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Gleason is a movie starring Steve Gleason, Mike Gleason, and Scott Fujita. After he is diagnosed with ALS, former professional football player Steve Gleason begins making a video diary for his unborn son, as he, his wife, and their...

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The Gleason Project, ギフト 僕がきみに残せるもの, A Luta de Steve
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1 hours 50 minutes
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Clay Tweel
Mike McKenzie, Steve Gleason, Mike Gleason, Scott Fujita
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After he is diagnosed with ALS, former professional football player Steve Gleason begins making a video diary for his unborn son, as he, his wife, and their friends and family work to raise money for ALS patients as his disease progresses.

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Cheryl M. photo
Cheryl M.

This film is extremely depressing and very moving. The performances are excellent, especially that of the two young actors, Kevin Zegers and Josh Duhamel. The director, Evan Daugherty, is very talented and makes this film very compelling. The way he shows the story of two young men dealing with the loss of their father and the isolation of their mother and the very difficult and complicated relationship between the two is a must see. I give this film a 9.5 out of 10.

Catherine H. photo
Catherine H.

We have been hearing a lot about how this movie is going to blow your mind, and so far it has. I've watched it and I must say it blew my mind. We all have different personalities, and we are all different in how we go about our day to day lives. It was interesting to see the way the film dealt with the relationship between man and nature, and how it's so complex. If you're thinking about dating a girl, you may want to look at this movie first. If you're a nature lover, you may want to look at this movie first. It's worth watching and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Vincent Bradley photo
Vincent Bradley

I was fortunate enough to attend the University of Texas at Austin, the school that gave me a leg up on the competition when I was there. And I was lucky enough to become friends with several of the students who are involved with this documentary. The problem is, as a student myself, I have become very familiar with the culture and traditions of UT-Austin. And I have to say, this documentary was a bit lacking in that department. Although I understand that the movie was made by a group of UT students who have come together to make a documentary, it felt like the students were more interested in their own agendas than the larger picture of the film. I also felt that the directors didn't do a very good job of showing the various students in the film who were involved in the formation of the film. I know that this is a student-run project, and I understand that not everyone can afford to spend a week with the students involved in making this film. However, it is still a shame that there was not a better indication of who is involved in making this film.

Hannah M. photo
Hannah M.

The film is about the life of Phil Harris, a strong and positive man who is a very strong supporter of the homeless. The film shows him as a leader in the fight to find a permanent home for the homeless. It is a good documentary that shows that Phil is an extremely strong person and has many strengths. He is very honest, and he also has a strong support network in his home town, which makes him a very successful person. The film is also very well made, it is very interesting, and the camera work is also very good. The film is also very well made. I recommend it to all people who like good documentaries.

Sara Porter photo
Sara Porter

This is a great film about the Japanese and Chinese "sharks" who were used as an experimental drug. The Japanese were forced to give the drug to their prisoners. This film is the only film that is filmed with Japanese actors. The Japanese are portrayed as racist but the film is far from racist. The film also shows the Japanese on a good note. This film shows the Japanese as a nice people who did not have a problem with other races. The film also shows that the Japanese did not use human guinea pigs for experiments. The film also shows the Japanese as a friendly people who loved their country and people.

Roger photo

This is a film that deserves to be seen. It is a documentary about the US government's plans to use the Moon to colonize other planets. This movie is about the journey to find the ideal place to settle the Moon, the process of finding an ideal place, and how this journey was shaped by government officials, NASA, and private industry. It is a fascinating, often frustrating, and sometimes heart-wrenching story about how much of a waste of time it was to go to the Moon. The documentary is well-made and it shows the government's plans for the Moon, and the problems they encountered along the way. The director, Jim Wells, and the narrator, Todd Stashwick, provide interesting insight into the process. There is a great deal of video footage, and it's fascinating to watch how they prepared for the mission. The story of the film is about the journey to the Moon, and how it was used to make a lot of money. This film is a great documentary for anyone who has an interest in the Moon, or people interested in space exploration.

Ann photo

A very short documentary on the story of the life and work of this actor. The film was mostly about his early years and his involvement with the musical stage, but we get to hear about his work on film, and of course his famous roles on stage. The film was very interesting, and did an excellent job at providing an overview of the man. It did also touch on his personal life, which was quite interesting. It also explained a little bit about his career history. This documentary is definitely not for the fan of Gleason, but it is very entertaining and it was a very good way to introduce Gleason to a new audience.

Cheryl Obrien photo
Cheryl Obrien

George Clooney and Tony Shalhoub are on hand to give their opinions on this rather quirky film. The film is more or less a collection of interviews with actors and directors and their thoughts on their careers, and it is also interesting to see how they came to be in the position they are in. The best part of the film is seeing the reactions of these people to the film and it is great to see how they react to people they meet and the film is edited to highlight these reactions. The film does not offer anything too special or unique, it is just a good collection of interviews that is worth seeing. It is worth the admission price.

Brian McCoy photo
Brian McCoy

Although the title refers to the entire movie, it could more appropriately be called the "motorcycle" movie. This is a documentary on the way the Beatles became the Beatles, from their early days in the early 1930s to their rise in the late 1960s. The documentary is fairly factual, but that's about it. The documentaries on the other three Beatles, The Beatles, George Harrison, and John Lennon are far more entertaining. For example, the one on Lennon's life was not only about the years between 1963 and 1969, but also the early days of the Beatles. I think the documentary on the other three is well-done, but it is not as entertaining as the others. This is a nice documentary, and I recommend it to anyone who loves the Beatles.

Kathy photo

This is a must see documentary that really focuses on the small and town of Gleason, where the Civil War was fought. It tells the story of the small town and the Civil War through the eyes of the people who lived there. The film is a well done, informative, and entertaining film that will really make you think about the Civil War. It is a great look at the Civil War, with the people who lived there telling their stories. I give this film a 7 out of 10.

Patrick photo

It's not an easy film to watch, but as it unfolds, you'll be swept away by the beauty and wonder of nature. The story begins with a young boy who learns that his father has died and is gone. He takes care of the house, and has a girl to care for. He is also preparing for the wedding of his cousin, and when he is sent away to a boarding school, he doesn't feel at home. His first lesson in life is about caring for the animals he has, and learning to recognize what a horse, a dog, and a fish are, and what he is to each. The film is a great education, but not for everyone. The acting is first rate. The camerawork is smooth and the editing is very professional. The music is beautiful, and is part of the film. The production values are excellent. The photography is well done. The costumes are wonderful, and the songs are well done. There is nothing special about the acting, but it is first rate. The other characters are not well developed, but their individual stories are so inspiring. I liked this film. It's an ideal study of humanity. It teaches us how to be and what a good life is. It teaches us to be generous with the gifts we have, and to take care of our environment. It teaches us how to appreciate and love nature. It teaches us to be kind to each other. I think that if you like nature, or are interested in it, this is a film for you.

Ashley photo

I was pleasantly surprised by this documentary. It was a thoughtful look at an incident that is so seldom mentioned in the mainstream media, and one that is actually controversial. It is one of the few times that a politician has had to actually admit that their actions were wrong. It is also one of the few times in which a politician has admitted that their policies were wrong. It is not easy to be honest about a controversial issue, but it is an important question that needs to be asked. Gleason is a movie that takes a look at the way that the United States Government deals with domestic terrorism. The film focuses on the case of the Boston Marathon bombings and the alleged conspiracy of those responsible. It also covers the terrorist attacks in Oklahoma City, and the case of the so-called "underwear bomber". I found the film to be excellent. The footage of the actual bombing was fantastic. The documentary covers the entire bombing, from the bombing itself to the initial investigation, and it goes into the background of the alleged conspiracy. Gleason covers a lot of information that the mainstream media doesn't have access to, and he does so in a way that is interesting and interesting to read. I highly recommend the film, and I would recommend it for anyone interested in this topic.

James photo

Gleason is a documentary film about the evolution of sex, politics, and the art of filmmaking. I am familiar with the work of Michaelangelo, Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci. I have never seen a documentary about the history of cinema, and I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised. Gleason is both fascinating and informative. The subject is very complex, and the documentary offers the viewer no easy answers. Gleason explores the story of how art and sex were intertwined in the early 20th century. The film presents an interesting, if not often mentioned, discussion on the topic of sex in film. I was glad to learn about the process of film making and the artistic merits of using sex to explore art. Gleason covers a great deal of material and I can't imagine anyone not being interested in the subject. There are a number of informative interviews with many prominent filmmakers, but there are also some extremely fascinating behind-the-scenes interviews with the artists themselves. Gleason does not present a definitive answer to the question of what sex was like in the 20th century. I am glad that the film was able to convey the complexity of the subject, but I was not able to discern the source of the information presented. I would recommend this film to anyone interested in the history of film. I rate Gleason an 8 out of 10.

Anna S. photo
Anna S.

Although many people are familiar with the movie "Gleason" starring Robert Redford, it is my first movie I've seen of his, and it was a great experience. He plays an aging nuclear physicist who, like many physicists, is somewhat depressed. But he wants to do something with his life and just goes about doing it. He runs a charity which helps former "wetbacks" and is looking for a new girlfriend. This movie is not like a lot of the other movies I've seen of Robert Redford, and it's a good one, too. It's a must-see.

Judy L. photo
Judy L.

I have been a fan of George Clooney for some time, and after seeing this film, I have to say that he has never been better. What is clear from the first few seconds is that this is one of the most underrated films of the last 20 years. The idea of creating a documentary about the making of one of the best films of the 21st century is so much more interesting than just watching a film. The film is also interesting because it follows Clooney from his first days on set to his final days. I think the only thing I would change about this film would be the last 30 minutes. I don't know how much they changed the story line for the movie, but they really made it confusing. I understand that the story line had to be changed, but it still left a lot to be desired. I think Clooney has been amazing in everything he has done, and I hope he continues to make amazing films. I was excited to see this film and I'm glad I did.

Kevin Wallace photo
Kevin Wallace

I know I've been giving this film low scores, but this is the first film I've watched that I have actually enjoyed. It is a very well written and well acted film. However, it is a little slow at times. If you are expecting a movie that will get you through the entire movie, you may want to see something else. The film takes place in a time in which people have become more politically active. As a result, there is a social media generation, and an abundance of communication with the world around us. The film covers the period in which this was happening and what became of the people who were connected to it. The characters are well developed and the director uses very good camera work to present the various events that occur. This film has many similarities to a documentary called "Face to Face". The characters in "Face to Face" are people connected to a television show, and are real people, but the people in this film are characters that are fictional, but the events that are described are based on real people. It is a very interesting film, that will make you think and have a good time. I really enjoyed it and think that it is worth seeing.

Anna S. photo
Anna S.

This is a movie about the origins of the Salem Witch Trials. The movie shows the actual trial from the perspective of the people who were there. It is a great movie. In fact, this is one of the best movie I have ever seen. I have seen some documentaries about the witch trials, but this is the first documentary that I have seen that has all the evidence that was used in the trial. I thought it was a good movie and I recommend it to everyone.

Carl photo

What a curious documentary. When the film was released, some critics said that it was a smear on America, but this is one of the few documentaries that I could not agree with. If I were to go on the record as saying this film is not "fake news", I'd be at odds with myself. It is, and it is just a different perspective on the same subject matter. And that is what makes it different. From a documentary point of view, it is just another, and a different, look at the same topic. It is interesting, because it gives a good overview of the many ways that a journalist could handle the issue of a bad story. The film, for me, is more of a statement on how journalists can be wrong, and a statement on the way they are all too willing to be wrong. It's not a great documentary, and it is not perfect, but it is a good documentary, and it is a very good documentary.

Ronald G. photo
Ronald G.

It's rare when I can say a film was totally off my mind but this is one of those films. This movie was not for me at all. I knew very little about it at the time of my first viewing. But it seemed to me to be a wonderful story of a man whose life is turned around. So much so that it is difficult to not be moved. It is a story that has so much to say about what it means to be human and how much we have to lose in the pursuit of wealth. It is a story that involves many characters and many of them are not particularly well-known. I felt that perhaps I had missed something. But this film is full of questions and a deep love for the human condition. It is a film about loss and the most important thing in life is to do what is right. I highly recommend this film. It is a must see.

Olivia photo

So the same guy who has done numerous documentaries about the KKK and neo-Nazis, got the opportunity to interview some folks who were actually in the KKK. What he found was very interesting. The interviewees were all big KKK members, all of them people who were active in the KKK when it was in its heyday. But, they all said that the Klan has not had a major presence in the past 20 years. They also said that the Klan is dead. And while the Klan may have been dead, it is certainly alive and kicking in the United States. So, the question is, "What is it going to be?" And that's the question we all are going to be asking ourselves this year. Does the KKK have a future in the United States? Do neo-Nazis have a future in the United States? Will we see the Klan in the United States again? That is the question we are going to be asking ourselves this year. And the answer is, "It is going to be pretty interesting."

Larry photo

Well, I thought it would be interesting to look at what was in the minds of some of the gun owners that fought the civil rights movement in the 70's. Many of the comments here are the same as what the film's director did. I will say that some of these comments are very touching and I just wish that the world would listen more to these people and really learn from them. I was also surprised that so many of the people who commented were white. Maybe it's because they were white, but I'm not sure. There was no real "white" victim here, and the "white" people who responded to the film really did not stand out. The only white person who stood out was Richard Nixon. This is an interesting film that is worth watching.

Christine photo

The "Star Wars" trilogy was by far the most expensive and highest-grossing trilogy of all time. While the film was a huge success, the books and the short-lived comic series had their own set of problems. While the books were popular, the comic series was doomed by the difficulty of adapting the original source material. Both series had enormous commercial success, but for different reasons. The film trilogy took off as the product of Lucas' vision, and the books became something that could be adapted into a series. While the film series was successful, the books did not. The movie series made the series a success, but it was a series that needed to be adapted into a book. As a result, the film series was a failure. The movie trilogy took off because of the success of the movie series. The books were a success, but the movie series was a failure. This documentary explores the history of the "Star Wars" movies, and the books and comic series. It also discusses the making of the film trilogy and the book series.

Michael Robinson photo
Michael Robinson

A documentary about "The King's Speech" and about the 2002 Oscar winner for Best Picture, this documentary takes a look at the making of this film. The movie is based on the book of the same name by Christopher Wren, who was not the director of the film. The documentary is pretty interesting and I was surprised by the fact that the documentary didn't seem to have a political agenda, as the film was very well received by critics. The documentary focuses mainly on the film itself and how it came about, but also talks about the controversy over the film and the fact that this was the first black actor to win the Oscar for Best Actor. Also, the documentary is very good at showing the difficulties in filming the film, the use of a non-professional crew, the fact that this was a very difficult task, and the difficulties of being a black man in Hollywood in the 1930s. The documentary also discusses how Wren became a director, how he started in Hollywood, and what went into his Oscar win. This documentary is also very interesting and interesting to watch.

Roger G. photo
Roger G.

I don't know if I'd recommend this film to anyone, but I think it was a good film to start my summer off on. I was curious to see how the story was going to go, and what the film would be like. What I saw was a film that was really well shot, and had a decent story. There are a few things that I really didn't like about this film. First off, there are some parts where you can see the director talking to the actors, and I'm not sure if it was the director or the actors, but some parts were really awkward. Another thing that I don't like is the whole thing where a character had a personality change and then went back to his original personality. It just seemed like the movie had a different flavor than what it had started out as. There are some things that I don't understand, and there are some things that I don't really like. I don't really like how the film ends, and the end was really weird. I think that this film was good, and I'd recommend it to anyone who's interested in the type of films that Troma films are known for. I'd recommend this film to anyone who's interested in the type of films that Troma films are known for. 7/10

Lawrence Lucas photo
Lawrence Lucas

I saw this documentary on HBO. This is an excellent movie about the real life of Gleason, a gay man who fought to have his name legally changed to John William Gleason. He was one of the first openly gay people in the United States, and he was a pioneer of the gay rights movement in America. It is an interesting documentary about a man who, in his personal life, is a gay man who, in his professional life, is a gay man who is a gay man. The movie is very well made. It tells the story of this man and how he fought for the rights of the gay people in America. It also tells the story of the man who was denied his name legally and it shows how he fought to have it changed. The movie is great and I recommend it to anyone who likes gay history and documentaries.

Frances Martinez photo
Frances Martinez

I was very interested to see this film as it was based on a true story, but I was somewhat disappointed. The film seemed to be mostly focusing on the benefits of using an electric generator and how this is beneficial for the environment, but it didn't cover how the use of an electric generator could be harmful for the environment, or why this could be detrimental for the environment. Also, in the middle of the film, the main character says "I don't have to worry about my brother's safety. I don't have to worry about anything. I'm the clean energy generation guy." This could be a good point, but it was not mentioned in the film. Also, when the main character goes back to his childhood home, the reporter asks him if his brother ever came back. He replies "No, but he did come back from the war, and I've never seen him since." It seemed as if he was trying to say that he did not see his brother at all since the war, but then he goes on to say that "he was still there, and I remember him saying, 'I'm going to get to the beach.' That's what they call it in the movies, and I'm going to get to the beach." So this is a huge problem with this film. It was missing important information, but it did seem to be a film about a man that had a good relationship with his brother, but then he went back and he didn't really know anything about him after the war. Also, his brother was in a hospital and he didn't really talk to him, and he didn't really have any memories of him. Overall, this film could have been better if it had addressed these issues, but it wasn't. It is worth watching, but I would have to see the film again to see how it went.

Dennis Cole photo
Dennis Cole

This is an interesting and thoughtful documentary on the nature of life in this small, Western village in the middle of nowhere. It covers everything from how the villagers make their living to the love between the women. I can't say that it's as detailed as a book about a small town in the middle of nowhere would be, but it's certainly worth your time. As a fellow village resident, I can attest to the incredible kindness and generosity of the people here. This is a documentary that will make you feel good about the world and your place in it.

Stephen S. photo
Stephen S.

Sleazy has to be the worst review I've ever read, for the entire film was boring and flat. It was in no way fun. The characters were unappealing and annoying. Some were dull and lacked any sort of personality. The other characters were bland, uninteresting, and only offered a few of the characters. The film had no real story to it, the main character was just trying to get attention. The director could have done a better job and the production was more interesting. I don't see why people would rate this film so highly. It was dull, and it felt like it was just about the actors for the most part. There were some good scenes, but it felt like it was just a "look at the actors" film. This film has no story to it, and you're better off not wasting your time.

Shirley Carter photo
Shirley Carter

The result of a decade of ideological confusion, the television series "Bewitched" is a beautifully constructed and a brilliantly realized TV series, but it lacks a central character that the viewer can identify with, or identify with as an individual. The focus is on the characters, not the story, and that's a shame. This movie is a highly successful television series, but it's not a good film.

Judith D. photo
Judith D.

As a person who has been in the music business for about 20 years, I feel this documentary is an interesting, and well-made, look at how the music business has changed in the last 25 years. As a music fan, I can say that this documentary did a great job of explaining the general changes and how this industry has evolved. The documentary does a good job of showing how many of the names in the industry have been forced to retire or sell-out or leave the business. Also, the documentary does a good job of showing the different types of music in the industry, and the differences between the different genres. As a matter of fact, I can say that this documentary is very informative in how music has changed and how it's now. Although, I feel that there are still some inaccuracies in the film, and some things are not as clear as they should be. The biggest issue I had with the documentary is how it shows the different types of music. Although this is true, it could have been better. For example, the documentary shows how different genres of music can be mixed together to create a larger song. But, it doesn't explain how the artist might have written the song, and it doesn't show how the artist got the song in the first place. Also, the documentary shows how the current generation of artists that are the ones that have been around the longest, are the ones that are the most successful in the industry. But, it doesn't show how they got their music, and it doesn't show how they got started. In the end, the documentary is very good, but some of the facts are not as clear as they should be. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in the music business, or is just interested in music.

Lauren photo

I was very pleasantly surprised by this film. I was skeptical at first, but the excellent production values and witty dialogue made up for that. And the characters were interesting and well drawn. This is a great film for those who have not seen it, and an excellent introduction for those who have.

Margaret P. photo
Margaret P.

Some things I will say about this documentary. The first thing that bothered me is that Gleason's daughter is not even identified. As I watched this film I kept thinking, "Why is that important?" I did not realize that her parents were a part of this documentary, as they are mentioned in the introduction and are interviewed. It also seemed that the film was going to focus on Gleason's daughter, and her mother was never mentioned in the film. I thought that the mother's name was something that I would have been curious to know. I also did not realize that the mother's brother was interviewed. He was the first interview, but he did not talk about Gleason's life, and I found this out the next day. The documentary covers many different aspects of Gleason's life, but I felt that it did not get into the depth of his life as much as it could have. It also could have been more focused on the father, since he was the first interview. I also felt that the documentary could have had more interviews with Gleason's friends. The friends were not interviewed, and I found this out the next day. I also felt that there were more interviews with his former employees, but I did not know that until I watched the documentary. The documentary did cover many things, but did not get into much detail. I do recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in history, or who wants to learn more about a man who has been around the world. This documentary did cover a lot of things, but it did not get into the depth of his life as much as it could have.

Evelyn Murray photo
Evelyn Murray

I saw this movie and was very pleased with it. It is a movie that makes you think and is more than a documentary. The director, Chris Schuler, does an excellent job of showing how people are affected by environmental issues. He is a very compassionate man who was interested in environmental issues but felt that the movie was not well written. I was surprised to learn that he was a dedicated and skilled environmentalist. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has an interest in the environment.

Bryan photo

I read about this film in a local newspaper, and heard that it was great, so I went to see it. I was not disappointed. This movie shows the power of money to corrupt the minds of men. It shows how money is used to destroy families, to destroy relationships, and to destroy people. It shows how these people are manipulated and manipulated by the money and the power of the money. This movie is very powerful. It shows that money and power is very powerful. The only problem with this movie is that it is too long, and too boring. I think it could have been better if it was shorter, but the fact that it is very long makes it very boring. The movie starts out very well, but after that it goes downhill. I am not saying that the movie is bad, I am just saying that it could have been better. It has its moments, but they are not very good. The only thing that I thought was good about the movie was the sound track. It was good, but the other things about the movie were not very good.

John B. photo
John B.

This film really showed us how the best of us work, what we really can accomplish, and how we all get our desires fulfilled in our own ways. The way this film was presented made it a great film. The acting was amazing, the stories were interesting, and the way the film was done was extremely professional. This is definitely a film that I would recommend to everyone, it is well worth seeing. If you have not seen it, I highly recommend it, it is well worth seeing.

Megan N. photo
Megan N.

A very interesting documentary on the production of the film The Eagle, directed by an unknown director who was the first Black director in Hollywood. There are a lot of people in the film who have had a very interesting life, and a lot of them had to deal with discrimination and racism. The film is very factual, and tells the story of the films production and the experience of the actors, who worked very hard on the film. The film is very entertaining, because it's very honest and people don't get upset at all. The film is very emotional and it's very hard to watch because you know the story of the film. I think the film was not made to make a political statement, but to tell a story about a film that is very important. It shows the struggle of the film crew, and how they have to deal with racism and discrimination, and how it affects the people who were part of the production. I think the film is very important because it tells the story of the film, and it tells a story that we can all relate to.