Steam Straight into a Storm

Straight into a Storm

A portrait of hard rocking band Deer Tick, known for their substance-fueled live performances, on their evolutionary journey to become one of the greatest cult rock bands of our time.

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Straight Into a Storm
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1 hours 50 minutes
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Documentary, Biography, Music
William Miller
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Teresa M. photo
Teresa M.

I just saw this movie at the premier in Austin, TX. I am a big fan of the late, great Leonard Cohen and I had heard a lot about this film. I saw it, and I was blown away. It is a beautiful and inspirational story of a man who was so very different from the rest of us. And I was left with so many questions. What is his connection to that guy who got killed on that rooftop? Why did he turn his back on his family, his wife, and his daughter? I mean, there is so much more that I could say. I know that it is not easy to get a documentary made about a person who has been dead for 20 years, but this one was so different from anything I have ever seen before. I will always remember it for that. What a great story. I loved it.

Andrea Wilson photo
Andrea Wilson

I was pleased with this documentary. I was familiar with the story and knew that there would be a bit of a twist, but it wasn't so much of a twist as the story is told in a way that leaves no doubt in the viewer's mind as to who did what to who. The movie is entertaining, the music is quite good, the interviews are fascinating, and the interviews with some of the people in the story are very informative. I also enjoyed the fact that there is a twist in the story, but it isn't too obvious. It is something that could be left for the viewer to figure out, but is not a major plot point in the movie. The movie is very informative and enlightening in its telling of the story. I also loved the fact that the names were kept to the ones that were directly involved in the story. When you see the names of people, it gives you a sense of the kind of person they were, not necessarily the person they were. I also thought the acting was very good, especially from the people who were directly involved in the story. I also thought that the movie did a good job of showing the underlying message of the story. I especially liked the way that the movie explained the problems of those who tried to help the people who were in such a bad situation. This is something that I think a lot of people need to understand. I also liked the way that the movie explained the methods of these people. It was explained that they had no other choice but to become involved in the story. The movie then goes on to show what they had to do to help the people who were in such a bad situation. I also liked the fact that they showed that these people really did know who did what to who, so they didn't have to guess. I also thought that the movie was very interesting and did a good job of showing how these stories and characters came to be. The movie is very informative and fascinating. This movie was interesting, entertaining, and informative.

Frank Mendez photo
Frank Mendez

This documentary is an amazing look into the lives of four legendary musicians. Musicians are some of the most famous people on the face of the earth and they're one of the main reasons that musicians still exist. They have their own record labels and play concerts all over the world, and for some, it's their way of making a living. These four men are no exception, and they talk about the things that are most important to them, like love and music. They talk about their career, their childhood, their parents, their relationships, and of course, their music. The way they perform, the way they write and the way they record are all things that are put together to create a musical masterpiece. It's amazing how some people can put together so much passion and inspiration in their life. And that's what makes music what it is. The documentary is a must watch for music lovers, because it really gives a great insight into what it's all about.

Edward photo

It's all good if you're into music, if you're into interesting personalities. But this is a documentary about the life and work of Bob Dylan, so it's more about the music, and the stories that were told. Dylan is a fascinating figure, so it's great to see how the American public reacted to him and his music. But he's also a fascinating man, with great personal struggles, and these are told in a way that makes sense. The filmmakers do a good job at putting together the facts, and creating a satisfying story. It's very clear that Bob Dylan has had a very different life from his other recordings. He was a musician before he became a songwriter. The documentary does a great job at illustrating his music and his life. The stories of his childhood are very interesting, and he's an interesting character. His character has changed through the years, and his stories about his life are interesting. They're told with a certain amount of detachment and respect. But he's very interesting and he's a great man. The film also has the benefit of having a real Dylan interview. He's very good at it, and it's very interesting. He's calm, and he's not angry. He's got this charisma and this intensity. He's very unique. He's one of the most fascinating musicians to come out of the 60's. He's a fascinating guy, and he's very entertaining. But he's also very intelligent. He's a fascinating person, and he's very interesting. I think he's very interesting, but it's not just about his music, and it's not just about his life. It's about his personality, and his story. It's not about his music. It's not about his life. It's about his story. That's interesting to me, because I have a great admiration for Bob Dylan. I think he's a really fascinating guy. I really admire him for having a great talent and a great voice, and his work is very interesting. But this is about his personality, and his personality is very interesting. I admire the man, but I think he's very interesting, and I admire him, but I don't think he's very interesting.