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Ava is a movie starring Vahid Aghapoor, Parnian Akhtari, and Sarah Alimardani. The life of a high school girl in Iran becomes more complicated after her mother catches her in an act of rebellion.

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1 hours 42 minutes
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Sadaf Foroughi
Sadaf Foroughi
Parnian Akhtari, Vahid Aghapoor, Mona Ghiasi, Sarah Alimardani
Iran, Canada, Qatar
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The life of a high school girl in Iran becomes more complicated after her mother catches her in an act of rebellion.

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Amanda V. photo
Amanda V.

An excellent, chilling story about a man who is blinded by his obsession for a young woman, and a vicious revenge plot that could be ripped straight from a movie noir. While Ava does have the evil act performed by the injured man's friend and the fact that this friend is a sinister character, it's the matter-of-fact way the man is put into a coma that really impresses. James McCaffrey is terrific in the lead role and the whole cast is absolutely brilliant. I would certainly recommend this to anyone, especially those who like to see an "underrated" film. If you haven't seen it, do so now.

Harry photo

It is almost impossible to understand why a director like Johnny Depp does not have a long career ahead of him, but I guess the reason is simply that he has too many different roles. There is a great cast and I am sure that all the actors here will become successful professionals. Ari Gold and Richard Jenkins give very powerful and subtle performances, and without them this film would not be as successful. They work well together and their relationship on screen is quite amazing. Ari Gold gives a convincing performance that is only surpassed by Richard Jenkins' acting. For me this was one of the best performances I have seen in a long time. The film is a bit slow in its first half and really slows down with the second half, but in the second half it picks up and becomes an extremely interesting and interesting story. There is a great use of music and lighting in this film and is very impressive. It really makes you feel like you are in the world of a certain character, that you have never seen before. It is something that I have never experienced before in any film and is a huge plus for me. I can think of other films that have used this technique, but it is something very unique and difficult to do. It would be impossible to get this kind of effect without special effects, but these effects are also great. The film ends on a very strong note and it is as if they have a series of characters that have been running around the city for over a year. It is a shame that the film has been not more successful but it is a well done and strong film. 10/10

Wayne F. photo
Wayne F.

I saw "Ava" the other day on T.V., and I was shocked. What a movie! It was outstanding, and if you are not a rabid movie fan, then you will understand why I was a bit skeptical about seeing it. I thought it would be all darkness, but it was much, much more than that. I have to admit that the story line was unusual, but the music was catchy, and I loved the ending (also, I love how the song "Vuova" was the song that everyone wanted to be heard), and I thought it was a great movie. If you don't want to read any spoilers, and want to see a great movie, see "Ava" without any expectations whatsoever. Everyone, all ages, must see this movie!

Brian photo

Just finished watching the movie, and I still can't stop talking about it. The story was good and believable, as always with this cast. I didn't think that the movie would have got an Oscar nomination, but it did, and I didn't see it coming. I liked the way it was filmed and the acting. The only problem I have is with the plot. I know I'm the only one who can't decide what the heck happened, but it doesn't take much thinking to understand what happened. As you get into the movie you will understand the plot. The story was good and the plot was believable. I just wish it would have been able to capture the emotions that the movie was trying to capture. Overall I give this movie an 8 out of 10. It was great and if you like Korean cinema or Asian Cinema then you should go and watch this.

Virginia photo

This film is a true story. I've read the book and had been telling people about the book in the past as well as watching the film. It's a very moving story that was very well told. It is also very well acted. I would strongly recommend this film for anyone. It's a movie about a girl who becomes a truck driver, and how her life changes after she met his brother and she begins to have an older brother. She begins to lose her grip on life and is searching for meaning in her life. I give this film a 10. It's a story that is very true to life and its well told.

Kelly Bowman photo
Kelly Bowman

This film is for everyone, especially those who are serious about living a meaningful life. This film is for anyone who wants to see a different perspective on life. This film is for anyone who loves a good story, a great cast, and of course, the beauty of the Japanese culture. The writing is truly extraordinary and every character has their own charm and charm. It's not about a man, it's about a family. It's about a person, not a movie. If you can connect to it, it will make you smile and love. I have no words to explain how I feel after watching this movie. I just hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did. This film deserves to be in the Oscar race.

Joe Wallace photo
Joe Wallace

I am an actor and if it was not for a role I played on stage in Texas in a few years ago, I would not have known about this film. I highly recommend it, if for nothing else to give the audience a glimpse of what it must be like to play a character in a play. I must admit I was a little apprehensive when I first saw the previews. I felt the film should not contain a single song, and it should not include any blatant exaggeration. But I had a great time watching it, and I can see how it might have not been a mainstream film before it got the acclaim it did. There are the occasional cheesy lines, and the musical numbers are not particularly memorable, but for an under the radar film I found it quite a pleasant experience. The acting was superb, the writing was interesting, and the direction was straightforward. I really enjoyed this film, I loved it! My parents are the only people I can't get on with. Anybody else who has seen this film I would recommend it to.

Nathan photo

The war in Vietnam was a brutal and traumatic experience. I am very moved by this movie and find it highly inspirational. I had never heard of any of the people in this movie. However, I feel that I know them. I have known many of the actors in other movies. I love this movie because of its positive message. I know that there were many women that served in the war, but they all came from different backgrounds. These women all wanted to do the right thing. These women all came from different backgrounds. I believe that this movie is very inspirational. It is the most inspirational movie that I have ever seen. It is a movie that will touch you and you will feel the pain of the women who served in the war. I would recommend this movie to anyone that wants to learn about the war in Vietnam.

Deborah Gordon photo
Deborah Gordon

This movie had me on the edge of my seat from the first few scenes to the last. This is a great family movie to bring the family around and also a movie that is good to watch with the kids. In addition, the characters in this movie are super believable and such a great cast. I also love the unique plot of this movie and the irony of the various things that come out of the characters. If you are the type who enjoys movies that make you feel good about yourself, then this is the movie for you!

Terry W. photo
Terry W.

I really don't like films with second-rate actors (Bardem, Lawrence, maybe, or Baldwin) in big productions. I like films with small productions, small time, and sometimes with only a couple of actors, with a great script. This film is just such a film, a true gem, thanks to three good performances, by Brice, Boulivier, and Bouzar, together with fine direction, editing, and sound. The performances are fantastic, but the cinematography also gives this film a certain beauty. I really don't know why everyone gave this film such bad reviews, why some don't understand it? It's quite simple: they think it's too pretentious, or simply don't get it. I do: it's a beautiful film, a true gem, a pure work of art, and it deserves all the praise and votes it gets. Thanks for reading my comment.

Mary Rogers photo
Mary Rogers

I thought this film was so touching and I have a daughter and I know how much I am going to miss it. I was so moved by it and I can't wait to watch it again. I'm just so glad that I don't have to deal with the people who do.

Samuel Dean photo
Samuel Dean

I just finished watching the film of 'Ava' and am really sorry to the winner, Asmaa Farahuddin who was an amazing girl in this film. The film was shot beautifully and truly got my heart set on. I hope the director will continue with making good films, and will also work with the awardees. (Faisal)

Donald photo

This is a true, life-changing film, and a very entertaining one as well. For me, it was a big step up from the DePalma fare of the 80s. I like Kinski, but this is his best film. It's gorgeously shot, has a lot of subtlety and dark humor, and a plot that keeps you guessing as to how it will end. The characters are not the most realistic, but that doesn't matter. The acting is surprisingly decent. Jennifer Jason Leigh does a great job as Ava, and director Paul Haggis (who was my favorite of the new breed of writer-directors) handles this movie with a fine hand. The beautiful cinematography and fine editing keep it moving smoothly. It's more than just a good movie. It's a great movie. And it's got humor and a great cast, and an ending that is a perfect balance of tragic and hopeful. You will go back and forth between feeling sad and sadder. This is one film that will stay with you for a long time. One of the best of the new wave.

Amy photo

This is the kind of movie you have to see. It's slow, it's dark, it's mysterious. I saw it in a theater in Munich. Everyone was talking and laughing about the movie. I was expecting it to be a normal "kids movie" but it was so different. There was something in it, the story was complex and the characters were so important. I'm not usually a big fan of Shakespearean dramas but this was my first experience with a good Shakespearean drama. I found the movie so compelling, it kept me guessing the whole time. The characters are complex and the plot keeps you interested. I loved the music and I can't say enough about the actors, the director and the music. This is a must see movie.

Donna photo

The film is about how a person's life will become if they can't cope with their own condition. In this film, you have a very strong and beautiful performance from the very talented actress/actress, Ava, which is in fact the most important thing in this film. You can easily see her performance when you watch it. She has a very strong voice and she is very very talented actress. I'm so glad to see this film and I recommend it to everyone. A must watch.