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Mil-jeong is a movie starring Kang-ho Song, Byung-hun Lee, and Yoo Gong. Korean resistance fighters smuggle explosives to destroy facilities controlled by Japanese forces in this period action thriller.

Other Titles
Secret Agent, L'impero delle ombre, La era de las sombras, A Era da Escuridão, Árnyak ideje, Gra cieni, The Age of Shadows, El imperio de las sombras, Mittei, Karanlık Görev, Imperiul umbrelor, 密探, Tajni agent, Doba temna, A Idade das Sombras, 密偵, Árnyak kora
Running Time
2 hours 20 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Thriller, Action, Drama
Jee-woon Kim
Jong-dae Park, Jee-woon Kim, Ji-min Lee, Kathy Pilon
Greg Chun, Kang-ho Song, Yoo Gong, Byung-hun Lee
South Korea
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Set in the late 1920s, The Age of Shadows follows the cat-and-mouse game that unfolds between a group of resistance fighters trying to bring in explosives from Shanghai to destroy key Japanese facilities in Seoul, and Japanese agents trying to stop them. A talented Korean-born Japanese police officer, who was previously in the independence movement himself, is thrown into a dilemma between the demands of his reality and the instinct to support a greater cause.

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Terry Gomez photo
Terry Gomez

I have to admit, when I first saw this film, I was thinking "How could they not have had some budget for a better script?" But, I still liked the film, and I have to admit, it had some suspense and some action. The actors were good, and the story was good. The plot was a bit strange, but that didn't matter. I enjoyed the movie, and I recommend it to everyone. * out of *

Ann photo

I'm a fan of Hong Kong cinema and the martial arts genre, and while the first two "Ghost in the Shell" films are, of course, highly regarded, the third one is a great disappointment. The story is a simple one, a woman is abducted by the government and the police force that is supposed to protect her, and is sent to a prison. She's then sent to a prison where she is forced to do labor for a boss, but she also finds out that she's not the only person in the prison and that there are other people that want to be free, and that they have their own agenda and the way to get there is different from hers. I wasn't expecting to like the story, but I did find it interesting. The performances were good, especially the lead role played by Motoko Kusanagi, but the story itself was weak. There were too many elements that were reused from other movies, and the movie didn't have a clear direction, and that was a big problem. The only good thing that I can say about the movie is that it's pretty to look at. I'm not saying that it's a masterpiece, but it's definitely worth a watch.

Sara Wilson photo
Sara Wilson

I went to see this movie with my family because we have been watching it since the first time. After the movie ended, we all were stunned. The movie is very interesting. The plot was very interesting, and the acting was very good. The movie was very good. This is a movie that you should definitely watch.

Stephanie photo

The movie is a continuation of the other 'M.D.' movies and it shows a new side to the story. The director showed a side to his character that was not shown in the previous movies. The acting was great and the story is good. It shows the meaning of life, and how one man can make the difference in the life of others.

Jack photo

I was one of the few people to have seen this film in the cinema. My only comment is that I think that the film was better if it had been in English. There is a lot of non-English words used in the film. Some of the dialogue was somewhat hard to understand. The acting was good but it was a bit dull. I didn't find the romance between the two characters very interesting. I also thought that the film was a bit boring. I could not find any redeeming features about this film. This film would probably have been more interesting if it had been made in Korean.

Susan photo

When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I was intrigued. It had a great visual style and the acting was great. I figured I would watch this movie just for the visual style and some action. Boy, was I wrong. The story is fairly interesting, but I just could not get into it. It seemed too simple and the characters were too underdeveloped. It was like a typical action movie. If you like the action in action movies, you might like this movie. If you like a good story, you will probably not like this movie. I rated it a 7/10.

Bruce E. photo
Bruce E.

This is one of the best Korean movies I have ever seen. I was looking for something different from the norm, and I am happy I found this movie. I am a big fan of Korean movies, and I am very surprised at how good this movie is. It has a lot of action and drama, and it is definitely worth a watch. This movie is very different from the norm, and it is a great movie to watch if you are looking for something different.

Nathan M. photo
Nathan M.

I remember seeing this film at a theater when I was 14 years old. I loved it then, but recently I watched it again and it was awesome. I think the movie does a good job of explaining the complexities of the world's politics. The acting is great, especially from the lead characters. The movie is filled with great cinematography and editing. It's not really a political movie, but it's a good movie. And I really like the music. I think the movie is a good one to watch if you're in a bad mood or if you just want to watch a great movie.

Rachel Jenkins photo
Rachel Jenkins

The movie is quite a different one compared to the previous movies. The plot is not the usual one, with the main character being a cop who goes through a series of events that lead him to the conclusion that he is an assassin who is after the head of the organization, but with the exception of the plot, it is a new movie. I think that the director has done a good job in making the movie interesting and the action scenes are also quite good. The movie is about a cop named Han. He is a good cop and his friend is a bad cop. He gets to know that his friend is an assassin who is after the head of the organization. He goes through several different events and finally finds out that his friend is an assassin. His friend is also a good assassin. He has a similar personality to him. I think that the movie is very entertaining. The plot is not the usual one, but the movie is pretty good. The action is also good and it is not boring. The movie is also very violent. The movie is not a lot of fun but it is very good. I give this movie 7/10.

Frances photo

A well made film. A few things don't work, but otherwise this is a great action thriller. There are some weak points, but overall the film is entertaining and the acting is great. If you are a fan of action movies, this is a must watch.

Christine photo

I really liked this movie. It had a good plot, and a good cast. I loved the cinematography and the scenery. I was actually surprised at how many great actors there were in the movie. I especially loved the performance of Danny Glover and Ben Foster. They were both great in their roles. The movie is full of action and has a very dark tone to it. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to any movie lover. I would also like to mention that I also liked the music in the movie. It fit the movie very well. Overall, I really enjoyed this movie, and would recommend it to anyone who likes action movies or any type of thriller. I give it a B+.

Christine Diaz photo
Christine Diaz

I was watching this movie on TV last night, and I'm glad I did. I enjoyed it very much. The acting was great, and the story is interesting and well told. I especially liked the way they portrayed the Chinese culture. It is really good. I recommend this movie to people who like action movies and a good story. I give it an 8/10.

Margaret photo

Saw this movie with my friends and we thought it was going to be a total disaster, but I was wrong. This movie has its own style, and you can't help but like it. It is a little slow at times, but it is so well made that you can't help but get into the movie. This movie has a bit of everything in it. It has action, romance, drama, and even a little action in the end. The cast is good, and I like the acting of all the actors. This is a movie that you can't take your eyes off of. It is a must see.

Sean M. photo
Sean M.

I was not expecting much from this movie, but it was a nice surprise. It was very good. I thought that the actors were pretty good. The story was not great but it was still interesting. I thought that it was a bit slow in the beginning. It was interesting at the end, but it was not great. I do not think that the movie was overrated. It is not one of the best movies I have seen. I think that it was a good movie. I like it.

Scott Morales photo
Scott Morales

I think that the title of this movie is a bit misleading. It is not a movie about the Korean war but a story about a Korean girl who is trying to escape from the Korean war. I was not really impressed by the film. The story is not interesting, the acting is not good, the music is not good. I think that the only thing that makes this film interesting is the fact that it is a Korean film. The Korean war is not really an important subject for a film. I would have liked to see more Korean characters in the film. I think that this film was directed by a Korean and a Korean director. The cinematography is pretty good. The actors are pretty good. The action is not really great. I think that the film would have been a little better if they had not used so much Korean actors. I think that the reason that the film is not as good as it could have been is because of the Korean actors. I think that the film is not as good as it could be if it was directed by a Korean director.

Jonathan Herrera photo
Jonathan Herrera

A young doctor (Kim Je-won) is sent to South Korea to perform a surgery on a woman in need of a kidney. She's infected with HIV and refuses to have the operation. Je-won becomes an expert in this field and is a top surgeon. He is forced to perform the operation and is infected with the virus. He then goes on a journey to South Korea to find the woman and cure her. This is a very well-made film. It's a bit slow and the beginning is a bit slow. However, once the film gets going, it becomes very well done. It is very good at showing the different aspects of this disease. It's the kind of film that makes you think. It's very good at showing the human side of this disease. It shows the beauty of the South Korean people and how they deal with this disease. It shows how the virus has changed them. The director does a good job at showing how this disease has changed people and how they deal with it. The actors do a good job at showing the human side of the disease. I liked the movie. It was a good film. It was well done. I would recommend it to anyone.

Denise photo

The film begins with an ominous, apocalyptic, bleak tone, which slowly turns to a quasi-gritty, gritty, and depressing tone, as the story progresses. The story line is rather predictable. The performances are good, and the acting by the other actors is well done. The cinematography is good. The action is quite good, and I found it to be quite realistic. The movie is not a masterpiece, but it is a solid, well done action thriller. If you are a fan of the genre, then I recommend watching it. I rate this film 7/10.

Daniel photo

The movie starts out with a really bad plot and then turns into a good action movie. The plot is really bad and there are many holes in it. The movie is basically about a guy who kills people for money. I would have liked to have seen more of that, but I guess it was supposed to be more of a comedy. The acting in the movie was really good, but I think the character's are not developed enough to really care about them. The movie also could have used a little more violence. It is really slow and boring at times, and it just doesn't feel like a good movie at all. I think the movie is so slow that it just doesn't have any tension at all, and I think that is what the audience is looking for. I think this movie could have been better, but it is still a really good action movie.

Megan photo

If you like action movies and like Kim Ki-Duk, this movie is definitely for you. The story is about a secret organization which is involved in the drug trade. It's not too clear what exactly they're doing but they seem to be using money to buy weapons to attack the rival drug organization. The story is very simple but you don't need to be a spy to understand it. It's very well acted and the action is very intense. The last few minutes are a little bit boring but the movie is very well made. Kim Ki-Duk is amazing and he shows us the character very well. The action is very well done. The most intense part is when Kim Ki-Duk fights his opponent and it's very intense. The last few minutes of the movie are a little bit boring but the movie is very well made. The story is not really important in this movie but the action is the most important thing. I think it's a very good movie. It's one of the best Korean action movies I've seen.

Larry Stevens photo
Larry Stevens

I don't like to write reviews, but this is one of the few films that I have to. It's a really good film. There are many things I could say about it, but I won't. I'll just say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were times when I thought it was going to be boring, but it kept my attention. It kept me wondering what would happen next, and I was kept in suspense until the end. I can't even imagine how much better it could have been. I'm going to guess that I'm just spoiled by the fact that this is the second movie that I've seen in a row that I absolutely loved. I'm not sure why I liked it so much, but I did. I'm going to see it again, and I'll be sure to leave the theatre at the end. I don't like to say this, but I really do recommend it. I'm not sure how it could have been better, but I think it could have been. I think this is one of those films that will have a big impact on you after you see it. I can't wait to see it again.

Deborah Hall photo
Deborah Hall

I'm not sure what the fuss is about. This is one of those films that is very well made, it's well made and it's very entertaining. There are no holes in it and it does its job of being a gritty action film. The story is about a soldier who joins the army to help a fellow soldier after his brother is killed in action. He becomes a gun runner but the market is so flooded that he must find a way to sell his product. It's all good stuff. It's one of those films that the more you watch it, the more you like it. If you're a fan of the genre, this is one of the better ones. If you're not a fan of the genre, I would recommend that you give this one a try. It's not your standard action film but it is a good one. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Susan Knight photo
Susan Knight

Just watched this movie, and I must say that it was definitely a masterpiece. One of the best Korean movies I have ever seen. I am usually not a big fan of Korean movies, and I just got tired of the same old stuff, but I can't say this movie wasn't worth watching. I think it is a great example of the culture clash between Koreans and Koreans. I really enjoyed the story and the characters. I think that they portrayed Koreans as being more proud and courageous, and more prone to fighting. I really liked how the movie started out, and how the characters acted out the situation. I felt like I was in the middle of the story, and I was really captivated by the story. I think this movie is one of the best Korean movies I have ever seen. I am really looking forward to the next movie that they are planning on making. I hope that they do a lot better than this one. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone, and it is definitely worth watching.

Amy McDonald photo
Amy McDonald

Korean crime movie. The plot is good, the acting is good, the cinematography is good, the direction is good. The main theme is that of the Korean people, how they deal with the hardships of life and how they cope with problems. The main character is a young man who struggles with the problems of his family. There are some small twists to the plot, which makes the movie interesting. The movie has a good pace. I recommend it to all people who want to see a good Korean crime movie. I would rate it 9/10.

Tyler photo

There are few movies that can elicit the emotions of an individual such as this one. The movie tells the story of two friends who are both in love with the same woman. They meet and fall in love, but are still separated. The movie is about their love and its effects on their life. This is the first Korean movie that I have seen that has made me cry. I think that this movie has a very good message that people should give it. The acting is really good, and the plot is good. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good story.

Thomas R. photo
Thomas R.

When I first saw this movie I thought it was a good film. I was wrong. It is just a really good movie. The story of the movie is a little bit different from the original Korean version but I think it works out great. It is a good movie to watch with a big group of friends. It is also a good movie to watch with your girlfriend/girlfriend. The plot is very good and the characters are really likable. The action is also good. This is a movie you should watch.

Samantha C. photo
Samantha C.

It is hard to know where to begin with this film. I love all the martial arts films from the 90s and 2000s, but I can't think of one that I haven't seen before. There are a few similarities, but not enough to make the difference. The acting is great, the plot is as good as it gets. This is an awesome film. I am really glad I saw it. I know that it is not for everyone, but I am not saying that it is bad. It is definitely worth a watch. It is not perfect, but it is excellent. It is also one of the better movies that I have seen in the last 10 years.

Brenda Foster photo
Brenda Foster

I love movies and I love this one. I saw it when it came out and I was hooked. After I saw it again recently, I was surprised. The movie is so real and so real. The action is so fast. The acting is great. I love that the story is about two brothers who are sent to a concentration camp to save their parents from the Japanese. The story is so powerful and realistic. I am glad that there is a Korean version of this movie. The movie is so good and so real. I hope that they make a Korean version of it soon.

Ruth Brooks photo
Ruth Brooks

The action is pretty good. It doesn't go overboard like some of the other movies I've seen this year, which I don't see as a good thing. The storyline is great. The dialogue is good. The direction is great. The acting is good. I don't think I've ever seen a movie with such a diverse cast. I think it was a great choice to have a wide range of actors play the different roles. I think it was great to see a Korean cast. I also think the movie is a great reflection of Korea and Korean culture. It's full of a lot of cultural and historical references. I liked it and I think it's one of the best movies I've seen this year. I think I'll be buying the DVD.

Pamela Keller photo
Pamela Keller

I liked this movie. It is well made, the story is interesting, the characters are well acted, the plot is good and the ending is thrilling. There is a good mix of action, drama and romance. I liked the setting and the characters. It's a good movie for an evening of entertainment.

Brian photo

I was really impressed by the first half of the movie. The action was so exciting and the drama was really well handled. It was very difficult for me to adjust to the style of the second half of the movie. The second half is a bit too long and some scenes are just too hard to follow. The only thing that I really liked was the story. I can't think of any other Korean movies that are more realistic than this one.

Brian B. photo
Brian B.

What a thrilling and entertaining movie. I have watched this movie a few times and every time I'm still thinking about it and thinking about the storyline. There is a lot of action, but it is well edited. The film has a great soundtrack and a great cinematography. The story is interesting, with a good villain. I was surprised how the villain was so powerful and even when he was defeated he didn't die. I was impressed with the director, he made a great movie. The direction was perfect and the action scenes were great. The characters were great and the acting was great. I would recommend this movie to anyone. It is a must-see for action movie fans.

Jesse W. photo
Jesse W.

I saw this movie at the Seoul International Film Festival in 2005, and it was my first time seeing it in South Korea. And, I must say that this film is a very good one. The film is divided into three parts. The first part is set in Seoul, the second part is in the Philippines, and the third part is in Berlin. The first part of the film deals with the problem of terrorism, and how the terrorists can act, because of their love of the police. The second part of the film deals with a love story between a policeman and a female student, and it's really funny. And the third part is also funny. It's about a police officer who has a serious injury and he has to go to the hospital in Berlin. This is a very nice film. I would recommend it to everyone. I think that it's one of the best Korean movies. I would like to see more of the director's films.

Andrew G. photo
Andrew G.

This movie was an amazing experience for me. This is a movie that I really recommend. I don't know if it's a good movie or not, but this movie is so original and beautiful. It is very hard to make a movie with an original story like this, so I'm very glad that they did. The actors are really good, the story is really well written, and the camera angles are amazing. It is so hard to find a movie like this. If you like action movies, this is the movie for you. I can't say enough good things about this movie. It was an amazing experience and I hope that this movie is nominated for an Oscar. I really think that this movie is a must see.

Crystal Robinson photo
Crystal Robinson

After reading the rave reviews of this movie, I was really looking forward to watching it. I am not a big fan of western movies but I had never heard of this movie before, so I thought I would give it a chance. I was very pleasantly surprised, this movie is an absolute blast. The acting is first rate, the storyline is top notch and the plot is so exciting and original that I have not seen anything like it before. The story follows a group of Korean soldiers as they are trapped in a minefield on an isolated island. They are being hunted by a Japanese army that is in pursuit of the survivors of the island. The movie is based on a true story and there are many details that are different from the story but they are never shown in the movie. I am going to spoil the movie for you so that you will not be disappointed. I would recommend this movie to everyone, and I think you will agree that it is a great movie that you will not be disappointed with. Overall this is a great movie, I am looking forward to seeing more movies like this one.

Lori Cooper photo
Lori Cooper

I just saw this film on TV and, while I was a little disappointed in the last 10 minutes, I loved the rest of the film. The plot was simple, but the action was great. It was a very enjoyable film. I really liked the way that the characters were introduced, and how they interacted with each other. The romance was good, and it added a little extra dimension to the film. I would recommend this film to anyone who loves action movies, or those who just want to see a good, well-made film.

Brian photo

This movie was extremely well done. It was a great mix of action and drama. I'm a huge fan of martial arts films. So if you're a fan of martial arts films, you'll love this movie. This movie is not just for the martial arts fans. There are some great, funny moments in this movie. For example, there's one scene where two gangsters are talking on the phone. One of them is talking about how bad the police is. The other gangster says, "They'll arrest you, you'll be in the back of a police car for the next couple of days. Then you'll be out of the country." That line is funny and reminds me of when the Japanese gangster says "I'm going to the bathroom." The other funny thing is when the gangster says "I'm going to the bathroom." The camera man is panning back and forth so fast. It's a little like someone was panning back and forth fast on the movie. It's a little like a fast paced film, but it's not fast paced. I'd recommend this movie to anyone who's looking for a good action movie. It's not just for the martial arts fans, there's a lot of humor, and the film was directed very well. The acting was great. The other actors are good. I'd recommend this movie to everyone who's looking for a good action movie. I've seen this movie 3 times in theaters and it's never gotten old. I love it.

Charles Schultz photo
Charles Schultz

The films theme is pretty straight forward, however the way that the film portrays the Asian experience is so well done and the actors and actresses that played their parts so well. I think that the films message is very clear, and is just one that should be applied to all of us. The film is not meant to be taken seriously, but it is meant to be taken as a sort of entertainment. The film is a very well made film that should be watched by all.

Nicole B. photo
Nicole B.

I thought that this was a pretty good movie. The story is decent, the action is decent, the acting is decent. I would have liked to see more of the family that was going to go to the circus, and the family that was going to be tortured. They were too brief, and I was more interested in the ending. If you like action movies, and don't mind a pretty good story, then this is a good movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes action movies.

Christine R. photo
Christine R.

I am not the kind of person who likes to watch any kind of movies. In fact, I prefer to read books. That is, until now. I have been a fan of action movies ever since I was a kid. I loved The Terminator, which I think is one of the greatest movies ever made. I was looking forward to watching this movie, because I was really looking forward to see the movie. Well, I did not wait long. I actually watched the movie in two days. The movie was amazing. The action scenes were really great. I am not a fan of explosions, but I really liked the action scenes. The story was good. I liked how it was about a girl that had to go to the military school and learn the ways of the military. The character of the teacher was good, and I really liked the movie. The actors were great. I really liked how the movie was shot. I thought the action scenes were really good. The plot was good. The characters were good. I think this movie is going to be really popular with the audience. I hope it does not get too many bad reviews. It is a good movie.

Ethan Fox photo
Ethan Fox

I've seen this movie twice now, and I'm still thinking about it. I found it to be a very original movie, and one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. The acting was superb, and the story was interesting. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a movie that isn't typical Hollywood fare, and doesn't have the usual Hollywood star-studded cast. I also recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a movie that isn't predictable, or over the top. It's a movie you can watch over and over again. It's a movie that you can't take your eyes off of. I give this movie a 9/10.

Shirley R. photo
Shirley R.

I had high hopes for this film, after hearing so much about it. However, the story line is very confusing, and it's hard to get caught up in the action. I was happy to hear the action scenes were cut out of the film, as they were a bit too long and confusing. As for the story, the story is just too complex. It seems as if the director was trying to put too many things into the story and the plot became confusing. I do not understand the motivations of the characters. The only character I understood was Mina, and she was just a bystander, and didn't have any significant role. The last scenes of the film were a bit confusing as well. The last scene had some symbolism that I didn't understand, and the entire movie was left for you to figure out. I feel like there was a lot of confusion in the movie and the plot was not clear. The only good part of the movie was the action scenes. I give it a 7. The acting was good, but the characters were not clear. The story was not clear and the plot was not clear. I am not a fan of Korean cinema, but I found this movie interesting. I would recommend it to people who are interested in Korean cinema, but don't have a lot of time on their hands.

Larry Kennedy photo
Larry Kennedy

I just saw this film last night and I must say I was very impressed. I loved the film, it was a good film. It had a good story and a good plot. I would recommend this film to anyone who is into Korean cinema. I thought it was very realistic, and I thought the acting was good. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes Korean cinema.

Austin photo

The movie is really good. It has a lot of action, which is a little bit bit different than most other action movies. It also has a very good story, which is more realistic than most other action movies. The story is very good and the acting is also good. The movie is really good and it is worth watching. I recommend it to everyone. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Margaret D. photo
Margaret D.

A movie about a group of people who are looking for a way out of their own lives. They have been involved in a series of tragic events, and now are trying to make a plan to escape from the nightmare. The acting is superb, the plot is very original, and the pace is very slow, but still very interesting. I really recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good thriller. It is one of the best movies I have seen in the last few years. 9/10

Patrick photo

I had the chance to watch this movie and I think it's the best Korean film I've seen so far. I mean, I have seen some really good movies, but this is the first one I've watched and I'm very happy about that. I mean, this is an awesome movie, with a great plot, great acting and a great story. I would recommend this movie to anyone. I think it's worth watching. If you don't know anything about Korean movies, you should watch this movie and you'll be amazed. It's an awesome movie. I give it a 9/10.

Kathleen photo

I haven't seen this movie in a while but it was a nice one. I was expecting something of the same calibre as the first one, but I'm glad to say that this one is better. The story is more about the relationship between a woman and her son and how she must deal with the situation. The scenes in the forest are great and the fight scenes are really well done. I also liked the fact that this movie has more female characters, which is a nice change. Overall, I'm glad that I got a chance to watch this movie again and I'm really looking forward to seeing the sequel.

Ashley photo

This is a terrific action movie. I had not heard of it before, but I'm glad I didn't have any preconceptions about it. It is a story about a young man who was forced to flee his home, and find a job in the armed forces in order to support his family. He is a very competent soldier, but in order to get promoted he has to prove himself as an all-around good guy. After some time in the army, he has to undergo a military discipline, and undergo a psychological evaluation to see if he is ready to be a soldier. He is. This is a good movie. It has action, comedy, drama and romance. This is a movie that will appeal to the action-adventure crowd. I recommend it to all action-adventure movie fans, as well as to anyone who has a taste for good drama.