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Risk is a movie starring Julian Assange, Sarah Harrison, and Jacob Appelbaum. The story of WikiLeak's editor-in-chief Julian Assange as seen by documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras.

Other Titles
Asylum, Ryzyko, Vem är Julian Assange?, Kuka Julian Assange?
Running Time
1 hours 26 minutes
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Laura Poitras
Laura Poitras
Jacob Appelbaum, Julian Assange, Joseph Farrell, Sarah Harrison
Germany, USA
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Filmed over six years, Risk (2016) is a character study that collides with a high stakes election year and its controversial aftermath. Cornered in a tiny building for half a decade, Julian Assange is undeterred even as the legal jeopardy he faces threatens to undermine the organization he leads and fracture the movement he inspired. Capturing this story, director Laura Poitras finds herself caught between the motives and contradictions of Assange and his inner circle.

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Virginia photo

I've never written a review on here before, but this movie is a very well done documentary. This movie is not for everyone. I've always been very interested in the conspiracy theories, and this movie shows how deep these beliefs go. I was also interested in how a documentary can be so honest about how much information is lost, and how people's minds can be so easily manipulated. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who has the slightest interest in conspiracy theories.

Olivia T. photo
Olivia T.

When I first read that the film "A-Team" had a horror element, I was afraid it was going to be a boring film about the dangers of the A-Team, but I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that this movie actually has a horror element. I had no idea what to expect, and I was even more surprised to find out that this movie was actually very scary. The movie is set in the year 1990, when the A-Team, a squad of highly trained police officers, are battling the "Crown" crime syndicate in Chicago. The Crown crime syndicate is led by a kingpin named "Bud" who is ruthless and criminal mastermind who is using "the C-Team" to complete his goal to dominate Chicago. Bud wants to use the C-Team to shut down the C-Team, because he sees the C-Team as a threat to his "G-Team". The movie ends with the C-Team on the run from Bud and his men and running for their lives as Bud plans to go "all-out" on the C-Team. This movie is very good and a good horror movie. The movie has a good script, good acting, good cinematography, and good suspense. The plot is very interesting and the characters are all very realistic. There is a lot of violence and blood, but this film doesn't rely on gore to be scary. The movie does show a little of blood, but the movie is very well made. The movie is a very good horror movie and a good movie.

Joshua photo

What a great documentary. I love when documentaries are so realistic. When you watch it, you can not help but feel like you know these people. I always feel like I know these people and they know me. They make me feel like I am their friend. It also makes you feel like you know the people in the room. This documentary has a lot of great information in it. This documentary is worth the watch. I give it an A+.

Juan G. photo
Juan G.

Risk: is a documentary on the history of the prison system of the United States. It is divided into five parts and shows the history of the system from the time of the Civil War up to the time of the "Pleasantville" incident. The documentary is fascinating and informative, but in my opinion it is the third part that is the most important. It shows the history of the federal prison system, specifically the treatment of black inmates. It has a very clear and straight-forward message and the director never goes on a tangent, which means that the entire audience is not having to worry about any of the topics. The fact that this documentary is based on a book by Michael Harris shows the strength of the documentary and it has a very clear and powerful message. This documentary should be seen by everyone, even if you are not interested in the prison system.

Barbara photo

I really enjoyed this documentary. I don't know if it was the content or the way it was shot, but I didn't like the way it was edited. It was a lot of scenes that had no meaning to the story. I think it would have been a great documentary if the director had cut it down. This documentary is a great example of how to make a documentary. It shows how people who have a lot of money can influence the way governments will be set up. There is no question that the money can influence the outcome of any debate. This documentary was entertaining, informative, and moving. I recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to know how corporations can influence politics. It is a good movie to watch and you should enjoy it.

Anna Guerrero photo
Anna Guerrero

The film was absolutely amazing. I don't think I've ever been this moved and interested in something that has a strong message of inclusion and makes me want to change the world. This is the first film that I've ever left feeling like a changed person and wanted to make a difference. I feel like the world needs to learn from this movie. The message is that love trumps hate, and that people who aren't heterosexual can be just as strong and loving and as in need as straight people. A lot of these people were straight people who had been socially ostracized and turned away because of their sexuality, but these people overcame that, and they found that the straight people were just as strong as the gay people. The only reason they were put in that situation was because of the bias of the community. The end of the film showed that there are many more gay people who are strong and loving than the ones who are prejudiced and afraid. The film was very inspiring and well done. I definitely recommend this film.

Amanda J. photo
Amanda J.

A documentary that addresses the debate over genetically modified foods. Rather than sit on the fence over what is or isn't beneficial for the environment, the film dives into the study of the issue. They examine the problem, talk with those who have studied it and those who are trying to find out what it is and why it's happening. They talk with some companies that are involved in it and hear their opinions. There are a lot of good points made in the film. The main one is that no matter what, we have to be realistic. How could a plant eat by itself and grow for thousands of years. In terms of increasing yields, increased growth, and other changes, it's all a myth. There's so much that's going on and it's not all solved by them. There are other points that are made that are important, but there is a lot of potential for getting misinformation out there. The questions that are raised in the film could be found everywhere. I'm sure you've heard or read that eating eggs will raise your IQ. That's not the case, they do in fact raise IQs in rats. In terms of the human aspect, you'd be better off taking the animal nutrition route and try eating the foods out of nature that are out there that have the most nutrients. That can help you and it can also help the environment. If it's out there, it's not poison. There's actually some food out there that's going to be a big help to the environment. Those are just some of the points that the film makes and they're all valid. I think that the film was very well done and I think that it can help educate the public. There are a lot of people that are confused, but I don't think that it's going to change anyone's opinion. People need to make their own decision and research it on their own. There's not going to be a definitive answer.

Richard Wells photo
Richard Wells

This is the story of how Risk, the game, was in the theater in the early 90's and how it inspired my own desire to play the game and live the experience. I grew up with the game, so to me this was a "trip down memory lane". And, there were a lot of things I could relate to. It was at that time in my life when I was about 13-14, I was still living with my parents, I was a bit lost in the world, I didn't know who I was. I didn't know who I was. I did know that I wanted to be an artist, and that was my passion. But, I had to find my way in the world. I had to show my talent and talent for music to get people to pay attention to me. I had to teach myself how to be in a group and talk to other musicians and it took me 7 years to find my way. I had to be brave, and I was. I did not know how to be a rock star, but I knew I was a singer and that's what I wanted to do. I had to show people how to find my voice and how to become an artist, not just a musician, to be a rock star, I didn't know what I wanted to do, but I had to try. I had to live the game, and I had to be brave enough to do it. And, when I finally got into the band, I started playing the music, and it became my mission. This documentary will not educate the audience. It's more of an inspiration and a testament to how it is to be an artist. But, this film does have a great message. When I first saw the game, it was at a very young age. It was a really nice thing to see, but I did not know how to play Risk. It taught me what I needed to know to be an artist and how to live the game.

Maria photo

Danger: Risk is the second film from French director Andrzej Zulawski, and the third feature from his first feature film after Kapszupczak - Nacht, and the opera-themed film Kapszupczak - Nacht. It is a biographical drama about the life of famed Polish singer Karol Wojtyla. It is based on the biography by Polish writer Andrzej Zulawski, who also wrote the story for the stage production of the film. The film begins in 1977, at a music school where Karol Wojtyla was studying. He is then in his early twenties and in a musical theatre workshop. One day, a student from the art theatre, Mieczyslaw Drut, shows up and requests to become his tutor. Wojtyla is instantly smitten with Drut. However, Wojtyla sees that Drut is a lot more talented than he is. As a result, Wojtyla and Drut fall in love, and a few months later, they are married. From here on, the film follows Wojtyla and Drut's lives in a period of roughly thirty years. The story is told from the perspective of the students, who are interviewed individually by Drut. One day, Wojtyla takes a train to a musical theatre festival, where he meets two students, Janek and Grzegorz, who are also part of the art theatre. They are the initiators of the festival and form a rock band called "The Forest People". Wojtyla meets Grzegorz' mother, Anna, and they start to live together. It is also at this time that Wojtyla meets Anna's boyfriend, Boguslaw Ciecko, and their relationship is depicted in a somewhat romantic way. The film then jumps ahead to 1984, when Wojtyla and Anna have a baby, and Wojtyla decides to leave his home in Warsaw and move to Germany. The film ends with a four-year gap of Wojtyla's life, but also his death. There is a scene where Wojtyla appears to him, saying that he will not leave Poland and that he will never leave his wife and child. It is interesting that the film does not specify the exact time of Wojtyla's death. It does, however, say that he passed away on December 31, 1986. As a biographical drama, the film is well-written and, as such, is very well-acted. It is a very interesting film, especially if you are familiar with the life of Wojtyla. I give this film a 9/10.

Rose photo

This documentary focuses on the "Risk" project run by the London School of Economics and Political Science. It shows how even a "small" country like the United Kingdom can have a massive impact in changing the way people think. The students of the university have already begun to make their mark in the world and the student body is ready to keep on climbing. By putting their own little country first, these students are going to be making a lasting impact on the world. The documentary covers the biggest issues of our time: climate change, poverty, inequality, etc. It covers all of these issues but also takes a look at the ethical side of things. Some of the subjects covered in the documentary are: global warming, pollution, and the effect of the oil industry on the environment. I enjoyed this documentary and would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in making an impact in the world.

Madison R. photo
Madison R.

I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed this documentary. It was a completely different view of myself, but not one I felt it necessary to tell others. I wasn't the only one surprised. It's a rare opportunity to see your life in the eyes of an actual audience and the director just seemed to capture the essence of a lot of the people he spoke to. He did a fantastic job, and I highly recommend it. The many interviews were quite interesting, and each person's story and personality was completely distinct. It was like someone was able to talk to you for one hour. I felt like I got a lot of things I didn't want to hear, but was still impressed by the depth of insight and revelation. A great documentary.

Mildred photo

Very good documentary about the dangers of pesticides, and how the technology has evolved over the last 50 years. It's full of images and information about the chemical's history, and is a good way to learn about the history and importance of the pesticide. My favorite part is the footage of bees who are being sprayed with the poison, and the effects that it has on them. It is shocking to see how the bees react. There are also some great stories from the participants. I think the producers and director did an excellent job, and I hope they will do more documentaries in the future.

Andrea photo

The title of this film is a joke. I think the title should be "Last Trip to The Moon". It is supposed to be an exploration of the first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong, and how the Apollo missions changed the history of mankind. I know this is not supposed to be a documentary about the astronauts, but instead it is about a man who became the man who changed the course of history, and what he went through to become the man he became. You will be blown away. What you watch will stay with you for a lifetime. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who loves history, science, or just looking for a great adventure. This film is not just for the people who are into history. This film will shock you. I highly recommend this film. It is well worth watching. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Lisa Martinez photo
Lisa Martinez

I'm a recovering drug addict, and I've worked with rehab centers and a support group to help them with their difficult problem. I've also been on the medical side of the equation, helping families dealing with the sickness of their loved ones. From my perspective, "Risk" isn't really a documentary. It's more of a testimony to what addicts and their families are going through, in addition to being a warning to everyone of what is going on. What I found most heart-wrenching in this film was the suffering of the people being treated. I remember a woman I worked with at a support group that was dying, from heroin use, and was a very thin and frail woman. She had worked all her life to provide for her family, and was worried that something was wrong with her husband. In my opinion, she had taken on too much too soon, and was very worried. I was in tears listening to her tell the story of what they were going through, and being in her office in the middle of the night. I'm sure it was hard for her to accept that she was going to die, and it was very hard for me to hear it. All the people that you hear talking about how they are not only dealing with the horrible side effects of drugs, but also have the daily struggle of dealing with the loved ones, as well. I also felt that the entire documentary showed the whole spectrum of drug use, from the puking addicts to the fast-acting drug addicts. This was a very special thing about this film, and I think that it definitely speaks to everyone. It's very powerful, and I wouldn't have been surprised if this was the first documentary to ever be shown in Hollywood. I can't say enough good things about "Risk". It's definitely one of the most powerful documentaries I've seen, and I'm definitely recommending it to anyone that I know.

Matthew Franklin photo
Matthew Franklin

David Hall makes a good case in his memoirs that political and religious conflict is largely about how we view the world, rather than the differences between us. He then goes on to take us back in time and explains how people's attitudes to their neighbor were always changing in this way. But before the 1960s, we see people from many different religious backgrounds, ranging from Baptists and Episcopalians to Jews, Catholics, and Jehovah's Witnesses. And everyone was so obsessed with their differences that they usually denied all the others the right to live the way they wanted. And, as this film shows, the way we view the world was always changing, too. Just ask people who are now trying to enforce the new gay marriage law. As the film concludes, these people are not the only ones who have been shaped by their experiences. As we get older, we understand that there are more similarities between us and our friends than differences. And as we get older, we realize that those differences have not changed. We may be wiser, but we are not any better or smarter, as the movie has shown. We are the same.

Ryan Carroll photo
Ryan Carroll

This documentary is one of the best I have ever seen. I am shocked that so few people know about this film. I have been watching documentaries on Aussie films for over 10 years and never had I seen a documentary that so accurately portrayed Aussie film makers and the Australian film industry. The subjects in this documentary are well known Australian film makers, directors, writers, actors, cinematographers, and producers. The documentary really covers the genre of film making in Australia in the 1980's, and the influence of American film making on Australian films. It shows the "American" perspective of the film making process, which is often very rough and brutal. A lot of times, the participants have been asked to fake problems with their film in order to get a job with a major Hollywood studio. This documentary is really informative, and provides an important overview of the film making industry in Australia.

Jessica Jones photo
Jessica Jones

I saw this movie at Sundance, where it won the Audience Award. I thought the story was pretty interesting and it does show how a company would deal with life without full privacy. It also shows what privacy does to our sense of reality. It shows how a company would deal with things like family and religion and sex. The acting was very good. I think the problem with the movie is that it makes very few points. They take very few risks and instead of showing us what the company does and what it means to the people around them, it shows them doing the same thing. What the movie is about is trust, and how people just want to forget about what they know. They want to forget everything that doesn't fit in, just in case. The movie tries to get us to trust that companies just want to do what they want, just like they want to forget what they know. The movie tries to get us to forget about facts about privacy and how it affects people, but it never really gets us to trust what the company is doing. Instead, we just want them to forget everything. When they show us how the company tries to convince people that they are doing the right thing, it's a little bit scary. It's almost like they are trying to give us a lesson. We're supposed to believe that they know what they're doing, but that doesn't mean we should believe everything they say. It also fails on the truth factor. It never really tells us what the company is doing. It tries to show how the company does something, but it never gets us to see it. The company is either going to lie to us or make it up, but it never really shows us that they are actually doing anything. They are only doing what they want to do, and they know exactly what they're doing. I don't think it's a good movie, but I think it's pretty good. It's a good movie for people who don't like spy movies or want to be surprised, because you never know what they're going to do. They never really show us why they're doing anything, or what their intentions are. I also like how the movie is short. It's not very long, and it really doesn't get any dramatic moments. It doesn't show you a big action movie, but it also doesn't show you how much they're spending. It's like you're watching a documentary. It's basically about them not revealing what they're doing, and that's what I like about the movie. It's a good movie for people who like the movie Five Days.

Russell Banks photo
Russell Banks

I saw this film last night at the San Francisco International Film Festival. The director, Seth Fisk, told me that this was the first time he was able to attend a major film festival and make an entry. This was his first time at Sundance. The film is a study of a family and their relationships in a way that is not easy to watch. As the film is structured as a retrospective on the band, Weezer's music, and how the band is perceived by their friends and fans, the documentary is actually very entertaining and interesting. It is a fantastic film that is about a lot more than Weezer. It also touches on the band's long-term struggles with life and death, as well as how the band has affected the younger generation. I found it to be a very entertaining film and I highly recommend seeing it if you are in the mood for a film that is very entertaining and has an interesting look at what it is like to be a young person. Overall, I found this film to be a good film and I would recommend it to anyone who is in the mood for a documentary.

Karen Hoffman photo
Karen Hoffman

The director is well versed in the subject matter and knows the history of human suffering in the Holocaust, and how to treat the subject matter in a way that does not distract from the horror. No "Good" Germans and "Evil" Germans are given credit for any acts of heroism or heroism, but the details are brought out clearly and in a way that makes it easy to see the human side of the evil. The subjects are treated in a way that does not sensationalize them, but rather shows their humanity and the humanity of their friends and fellow countrymen, and this is one of the best movies I have ever seen on the subject.

Lisa photo

I am shocked that so many people had the misfortune of being stuck in traffic in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. It is just too easy to think that this can happen again. With this film, I hope that we can do something about this problem. I was fortunate enough to see it at the Salt Lake International Film Festival and it was great. One of the most powerful messages in the film was about the "collapse of the west". If you are thinking about a big move, or looking for a place to rent or buy, look elsewhere. Avoid the west. No matter what direction you are heading, the roads are probably going to be less safe. This film is a must see.

Melissa B. photo
Melissa B.

Back in 1989 when the first installment of the James Bond franchise was released, the general public was in the throes of a major panic over the possibility that a woman would play the titular role. The idea that a woman could play a spy from another country seemed preposterous to say the least. The UK's own ELF (ex-Spy agent) was thought to be the most suitable candidate and had been preparing for her debut for nearly 10 years. This documentary follows in the footsteps of ELF, diving into her life, training, and how she started her career. This film was clearly meant for an audience familiar with her story, and is therefore a must for anyone who knows of her story or knows someone who has. Although this documentary is very informative and gives you a good understanding of what ELF was like at the time, it is extremely hard to listen to for those unfamiliar with her story. In my opinion, the acting is very good, and the events she describes are very credible, but I felt that I would have enjoyed the film more had it been delivered in a more convincing manner.

Matthew photo

I watched this documentary on Netflix and thought it was fascinating. It follows the three main protagonists, along with the filmmakers, as they attempt to do what they believe is right and give back to their community and country. Some of their methods and beliefs are quite surprising and they speak about their experiences with very strong opinions. The documentary is well-made and informative and quite fascinating. It also gives a glimpse into the lives of the three main characters. This documentary is well-made and very well-done. If you are a person who is interested in this issue or if you have been touched by the lives of the three people involved in this, you will find this documentary very entertaining and thought-provoking.

Michelle G. photo
Michelle G.

It's not all doom and gloom. As a comedy, it was just that. I actually laughed quite a bit. I also think the people who gave it bad reviews really missed the point. I've never seen a documentary that doesn't have an agenda. It's very clear that some things that aren't as easy to point out in an overview video are covered in depth. It's a brilliant film about a lot of interesting topics, and it's not afraid to show things that are less controversial, to get a better point across. The other thing I liked about it is that it never tries to be as real as some documentaries that have become famous. We see only the people, not a bunch of documentary experts or a list of facts, like other documentaries. I also like the fact that you don't have to know anything about the subjects to get the point. Just listening to the voices of the people interviewed, you can't help but understand that they're just talking about it. The other thing I liked was that it wasn't a regular documentary, but a very short one. You see only a couple of interviews, not many of them, but you're never bored. It's a great documentary, but only if you're up for a few hours of your time. I would definitely recommend this to people who are into independent cinema. It's definitely worth watching if you want to learn more about something that you can relate to.

Rose photo

I was shocked to find this documentary on Netflix! I watched it a couple times, and I really wanted to know what I was missing. I think the problem is that many people think that it's just a documentary about a group of people, and I think that they are missing a lot. It's more than just a documentary, it's a journey into the mind of a famous/famous guy, and a journey into the mind of a celebrity. The documentary is well made, but not perfect. It has a lot of moving parts, and some of them are just a little bit too long. But overall, it's a really great documentary. I think you will enjoy it.

Katherine R. photo
Katherine R.

This is an important film to watch. As a father of a young boy, I am appalled at the way the media, political parties and the world at large is glorifying the holocaust and the systematic extermination of Jews. The film explores the lives of the holocaust survivors, and their personal stories, and the ways in which they have been affected by the experiences. Some of the stories are quite painful to watch. Some of the survivors are very openly political and a lot of the people are uncomfortable with the idea of showing the violence, which has been so over-used to promote peace. There is a lot of discussion of the Holocaust, but not of the Jews, and that is where the film excels. It is very emotional, and I found myself thinking about the impact that the holocaust had on my family. It is not an easy film to watch, but it is powerful.

Lawrence photo

This documentary is not necessarily a documentary. In fact, it's more of a retrospective discussion of a remarkable career in which he delivered "groovy" music in the 70's that reflected the times. Much of it was published in music magazines such as Spin, and it is of great cultural value as well as being timely as well as being technically competent. The video is produced by Keith Emerson, who co-produced the documentary with Emerson and Marr. The videos "Behind the Music" is a lot better than "Behind the Scenes" or "Behind the Press". It's not a complete documentary of The Chordettes. It gives a good overview of their work. "Interviews" is a series of videos with interviews with people involved in the band, including Charles Nelson Reilly, Dave Stewart, Leon Russell, and Carol Vorderman. Keith Emerson was a friend of Chordettes singer Jack Hartley. I recommend this to anyone interested in the music, the people involved, or any of the things "behind the music".

Timothy B. photo
Timothy B.

To think that people with a tragic history of mental illness could have so much influence on society. Some such as Boney M are completely deserving of the title of terrorist and is a shame that he was portrayed in such a way. Michael King from the LAPD should have been his judge, jury and executioner for putting Boney in jail and murdering many people because of his mental illness. A better person would have been executed by the LAPD instead of a convicted murderer. That being said, some of the topics that were brought up during this documentary were enlightening and it may have added more to the viewing experience for those that are familiar with Boney's life and death.

Diane Bryant photo
Diane Bryant

FULL REVIEW: How the Iraq War was made. It's a very interesting look at how the Bush administration went about bringing the war to the streets. The film does a good job of showing the history of the decision making process, the politics behind the decision making process, and how a certain group of people in the administration had a hand in the decision. The film shows how the administration did everything they could to keep the war secret, and how they kept the country from being made aware of the fact that there was a war going on in Iraq. The film doesn't show anything new in terms of the administration's thinking, and what they actually did to hide the truth. I think that the film is very good in showing the history behind the decision making process, and showing how the administration tried to keep the country from being informed of the war. The film is definitely worth seeing, but I think that you should watch it before you go to the theaters.

Sara Pierce photo
Sara Pierce

Being a longtime HLS student, I was very interested in seeing this documentary. However, I still think it could have been improved by more editing, a more satisfactory conclusion. For instance, during one of the interviews, the interviewer states that she believes the principal was wrong in doing his job. However, shortly after this was stated, the interviewee is shown not reacting to this statement. The same thing happened when he stated that the nurses should have been included in the decision-making process. The interviewer's lack of understanding of this aspect of the documentary was evident, and it made the video less compelling. I would recommend this film to anyone who has ever been involved in a "community college". I would also recommend this documentary to anyone who has been involved with community colleges, to gain a greater understanding of the people who are involved. These people have taught us more than we ever learned in school.

Nathan photo

In the documentary, "A Dangerous Mind: The Adventures of Ted Kaczynski," hosted by "60 Minutes" veteran Mike Wallace, writer and director Louis Malle gives a really thorough analysis of Kaczynski's thought process, how he handled what he thought was his situation, and what he saw that convinced him that he could take on the US government. To my knowledge, this was the first major film profile of Kaczynski, and Malle did a good job in pulling together an accurate and comprehensive history of his life and his philosophy. It's a pity that Malle had to skip over the classic 80s "JFK" documentary that was released three years later, so this would have been the perfect opportunity to show his next film, "The Unforgiven" about the life and career of Clint Eastwood. If you want to see Kaczynski and his thought process, this is the documentary you're looking for.

Donald Weaver photo
Donald Weaver

I was excited to watch this film, especially after I saw the reviews, because I love documentaries and the internet. I was really surprised at the raw footage, and how it's so powerful. You really get a sense of the desperation and insanity of the people in the camps. I would recommend this film to anyone. If you don't want to go through the process of trying to watch this film, then I can't recommend it to you. However, if you want to learn more about the Holocaust, this documentary is definitely a must see.

Debra photo

In the wake of a spate of high profile campus sexual assault scandals, the "Risk" documentary presents a range of campus advocates and commentators who have worked to prevent and respond to these crimes. They range from academics, legal, and law enforcement officials, as well as a number of former students, from the time of the original problem until now. The documentary is quite comprehensive in presenting the stories of both victims and perpetrators, as well as providing a case history that includes prominent college names such as the infamous Stanford rapist Brock Turner and the University of Virginia's rape crisis facilitator (and victim) Katherine Connely. As a result, "Risk" is an interesting and useful look at the state of sexual assault on college campuses across the country. I was impressed with the advocacy work by both the authors and the documentary makers, and while I feel there are still some gaping holes in the story that could have been used to improve the documentary, it is still a very compelling look at the problems of sexual assault on campus and how the solution could be implemented. I found the video itself to be well put together and well-edited, and it provides a solid level of insight on the problem of campus sexual assault. However, as a documentary, it leaves out a lot of crucial information, like the statistics, the rates of sexual assaults, the perpetrators, and the length of time that perpetrators wait before they go through with their crimes. To me, this is very important information, because although the results of the report by the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault released earlier this year does provide some much-needed information, the statistics are a very incomplete picture. It seems as though the White House and the Task Force simply skipped over this important information, because the researchers failed to mention any relevant statistics on the time that perpetrators wait before committing their crimes. While the researchers failed to provide any statistics on the actual length of time that perpetrators wait, it does seem as though they skipped over some important information on the actual results of these crimes, because they failed to mention the results of any rape cases from the period covered in the documentary. For example, the most recent data shows that the rate of sexual assault increased during the year that the White House Task Force was studying, but at the same time, the rate of victims reporting their cases to the police dropped significantly from the year prior to the Task Force's study. The Task Force's report also fails to mention the fact that there are many survivors who are reluctant to come forward, because of the stigma of going to the police. Because the Task Force report includes only one statistic on the victim's reaction to the results of the Task Force's study, it appears that they omitted data from a major study conducted by the National Institute of Justice. It seems that they included the "one time prevalence" statistic, but they failed to include the statistics that show that the rate of survivors reporting their cases to the police increased significantly from the year prior to the Task Force's study. In addition, the researchers failed to provide any statistics on how many perpetrators were the perpetrators of these crimes, but it seems that the statistics that were provided in the report simply assumed that there were one or two perpetrators. For example, one respondent in the survey indicated that only two of the twenty victims she had had sex with had a violent criminal history. This may indicate that the respondents were able to tell that at least two victims were violent criminals, but it seems as though these statistics were not included in the report. It is also interesting to see that the most "high profile" campus advocates interviewed, most notably former Harvard President Larry Summers, failed to mention any statistics about the reasons why college students are not trying to do better in their sexual education classes. Summers, who has been a prominent voice in the field of college sexual assault and has been the subject of several media articles in the past few years, is one of the few witnesses interviewed by "Risk." His comments, however, seem to indicate that college students are simply incapable of doing

Jose S. photo
Jose S.

I am a licensed and insured private investigator and have been for 30 years. The production value of this documentary was excellent and the quality of the interviews with Mr. Bowers was of the highest quality. I would recommend this documentary to anyone interested in understanding the capabilities of a Private Investigator. I felt that I had a better understanding of the type of work that Mr. Bowers does, and his work is highly recognized in the industry. Mr. Bowers would be pleased that this documentary was produced.

Crystal photo

The movie is "robot madness". It is a documentary about the Roomba vacuum cleaner. Some may think this is a really bad documentary. And they are right. There are tons of useless information about Roomba. It was interesting for me to watch a documentary about Roomba. It's very strange that these robots are an interesting topic. I'm actually really bad at following the Roomba documentary and it seems to be very hard to get an overview. And the narration made me think, but I couldn't understand. I didn't want to watch it until it ended, because I think it would be better to be alone and think about the "robot madness". Overall, I think that it is a great movie. I give it a 7 out of 10.

James W. photo
James W.

As I am a huge Riptide fan, I have always wanted to see this movie on the big screen and now I can and I am glad to have. Riptide's soundtrack is extremely great and it is really what this movie is all about. As this is the first "fan film" I have seen I would like to say I am a huge fan of Riptide as a film and I am definitely going to see more movies. All the action scenes and scenes with Riptide were fantastic. The director does a great job and keeps you on the edge of your seat, all I can say is that the music and the visuals just make it so much better than the previous one. The only thing I think would have been better would be to have been able to hear the music at certain moments in the film. I hope the directors take the next step and do a series of videos with other songs and I am sure they will enjoy the fans. So if you are a Riptide fan, do not miss this one.

John Guzman photo
John Guzman

I saw this movie at the Houston film festival and was impressed. It's a very different film than the usual fare in the indie-film scene. The plot is simple, but there are several great, original, well-written scenes in this film. The directors did a very nice job of showing how important the original characters are in the film. In the first hour, there are a number of different, but very important, characters and their relationships are very interesting. In fact, the entire cast is excellent. I really liked the amazing music score. It was truly beautiful. I was actually surprised that the movie did not have a lot of music. It seemed like the directors were trying to be as real as possible, and they succeeded. I also really liked the director's choice of the films' format. It's definitely a movie I will see again, and will recommend to friends. It's definitely one of the best films I have seen all year.

Nathan J. photo
Nathan J.

I had watched the documentary on a screening at the Toronto International Film Festival. It's a great documentary, but it's a little overlong. I'd suggest that you skip it, but if you haven't seen it, you should catch it on cable.

Douglas T. photo
Douglas T.

I absolutely loved this documentary and so much of the information was accurate and relevant. The camera work was excellent and the audio quality was perfect. I had a very vivid reaction to the discussions that were taking place, even in the most uncomfortable of moments. The topic is interesting and the information is as relevant as it gets. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who likes to be challenged and to learn about one of the most difficult things to deal with in the world. I was surprised to learn that many of the people in this documentary were actual members of the CIA, and that at one point, one of the members had a close relationship with a man named Donald Gregg, the man who originally came up with the term "enhanced interrogation techniques" that was applied by the CIA to the prisoners in this documentary. It is a very good film, and it is very well done.

Katherine Garrett photo
Katherine Garrett

It is quite the treat to watch the journey of an unfortunate woman from the most horrible of circumstances to the most hopeful of years. This film does not shy away from the ugly, but does not dwell on it either. The film talks about a woman named Crystal, but I think of her as far more than a person. She was a beautiful girl who was most likely the victim of a brutal assault at the hands of a gang of maniacs. Crystal's parents did everything possible to try and get her out of that situation, but even though they tried to do everything possible to save her, they were unable to save her. Even though she may have made it through that terrible ordeal, she still suffered the same emotional trauma as any other person would. Her only joy was knowing that she did not have to live the way she did. But it was clear that she never stopped moving forward. The film does a fantastic job of showing the journey that Crystal goes on, starting from the moment she woke up with no memory of what happened. The trauma and feelings she experienced that night are documented in great detail. The next few hours are a mix of tears, laughter, and deep sadness. You can almost feel the pain on her face, as her face crumbles every time she is near someone who may have been involved in the crime. She is not a person you would want to be around, and you can tell that the other people in the room are not either. I believe that the director has made an excellent film that is able to portray what it is like to be a victim of a crime. There is a lot of hate towards this crime and some people can even try to turn it into something to make it seem like a problem. But this film does not fall into the trap of trying to make a movie that tries to be a story that is trying to be told. This is a great film that just shows what Crystal goes through and how she got through it. I believe that it is a very sad movie that is able to capture the struggles that victims go through, and how they are able to heal and move on. I highly recommend this film.

Amanda photo

I'm still not sure what people's problem is with this film. I honestly didn't expect anything but the result was worth watching. This film is essentially a profile of three men, all trying to make it in the business of oil, each with a different story, and each with different view points on the oil business. I'm not saying the story is good or bad, but it is an interesting look at different viewpoints. One of the reasons I wanted to watch this film is because of an older (2003) film about people involved in the oil business called "Lone Star." It's quite an interesting story of how one person, trying to make it in the industry, can turn into a very bitter person trying to make his way back in. The producer of "Lone Star" is making a sequel to the film and it's really fascinating watching the differences between the two. "Lone Star" is more of a "what if" film about the relationship between one person and one other person and the people who worked with him, while "The Risk" is a more traditional "What if the movie is just like this?" film. I liked this film because of it's history. It is an interesting look at what it's like to be an oil business person. I highly recommend it.

Brittany B. photo
Brittany B.

I know I am a long way from being a "risk" type of person, but I just couldn't help but feel that I just wanted to see this documentary. It is extremely well done and even though the subject matter may be slightly different, it is very interesting and definitely worth your time. The documentary covers a wide variety of subjects ranging from the risks of taking on a small business to the risks of having children and how these things affect the ones you leave behind. It also covers issues of depression and suicide, as well as the differences between the different groups that people can choose from. The film also covers topics such as the impact of an abortion on the mother and the father, as well as the impact of adoption on the child. It also covers the costs of raising children, as well as the costs of having children and the impact that it can have on the families and the parents. Overall, I would definitely recommend this documentary to anyone, as it is a very interesting and informative film. I definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to learn more about the risks of having children, as well as anyone that just wants to know more about the topics that it covers.

Phillip L. photo
Phillip L.

I saw the film and have to say it was a refreshing change to the typical doc-style film I usually get to see. It was hard to see what this film was actually about, but the documentary style made it easier to get the point across. I found myself thinking about the film throughout the entire film, which I wasn't sure would happen until I actually watched the film. The film did give you an idea of what it was really like to be a prisoner of war in South Vietnam, and the film did portray the people of the village in a very realistic way. The film is full of great, interesting stories and some really moving moments, as well as some great interviews. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone interested in the war in Vietnam.

Sean P. photo
Sean P.

This is a documentary about a dangerous disease. It's a fascinating story that explores the potential risks associated with it. The film explores the fact that the disease has only been around for roughly 20 years. A lot of the information that was gathered was gathered from the first, very successful case of the disease. The fact that they had to rely on the information that was provided by the woman who was infected with the disease also helped to show the story. The film also shows that the infected woman's health was going great. Her symptoms were all under control. Even when she was being treated she was making great progress. This film also shows that the infection rate for this disease is very low. So it's not a huge risk to the public. The film also helps to show that the disease was spread by blood transfusion and not by sexual contact. So there is no need to worry about it. Another interesting point that is shown is that a person who has the disease can have other diseases, such as AIDS, and be completely healthy. So there is no need to worry about that. Overall, this is a very well-made film. It's well-made, it has great information, it's informative and it's a very entertaining film. It's a very interesting story. I would recommend this film to anyone.

Mildred Montgomery photo
Mildred Montgomery

I went into this film with high expectations. I was never a huge fan of any of the actors. I was pleasantly surprised. I was also surprised that they used real people to tell their story. I think the documentary format is a great way to get the story across. I also like that they didn't just tell the story of the death of one person, but also told the story of the entire family. I loved that. The performances were good. I would have liked more of a personal story. I think that was part of the problem. I think the story was better with a little more personal insight. I think that was the biggest mistake. The final scene is very powerful. I really like that they did it that way. I thought the final scene was very moving and emotional. I think that is why the film worked. I really like the music. I think that is what made it work for me. I think that it is a great film to watch with someone you love. I thought that the film was very well put together. I think that this was the best documentary I have seen in a long time. I hope that it gets a theatrical release because it is great!

Ashley Ross photo
Ashley Ross

When I first heard about this documentary, I had some doubts about whether I would enjoy it, as I am not a fan of the subject matter. However, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. The content of the film is the reason I gave it a 9/10. This documentary is a great look at the human condition, and the consequences of our actions. I am a believer that there are good and bad people in this world, and that some people are just too selfish to see the other side of the coin. This film really does show how much greed and selfishness is ruining the world. I was especially shocked that the people who had the power to destroy the world, and the people who caused the problems, were the same people who had the power to save it. In my opinion, this documentary is one of the most important documentaries you will ever see. You can't watch it if you don't want to know the truth. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone.

Austin H. photo
Austin H.

It's hard to believe that this is the same person that produced the documentary "The Human Face of Cancer" (2010), in which he interviewed dozens of patients and their families about the effects of cancer on their lives. Although it is well-made, the subject matter is a little too grim for the average person to get a real feel for. "The Risk" is a documentary about the impact of a new type of cancer on the lives of a group of cancer patients. The film follows the doctors, nurses, and patients as they deal with the overwhelming experience of cancer, and how they cope with it. The film does a great job of showing the doctors and nurses in their own words, and it is very interesting to see how these people deal with their experience. The film includes interviews with many of the patients and their families, and it is very interesting to see how the patients deal with their experience. As well, it is interesting to see how the doctors and nurses deal with the patients. I think it is important to point out that this is not a documentary about the medical condition of cancer, but rather a documentary about the people who deal with cancer. The documentary is very educational, and it is easy to see that it is a documentary about cancer, but it is also very important to point out that this is not just a documentary about cancer, but rather a documentary about the people who deal with cancer. The documentary is very well-made, and I think it is well worth watching.

Howard Cole photo
Howard Cole

This is the first time I've seen a documentary about a film that is not a documentary. I have to say that I really enjoyed the documentary, it really was a great story. I thought the story was interesting and the narration was great. I think that the movie was very well done. I really liked the movie and thought that it was very well done. I would recommend this movie to everyone. I think that it was a very good movie and I would recommend it to anyone.

Jerry photo

I just finished watching this film and I'm not sure what to say about it. It is a great documentary that shows the struggles and struggles of people with HIV. I'm sure everyone will have their own opinion about it. I do however think that it is important to show the struggles and struggles of people living with HIV. The documentary was very well done and I hope that people will watch it and share it with others.

Kevin Davis photo
Kevin Davis

This documentary is one of the most important films that I have ever seen. It is a great example of what can be done when the media is not allowed to influence the public. The film is so well done and the documentary footage is so well done that I was truly shocked at how good it was. The documentary is so well done because it is about the people who have to live with the consequences of the media's influence on the public. The documentary is so well done because it shows how the media can manipulate the public and how the media can manipulate the people. I am a documentary film maker and I was truly impressed by this documentary. It is a very powerful and important film that should be seen by everyone.

Linda Fuller photo
Linda Fuller

I've watched this documentary several times, and I always get a lot more out of it each time. I was interested to find out that this was a documentary by a man who has been involved in the "top secret" program since the early 60s. I'm glad to see that the people who are involved in this program are still alive and active, and I hope that this documentary will help to bring them out of the shadows. I hope that they will be able to tell their stories, and I hope that they can help us all understand what these men have been through. I would also like to thank all the people who have been involved in this program and helped to bring them out of the shadows. I hope that more people will see this documentary, and that more people will be able to see what these men have been through.

Timothy B. photo
Timothy B.

This is a truly powerful and inspirational documentary that has given me more hope for the future of the world than I've ever had. I'm not a big fan of the environmental movement, but this film gave me a much better understanding of how important the environment is to me and how important it is to me personally. I highly recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the environment or is a concerned citizen. I also highly recommend that anyone who is a parent or a parent-to-be watch this film to learn more about what to do to help their children be healthy and happy. It's a film that is extremely educational and extremely powerful.

Carol photo

I read the reviews for Risk and was so excited to see it. I was so wrong. I will not go into detail with the details of the film, but it is full of information about a place I have never heard of. We know there are people living in K2, but we have never heard of any of them. They are not told how to act or what their culture is, yet they do not speak English and do not want to communicate with us. We are left to take these encounters as they come, and for the most part they are interesting and informative. At the end, we are left to wonder what more we could have learned. I wonder if I could have gotten more information about what is going on there, or what their culture is like. I think Risk will inspire people, but it is certainly not the same as going there and learning more about the culture. It is a little like going to the islands. They are not inhabited by native people, and we cannot tell you anything about them. They are not as interesting or intriguing as the islands are. If we would have visited the islands, I am sure we would have heard of them and the people. I think it is a good idea to take people with us who are not familiar with the culture to see it for themselves, as many people do not have a good understanding of it. I recommend it to those who have not seen it.

Zachary H. photo
Zachary H.

Though the movie left many questions unanswered, this movie is a must see for everyone who wants to know more about the people who were at the bottom of the corporate food chain.I thought this movie was great, i would like to thank you all for this great movie, i think it would be a great gift for a friend or family member.I think it should be in everyone's library.

Frank photo

I am a gamer myself, and I feel like I got a good insight into the people behind this project. The way the trailer made me feel like I was a gamer myself was a very effective way to keep me interested in what was going on. The other great thing about this movie is that you can understand the reasoning behind everything that goes on. It is a little hard to digest the end of the movie, but I think that is the point. It gives you a sense of why everyone is doing what they are doing, and what the motivation is behind the game. I also felt like the ending was a little rushed, but it did a good job in giving you a sense of closure and closure, and the ending was really unique and different than the normal conclusion. This movie is about gamers. Everyone that has ever played a video game has a story to tell. It is just a great story to tell, and we should enjoy it for that reason. I would recommend this movie to anyone that is a gamer, or anyone who wants to know about the people behind the game.

Heather photo

One of the very few films that I have seen that actually made me change my opinion of a movie, and I have to say it did a pretty good job. I'm not really sure why, but I think it was the way the film was made. The film really doesn't take itself seriously. It doesn't try to impress you with big special effects or expensive sets. The film isn't trying to do any of that. And that really works to the movie's advantage. It's so well made that it almost feels like a documentary. The actors are engaging. I don't know why that was important, but the film does a good job of keeping you interested. It's not the kind of movie where you get to see a bunch of cars speeding down a road and then they stop and say "yeah, thats awesome!" and then you hear a music cue, and the camera pans up and down, and then you see a car smash into something, and then a shot of the back of the car, and then the film cuts to another shot of the car and another shot of the back of the car, and then the car explodes. It is a slow, but effective and interesting film. It does this very well. I will say one thing, though. I have to say that it's not really a romantic film. It's not a comedy, and it's not a drama. It's more of a slow-burn sort of story, where the film slowly explains to the audience what is going on. The film is definitely not for everyone. It is very slow and it does take a lot of concentration to keep up with the film. But it is definitely worth watching. I have to say that it is not a film that I would buy, but I think you should give it a chance. It is not a movie that I would recommend to people who do not enjoy slow-burn movies. It's definitely worth watching, and I'd recommend it to anyone who is interested in film, or anyone who wants to learn something about film, or anyone who wants to learn a little bit about the history of films.

Michelle J. photo
Michelle J.

I just watched this on DVD and it is really a shame that the story is left out, it would have added some depth to the film and the main character, particularly the first 10 minutes or so. I feel that the more experienced film-makers should be more cautious about such 'feel good' films and make them as real as possible. The story is simply about a guy getting involved with a girl he meets at the start of the film. I will not spoil it but the story does move along at a good pace, and although it is not very exciting it is not dull either. The actors do well, even though there is little dialogue it is easy to tell what is going on and the editing is well done. It is also worth noting that the film is not a comedy or drama, and that a lot of the subject matter is quite serious. The film is pretty good, if you are looking for a good film to watch with a friend I would recommend it.

Betty photo

A fascinating and interesting documentary about the events leading up to the first moon landing, the dangers involved and the struggles the Apollo crew had to go through. The film shows the "bads" of the mission, the problems with the launch and the problems with the landing itself. It also shows the "good" aspects of the mission, the technical difficulties and the lessons learned. The only thing I didn't like was the voice-over narration of the film, it was a bit too much like a news report and not a documentary. Overall, I highly recommend this documentary.

Christina L. photo
Christina L.

The first thing I want to say about Risk is that it is very well made. The story is very well told and the way the characters are shown is very well done. The acting is very good, and the directing is very good. The only problem I have with this film is that it is very slow, and the characters are very one dimensional. The only character that I thought was very interesting was the one that is the father. I liked the way he was portrayed and the way he talked. The other characters are very one dimensional. I also have a problem with the way the director made the film. I think he made the film very slow, and I think it is very hard to tell what is going on. I think it would have been better if he had made the film faster, and I think that would have made it a better film. The way the film was made was very slow, and I think it is very hard to tell what is going on. Overall, Risk is a very good film. It is very well made, and the way the story is told is very good. I would recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a good film to watch.

Jason K. photo
Jason K.

I thought this film was very well done. It was not so much about the consequences of climate change, but the effect that it has on the people who live there. There is a lot of talk about the science, but the message is about the people and the way they live their lives. The film is very well put together and I am glad that it was not made for the masses. I thought that the editing was excellent. It was a very well done film, and I think that it is worth watching. I am not a scientist, but I think that the film does a good job of showing the science behind it.

Aaron Dunn photo
Aaron Dunn

The risks of the world's most dangerous activities are examined in a very sober, well-balanced way, with a keen eye for the ethical implications of what we do, or rather, what we think we do. The film shows that a few people, if they are lucky, can make a difference in the world. It also shows that the decisions that we make, when we do them, can affect the lives of billions of people, and the risks that we take, and the decisions we make, can affect us. The film is a must-see for anyone who wants to learn more about what is going on in the world today. The film is a good resource for anyone who wants to know more about the risks of the world's most dangerous activities, and who wants to learn more about the ethics of what we do, or rather, what we think we do. If you are looking for a movie that can give you an insight into the world of the people who are risking their lives in order to achieve the things that we want to achieve, then this film is for you.

Patrick Mitchell photo
Patrick Mitchell

Based on his documentary 'Killing by Death' this film is a 'Citation Needed' documentary. The audience is not allowed to voice their opinion and is just encouraged to watch and 'taste' what it is that the documentary is about. It is a fun story of just one single man and the journey that he has to endure to find justice for the murder of his mother. This is not to say that the director failed in his job of producing a compelling and factual documentary. The quality of the film is superb and it is recommended to all. On the other hand this film is not just about one single man. On the contrary it is about all of us. The documentary just wants to show the humanity of all of us and the point of view of the human being. The use of documentary makes it difficult to understand the film but it is essential to remember that this is a documentary not a documentary about a single person. So it is recommended that you should watch this film with an open mind, do not expect anything and just enjoy it and learn from it. In short this is a film that tells the story of the human being and the depth of all the events that take place around him. This is a real documentary and it is one of the best documentary ever made.

Kathryn Lewis photo
Kathryn Lewis

This film was good, even if I didn't really get all the technical details. There were some scenes where I had trouble following the dialogue and direction, but I found them to be a testament to the acting, editing and the whole scene. I also think this movie could have been done a lot better, like with the audio, but I think that's just me being nitpicky. I'm glad I saw this film, because I'm still seeing it today. I wouldn't have seen it in the theatre, because I would have had a hard time understanding all of the scenes, and I don't want to spend the time getting lost if I had to pay to see it at the theater. I thought this film was great, and I'm very glad I saw it.

Emily F. photo
Emily F.

I'm not going to lie, I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about this documentary, especially when I read some of the reviews here on IMDb. I didn't want to waste my time with something that was going to be a bore. I also had no interest in seeing any of the celebrities involved in the film. But I am happy to say that I am very glad that I did watch it and that I did not waste my time. This documentary is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. The main reason that I enjoyed this film so much is that it is very realistic. It doesn't pretend to be anything that it isn't. It doesn't have a happy ending, it doesn't have a happy ending that is in the film. It is simply about the challenges that a family has to face when they are faced with a crisis. The documentary is very informative and is a must see for anyone that wants to know more about the subject of post-traumatic stress. It is a very powerful documentary that will have you thinking about the risks that you take when you are dealing with something that is very traumatic. It is a documentary that will make you think about the risks that you take when you are dealing with something that is very traumatic. This documentary is very informative and is a must see for anyone that wants to know more about the subject of post-traumatic stress.

Kenneth Hunter photo
Kenneth Hunter

I found the documentary very informative. It shows the challenges of modern society and how it is changing. It is also a very interesting look at how the people in the documentary have reacted to the changes. The documentary is extremely well done. The interviews are very well done and the documentary is well edited. It is well worth seeing. I would recommend this documentary to anyone interested in the subject.

Tammy Smith photo
Tammy Smith

I've been a film critic for nearly twenty years and have seen a lot of films. I am a big fan of documentary, and this film was one of the best I have seen in the past decade. It was well made and the acting was excellent. The movie is a very personal look at how people deal with the threat of terrorism. It is not about the events of 9/11, but about the psychological and emotional trauma that is created when people lose loved ones to terrorists. I think the director was very clever in using footage from the news and from the film "Al-Qaeda: Behind the Mask". It is a very well made documentary and I would recommend it to anyone.

Jonathan Jackson photo
Jonathan Jackson

If you are not a fan of the "Star Wars" films, then this documentary will not appeal to you. The film is interesting, but not very compelling. The documentary is a bit slow, and does not have a strong focus. However, it is well worth watching, especially if you are a fan of the films. This documentary is about the "Star Wars" films, and not the original trilogy. It is worth watching, even if you are not a fan of the films.

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Mary Jones

There's no point in telling you that the internet is full of people who are making money off of you. And that's what I find really sad. Because you're probably not a person who is going to be spending money on something like this, and you don't need to be. But it's also true that there are people who are so addicted to it that they don't want to see the truth. This documentary on the site of the internet startup Digg is a prime example of this, and it's fascinating. The documentary is about the rise and fall of the site, and how it was the first truly popular website in history. And that's a bit of a paradox. It's really good, but it's also really depressing. I would have preferred a more uplifting documentary. Instead, this documentary just tells us how a website got so popular and how it became the Internet's most popular site. I can see that Digg's popularity was due to the fact that it was the first truly popular site in history, but it also made it a target for various kinds of people who wanted to exploit it for money. The documentary could have been about the reasons for Digg's popularity. But instead, it's mainly about how Digg's users were targeted by the site's owners, and how the site went bankrupt. And it's not really that hard to see how this all came about. The fact that Digg had an initial audience of 5 million users makes it hard to see what the big deal was about it. It's also not that hard to see how the site's owners tried to make money from it. I think that it's also a bit of a contradiction that Digg's owners weren't really interested in what they were doing. That it's a huge success and a major success for a site that was just born, and that it's still growing today, but they weren't really interested in what they were doing. But the film makes it pretty clear that the owners were probably interested in the success. The documentary doesn't focus on the founders of the site. They don't really give any background information on them, other than the fact that they were investors. And that doesn't really help in understanding how they got involved with the site. But I guess that it's also true that the founders of the site were probably interested in the site's success, because that's how they got involved with it. And this is the big problem with this documentary. It's really boring. It's not really interesting. It's just a long boring documentary that really doesn't say anything interesting. It just tells us how the site got popular, and how it was targeted by various kinds of people. I think the founders of Digg probably knew that they were doing something that was illegal. But they were probably also interested in the success that the site had. But what they didn't know is that they were also making money from it. And they were probably also involved in the business. That's probably the most interesting part of the documentary. Because it's a really interesting story. It's not really boring, and it's actually really interesting. It tells us that a site was already successful, and then suddenly it was a target for people who wanted to exploit it for money. And it tells us that this kind of business is really illegal. But it also tells us that this is a business that's very lucrative, and that it's growing at a rapid pace. And it tells us that it's the biggest business in the world. It's also a really interesting story, and it's really interesting to hear that people were willing to do things like this to get the attention of the site's owners. And it tells us

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I have just watched the film "Risk" and it is really a great documentary. I have to admit that I watched it in 2 days (which is not normal for me). I am usually quite cynical about documentaries and this film really surprised me. I was quite happy that it was going to be a low budget documentary, because it did not have any big names, big stars, etc. but still, it was a great documentary and I really enjoyed it. I think this is the kind of documentary that is not as good as it could be, but is still really good. I really hope that there is a sequel of this film, because I really love the documentary.

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This film was one of the most interesting and rewarding experiences I have had during the past year. The film features the writing and direction of David Gordon Green, whose writing is excellent and his directing is amazing. The film is one of the best documentaries I have seen in a long time. It's not really a documentary per se, but rather a story about the life of a man, Shane, who was just like all of us. He had a wife, a young daughter, and a great job. All of that went out the window when his daughter was born and he was homeless. He was living with his younger daughter and his mother and father in Texas. The documentary was filmed in the same manner as the movie "A Walk to Remember", which was great because they both focused on one man and one person in their lives. I highly recommend this film and will definitely be purchasing it on DVD. It was also a pleasure to see the same director of the movie "A Walk to Remember" on the film, "Catching Fire", which is a different film, but still very similar. I hope that everyone can find this film to be worthwhile. It was great to see and hear the director talk about his writing and directing in this film.