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Feng huo fang fei

Feng huo fang fei is a movie starring Emile Hirsch, Yifei Liu, and Fangcong Li. In the 1940s, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor destroyed Americans' morale. The president of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, decided to...

Other Titles
The Lost Soldier, In Harm's Way, Era mio nemico, Den kinesiske enke, The Chinese Widow, El soldado perdido, The Hidden Soldier
Running Time
1 hours 37 minutes
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History, War, Romance
Bille August
Greg Latter
Cary Woodworth, Emile Hirsch, Fangcong Li, Yifei Liu
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

In the 1940s, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor destroyed Americans' morale. The president of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, decided to risk it all to bomb Tokyo, raising the public's hopes. Bombardment air crafts led by U.S lieutenant colonel Jimmy Doolittle took off from a massive aircraft carrier. However, after completing their missions, the bombardment air craft pilots had to bail out at the coastal areas near Zhejiang due to a shortage of fuel. A young pilot, Jack Turner, was saved by a young local widow named Ying, who risked her life as she hid the injured American pilot in her house. Despite not being able to communicate verbally, they fell for each other and a tear-jerking love story went on between the two.

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Louis photo

I'm a great fan of Han Solo. As a child, I've been reading the Star Wars comics, and have always wanted to see the movie. I was not disappointed. I was so much more interested in the story than I was at first. I thought the pacing was superb, the story was rich and intense, and the cinematography was great. I'm a huge fan of Ken Watanabe. I was surprised to find he was in this film. I would definitely watch this film again.

Albert photo

This movie is in many ways very different from your typical war movie. For one, the movie was set during the Chinese Civil War and also shows the life of a young man as he makes his way through the horrors of the war. And the style of the film is different from most war movies in that it is often shot in a manner of a documentary. The cast was great and made the movie feel real and even believable. It was also very interesting to see a young actor playing a young man. The dialogue was very real and I think the fact that the young man was such a skilled fighter as well as the fact that he had to fight many people at once made the movie very interesting. I have not seen many war movies, but I think this one is definitely one of my favorites.

Mildred V. photo
Mildred V.

The movie is based on a novel by Zheng Di, and depicts the time when a British lieutenant (with his wife, in their fifties) and his wife's lover are sent by their emperor to a prison camp in China. They end up staying in a large house that was built by the prisoners to be their final resting place. It is built on the ground, but on the inside it is made of stone and covered with a large wreath. This is a fascinating plot, and the movie is quite a good one, although the execution of the movie is very strange, and the story is not that convincing. At times the movie is so interesting, it is hard not to be impressed with it. It is a wonderful movie, but the execution is too strange and the story is too bizarre to be quite a good movie. It is a movie that should be seen by anyone, but the execution of the movie is too strange to be very convincing. You can enjoy the movie if you like the book, but I don't recommend it.

Sandra F. photo
Sandra F.

It's interesting to me that most Chinese people, and indeed, most Chinese films, are seen as being simplistic and dull. "War of the Flowers" is not so simple, and the story is actually quite complicated. It's the story of a young man, Wei (Jiang Yuchun), who moves to a small city, a city in the country. Wei is a prisoner in a small village, and his only friend is the local sweetie (Wong Yinzheng). Wei is also the only man who has ever visited the village. One day, Wei meets the old man who works in the village, and they begin a relationship. But when Wei learns that the old man's wife died and his son was taken away by the Japanese, Wei becomes very suspicious. I guess it's because he's not sure if the man is telling the truth or not. But, of course, he has no choice. So, Wei, the man who doesn't want to believe the old man, sets out to prove the man's story. I think the film is more of a drama than a romantic comedy. There are quite a few dramatic scenes in the film, but most of them are very slow and tense. But, I think that's what makes this film so enjoyable. It's very sad and very dramatic. The scenes of Wei's struggle to prove the man's story are just as dramatic as any other romantic comedy. And the romance between Wei and the sweetie is a very beautiful thing to watch. The romance is very interesting, but it's also a little bit boring. But, the scenes of the two of them together, and the romance itself, are so intense. So, the romance is also very exciting. And the way the romance is portrayed in the film is really unique. It's very interesting and very beautiful. So, I really enjoyed the film. It's a very beautiful romance film, and it's very well-made. But, it's also a very sad, very dramatic film. But, it's very unique. So, I really enjoyed "War of the Flowers."

Michelle Larson photo
Michelle Larson

With its clear plot line and well developed characters, I felt that this movie had a strong emotional impact on me. The beginning was slow but the story quickly developed and I was never bored or frustrated. I think this movie is probably my favorite movie of 2008. I hope that everyone who watches this movie can find something to love about it. I'm really looking forward to seeing the third installment of the Phantom Menace trilogy.

Shirley S. photo
Shirley S.

This film is very, very, very good. You can watch it again and again. It's very original and the cinematography is outstanding. You can't help but notice the contrast between the young and old. There are no minor characters or side characters. The story flows like the wind. It's very, very, very, very good.

Brian B. photo
Brian B.

The movie is full of beautiful cinematography and a stunning soundtrack. The story, while simple, is strong enough to carry you through the story, but at the same time, it doesn't rely on a weak plot. I would have liked to see a bit more of the special effects (although that doesn't take away from the film). The action is excellent. The fighting is realistic and without any unnecessary humor. I especially enjoyed the last scene between Chiang Kai and the general. I also liked the way the main character showed his gratitude for his family. The romantic part was also very interesting, although not to the point of being too romantic. Overall, this is a very good movie, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys action and romance. * out of *

Danielle H. photo
Danielle H.

The Legend of Drunken Master is an excellent film that is definitely one of the best martial arts films ever. The acting is great, the plot is good, the direction is great, the score is great, and the story is brilliant. It has the feeling of a classic Japanese epic film, which is very rare to find in the modern era. This film is a masterpiece, and one of the best martial arts films ever made. If you haven't seen this movie yet, then go out and see it! You will not be disappointed!

Randy James photo
Randy James

This movie was a very nice one. I liked the way it told the story. The characters were interesting and the actors did a good job. The acting was good and the movie was good. It was a nice movie to watch. The plot was interesting, it was the usual love story with a bit of a twist and the movie was good. I don't know why it is rated so low, the movie was good.

Sarah photo

The first half of this movie was too slow and overlong. I thought it would drag on forever, but it was a beautiful and moving film. The second half was even better. I just loved the whole movie, the acting was amazing, and the story is fantastic. This movie was great, and I'm glad that it is available on DVD. I've seen this movie a couple of times, and I still love it. It was a perfect movie, and I don't think I'll ever see another movie as good as this one. This movie is perfect, and I recommend everyone to see it. I love it!

Ruth V. photo
Ruth V.

I love this movie. It's the first time I saw a movie in which the lead character was a woman and she could talk in English. The script was really good. It's really hard to understand the Chinese language in English, so I don't understand much. I think that the movie is a lot more realistic than other Asian movies, because it shows a lot of things that I can't see in real life. If I had to say that this movie is boring, I would say that it's not boring at all, because you have to watch it many times. If you have some time and want to see a really good movie, then go and see this movie. It's really really good. I love it.

Janet R. photo
Janet R.

This movie is a great one to watch on a rainy night. One of the best movies i have ever seen. This is not the best movie i have seen in my life but this is the best movie i have seen. The story line is simple but it's the story that makes this movie great. The characters are great and all the characters are developed well. This movie is an excellent movie to watch and it's a great one to watch on a rainy night.

Angela H. photo
Angela H.

I was a little disappointed with this film. I went to see it on a Friday night, I'm not sure if it was the first weekend or if it was a Saturday or Sunday, but the movie was already sold out, and even with a crowd, it was still a slow night. I got into the movie, and I was pleasantly surprised. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes historical epics. It's a good film, but not a great one. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Charles McDonald photo
Charles McDonald

I really liked this film. It's about a couple of young guys who get a job at a high school. They are both very good students. Their friend is an experienced pilot who has a huge passion for flying. It's one of those stories where you can see the struggle between their lives and the more romantic side of life. It's also very well acted and very enjoyable to watch. If you like Chinese movies, this is a must see. The only thing I didn't like about it was the end. I guess it's something they had to end it that way.

Sean photo

I was completely captivated by this movie. This is one of those movies where you think, why isn't anyone else seeing this? It is very well made and acted. The director clearly has a great eye for visual imagery and choreography. The cinematography in the film is absolutely breathtaking. The slow motion is a brilliant and unique visual effect that really draws you in and makes you feel like you are there. I am not usually a huge fan of slow motion but this movie really surprised me with its intensity. The cinematography is also very well put together and the choreography is absolutely wonderful. The film is told in a narrative style that is much more realistic than most modern Chinese films. The fact that the film is based on a novel makes it even more authentic and brings out the best in the characters. The story is interesting and keeps you involved. The performances are great, especially the main actor (Xiao Bai), who is brilliant. He truly gives a truly magnificent performance. The other actors and actresses also do great. The story and plot is interesting and well told. The cinematography is stunning. The music is very good. The action is thrilling. The sound effects are excellent. The editing is very well done. The directing is excellent. The acting is great. I really recommend this film to any film fan. It is not like most other Chinese films. This is one of those movies that really pushes the boundaries of film making and deserves a lot more credit than it has received. The film is set in the early years of the Chinese civil war and the characters are drawn from many different historical characters. I really can't explain the film better than that. I would recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a really unique, intriguing, and beautiful film. The acting is excellent. The story is great. The cinematography is great. The film is well worth seeing.

Hannah B. photo
Hannah B.

When I first saw this film, I was blown away by its beautiful cinematography, haunting score, and memorable characters. It's really something to behold, and the film's first 20 minutes are so captivating that you may never look at a film the same way again. In this film, the story of a young woman named Kao (Lily Zhang) is told in flashbacks. Kao, a simple farm girl, has been forced into the city to be a prostitute. She meets a man named Chen (Ikuya Koyama), who shows her the world and tells her how to be a woman. This is a deeply emotional film, and you really feel for Kao and the city she lives in. She is a powerful woman, and the film works as an emotional roller coaster of a film. The final scene is a beautiful finale that is both a tear jerker and a moving one. The film is beautifully shot, and the beautiful locations and cinematography bring a different world to the screen. The characters are very well done, and you really care about them. I highly recommend this film to anyone who likes a good emotional drama.

Craig Scott photo
Craig Scott

This is a wonderful movie with an amazing story. The love story between two brothers is very moving and touching. The atmosphere is set in a quiet place and the scenery is beautiful. The acting was great by all. They all did a good job. The movie is so well directed. The script is good and makes sense. I liked the movie and hope that there is a sequel!

Doris Watkins photo
Doris Watkins

I was in Hong Kong for a week in January, 2001, and I wanted to see this film. I was a huge fan of the Wong Fei Hung movies and wanted to see one of his more recent works. I found the film very interesting, and I was surprised to see a much darker and more human story than I had expected. It was a powerful film, and I would recommend it to anyone. I can't say enough about it. It's a very powerful film that shows how war and violence can be good or bad, and that war is not always the best thing for people. It's also a great movie to see with a group of friends. It has the kind of atmosphere that I love to see in a film. It was a beautiful and emotional film.

Christina C. photo
Christina C.

The art of the Chinese swordplay is not well known outside of China, and the few films I've seen on the subject are generally very good. The film is called The Warrior of the Sky, and it is the story of a hero from a Chinese culture who traveled the world and returned to his homeland. His story is about a man who lived a life of honor, and returned to his people with honor, and this is the core of the story. The action is presented in a very different way than any other film I have seen, in that it is all set in the ancient China, and is done with the utmost realism. The action is very well executed, and the film looks gorgeous. The story is also very well done. It is a very intriguing story, with many twists and turns, and the film is a great example of Chinese culture and the style of its people. The actors all do a great job, especially Wang Fei (who plays the Hero) and Yu Shu (who plays the Demon), and the film is beautifully shot. The acting is of a very high caliber, and I was very impressed with the acting in the film. The story itself is really good, and the film is definitely worth seeing. I think that anyone who likes Asian history should see this film.

Jacqueline photo

I loved this movie! I loved the main characters and their personalities, the story, the scenery, the movie. It is the best movie I have ever seen! I give it a 9/10. Don't listen to the negative reviews and watch it. You will enjoy it!