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Miss Sharon Jones! is a movie starring Sharon Jones, Starr Duncan-Lowe, and Binky Griptite. Miss Sharon Jones: Dreams never expire but sometimes they are deferred. Miss Sharon Jones follows the talented and gregarious soul singer of...

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Starr Duncan-Lowe, Megan Holken, Sharon Jones, Binky Griptite
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Miss Sharon Jones: Dreams never expire but sometimes they are deferred. Miss Sharon Jones follows the talented and gregarious soul singer of the Grammy nominated R&B band "Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings." In the most challenging year of her life, Sharon Jones confronts pancreatic cancer. As she struggles to find her health and voice again, the film intimately uncovers the mind and spirit of a powerful woman determined to regain the explosive singing career that eluded her for 50 years.

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Nathan G. photo
Nathan G.

Although I'm in a one-woman band called "The Horrors", I'm sure that most of you aren't too familiar with me. Well, I have a YouTube channel, and I've uploaded about 35 music videos over the years. If you're a fan of electronic music, then you'll love this documentary. I will say that the interviews are brilliant and informative, and the production is amazing. I especially liked that the style of the documentary is varied and imaginative, as well as the interviews themselves. The footage of the studio is simply fantastic. The editing is perfectly done, and the background music is often breathtaking. The overall quality of the editing, production, and storytelling is just as amazing as the music. I definitely recommend this documentary to anyone who enjoys music videos as much as I do.

Rebecca Peters photo
Rebecca Peters

This is a well-made documentary on George Michael's life and life-style, a doc-turned-movie which speaks to the viewer directly. A lot of it is simply what George Michael was about, with a lot of information, but the audience is given information that was not readily available, such as the cocaine binges, infidelities, drug-addictions, and relationships with the opposite sex. The story could have been told in a few minutes and would have been better served by leaving it to the audience's imagination. But in this documentary, some events are omitted, which I can understand as they are part of George Michael's life and life style, but many of his career-mainstream singles-hit singles have been omitted. And some of his musical choices are also omitted. The highlight is the portion on Elvis, and George Michael's love for Elvis, as well as other members of the military and the popular culture. The guy who has the right to explain the goings on behind the scenes, is David Fricke. It is a very important part of the documentary. * out of *

Sarah M. photo
Sarah M.

I was so impressed by this documentary that I watched it again last night. It's a great story of the band that lasted for a long time, but they were a family. I watched this documentary with my friends and family, and we all agreed that it was a good thing. It was fun to hear the stories of all of the members of The Mamas and the Papas. They had a good time with the director and I was happy that the director took the time to tell the stories of the band members. The documentary kept the audience on the edge of their seats, and made me laugh. This documentary will be a must see for everyone who has an interest in music.

Anna Boyd photo
Anna Boyd

Very compelling portrait of the "sex lives" of the 1980's. From "Dirty Dancing" to "Teen Witch," through "Johnny Come March." Loved the counterpoint between the hyperbolic stories of teen sex and the pro-feminist messages of this film. Oh, by the way, it is a documentary, not a true story, but it certainly gets a lot of the facts about the sexually active teens in the 1980's right. Watch it for more than 30 minutes - it never gets boring, and the story never drags. I have seen this movie several times and plan to do so more often in the future. It is a shame that the major Hollywood player producers and the media didn't want to promote this film enough, or they wouldn't have been asked to. Very well done film.

Sarah B. photo
Sarah B.

I had the pleasure of seeing this documentary at the premier at the Sundance Film Festival, and I am happy to report that it is excellent. It was made for those who want to know more about the history of KISS and their impact on music. It is extremely entertaining and provides a great insight into their career. I really enjoyed watching this documentary, and I would recommend it to any KISS fan.

Sarah photo

I have to say, I didn't know anything about this film when I went to see it in the theater. I have to say, I was not disappointed. This is a must see for anyone who enjoys documentary films or music. The music is amazing, the documentary style is excellent and the music is simply superb. I highly recommend this film to anyone who has an interest in music, documentary films, or the world of music.

Vincent photo

I recently watched this documentary for the first time. I enjoyed it immensely, and thoroughly enjoyed the raw footage of what was a short lived career for Daryl Hannah. I also found it very compelling that the problems with Daryl Hannah's music had nothing to do with her music, but instead had to do with the handlers and promoters, and there were numerous instances of this in the movie. I also found the documentary very entertaining and did not come across as only interested in the alleged drug abuse in the past. However, it was VERY educational and was probably the most interesting documentary on drugs I have ever seen. It is a great insight into the heroin epidemic in the U.S., and it also provides insight into the world of music. It is also interesting to note that the same people who can't look past anything are the ones who are most interested in the main topic. My advice is to watch it. And I'd definitely recommend it.

Marie photo

I finally saw this movie by accident last night and was immediately gripped. It is a terrific documentary on an era of huge transformation in 1960's music, though at the same time still felt a bit like a history lesson. The only weak point, is that, its very difficult to get up to speed in a very short time. Its just too short. But for my particular taste, its still very much worth watching.

Deborah Carter photo
Deborah Carter

I was shocked to see that this movie wasn't given a positive reception at the time of its release. It was a controversial movie that portrayed the drug culture in a very negative way. In my opinion, it was a very interesting movie and I think it would be interesting to see it again to see what it would be like now. I think that the people who didn't like it were not looking at it in the right way. I do think that it was one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life. I think that this movie was more of a statement on drug culture and the negative things that are done to it than it was a documentary. I think that this movie was really good and I think that it would be interesting to see it again and see what it would be like now.

Joan Dunn photo
Joan Dunn

This documentary looks at the birth of country music in the 60's and how it has been shaped over the years, with the likes of Hank Ballard and Neil Young that was forced into retirement due to his drug use and heroin addiction. I can't help but wonder why this doc is coming out in this manner, it's so far removed from the reality of it all and the people involved are put into a very unappealing and insulting light. I'm not sure why this doc is called the "MTV Movie of the Year" when the actual movie it's nominated for has something much more to offer to the public, both as a film and a documentary. Maybe it's because the kid in this doc is about as much a role model as a teenager's needs to be. Nowhere in this doc does it suggest that anyone actually believed Hank was a young, talented, charismatic person and I know for a fact that no one would think that by hearing these words that he was. Maybe I'm just a hater but I was very disappointed in the documentary and while I was reading some of the comments that this film has generated I felt that the person I was watching this with was feeling the same way. Perhaps the best example of this was after I'd finished watching the doc I was sick of hearing this kid talk about himself and how he didn't have any friends and this particular remark to the kid he interviewed made me feel this way. I honestly can't tell you what the best part of the doc was but if you are into music then you're bound to be entertained.

Sandra photo

If you haven't already watched it, go now. This is a GREAT documentary on Iron Maiden. Despite some negative publicity, this documentary is really worth it. I highly recommend it. You'll find yourself having your own voice on your favorite song, on the potential of a REIGN IN FIRE CD, on whether or not Maiden fans like drummer Rick Wakeman, on the issues with Maiden's publishing and deals with Pro-Culture etc, on going back to Maiden's early 20's in the early 90's. There are some great interviews with members of Maiden in different countries, mainly New Zealand. In short, there is not much to write about this film other than being well worth the watch.

Helen P. photo
Helen P.

While The Favourite certainly has a lot to offer, I found that it was ultimately repetitive. It's essentially a series of interviews with famous people who were, or are, the opposite of their image. You have the French Queen of Pop, the absolutely wretched Robin Williams, the jazz legend Billie Holiday, the punks who apparently hated the Beatles, the fabulous movie stars like Bette Davis, Vivien Leigh and Barbara Stanwyck, and of course, George Harrison, the legendary producer who presided over a sound that is, in my humble opinion, the foundation of all pop music. There is a good reason this film has so many interviews. The people interviewed are all interesting people and that makes the whole thing more interesting. A lot of people like the Beatles and Beatles fans are interesting, so why not some famous people? When I was a kid, I was always fascinated by George Harrison. Now I'm a 35-year-old man who works in IT, and I still have a soft spot for George Harrison, even though I've seen him more recently than I would have liked. So it was kind of weird that Harrison was basically never interviewed, much less given a bit more time than he had to do. Maybe Harrison didn't like interviews or maybe the interviews were intended to be "light", which is the official explanation given by the film. Either way, there's a lot more here than what could be read from a story like this, so it's worth watching just for that reason.

Brian Shaw photo
Brian Shaw

This film is really a made for TV movie. Telling the story of a group of black musicians who were best friends, the film is fairly small in size. That doesn't mean that it is really boring or you won't get anything out of it, but it really isn't that special. The film only has 3 songs that are performed live. The first song is called "Paint da Water," which really is a B-grade hip hop song, and isn't anything special either. The second song is called "Black Man in Jail," a decent song, but not much more. The final song is called "Killing a White Boy" and is called "The Kids from Bristol" and was written by B-grade singer Tommy Tutone. It is the most upbeat song from this film, and is kind of popular music for the black community. The film could have been a lot better, and this is something that we should keep in mind when we watch music videos. While this film may not be that great, it certainly is not that bad. Just don't expect much, because the biggest problem with this film is that it is really a made for TV movie. It was pretty well made though and you will definitely notice some talent that was involved in this film. It would be nice if there were more music videos that were actually made for TV instead of being released as a movie, but that is just my opinion. The film is worth a watch, but the quality is not very high, but then again, this is something that we should be thankful for. In any case, this film isn't that great and should only be watched if you really like music videos, or if you are one of those people who actually likes to watch movies.

Amanda Barnes photo
Amanda Barnes

An account of the life of the legendary singer-songwriter and her life after her death. It is a very interesting account of a woman who spent much of her life performing, but she is also a great storyteller, and tells her story in a very moving way. It is one of the most realistic accounts of a woman who was a "rock star" in her own right and was a part of a lot of different things. She was the face of the musical revolution, and her influence was felt throughout the world. It is a very moving film, and I think that it is a very important film for the American people.

Grace Bailey photo
Grace Bailey

So I found this documentary because of the great music and videos in it. I watched this on VHS but I would watch it again. This movie tells us the story of a group of people that decided to go into space, or rather more precisely, jump out of space. It was during this time that they found out that they had kidney disease and were having trouble with their kidney function. So they decided to go into space, or rather more precisely they jumped out of space. They were really hoping to go to space when they found out that they had a virus that could kill them. So that was pretty sad. So they came back home and were like this is a really bad time to do this because we can't just let go, we have to make this a dream, because if we don't dream this can go bad. It can't go bad. So they decided to use it as a good time to actually live. They lived with this and they were actually making music and doing other things, and this time was actually a good time. So when they came back they went back home. And they started thinking about it, and they decided to go to space again. And this time they didn't think about it, but they actually did it. And this time they were like we should try to be real. I really think we should dream this into reality. I think we should live in a better way, not just sit around and watch some video. I think we should live better. And that's what this film is about. And it also tells us the story of one of the people that they didn't go into space, so it's a lot of amazing things. So it's definitely a really interesting documentary. There are some songs that are very inspirational, but it's also a very sad thing. It's a really sad thing that you can't just just go in space, you have to go for something. It's not just you know, I want to be a space cowboy. It's a different kind of dream. It's a really good movie. If you like music, or if you like seeing astronauts, you should definitely watch this.

Terry photo

I had been living in a coma for 2 years after my husband and I had an argument that lasted for 2 days and that led to my hospitalization. I have only seen this movie on TV since it was made and I have to say, it is excellent. It has the best music in it. It shows the struggle of an aging musician trying to get his/her act together and the "struggle" of an artist trying to find their voice. It is a very personal story about one of the greats. The film is very important because it shows us how music can affect people's lives. It shows how an old person's voice can be replaced by another person's voice and vice versa. The film is very touching and shows us how great an artist a person can be. It also shows how the struggle of being old can affect a person's life. The movie is very well done and makes you feel as though you are living through one of the greats.

Jessica photo

I had heard of The Beatles and The Stones and had even read their music. I was especially interested in this movie because of my interest in music. This movie shows that people can be deeply connected with music in many different ways and ways that the director didn't show. Also, it shows that this was not just one man's music. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to learn about music and its importance.

Susan photo

An incredibly touching documentary about the life of Shirley Henderson, a girl who did not fit into a school that was made for boys. Henderson started writing poems at age seven, and she was one of the only students who did not conform to the typical academic standards set out by the school. When she was 13, Henderson, who had never seen another human being before, met a boy at school and fell in love with him. He would later help her during her years in the psychiatric ward. She had to leave the institution in 1972 and return to the same school that she was rejected from. But she would continue to write her poems, and she wanted the world to hear her story. She created the film, "Shirley Henderson: And Other Adventures" to document her life, and to help prevent other women from having to endure what she did to her, and the consequences that followed.

Martha Watkins photo
Martha Watkins

I like how this documentary was really about two people, and the way the events were covered really made it more than just another music festival film. It also made the film seem more of a documentary, instead of just a festival. This is what really makes it a great documentary, because the entire film was shot without any edited footage and you just watch and listen to the interviews. It's really interesting and insightful. I think that the best part of the film is the actual interviews with the people involved with the music festival. It's really good and I highly recommend it. It's definitely worth seeing.

Vincent photo

I wasn't expecting much from the interviews. What I did get was a fascinating and fascinating look at musical legends. It was one of the best documentary I've ever seen. It was interesting how much the greatest ones of all their music was the subject. If you are into music, I highly recommend watching this documentary.

Nicole G. photo
Nicole G.

The most common criticism of this movie is that it's a straightforward and sometimes slow film about the music industry. I agree with that, but it's also very informative. It does have its faults (especially in the second half) but I felt that the things it's highlighting weren't all that heavy-handed, and if anything, they actually make a better film than some of the ones the critics make. I also felt that some of the interviews, which might be expected to be funny and slightly different, were actually pretty interesting (especially the ones with Keith Urban). It just felt a little off-putting that the interview with the interviewer seemed to be only about the music industry, and almost seemed like a documentary about one person. I also thought that some of the interviews were very short, and as a result, not as engaging as I'd hoped, especially when you look at the subject of this documentary. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who appreciates some insight into the music industry. It's definitely not "the best documentary ever", but I think it's pretty good, and it's definitely a film that you should watch if you like film-related documentaries.

Mildred J. photo
Mildred J.

I have recently watched this documentary and after this I have to say that I did not feel that the "B" genre was it's primary fault. The first half of this documentary tells of the young rocker and singer, Sharon Jones, of the era that is 1979. Sharon's message, and what she believes in, is shown in a very funny and interesting way. In her private life, we see how she struggled with drugs, and some of her drug usage, as well as some of her problems, and how her album came to be. Her parents are around in the film, but what matters most is that they are clear and honest about their daughters. The documentary goes on to tell how this new pop star was influenced by punk rock, and how she developed her own style and sound. The "new wave" was what this generation used to listen to. Her father played many instruments, which was not appreciated by her mother who was a classical musician. At the same time, this rock star had many personal issues. What was the biggest problem for her? Drugs. Her mother was the biggest critic of them, and she was a very important person in her daughter's life. With all the problems, there were great things that she had. For example, her musical ability was amazing, and it also enhanced her relationship with her father, who is usually close with his wife. She had a good father figure in her mother, and the documentary covers all the things that she experienced. Then the documentary is done, and we go on to the real Sharon. Sharon is very intelligent, and yet funny. She sees a lot of things, and she sees herself in everything. I can tell you that the "B" genre and what it is or isn't about, is only the main part of this film. This is a very good documentary for those who love or hate the "B" genre, and it is not only for those who love the rocker/singer, Sharon Jones. There are a lot of good messages in this film, but I must say that the second half could have been a bit better. There could have been a bit more of the personal struggles Sharon had, and a bit more about her drug use.

Adam M. photo
Adam M.

A short documentary about T'ai-Leung on his time in the Secret Service. Not much footage is included but an interesting look at a very interesting subject. Kind of like when you first meet someone you're not interested in and ask them about the person. A very interesting way to cover a very interesting subject. There's not much footage but it's an interesting look into a relatively unknown subject.

Doris G. photo
Doris G.

I liked this film. The people that were involved, the people that didn't and the music that made it happen were all real. If you like it, you'll probably like some of it, I just found it to be cool, cool for a point. You can see that everyone involved worked very hard to create this film. And I know some people don't like it because it's a mess, but, like I said, it's cool. Anyone that likes this, will love this. If you're a fan of the band, you will love this. It's a good balance of political and artistic. I wish I could live in New Zealand.

Marilyn Hawkins photo
Marilyn Hawkins

This film had a lot of great moments. I love '80s music, and I love the fact that it reflects my personal taste and tastes in music. The interactions between the musicians was great, and the stories of all the people that were part of it were interesting. I love music! And I love stories! I like telling my friends that I'm a music nerd, and I'm also a movie nerd! That's why I was really happy when I found this documentary. It made me want to read the book, and it made me want to hear more music. Because I love music, and I think that's why I enjoy this movie so much!

Daniel W. photo
Daniel W.

I was expecting a much more boring documentary about a junkie and his troubled childhood, but it was a lot more. This film is about a guy named John, who's been a junkie for 20 years, and is currently living with his girlfriend and her son in a New York City apartment. John's girlfriend's mother is a musician who died of AIDS, and he tries to help her son with his heroin addiction. After John gets arrested for some petty theft, he finds out that his mother's heroin habit has taken over his life. At the end of the film, we get to see John's mother in her wheelchair, living in a nursing home. It's a beautiful film, I really recommend watching it.

Kevin Sims photo
Kevin Sims

This is a must see for anyone who has ever been to a jam-packed concert, as it gives a look at the backstage, the backstage where the music and the band are created. The interviews with the musicians and the band members give a great insight into the band and the various stages they go through. The video and sound quality is fantastic and is the perfect soundtrack for this great documentary. Although the focus is on the live concert experience, there are still some interviews with other musicians in the band. If you're a fan of the band, then you'll love this documentary.

Peter R. photo
Peter R.

This documentary is a lot more than a music video, but it certainly is a soundtrack. It is filled with a lot of great music, and it does not have an ending. It has a strong message and is very good. It is definitely worth watching.

Lori photo

A major breakthrough in film-making. This is the first film to be released on the Internet for the first time. It was filmed entirely in D.C. and is an important step in the evolution of independent film. It is very informative and very engaging. If you have a love for film, this is a must-see.

Donna Cox photo
Donna Cox

This documentary covers some of the main influences on the music of The Ramones and the early 80s. I am not going to say that the 80s are the best period of music, but it was fun to see how some of the music artists looked after and connected with their audience. It is interesting to see the different music artists that are mentioned in this documentary. You can really see how fast music has changed since then, and how this is a good sign. I did not know much about the Ramones and their music, and I would like to know more about them. I would also like to see some clips of them on the radio. I am also very happy that I have not seen too many of their concerts before. It is not that bad, but you do get to see their live sets, so it is a good thing. But it does have to do with the time that was passed. But I will say that I liked the interviews with them that were included. I have seen the band play a couple of times and it is quite nice to see them playing, but it was not that great. The music was amazing and when I was watching it it did not look real at all, but that was good. You could see the musicians just get together, but I guess that was the point. This is a good documentary about a great era of music.

Joseph photo

I am often asked what I think about a film, and my answer is this: "I'll believe it when I see it." In this case I would have to say "I'll believe it when I see it" and I would also say "It's OK." For those of you who think you know what's going to happen, you will want to check out this movie before you go see it, because as a human being you will go to this film knowing what you're going to see. For myself, my favorite scene was when Jimi played "When You Wish Upon a Star" in the shower, and "All By Myself" in the car with Brittany, because I thought of what an awesome combination these two music styles were. (And since I always think of the movie "The Green Mile", I had to mention that I also had to mention "The Green Mile".!)

Charles photo

What an amazing documentary. I was hesitant to watch this, not wanting to waste time on an otherwise excellent film, but it really makes you think about your relationship with your loved one and how it can be used in a negative way. It is not an easy film to watch, but is very well put together and extremely well acted. I have seen this film in a group, and I do not regret watching it. I feel that this film could have been made for a lot less, and I feel that it is a great film to watch with a group of friends. Definitely a must see!

Christine A. photo
Christine A.

I was extremely moved by this documentary. I was brought up in a very Christian environment, so I can relate to this. I also know someone who has experienced a "Jesus loss" and found some "hope" in his or her life. This is a movie that everyone should see. It is not for the faint of heart, and should be seen by any person who has been affected by an "overcoming illness."

Crystal photo

I went to this film with a great deal of trepidation, not wanting to be disappointed. I was not. I was a little disappointed that the film was not about Sharon Jones but her music, the people she came from and her music. But the film is so much more than that. It is a portrait of the female voice in rock music and the struggle of not only the musicians but also the record companies to release a woman's music. I think it is important to see what happens to the people in rock and roll and I am glad that the film was made. I think the music industry is in need of a little more education and of course we need more women in rock and roll. Sharon Jones was an amazing woman and I can't wait to see what happens to her next. She has a big future.

Randy K. photo
Randy K.

I loved this film so much, I've seen it twice in the last month. The second time I saw it I was struck by the brilliant, creative style of the film, which I had never seen before. The story is a great one, with plenty of material for deeper reflection. It's about a woman named Sharon Jones (Emma Thompson) who is sent to prison for a crime she didn't commit, and ends up in a psychiatric hospital, and is told that she has been on the run for 10 years. In the hospital she meets two young men who both end up in prison, and are later found dead in the woods. Sharon is convinced that the boys died in a fight and that they are still alive, and begins to search for them. She gets help from the prison warden, and her old friend, who may or may not be her boyfriend. The film is very lyrical, in a way that is very real and real to the reality of prison life. The film is a very long film, but it is worth it, it's incredibly engaging. There are some great moments in the film. Emma Thompson is very good in her role, and I'd say she's the star of the film. The two young actors who play the boys, Adam Driver and Ben Mendelsohn, are great. They are very real in their roles, and I found them to be very convincing. The photography is also very striking, it's very colourful, and very atmospheric. There are many beautiful shots throughout, I especially loved the landscape shots in the hospital, it's so beautiful. I found the music to be very effective in creating the atmosphere. The film is very creative, and very different from other films. I loved it.

Andrea photo

This has been such an interesting documentary about the dark side of music. The majority of the people who don't like this are not very intelligent, but that doesn't mean they aren't capable of making such a good argument. People don't listen to music for entertainment, they listen to music for art, they listen to music for music. The people who say music is very bad, listen to what they want to hear, because they are artists, and we can't say that just because they are not music fans. And the people who say that music is just bland, listen to some songs, then ask themselves why they like it. But I like this movie so much that I would say it is really worth watching.

Kathleen photo

The iconic band X are the subject of a good documentary, and the movie itself is way too short. The band was born on August 25, 1967 and were one of the first rock bands, made popular by hits like "Say My Name" and "Livin' on a Prayer". But they have left their mark in music and the world and are still influential and enjoying their music, right up to now. There was a time when they were not so important as they are today. So, their story is about how they achieved their success, and the great friendship they had. It was a little too short and the story would have been better done if it was a full-length documentary. In the end, I really liked the story and the work done by the writer and the director, and I thought it was really good.

Dorothy photo

There's a reason why some artists/musicians/actors/actresses/etc. come and make documentaries on what they do, and then there are other people who either have their name on things, or don't have anything to do with it. It's because a lot of people think that "film" is some kind of artistic medium, or that it's a special, separate, separate, different form of entertainment. Well, this film is about taking that notion, and finding its true meaning, and making a documentary about it. The producers of this film never had to get approval from an artist's/producer's/director's/co-star's/editor's/assistant's/etc. family, or anything else. They just had to turn it into a documentary. It's not about you, it's about YOU, and you and the things that you are. This documentary is also about getting permission. In my humble opinion, the guy who won the Oscar for "The Sixth Sense" should be the one who gets the Oscar. Just like "The Sixth Sense" is a story, and not just an art-house movie that nobody wants to see, but in this case, you definitely DO want to see it. So if you're in the mood for a personal, intelligent, and meaningful documentary, and you want to see a film about how hard it is to actually make a documentary, this is the film you'll want to see. At the end of the day, we're not here for entertainment, we're here for education. So in this case, the people who make the best films will ALWAYS win, the ones that are the most fascinating will ALWAYS win, and the ones that are the most artistic will ALWAYS win. Congratulations to Mr. Spielberg, Mr. Magnussen, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Mason, Mr. Aite, Mr. Mimi Kennedy, Mr. Adam Goldberg, Mr. Boseman, Mr. Cher, Mr. Ben-Hur, and Mr. Spielberg. You're awesome, I'm really impressed.

Albert Price photo
Albert Price

This film has great sound quality and lots of great stories. I'm a big fan of Patti Smith and her work in this film, especially the "Oceans" segment. I love her voice and her lyrics are so vivid and real. I love the "Peaches" segment, it's so fun. I love the "Merry Go Round" segment, it's just so sweet and sad. The "Strawberry Fields Forever" segment is one of my favorites, and I love how there's a little bit of hip-hop in it, like "I Love Rock n Roll" and "The Man Comes Around." I love the "Strawberry Fields Forever" song, it's so beautiful. I really love "Just Like Heaven" too, and "Under Pressure" is also good. The "Pigs" segment is also good. This film is so great! I recommend it to anyone, especially if you're a Patti Smith fan.

Matthew photo

I saw this movie when it was first released and it left a deep impression on me. I went back and watched it a few years later and found that I was still thinking about it. I saw it again the other night and found it still resonates. I still think about the mistakes and the things that could have been done better. I think this movie is worth watching for people who have seen it. The documentary style of the film is interesting, it gives you a sense of how the production, crew, and musicians feel about it. It gives you an idea of what the audience might be like, especially since they are not used to having a movie like this on their home video player. You have to give it a chance and I'm glad I did.

Sarah photo

It is hard to believe that this movie has such a low rating. It is a great documentary. The music was excellent, the cinematography and editing was excellent, and the movie had a message. I don't agree with the others who rate this movie a 1. It is about a group of musicians who, through hard work, dedication, and love, have created music that is absolutely fantastic. I really loved this movie and I hope you do too.

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I have watched this movie many times and still find it inspiring. I think that you need to have a strong imagination and that is something that Sharon is able to do. I also think that you need to have a lot of courage and have faith in yourself. Sharon is a very inspiring woman and this movie is definitely worth watching. I hope that you watch this movie and don't let the bad reviews put you off.

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Jerry H.

Before watching this documentary I had not heard of it. I had only heard that it was a great documentary, but I never heard anything about it. I was not disappointed at all. This is a great documentary about the life of Judy Garland. This documentary is amazing, it is definitely one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. The story of Judy Garland's life is a great one, and the film itself is amazing. The story is of her early years, her marriage to her husband George and their children. Judy Garland was a great person and was a great singer. The story of her life is told with many facts and information about her. I think the story of Judy Garland is one that should be told. There is a great story behind this documentary, and it is one that should be told.