Steam Chonda Pierce: Unashamed

Chonda Pierce: Unashamed

Chonda Pierce: Unashamed is a movie starring Paul Aldrich, Jeff Allen, and David Benham. Stand-up comedian Chonda Pierce presents the third in her successful series of feature documentaries.

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Rick Altizer
Chonda Pierce, Rick Altizer
Jeff Allen, Jason Benham, David Benham, Paul Aldrich
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Stand-up comedian Chonda Pierce presents the third in her successful series of feature documentaries.

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Benjamin Washington photo
Benjamin Washington

This is a documentary about the life of legendary boxer Chonda Pierce who was an inspiration to many of us who follow boxing. It is a little bit of everything, from his humble beginnings in the farm where he grew up to his rise to the top, his fight career, his wife, and his battles with cancer. I think it is a very important documentary for all boxing fans, especially for those who follow boxing. It is a documentary that shows how an ordinary man rose to the top of the sport. It shows how he became a legend and how he inspired others. It also shows how he came to the realization that he could no longer do what he was doing. It is a very interesting and very well made documentary. It is not just about Chonda Pierce, it is about the sport and boxing in general. It is also a documentary about how to become a legend in the sport. It is very well made and is a very interesting documentary.

Denise photo

As a man who has had his own share of alcohol, I feel this movie is a wonderful look into the social problems of our country. Alcohol is a problem, and the film shows us how to help our brothers and sisters. I don't think it would have been a better film if it were based on my experience in my own life. The film is very interesting and very educational. My favorite part was the one where the mother (Aileen) says, "I think I'll drink myself to death." There were many other parts that were very interesting and informative. This is a must see film. The soundtrack was excellent, and the film had great cinematography.

Susan B. photo
Susan B.

This is a must see documentary. I was very impressed. The movie is very balanced in its portrayal of what the slaves experienced in the South. It was never a fight for personal gain or revenge. Instead, it was a fight to protect themselves and their families. The slaves had a strong sense of belonging to the plantation and it was their families that they defended. The movie is very emotional and the use of the music is excellent. The movie also shows the destructive impact of slavery on the people of the South. Although slavery was abolished in the United States, it is still present in the South. It is very disturbing to see the effects of slavery still going on today. I was very moved by this movie. It was very well made, well edited, and very informative. I highly recommend it.

Daniel C. photo
Daniel C.

I have been a fan of the movie for a long time, and in a few weeks time, I will be seeing it in the theater. I am not a big fan of the book, so I am not sure why so many people are so hostile towards it. The movie, in my opinion, is really entertaining and is filled with many "must see" moments. I would also say that the people who gave this film a bad review are "fanboys" or are just really very big fans of the original work. I also feel that the book is not really perfect, and the movie makes it out to be. There are a lot of things that could have been improved on. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of the book, and is not familiar with the book, and even more so to anyone who likes movies. This is one of those movies that will blow you away.

Jack S. photo
Jack S.

This is an amazing documentary, showing a wide variety of the various aspects of the American people's relationship with their government. This is not a typical documentary about the 9/11 attacks. It is a documentary about a variety of different issues in America, all of which come together to form a larger picture. I think that the director and the other people involved with this documentary are very well-intentioned and have done an excellent job. The people in the audience have a wide variety of opinions and opinions on a variety of issues, and that is what this documentary was made for. I highly recommend this documentary.

Jason photo

This is a great documentary that anyone can watch. The viewer can see that there are many different ways to live and struggle and how to make the most out of life. I can say that this documentary is the best documentary I have seen in a long time. This is the documentary that will make me remember what I like to do for fun. I can't wait to see it again!

George photo

I had never heard of "Unashamed" before I watched the movie and was surprised. I am a huge fan of Tanya, and she is an amazing person. This is one of those movies that will make you want to see more of her. I was impressed by the way the movie was shot, and the way the director, Rian Johnson, took the story to make you understand it. The amount of information in this movie was incredible, and I feel like there was too much information for some people to understand. This movie was very insightful and gave me a lot of knowledge and information. I hope people see this movie, and see it with an open mind. I would recommend this movie to anyone, and anyone who is into music or has a passion for music will enjoy this movie. If you haven't seen it, go see it, you will be surprised!

Karen photo

I didn't know anything about this woman until I saw the film. I felt a sense of shame and an immense empathy for her. This is a great film. It has a great cast, a great script, a great story, and it is truly heartbreaking to see the woman, and the man, and the children. I am surprised that no one has commented on the location. It is incredible. This is a great film, and I highly recommend it. It is based on a true story, and I am so proud to have been a part of this great movie.

Janet Howell photo
Janet Howell

This is a documentary about the life of Chonda Pierce. It starts with her birth. We then go through her life. It's a beautiful and touching documentary. It was well done and well presented. It was not only about Chonda Pierce, but about all women who were mothers or who are mothers. The documentary does not focus on the problems of women, but on the problems of society and the way we treat our mothers. I think it is important for everyone to watch this film. It shows the problems that many mothers face, but also the problems that many women face. I think it is a must-see film.

Cynthia P. photo
Cynthia P.

I was a little skeptical when I first heard of this movie, but I'm glad I took the time to watch it. I'm a big fan of this film and have watched it many times. I love the way the director tells the story and shows the evolution of the character. The movie is very interesting and full of great information. It's a must-see for anyone who loves history, art, music, or just a good movie. I would highly recommend this film.

Jose Alvarado photo
Jose Alvarado

After I watched this documentary I was pretty shocked and disappointed. I was expecting more from it, but it seemed to be more about the personal life of the director, and how he deals with his wife and family. I was pretty disappointed. It was a bit long and it felt like the director was just going through the motions. The first half of the documentary is about his wife and family, but the second half is about his wife's life, and the events that transpired between her and the director. It's not a documentary about her, but more about the director's wife. I felt that the director's wife was much more important to the documentary, and it would've been much more powerful if she was in the film. I also felt that the documentary was way too long, it was almost two hours long. I don't mind documentaries being long, but this was way too long. The second half of the documentary was also very boring, and I was so bored by the end of the documentary. Overall, I think that this is a documentary that could have been much better, but it's still good. It's not a documentary about the director, but rather about the wife and the director. I think that the director's wife should've been a more important part of the documentary, because it's just too much personal life of the director.

Virginia W. photo
Virginia W.

Great documentary, I was very surprised by this one. My wife and I have been watching "On the border of sanity" since the 1980s. This film really gives you the feel of the place and shows you how things are done there. It's not a documentary but more of a story about what happened and how things were done. I think it's a great story that should be told. The actors are great and the direction is wonderful. It is an accurate account of what happened and how it was done. It also includes some great photos and the color photography is very nice. It is a great, real and compelling story about the very small town of Monterrey, Mexico and the people who lived there. It is also a story of how some of the things were done in Monterrey to help people. If you are a fan of "On the border of sanity", this is the film for you. You will not be disappointed.

Richard photo

I have never seen this before but I watched it because my daughter said she had to. It is a good documentary about a cult that abused children and how they did it. The movie is very factual and interesting. The pictures and video are very disturbing and shocking. I can see that many people may have a problem with this documentary but I believe that if you watch it and learn something about the crimes that they committed and the cover-up that was done by the government and the media. You will be very disturbed and want to get out and do something about it. I would recommend this to anyone who has been touched by this cult and is interested in knowing more about it. This documentary is not a documentary that should be watched by the average viewer.

Helen B. photo
Helen B.

this movie is so incredibly amazing. I was very fortunate to see this movie when it came out. I went in with no expectations, but was immediately blown away by the awesome messages in this movie. I was thinking "so what, this is another movie about a hooker?" But the message this movie delivers to men, women, and children is so powerful. In my opinion, the only movie that could have been made with this message was "the missing link" and all the messages in this movie are to the point. I was also surprised to find out that this movie actually came out in 2006, which is not even a year old. This movie was released in 2006 and I believe it is one of the best movies of the year. I can't wait for this movie to come out on DVD. This is one of those movies that will have you thinking after you watch it, "What would I do?" This is a movie that will make you think about how you treat others, and the message this movie sends is that being kind and loving is the most important thing in life. I'm so thankful for this movie. It's incredible. I can't wait to see it on DVD. It is a must see!