% good movie, but I found out that it was very very good. I'm not going to say anything about the story itself, it's enough to say that it's perfect. I'm not a great critic of movies, but I thought that the whole story was very well told and well executed. It was very touching and so full of meaning. I don't know whether I can call this a drama, but it was the best drama that I have ever seen. In my opinion it's also very very good drama that will leave you with a deep sense of meaning. I recommend this movie to everybody.

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Phillip Robertson

There are few films I can say I didn't like. For those who say "its the story, you must like it" it is pretty much the same as saying "its the story, its the soundtrack you must like it". I can't tell you how many times I've read reviews of a film that people either haven't seen or don't like, and I can't tell you how many times I've also read similar sentiments from friends of the film. I think the biggest flaw of films that this one falls into is that people don't know what they're watching. I can't think of any film that I haven't liked or disliked, but at the same time I've seen a lot of films that I love and am certain that I will never, ever, ever watch. The second most glaring flaw is that people who say "it's the story, you must love it" never even watched it before. I personally thought that the film was brilliant, but I have never said that to anyone, because it is. If you are going to read something about a film before you watch it, then at least read it to confirm that you are not going to like it. Most of the time I do this, I'm able to give it a positive rating because I know I'll enjoy it. It's my fault if I haven't said it before, but I will say this: The world doesn't need another one of those "I watched it first, and you should too" films. Maybe you'll enjoy it, but I doubt it. I'm not trying to be a whiner, but honestly, if you have never seen it before, don't go. In my opinion, you'll be very disappointed.

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Christine R.

This is a very well made movie. It is definitely not a movie for everybody, but for those who like to see a movie with a bit of a story and characters that you can actually care about, this is the movie for you. I can't say I was a huge fan of the previous two "Saw" movies, but I did enjoy "Saw IV" and "Saw V" and this movie is just as good as those movies. I thought the characters were good, especially the little girl. I think the characters were developed well and the story was very interesting. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes to see a movie with a bit of a story and characters you can actually care about. It is a great movie for a rainy day or a rainy night. I thought the ending was good, but it was a little predictable. The movie is not for everyone, but I think it is a movie you should see if you have not seen the previous two movies. I think you will enjoy this movie.

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Thomas K.

The dark ambiance of the film is well chosen and the score is perfect, its up to the title to engage the audience in the movie but the darkness of the atmosphere and the atmosphere of the characters is the real strength. Without taking away the uniqueness of the original film, the transitions to the new environment and the characters as a result are very well done. The best thing about this movie is the combination of the original cast and new ones, the characters are very believable. For me the best part of the movie is the sound of the film, the score is perfectly aligned with the film. The sound is like a soundtrack to the film and that makes the film more alive.

Frank photo

I've just watched this movie. First time I had seen the movie I was impressed. After watching it again I understood that this is actually the same thing as the best German TV series, "Tuffen- und Schmitz". It is also a great movie that makes you want to watch it again and again. My favorite scenes are: 1) The process of finding out the truth about the journalist's past, about her husband. The mother and the father's interviews are very touching. 2) The policeman's interview with the mother and the father, it is just that the police lie about everything, and especially when the journalist knows who the real killer is. It is a very sad scene, it's so sad, but you just feel for the mother and the father that they know the truth about their daughter and about the mother's past. 3) "The second interview", it is great. Especially the conversation between the mother and the journalist, when she tells about her life, how she was raped, her childhood, her girl-friend, her husband, and the little bit about her mother, it is just wonderful. 4) The last scene. It's a great movie. It is the most original movie I have ever seen. It is not perfect, but the way it is made is so beautiful. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves German films, and if you haven't watched it, you should.

Jerry H. photo
Jerry H.

This film is about a child, who is sent to an orphanage. It's a very interesting film. The child is never at home, and is a victim of abuse, as well as a child molester. The film is extremely realistic and the performances are very good. I think this film is very important for kids and adults, because it teaches a lot about what is important in life. This is a very good film and one of the best in my opinion.

Tiffany Carlson photo
Tiffany Carlson

The movie shows how everyone is part of something - or is a part of something - and how we become more and more obsessed with it. We may not realize what it is, but we are not shy about it and are more and more affected by it. It is not only about an addiction but about many other things - addiction, war, fear, isolation, greed, luxury, free love and all those things we like to do. The movie is just a pleasure and should be watched.

Olivia photo

I had read the book when I was about 11 years old, and the movie was my introduction to the life of a middle-class girl growing up in a flat. I was fascinated by the details of the relationship between the two main characters: the modern girl and the half-Western girl. This is one of the few films that can be seen as a kind of modern Greek myth: the girl was tall, strong, and athletic, the half-country girl was a sad, naive, timid, blonde, and ignorant girl. The girl is used to being told what to do by her father, and she thinks that her father will have no reason to say that she should try her hand at the sport if she decides to take up the rifle. The girl is used to the more conservative, even conservative father's attitude towards her. The girl's father is a soldier and loves the war. The girl's father is an alcoholic and works part-time to support his wife and daughter. The girl sees this as his role in life, and when she sees her father really hurt her and his wife when she tries to help her, she thinks that the girl needs to take the responsibility. The girl cannot stop herself from running away from home. She does not want to leave her family, and in the end, she finds the courage to do so. She then marries the half-country boy, who is a good friend of her father's. I do not think that this is a typical American story. I would never have dreamed of seeing a movie like this when I was 11. However, I do think that the movie is more like a fairy tale than anything else. There are no happy endings. The girl does not end up a very happy person, because her life is much more difficult and fraught with problems than it appears at the beginning. The movie leaves you with a feeling that if she would have left home, she would have ended up a much less happy person than she was at the beginning. This movie is one of the few movies that deals with an emotional subject in a very touching way. It is very original and thoughtful.

Kathy Hart photo
Kathy Hart

This is a very disturbing, extremely well-made film, and also one of the most original. The entire cast delivers a real feel-good vibe throughout the entire film, making it so hard to dislike the characters. There's plenty of supernatural elements, and it's also very well-written, so don't just read this as some sick exploitation flick, instead just get out and see it.

Patricia S. photo
Patricia S.

This is a very touching story of a young woman who is deeply traumatized by the death of her mother. She has lost her father, and she has found that her mother is dead, as well. She lives in a small town, and she has a good job in a factory. She is a good mother, and she loves her daughter very much. But when the father dies, she can't find a place for her daughter. She goes to the police to report the death, but they refuse to believe her. The story then takes a turn for the worse. The daughter has to stay with the mother's sister. And the sister is a crazy woman who wants to kill the daughter. The daughter has to fight the mother's sister, and also the sister's husband. She has to do everything she can to get away from the sister. The story is very sad, and very moving. It is not a happy ending, but it is a very good ending. It is very touching. This is a very good movie.

Richard photo

I don't think there is a great deal wrong with this movie. There are things that need to be said, and some of the characters do not play their roles well. But if you want to see a film that is a mixture of various genres, a strange yet elegant tale with rich colours, and is played in a distinctly Japanese style, I can't recommend this movie highly enough. I gave this movie a 9 because there are things that are really meant to be said and things that need to be worked on, but the movie is so beautiful that it does not matter how much is wrong. Just don't go looking for something more, but if you are interested in a film that is fresh and unique, this movie is for you. I highly recommend this movie, and I would strongly recommend that anyone who has never seen it before should watch it.

Teresa photo

The more I watch it the more I understand how and why this movie is so much talked about. The plot is simple but the main character is very well made and convincing. The way he is depicted on screen and his interactions with the people around him are wonderful. The movie is about a man who is extremely lonely and lonely in the midst of loneliness. He talks to animals, gets acquainted with their language, and learns some simple, yet essential things about them. All of this is done in an almost non-stop way. The best part of the movie is the way that the story is presented, in a very straight and simple way. I was not a big fan of the movie but after I saw this, I have no doubt that I will become a big fan. This is a movie that you should see, because it will make you feel happy, sad, angry, and scared in the same time. It is a good example of how to make a good film. I believe that the movie will become a classic and that it will stand the test of time as a great and important film. Thanks to the movie, I am looking forward to the sequel. The director of this film, Martin Pollack, has an excellent style. I would like to see more of his work. Another great thing about this movie is the special effects. The music is very special and I wish that there would be a soundtrack to this movie, and if there is, that soundtrack would be awesome. As I said before, this movie is about a man who is lonely and lonely in the midst of loneliness. This movie will definitely become a classic.

Roy photo

I am a huge fan of "What I found". It is probably one of the best films I have ever seen. In "What I found", the main character is a very complex human being, and when the film finishes he shows the viewer a change in his character. You can really feel his depth. The film is very unique, because it has a kind of "I found it" feeling that you can only get from a human character, especially one that is so well-developed and interesting. The main characters are quite unique, so I won't spoil the film here, but I will say that if you are a fan of fantastic films, you will probably enjoy this one. It's definitely worth watching.

Elizabeth photo

I don't know if the first time I saw this movie I could really put my finger on what it was about, but I found it to be a very powerful film. I was totally captivated by the film, and I was not bored. I don't think it is possible to put in words what I felt while watching this film. I would recommend this film to anyone who has ever had to deal with a breakup, and if you are a man, especially if you are a man in a relationship, this film will touch you. It's a film that I can't think of any other words to describe it. You really have to see it to believe it.

Jack J. photo
Jack J.

Ok, so i'm not an Aaliyah fan, and I was surprised how much I enjoyed this film, mostly because of the amount of personal drama that was produced. She never wants to go to see her mother's funeral, but she goes anyway. Now, I'm sure she was worried about her mother, but she never let it get in the way of her acting ability. She showed how much she cared about her mother, her mother in particular, even in the tragedy of her mother's death, and the part of her that is 'stuck' with her mother was very believable. And she really showed the tenderness, and the human side of her mother that would be hard to find in most Hollywood characters, she would say "I'm just glad I didn't meet her." That is such a powerful line. And I thought it was a really good ending to the film. I mean, it ended on a good note, and it didn't get too dramatic. Now, I don't think i'm the most professional person when it comes to critical evaluation, but i would have to say that i liked it a lot. I really do. You need to watch it, and you should. It is one of my favorites of the year, and will be on my top ten list of this year.

Maria S. photo
Maria S.

This movie was great. It was a bit depressing at times, but it was still great. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. I think the actors and actresses did a great job and the story was very touching. It was very good. The whole movie was very sad and sad. I think the movie was great and it was good. I recommend it to anyone. I really hope the movie gets a lot of attention and if it does, I hope it gets a lot of awards.

Tiffany Moreno photo
Tiffany Moreno

This is a great film. A dark comedy with a lot of funny scenes. There is some minor sexual content, but it's not in the main focus of the film. It's a story about a divorced mother trying to find a job and reconnect with her daughter, but it's a bit more personal than the other films in the trilogy. It's great to see the character development of the characters, even though it's only a small part of the film. It's also a great story about a mother and her daughter. This film is for those who want to see a dark comedy. I recommend it to everyone who loves a dark comedy.

Jessica Gonzalez photo
Jessica Gonzalez

I would say this movie is not for everyone. If you are not a fan of realistic, no-fairy-tale, movie-like movies, you probably will be disappointed. If you are a fan of realistic, no-fairy-tale, movie-like movies, you might not be disappointed either. But if you are a fan of movie-like movies, you probably will love this movie. The story is about two people who meet in an airport and fall in love. The story does not go on much, but the movie is really fun to watch. It is not too long, but I think it would have been better if it was longer. The music is very nice, and the cinematography is pretty good, too. I really enjoyed watching this movie. I think it is a very good movie. If you like movies like this one, you might also like "The Magic Mirror".

Tiffany Lynch photo
Tiffany Lynch

Heard that many of you like this movie, and this one is so different from the other films. It's very original. It has a story, and a plot that doesn't have any other tv-series. It's based on a true story. I'm very glad that the other actors won awards for this. I was very happy that he didn't take the lead, because it would have been difficult to be in this movie. To me, it was different, but that's the beauty of it. He really seemed a great actor, and the actress who played Eva in the movie is very beautiful. I loved the movie. It's a must-see, you won't regret it.

Dylan Austin photo
Dylan Austin

A good drama, based on a true story. What I find very interesting is that not all Germans seem to have been too nice to the refugees. There were times when they were not welcome and the circumstances were so difficult for many that it was just impossible to put them back into the normal life. So, many are left to fend for themselves, and this was not easy for any of the characters. I also like the fact that no one has any real power, even though that might be part of the story. It is about how society sees refugees. I found this movie very hard to watch, because it had a great story, and the characters were very different, but yet very human. The actors all did a very good job. I highly recommend this movie. You may find it hard to watch at first, but try watching it again.

Michael Bates photo
Michael Bates

For me this is the movie of the year, I felt the whole movie was very special, and I like the way the story is told. I didn't like the ending because I didn't get the impression that he would go to that hotel in the end, it is a great movie, I love it

Catherine Hanson photo
Catherine Hanson

I liked this movie, but it was not really well-received in the theater. That is why I bought the DVD. This movie was something I had been looking for, and I think the cinematography was great. The movie had many characters, who weren't played by many actors. This movie was important, because it was a point where there was no "normal" world, no normal people. It was a thought-provoking movie, that will make you think and probably change the way you think a bit. The movie is not for everyone, but if you think of yourself as a Westerner, a homosexual or a bisexual, I think you should see this movie, and you should definitely see it a second time, if you haven't seen it yet.

Sandra Garcia photo
Sandra Garcia

Morten Tyldum's third film in a trilogy, "The Door," is a somewhat unusual experience. I won't tell you too much about the plot, because you can read about it for yourself. It seems to me that Tyldum took a lot of influence from "Atonement" (and "The Danish Girl" is a good parallel), in particular from the fact that the two main characters are simply three of the most respected people in the world, who are essentially three of the most powerful people in the world. Both movies are visually very rich and often quite cinematic. But "The Door" is also very mysterious, and I found myself not knowing quite what to make of it until the end. It's a strange film. It's about the problems of the rich and powerful, and how they deal with the problems of the poor. Tyldum isn't afraid to show us the ugly side of power. In fact, this is what makes the film so powerful. It's a very dark film, but one that is both powerful and very personal. You have to give the film credit for that. It's not for everyone. I think it's a very dark film, but it's also very personal. I think people who don't like this sort of thing will not be able to connect with it.

Joseph Holland photo
Joseph Holland

The great performances of the cast (especially Kristin Dillion and Teresa Ritter) and the direction make this a really enjoyable film. The film has a wonderful way of depicting the lives of these different characters. The music is very strong in the film and I would recommend it to people who want to see a "movie" of a very different kind.

Timothy Ruiz photo
Timothy Ruiz

The director did a fantastic job. The story was very good, and the way it was told was amazing. I really liked the acting, the way the director put it together. The only thing that I didn't like was that the music was too loud, and the sound was not very clear. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who has a chance to see it.

Albert Chavez photo
Albert Chavez

Wet Land is one of the most important films of the past decades, a real cinematic treat. The subject is so rich and diverse that, for this viewer, there were not even a few other films that had ever touched this, and for that reason the film's artistic value is so high. No matter what one's personal feelings towards the subject, one cannot fail to see the inherent charm of the plot. It touches us from all sides, and makes us feel as if we were at the center of the world, almost. And yet, Wet Land is not about those feelings. It's about something that people who come from places far away can relate to, something that takes place only at the end of their lives. As it is, this is not a film that can be enjoyed on a casual walk to the cinema. It's a film that must be viewed from the inside, one that you have to put all your emotions into, and one that demands more than anything else from its viewers. The first viewing for me was a complete emotional rollercoaster. I never felt like I was watching a film that should be enjoyable for a family or a Sunday morning. In fact, I would have preferred to watch this in a theatre, but the screening I attended was in one of the best theatres in the world, and the audience had no clue that it was a film. I believe the director had done his best to bring this tale to life on the screen, and the results are worth the journey. On the opening shot of the film, we see a waterfall in the background, and the camera follows it with a set of rolling clouds, one of which is on fire. As the story unfolds, we see the lead character, a farmer from a small town in central Sweden, climb up to the hill and watch it catch fire. I have not felt this compelled to see a film in a long time. Although I have experienced movies before, it is rarely this intense. I think, it's because of the great acting, a strong plot, the powerful storytelling and the emotional impact it has on the audience. But Wet Land is not simply about a story. It is a story of transformation. I am not a big fan of cinema, but, when it comes to a film, I will watch anything. I know what I am about to see, and I feel that way with every single character in the film. Even the main character, which was originally described as one of the most disgusting characters in cinema history, turns out to be one of the most human characters in cinema history. The story is very difficult to follow. It is so complex, the scenes fly by so quickly that it becomes very difficult to understand them. Wet Land is not a film for people with no knowledge of film, or people who just don't like it. It is a film that demands to be

Martha M. photo
Martha M.

All-too-brief view of a very high-stress life of an aging woman. What's particularly striking is the incredible emotional distance between mother and daughter - the mother knows very well that the daughter has become less and less able to take care of herself - yet, the daughter shows very little sign of understanding this. Despite being a devout Christian, she remains unwilling to use her faith to support her daughter's caretaking, even if it means selling her soul. The film is divided into four chapters - each three minutes long - and the focus is on the two mothers' relationship. One is the 'good mother' - the mother who is strong, caring and morally sound - the other is the 'bad mother' - the mother who is weak, emotionally and physically, and who seems to have been born with a bad pregnancy and bad obstetrics. We watch as the mother who is strong and loving, caring and caring, and who seems to have an understanding of how to take care of her daughter, the daughter who is weak and weak, and who seems to be a victim of her mother's weakness and ignorance. The fourth chapter is the 'story', a story that depicts how these two mothers meet, how they fall in love and the story of their sons' relationship. The film has a powerful message - the love that is shown between these mothers has profound implications for their children and society. I highly recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the themes of aging, old age and how to get the most out of it. I highly recommend that you view this film.

Ruth photo

An Australian made film (one of the few of its kind to be shot and edited in the Australian Capital Territory) which has made a significant impact on its director, who has remained in Canberra to continue the work and to stay in touch with his family. It is an independent film which has achieved widespread acclaim and praise, but not a lot of attention from the mainstream media. The real story, of a man in crisis, is not of the traditional middle class man (or woman), but of an individual who is caught in a situation which is totally different to the norms of his neighbourhood and way of life. It is not the typical crime story, but a story of what happens when a man and a woman can no longer live the life they were accustomed to and it results in the breakdown of a relationship. The name "Giant" is actually not used until the end, but the implications of the name have a profound impact on the character of this man and his family, which is portrayed as completely different from the normal Australian family we are accustomed to. On the contrary to what many reviewers claim, Giant does not have a happy ending, but a complete and complete disaster, in the most bizarre and extreme way. What happened to his wife, whom he believed was an ill woman? He finds himself not able to feel any emotion after finding out that his wife had died. He is then left feeling completely empty and abandoned. He falls in a deep depression, and tries to find himself and figure out what he has to do with the family. He then realizes that he is completely disconnected from his wife, and his problems with the family come back to haunt him. All the while, he is driven by his own dreams and fantasies which are all of a sudden put into a new perspective. He now sees the world around him as being full of evil spirits, and this causes him to go insane, sometimes to the point of suicide. He can no longer feel any emotion, and the only emotion that he feels is that of a true man who can no longer hide his anger and contempt for the people who stole his life, who caused him pain and misery. On the other hand, we also see a somewhat normal family, who are left with very little money, and they are forced to rely on the kindness and love of strangers. The ending of this film is truly disturbing and moving, but also the perfect symbolism for this film.

Lisa photo

Kurt & Werner Kroger's autobiographical film on a young boy, who is taken by his alcoholic father to his father's home for the weekend, he meets his father's other son, a boy who also falls into alcoholism. Soon the son's father is shot and dies. Kurt and Werner are drawn to this boy, who has his own problems but is still very much interested in Kurt's music. He's very interested in his father's music, which is not very easy for Kurt. Eventually Kurt's father dies, but Kurt is still very interested in him. There are a lot of scenes with this boy and his father, and these scenes are very moving. The boy has trouble with his father, but Kurt wants to help him. There's also a good, and touching, scene in which Kurt's father, who is in a hospital bed, asks Kurt to take care of his son, who is in a very bad way. This is a very moving film. It's interesting to see the scenes of these very young boys and the scenes of their father's illness, and to see that Kurt's father was a very special man, who lived for his music. A very good film.

Margaret J. photo
Margaret J.

I don't really see the point in talking about this film, as it is not for everyone, but if you don't understand it, you might just not understand life, you might have your own attitude, even the way you act and talk. But anyway, the film is more a lesson than a great story, it's more a experience than a movie. If you don't like the story, don't see it, but if you like it, don't miss it. If you like life, watch it. If you like to laugh and smile, watch it.

Martha photo

I found this movie to be very touching and sad at the same time. I didn't know anything about the story, but it was a good one. I loved the fact that the two main characters were gay, and they seemed to have a strong connection. The music was also great, and the actors were very good. It was very interesting to watch this movie, and it left me with a lot of feelings and thoughts. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has a heart and a heart for a good story.

Marie C. photo
Marie C.

I found the book very interesting. The movie covers the same parts. When I read the book I was very disappointed. I expected more violence and tension. I just wanted to watch it in the cinema. The book is better read on the bus. Also the film is good but I found it better to watch it when you are tired and don't want to think too much.

Nicole Daniels photo
Nicole Daniels

The movie tells the story of how people who are starving start a revolution, to be free. And in the end they can be free again, if the Russian Army won't take it away. This is a very good movie, with beautiful scenery. The actors are fantastic, they all have a good script and great acting. The scenes are very emotional. The movie tells the story of all people and their story.

Peter photo

For me, the most interesting part of the movie was the music. That it played very well. I heard a lot of that music. The story of the movie was also very good. I didn't know the story that well, so I don't really know what to think about the story. I also didn't know what it was about, but I am pretty sure that it was about love and passion and that was shown very well. The story of how someone dies, that they were sad and how they just wanted to be with their loved one, that was really interesting. I would have liked to know more about the man that gave them the music. It was just the music. It was the story and the music that really made this movie enjoyable. Overall, I enjoyed this movie. It was not perfect, but it was good. I would recommend it.

Carolyn George photo
Carolyn George

The movie shows the relationship between a prostitute and her client. It is not about a sexual relationship but about a relationship that develops between them. The client is a journalist who is also a photographer. It is also not about a documentary but about an interview. It is interesting how the prostitute can look at her client from a distance and how she can imagine what she would do if she was in the same situation. It is also not about a love story but about a different kind of love story. The prostitute is not in love with the client, but only with herself. It is a love story about a prostitute who has no chance of finding a job in the prostitution business. She is also not in love with the clients, but only with herself.

Randy photo

I saw this movie on a flight from Amsterdam to Los Angeles, where I was staying. I didn't see it in the cinema because it was too late. I'm glad I saw it on TV, I guess. It's very slow, but it keeps you very, very interested. It's a very, very deep story. The film is made by a long time Dutch director. He can't be the only one who sees the dark side of the human nature. I saw it at a film festival, where it was very well received. It was well received, but I'm not sure if it's better than the other Dutch movies I've seen. It has a slow pace, and it's not that well made, I guess. It's not like a movie where everything is explained to you. It's more of a movie about life, about the human condition, and about being alive. It's not really a comedy, but it's a movie that will make you laugh. It's not like a comedy, but it's a very serious and dark movie. I recommend it, but don't expect a comedy. It's a movie that will make you think.

Vincent photo

I was going to put this on my shortlist for the best German movie of all time and now, in my opinion, it is by far the best. The acting is wonderful and the way the director takes you into the mind of the little boy and the two girls is a masterpiece. It is wonderful how the director shows you the perspective of the mother when the little girl is taken away. I can't express in words how wonderful the acting is. I've never had the chance to see this movie so I can't compare it to other movies that I've seen. The director and the actors did a great job. I highly recommend this movie. You can tell the director had a good time in making it and I can't wait to see what he does next.

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This is a gripping film about an isolated man's growing love for the world around him. It's not that easy. As a viewer you can feel the tension in the plot, but also feel the pity of what he's going through. While watching this movie, I couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for the guy. He's lost a lot of his memories, yet he still remembers a certain woman. He could easily become a murderer if he got in love again. It's a powerful story about a man's love for the world around him. It also touches on some very important issues, such as poverty, religion, and acceptance of a different lifestyle. It's a film I would recommend to anyone, because it's so different. It's difficult to watch at times, but I couldn't stop thinking about it.

Emily photo

I have watched the film recently. I can't believe it has such a low rating here. It is a wonderful film and I really do think that there is a very very big gap between the opinions of the "critics" and the general public. It is true that this film is a drama and a very detailed and more emotional film than what you would expect. However, I think that this film is a tragedy and a disaster in the most direct and painful way possible. It is a shame and a waste and it is a bad idea that the Director has decided to release it to the general public. I think that the film has a very great impact on its viewers and that it is definitely worth to watch. There are many scenes and scenes that are a real masterpiece of a director. Unfortunately, the director himself never shows any passion about the film, never seems to know what to make of it. But this is the real tragedy of the film and this is what I can see and can understand the real reasons for the low rating of the film. But this is not the way to act or to act, to have a sense of responsibility and to make your work real.

Charles photo

I cannot say that I saw it for the acting or the story. I saw it for the imagery. It is not only about the subject of violence, it is a metaphor of a society that is saturated with it. The scene when the actors of the theatre sang in the background when one of the actors met his father's murderer. It was one of the most powerful scenes I have ever seen in a film. It touched me deep inside and made me cry. It was very sad, and I think that what was being said, is what is being thought about in the world. I think that all those watching this film, should see it for its imagery. I think that the best movie of the year, so far.

Emily O. photo
Emily O.

Every film of Simon Phillips, a director I'm not particularly fond of, I have to at least give it a try. A friend of mine recommended this one and I was quite curious to see it. I'm really glad I did. The film is very powerful, really. It's definitely one of the most powerful films I've ever seen. It is truly sad and the only thing that brings it to a close is the ending. The scenes of the first two children with their parents being abandoned by the drug-addicted father are so powerfully moving that it's difficult to feel any kind of emotion at all. I'm not sure if it's because I felt sorry for them or if I was sad for the drug-addicted father. I think it was both. The film is a huge improvement over most films about the Holocaust. The film is even more powerful than "Schindler's List", in my opinion. The film doesn't glorify the drug-addicted father, he does that to the children. They are innocent, they are sick, they are both suffering from terrible trauma and the only way to put the hurt out of their minds is to stay in the hospital. But they are just as sad as the rest of humanity. The film really shows how these kids suffered and they are not allowed to get away. This is a powerful film, absolutely, and I will never forget it. It's one of the most powerful films I've ever seen and one of the best films of all time.

Arthur Schmidt photo
Arthur Schmidt

This movie is absolutely astonishing. It is not a movie for me, nor for anyone who likes foreign movies. This is a "movie" that contains a lot of horror, violence and cruelty. I don't have much to say about it except: GO AND SEE IT! The story is a bit slow, the actors are not very well known, but I really liked it, and the actors in general did great. And so did the director and writer. And what is amazing: they had a great idea. Even if I think that a movie can be just about a movie, it is difficult to explain all the things. Especially the violence. It is actually rather gruesome, actually not for everybody, but it was perfect. It is not only about violence, it is also about music. I can see myself listening to the music in the movie and it is truly stunning. So, if you like foreign movies, and if you are not easily disgusted by violence, go see this movie, and you will be pleasantly surprised. Thank you.

Heather Pierce photo
Heather Pierce

I can't believe this film is rated so low. The first time I watched this film, I was mesmerized. It is a story of love, of loneliness and of the terrible secrets that exist in the human heart. It's about the whole world, and the people that live in it. It's about our fears, our hopes, our hopes and our fears. It's about the very soul of a man, and his love for his wife. This film is a masterpiece, and should be seen by all people, not just the people who have an interest in cinema. It's a must-see for everyone who loves the human spirit, and the universal human experience. And for those who don't, it's a great film, a must-see. It's one of the best films I've ever seen, and I've seen some really good ones.

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Amanda Ray

I saw this film at the Festival of Zurich, and I was absolutely thrilled. I am not going to spoil anything, but if you are a person who likes to see movies in the way they were when they were made, this is the movie for you. This movie is a perfect example of how to make a movie. The actors were great, and the movie itself was very true to the period. I think that the way the story was told was very true to what was happening in the movie, and the way it was filmed was beautiful. I was very impressed with the way the movie was made. I would recommend this movie to everyone, and I am very happy that I had the opportunity to see it. I think that this movie is one of the best films that I have ever seen, and I have seen many good movies, and this is by far the best one I have seen.

Justin F. photo
Justin F.

I watched this movie not knowing what to expect. So, I went in without knowing it was a documentary, and did not expect anything great. I thought the main actors were good, and it was hard not to think that the actors were from New York. They all sounded so American. There were some moments that made me feel that I was in a strange city. The music was great, and the scenery was beautiful. I also liked how the title of the movie was not in English, but German, and how it was narrated in German, but in English. I found it very funny. There were also some moments when I thought it was a documentary about heroin, but after seeing the movie I realized that it was about drug addiction, and so did the doctor. All in all, this is one of those movies that is a good time, and a good time is definitely what I was looking for.

Jean S. photo
Jean S.

I saw the DVD of this film a few days ago and I am still trying to figure out how I felt about it. I guess I was very moved by the work of the people involved and the story, though not often told. It is a very touching and somewhat hard to watch story. I am not familiar with the previous films, though. I will have to look them up to see how they relate to this film. I would have to say that this film is much better than the more recent and overly praised "Sehektehane" or "The Great Hero". Overall, I really enjoyed this film and am very happy to have seen it.

Kathryn M. photo
Kathryn M.

Just a reminder that I actually have not yet seen this film, but am in the process of going through it as a result of this review. Anyway, I still can't see how this movie wasn't one of the best of the year. At any rate, the film is a tragedy, and a tragedy of human behavior, and it shows how people react to what seems to be a hopeless situation. The scene in the grocery store, the parking lot, the street, the airport, the graveyard.all are the places that people normally think to be safe, yet they are not. Even when they are not expecting it. So the films ultimate message is this: "Don't let the little things in your life get to you." If this is a true message, it is a timeless one, and will remain so for as long as we can see, or until we forget. *Possible spoiler* I can't quite put my finger on the lesson, but there are many, and I'll get to those in the next paragraph. *End of spoiler* I had a few problems with this movie, but I thought most of them were with me. I can't for the life of me figure out what so many people found so compelling about the movie. I thought it was okay, but I felt as though it was a little long, and as though it was falling a little short. It was an interesting film, but I think I can handle a good 300 minutes of some little kid acting like a big idiot on his first day of school. Maybe that was what was important to the movie. Maybe it wasn't, but I wasn't able to suspend my disbelief enough to enjoy this film. If you liked this movie, I suggest you go rent/buy it, you won't be disappointed. But I do think that most of the problems I have with it are with me, and that would probably be OK if it were a better movie, but it isn't. But I will recommend this movie to others because it is, in my opinion, the best of the year. Go see it if you have the opportunity, but don't go into it expecting to be entertained by a genius film.

Joyce photo

I liked this movie, but I felt that it was far too little in substance for what it had to offer. The performances were solid and so was the directing, but this could have been much better. Maybe it's because I haven't seen much of this director, or maybe it's because I feel that the plot was too abstract. The script was just too dry and I felt that the director could have done much more with the film's ideas. I'm not sure, but I'm sure that the film could have been much better if the movie's story would have been more tied together. And I do feel that the film could have had some more style to it, as well as a little more substance.

Thomas photo

A little boy, who has just lost his father, decides to take a trip to the mountains. He meets a couple of other children, who are all very shy, but who have the same sense of humor. They all make it a great adventure, and after all, there is no place like the mountains. This movie is very similar to the book by Richard Yates, but the movie is more about the atmosphere and the feelings of the children. The movie is very well made, but there is a little bit of a problem. The movie is not very long, but the time flies by. It is not very exciting, but the atmosphere is great. It is worth watching. It is not a perfect movie, but it is very good.

Hannah Hall photo
Hannah Hall

This film is a very interesting and disturbing look at the world of sex. I have read some comments about how this film is too disturbing for a 14 year old and is too dark for an adult. I can understand why some people might not like it but I think that it is a great film for the whole family. I am a 14 year old male and I found this film very interesting. I have seen this film twice and I am planning to see it again. I think that it is a great film and that it is a must see for any adult.

Jessica Payne photo
Jessica Payne

I remember seeing this movie at a young age and loved it. But I never saw it again until this past week. I thought it was a very good movie. And I am also a huge fan of the actor who played the main character, but I can't say that he was the best in this movie. I think it is very hard to find a good movie with this kind of story and the main character. The movie is very long and even with the length of the movie you don't feel that you are sitting there watching a movie. I think the main character of the movie did a great job in making this movie. I was a little disappointed because I thought the story was great but the actor was not the best in this movie. I can't say that I would recommend this movie to people. But I would say that if you have seen this movie before and liked it, then I would recommend this movie to you.

Thomas photo

I found this film on a shelf of film and was very excited to see it. I was very surprised at how moving it was. The story is very unique and very touching. I highly recommend this film.

Linda R. photo
Linda R.

I thought this was an excellent film. The acting was superb, and the direction was great. The characters were believable and well drawn. The characters were complex and the story was interesting. The characters were complicated and the story was intriguing. The music was good, and it was a bit depressing in parts, but I think it was good. The story was interesting and I liked the characters and the actors. The main character was very well done, and I thought the ending was very good. I would recommend this film to everyone. This film is great!

Johnny photo

I have been reading some reviews of this movie and it seems to me that the people who gave it bad reviews are in a sort of a rage because they did not get the movie they wanted to see. I know that some people really wanted to see a political movie and the political views in this movie were not that clear and in some ways that was the point of the movie. I really like the movie because it shows the lives of many different people and shows them in a different way than we see in most movies. It also shows how a family can be torn apart when there are so many problems in one family. The movie also shows how a person can be in love with a person that is different from themselves and how this can lead to very bad things. I think the movie was great and it is definitely worth seeing. I would also like to mention that this movie was based on a book so I think that this movie was definitely worth watching.

Henry photo

This film is so well done. The camera work, the story, the music. everything. I really felt for the characters. The story is very strong and touching. The cast was great, and the performances were great. This film is a must see for any film lover. It is so well done and is a must watch for any film lover.

Katherine photo

I saw this movie at a double bill at the Riviera Hotel in Stockholm. It was a great night! The entire theater was full, with people standing, sitting, dancing, and enjoying the movie. The movie was pretty long, but still worth seeing. It is about a young girl, aged 15 or 16, who is being raped by several men. She is raped repeatedly, but eventually kills the men. It is about how a woman tries to get her revenge on the men who raped her. A lot of the story is about her revenge, and how she decides to do it. It is a good movie, but I would recommend that you see the Swedish version, which is much better. The story is very similar to this one. Overall, this is a great movie that is worth seeing. It is about a girl who is being raped by several men, and then she tries to get revenge. The movie is very long, but the movie is worth seeing. I give this movie a 9 out of 10.

Katherine Mills photo
Katherine Mills

I have been waiting for this movie since I first heard about it. And that was 10 years ago, when I first heard that Mr. Steven Soderbergh had a TV pilot. I was not really interested in it but I was intrigued by the concept. The main character is a woman who finds herself in a situation where she has to decide whether she should keep her baby or not. And if she keeps it, she will have no way to support it. This is a very sad and complex movie. But I also really enjoyed it, because I saw it on TV. I don't know what it would have been like to see it in theaters. The whole thing was very realistic and I really loved the fact that I could actually see what the woman was feeling. I was also very impressed with the cast. I really liked Rooney Mara. She really did a great job in this movie. And she is always good. Also the actor who plays the doctor. David Oyelowo was really good, and you could feel he was trying to play the part, but I think he was really good. This is a very interesting movie and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes movies about women, or about problems in this world. This is one of my favorite movies.

Dennis W. photo
Dennis W.

The idea of the movie is great, and I enjoyed it very much. It is very entertaining, the music is great, and it is just so beautiful. The actors are great, the plot is good, and it is the perfect story about love and friendship. The director made a great movie, and it is great to watch it, you will not regret it.

Madison photo

I just recently watched this movie and I think that this is one of the best movies I have ever seen. The movie was fantastic and you can feel the emotions in the characters. I have watched this movie in a theater with 100 people and we all were in tears. The acting of the main character was amazing and you can feel that he is living in a world that is so different from your own. I was amazed how he felt and the way he acted. The way he laughed and talked with people was amazing. The way he did it was great. I have never seen such a good acting. I also really liked the way that he was looking at the camera. The story was very good and it was a great movie. I really recommend that you see this movie.

Christina G. photo
Christina G.

I've just come back from a screening of the movie "Nemesis" in Munich. I've read the reviews of the movie before going and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I was really surprised. This is one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen. It is very realistic and it shows a little bit of what the rest of the world would be like. The cinematography is excellent, the music is fantastic and the acting is great. It's the first time I have seen a movie that is so important and yet so simple. The movie makes you feel like you are there, and you feel like you are with the people and not just in the background. I really enjoyed the movie and I really hope that it will be in the theaters soon. I'm going to see it again soon.

Marilyn photo

I just got back from seeing this film and I'm still trying to figure out what it is. I can't find a good word to describe it. Maybe it's about how you can't help but get sucked into a world you've never been, or a love story between two people who've been separated for 10 years. Maybe it's about how we can't help but feel what we're feeling. Maybe it's about how, when you're a child, you can't help but look up to the people you don't understand. Or maybe it's about how even when you know a lot about someone, it's still difficult to know if they're a good person or a bad person. Maybe it's about how one moment can change everything. Maybe it's about how you can't help but love a person who's lost his way. Whatever it is, you can't help but be affected by this film. The actors are great, the direction is great, the cinematography is great, the story is great. The soundtrack is great. It's a film that stays with you after you've seen it. It's a film that stays with you for a long time. I hope that you'll see it, and if you do, I hope you'll love it as much as I did.

Craig O. photo
Craig O.

This movie is not for the easily disturbed. It is about two people who are from different social classes, yet have a common ground. This film is about how they both come to a certain point in their lives, and how it affects their lives and how they react to it. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in cinema, or people who want to understand the thoughts and feelings of people who are different from themselves. I recommend it to people who are into film, or who want to understand the thoughts and feelings of people who are different from themselves.

Katherine photo

I liked this movie. It has a very dark subject, but it is well done. It is not only a film about art, but about the importance of art and how it has influenced all of us. The audience must watch and think for themselves. We can only see the subject and make up our own minds. It is a good movie for people of all ages. I think that everyone should see it, and then decide what they think about the subject.

Jordan Gutierrez photo
Jordan Gutierrez

I've seen the trailer, but didn't see the movie. I'm very glad that I did. This is an extremely important film. It's hard to compare it to other European movies, because it's been a long time since we saw something like this in American movie-land. The style is very strong, the editing is great, the directing is exceptional. It's great to see a movie with so much talent, especially in the beginning. And last but not least, the acting. I've never seen any German movie that is as good as this one. Especially Christian Cloete, who's on fire here. I've never seen a more convincing and likable performance. It's such a shame that he didn't get a nomination. His performance in "When the Wind Blows" also deserved a nomination, but for some reason he was overlooked. Anyway, go watch this movie. You will not regret it. It's a must-see movie.

Jeremy C. photo
Jeremy C.

The most important point I have to say about this film is that it is not a conventional movie. I don't want to say it is a masterpiece, because it doesn't achieve that. It is a true work of art, that would have been a success in the United States, if it were more widely known. It is interesting, challenging and all-around an outstanding movie, one that is well worth to be seen. It's also a good opportunity to look into the love of young couples, because it's almost the same as that of a couple of teens in one of J-Law's early movies. The movie is more like a documentary on the older generation. There are a few scenes that make you think that they might be real. It also has a weird ending. I think it is a great idea to film it in Germany, because the country and its people have very many of those things to prove. There are many interesting things about the people that the movie presents, not the least of which is the fact that they are still looking for love. To this day, many men, even young men, have those things in common. But their time is over, and they are alone in the world. I think the actors are quite good, even though they have only been in a few movies. They give a good performance. The story is really unique and it isn't the typical love story, because I don't think that it is really a love story. In fact, this is not the typical love story, but a reflection of the current state of things, and how we see the other side. I like that it's a German film. It also has a good language, but that doesn't mean that it's good to watch it in English. It's really a good movie that should be seen. 8/10

Rose photo

Another great German film! A comedy from beginning to end! This is the best comedy movie in Germany, I have ever seen! The plot is great, it can be funny, but that is the important part. It's based on a true story, about a German family living in a Nazi German farm in the 1930's. It is a funny, exciting and really good film. This is also a movie for people who like to watch a drama movie! I really recommend you to watch this!

Susan S. photo
Susan S.

Having lived in Oslo for a year, I am convinced that I do not speak for all Norwegians. That is why I want to express my support for this remarkable film. This is a film about the people of Oslo and they have been portrayed by some very fine actors, including some very good Norwegian actors. I must admit that I have not seen a film about Norway, the people of Oslo and the wider Norwegian society for a long time. This is not surprising because Norwegian film making is generally very poor. However, this film is worthy of the Norwegian film making quality, and I hope that Norwegian audiences will see this movie, especially in foreign language. The movie is beautifully shot, the dialog is very strong, and the scenes in the Oslo library are very moving. I give this movie a nine out of ten.

Mary photo

The strong performances by all characters make this movie a very honest portrayal of the trials and tribulations of everyday life in a small Swedish town. Very often, both inside and outside of the city, we can find ourselves in the middle of a few fights with our neighbors, in which the neighbors bring in much more than the help we need. The key is, how do we take advantage of this situation? Most of us are not accustomed to deal with them, and are tempted to walk away and forget about them, or try to "act" cool, so as not to give the neighbors the opportunity to make us lose our cool. But the film makes clear the other side of the coin, that is, how can we keep fighting, even when it is too late and we are too weak to get help from the outside world? Is there any way out? And can we keep doing what we are doing, until it becomes too late?

Brittany photo

The cinematography is amazing, the cinematography is the main reason I bought this movie. The lighting, the costumes, the sets, everything is just amazing. I've watched this movie at least three times, I still find it interesting and enjoyable to watch. The acting is amazing, the characters are like real people, you really care about them and they're not a bunch of stereotypes. I would recommend this movie to anyone. I have to say that I'm really glad I watched this movie, I never thought I would love a movie this much. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Thank you for reading, -Zachary

Betty A. photo
Betty A.

This film is about two brothers who are having a relationship, but are in a very awkward situation. They are trying to find a way to get out of this situation, and this is the story of this film. The film is very slow, but it is not boring at all. The main story of the film is the relationship between the two brothers, but there is also a lot of other story, and the director did a great job in this film. I really recommend this film, and I think you will like it too.

Brittany L. photo
Brittany L.

This film is a masterpiece. It has all the right elements to become a classic: a superb script, a great performance by Ellen Burstyn, the amazing cinematography and the use of a non-linear story. The story is about a mother who lost her child and lives with a secret that has been kept from her. Burstyn is outstanding as the mother and the whole cast is also excellent. This is a film that you have to see. You will not be disappointed. It's a must see!

Marilyn Nelson photo
Marilyn Nelson

It is difficult to say how to begin with this film. As a kid I was amazed by the way that it had the power to make me cry. It is a film that you cannot see at the cinema and cannot see at home. The film is of a character, his pain and his need to forget and he is a "fugitive" in the end. He wants to be a free man but he cannot. He wants to be a "good" man and the one who helps the people but he is not sure that he can do it. I was a little scared about how the film would end but the end came in a way that I could not have expected. I could not predict the way that the film ended. It is a film that can be seen by everyone. I recommend that everyone see it. It is a great film and I recommend it to everyone.