Steam Straight into a Storm

Straight into a Storm

A portrait of hard rocking band Deer Tick, known for their substance-fueled live performances, on their evolutionary journey to become one of the greatest cult rock bands of our time.

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Straight Into a Storm
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William Miller
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Jose H. photo
Jose H.

I first saw this film at a film festival. I was immediately drawn to it, and have since watched it at least 5 times. It's a very powerful film, and I'm glad that it was made. The subject matter is very important to me, as I'm a singer, and I feel it's important to not only the music that I play, but also to the wider community. It's a very important film for a number of reasons. Firstly, the performances are excellent, and the film is a good representation of how people should be. Secondly, the film was made in an art house style, and that's what I love about it. The film is also very visually stunning, and I'm glad that it was made, as the film itself was very good. I'm glad that this film has been made, as it's very important. It's a film that I'll watch over and over, and I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in the music industry. I hope that it's released on DVD soon.

Madison Clark photo
Madison Clark

I saw this film as part of the History of Rock'n'Roll series at the San Francisco Film Festival and I was not disappointed. This documentary is one of the best of the genre and is a must-see for anyone who is into rock. The music is great, the actors are great and the story is incredible. There is a lot of information in the film, so if you haven't seen it, I suggest you do. I give this film an 8 out of 10.

Alexander B. photo
Alexander B.

This movie really let's you know what it's like to be gay in the early 90's. It's not an easy thing to be gay, especially if you're in a town like Tuscany. The movie shows that there was a lot of discrimination going on in Tuscany, and the reason for that is because of this crazy Catholic Church. The main character is the son of a priest who is trying to lead a Catholic family out of the lifestyle he had. The movie is told from his perspective, and it's very interesting. It's very depressing, but it's also very interesting. The guy who directed this movie has a very unique style that really makes this movie. It's very colorful and has a very good story. It's very moving and sad, but it's also very funny. It's very funny, but it's also very sad. It's a very good movie. It's very well done. It's very good.

Mary D. photo
Mary D.

This documentary is basically a doc on the life of Prince, from his very humble beginnings as a songwriter in Detroit to his rise to the top in Prince's native Minneapolis, from when he would have to sell his beloved and then illegally-manufactured Purple Rain albums, to his drugs addiction, then his fatal suicide in 1996. What you find out is that Prince was at the height of his creative, charismatic and power-filled years when he ended his life. He was a man of many talents, with an incredible songwriting ability and an awareness of his fans. But all of that went out the window. His creative juices and creativity, and those of his closest friends and family, went out the window and were never able to recover. The people in his life knew about the fatal drug addiction that he was going through, but no one believed him. And the people in his home town of Minneapolis and at the theater where he performed were not ready to accept his sad passing. He tried to raise money through a management company that failed, but this documentary shows how he lost his way in the industry and was not able to keep his musical creations and fans together. It shows him as a person who was an artist, but not an artist who had the ability to share his creativity with people. He was one of the most powerful and beloved artists in the world, but he was an artist with very little talent and, in the end, the only person who knew about the end of his creative life. In the end, this documentary shows that, though Prince was a good and kind man, he was a narcissist and a liar. We never find out what he felt like at the time of his death, and the documentary does not show Prince's good-hearted friends, family and followers. The people who loved him are not shown, although there are great performances of some of his songs. Instead, we get a slow, sad documentary that just shows how he had a problem, and then died. The documentary is a fascinating look at one of the most famous artists in the world, and it's a very personal one as well.

Karen photo

The documentary "Straight Into a Storm" tells the story of a band called the Hollies that have been making music for almost 30 years. The band's only real interest in the world is music and they are no different from most people. The documentary also tells about how the band was formed and how it went from a small band to a band of over 30 members. This documentary is quite good and it tells the story of the Hollies and their amazing music and how they reached all of the success they have. I think this documentary is really worth watching, you will see how the Hollies got started and you will see how they became famous. The documentary also tells about the music they played and how it really made a big impact on the world. The documentary is a really good one and I recommend it.

Billy photo

I had never heard of this film before this year, and I am happy to say it is a really good movie that is very relevant today. The story of William Kentridge and his friendship with Johnny Cash is told in a very non-biased way and the film is very enjoyable to watch. This is a must see film for all music lovers.

Laura photo

I'm a fan of this man and I thought it would be interesting to hear the story behind his landmark documentary. From the day he met Harpo, all the way through to the time when he made a great film called Superdub, I've been interested in what happens next in his life. He seems to be a great inspiration to me, not just as a musician but as a person. This is an interesting story about a man that was on the verge of dying but the luck of the draw was one of the greatest things about this movie. It was great to see all the other artists and musicians in the film, although not speaking for all of them, who are a part of this documentary. It was great to hear from Mike Watt (who's been featured on the cover of the DVD box and is one of the very few people I know who gets recognised on the streets of New York), but also from Peter Gabriel. I found it a great film and I've enjoyed seeing all the other stories that were part of it. This is a great documentary and one that I hope to watch again.

Eric Butler photo
Eric Butler

I had the pleasure of watching this film at the 2011 Palm Springs International Film Festival, and I was quite impressed. It's a beautifully shot documentary, shot in black and white, that follows the rise and fall of a promising young rock musician, Jimmy Cliff, who uses his music to attract the attention of a wealthy woman. The film is both fascinating and a bit disorienting at times, but it does a good job of drawing the viewer in and making them feel like they're in the band. The documentary also shows some incredible footage of the music, including a memorable performance of "Tangled Up in Blue", which is a stunningly original and haunting piece of music that is just about perfect for any film. I highly recommend this film to anyone who enjoys music or film, or just for the great music.

Stephanie Price photo
Stephanie Price

This film is extremely well made and looks beautiful on the big screen. The editing is very well done and the music is very well done too. The most interesting part is that the director uses a combination of interviews with the people involved in the making of the film. It is a great way to get a very in-depth look into the making of the film and the personalities of the people involved. There are also some wonderful moments in the film that are very moving. The scenes with Stevie Wonder are a great example of this. The way the film is presented, it makes it seem like a documentary. This is great because it makes the viewer feel like they are right there with the people on the set and it also makes it feel very real. The film does a great job at making you feel that you are there with Stevie Wonder and his band. The only negative thing I can say about this film is that there are a few scenes that are a little slow moving. It's a little slow moving, but the performances are great. Overall, this film is an excellent look at the making of the movie and the people involved. It is very interesting and very well done. 8/10

Cheryl Peterson photo
Cheryl Peterson

This documentary is definitely one of the best things I have ever seen. This movie is so heart-warming, and I think the people who don't like it, are the same ones that say it's boring. It has a very good message, and is definitely worth seeing.

Amanda O. photo
Amanda O.

While watching this film, it struck me how every musician has a story to tell. This movie is a reminder of how difficult it is to break into the music business, and how some people who are unsuccessful do their best to make it out. While most of the story of the musicians featured in the film are fascinating, there are some really good music clips that are interesting. I was also very impressed with how some of the music video directors were able to get the shots that they wanted. The music itself is great, and you will enjoy the entire movie.

Gerald Duncan photo
Gerald Duncan

This is a very well made documentary about the life and times of Jimmy Cagney. Although it is a little slow in parts, it is an interesting look into the life and times of one of the most influential and influential singers of all time. The interviews are mostly about his early years and his rise to fame. He talks about his wife's reaction to him and how he had to be there for her. The second half is mostly about his life after the fame and the difficulties he had to go through to make it in the music business. It's nice to hear about his wife, his mother, his friends and his work. It's a bit long but I think it's still worth the time.

Lawrence photo

I had heard about this documentary, but I didn't know it was going to be about "Bob Dylan." I was in the mood to learn about Bob Dylan, and this documentary was perfect. The music is great, but the story behind Bob Dylan is incredible. It's amazing how a person can make so much music, and how it could affect so many lives. I would recommend this documentary to anyone.

Laura photo

Mention this in a casual conversation, and it's not a big deal. But in some circles, it's like a true life experience. From an intimate personal perspective, it's one of the most meaningful documentaries I've ever seen. "Mention This in a Casual Conversation" makes you feel like you've been in the band yourself. Even the title seems to speak to the fact that you'll find yourself being introduced to all the members and hearing their stories. From the incredible amount of personal stories in this film, to the incredible production and photography, the filmmaking does a great job of balancing this with having a deep insight into the band itself. In that way, this film is much more than a musical doc, but a reflection on a unique and amazing group. Whether or not the band was successful is not really the point here. Instead, this is the perspective of the people who experienced the band firsthand. I feel that all of the interviews are perfectly done and the process of interviewing each member is informative and enjoyable. I think the purpose of this is to help all fans of the band come to understand the band and its history and the journey of the band and how it evolved. The documentary's interviewees are awesome. From the drummer to the guitarist to the vocalist to the guitarist's wife, they all deliver great personal stories, and they help give you a fuller picture of what the band and its history means to them. Each interviewee is given great insight into their personal experiences, and they all make a valuable contribution to the film. There are also some very funny interviews. There are no clips of the band in action, but we do get clips of a few of their performances. These are great clips of the band, and give a sense of how they were. They're funny and funny. They also help give you a great sense of what the band was like in the real world, as well as their travels. As the film goes on, the band's career keeps coming back. We get some great clips of the band, and of their live shows. These are great clips, and they are well edited and make for an interesting viewing experience. For fans of the band, the fans of the band and even fans of music, this is a must see. 8.5/10

Harry photo

This is a great docu-drama about the beginning of the Russian and Cuban musicals, with the guys who had the big roles. James Horner, Valery Gergiev, Marta Batangelyuk, Vadim Demidov, and the great Yuri Zarubin. It's very entertaining, and if you're not an expert on music, it's a good place to start.

Christian photo

Hilary Duff and the late, great Ray Charles toured Australia in a series of shows that all looked very great and very bizarre. All the women he appeared with were beautiful, blond and dainty. His songs, lyrics, sound and presentation were great, and he was an incredibly powerful performer. But there was a definite sense of oddness about him. There was also a sense of alienation in his music and live performances, like a disconnectedness from the people in the audience. His "Love in the Time of Cholera" is perhaps the most disappointing rock/chill out record of the decade, it was just so bad that it was not worth listening to. I found the people that were around the the shows so bizarre that it seemed almost like it was a cult to them. I guess it was interesting to hear the songs from his last tour, and this documentary clearly shows how important and how complex the music was to him, how the songs were worked out to be in his songs and how he wanted to hear it as much as the audience. It was a real shame that his career was ended when he was so good and so wonderful. I recommend seeing it, especially if you are a fan of the late great artist, or just because it's so good to hear his music and see the stories behind the songs. He has the potential to be a really good artist, but the "feel-good" ending to his career did not reflect his true brilliance.

Teresa M. photo
Teresa M.

I just saw this movie at the premier in Austin, TX. I am a big fan of the late, great Leonard Cohen and I had heard a lot about this film. I saw it, and I was blown away. It is a beautiful and inspirational story of a man who was so very different from the rest of us. And I was left with so many questions. What is his connection to that guy who got killed on that rooftop? Why did he turn his back on his family, his wife, and his daughter? I mean, there is so much more that I could say. I know that it is not easy to get a documentary made about a person who has been dead for 20 years, but this one was so different from anything I have ever seen before. I will always remember it for that. What a great story. I loved it.

Andrea Wilson photo
Andrea Wilson

I was pleased with this documentary. I was familiar with the story and knew that there would be a bit of a twist, but it wasn't so much of a twist as the story is told in a way that leaves no doubt in the viewer's mind as to who did what to who. The movie is entertaining, the music is quite good, the interviews are fascinating, and the interviews with some of the people in the story are very informative. I also enjoyed the fact that there is a twist in the story, but it isn't too obvious. It is something that could be left for the viewer to figure out, but is not a major plot point in the movie. The movie is very informative and enlightening in its telling of the story. I also loved the fact that the names were kept to the ones that were directly involved in the story. When you see the names of people, it gives you a sense of the kind of person they were, not necessarily the person they were. I also thought the acting was very good, especially from the people who were directly involved in the story. I also thought that the movie did a good job of showing the underlying message of the story. I especially liked the way that the movie explained the problems of those who tried to help the people who were in such a bad situation. This is something that I think a lot of people need to understand. I also liked the way that the movie explained the methods of these people. It was explained that they had no other choice but to become involved in the story. The movie then goes on to show what they had to do to help the people who were in such a bad situation. I also liked the fact that they showed that these people really did know who did what to who, so they didn't have to guess. I also thought that the movie was very interesting and did a good job of showing how these stories and characters came to be. The movie is very informative and fascinating. This movie was interesting, entertaining, and informative.

Frank Mendez photo
Frank Mendez

This documentary is an amazing look into the lives of four legendary musicians. Musicians are some of the most famous people on the face of the earth and they're one of the main reasons that musicians still exist. They have their own record labels and play concerts all over the world, and for some, it's their way of making a living. These four men are no exception, and they talk about the things that are most important to them, like love and music. They talk about their career, their childhood, their parents, their relationships, and of course, their music. The way they perform, the way they write and the way they record are all things that are put together to create a musical masterpiece. It's amazing how some people can put together so much passion and inspiration in their life. And that's what makes music what it is. The documentary is a must watch for music lovers, because it really gives a great insight into what it's all about.

Edward photo

It's all good if you're into music, if you're into interesting personalities. But this is a documentary about the life and work of Bob Dylan, so it's more about the music, and the stories that were told. Dylan is a fascinating figure, so it's great to see how the American public reacted to him and his music. But he's also a fascinating man, with great personal struggles, and these are told in a way that makes sense. The filmmakers do a good job at putting together the facts, and creating a satisfying story. It's very clear that Bob Dylan has had a very different life from his other recordings. He was a musician before he became a songwriter. The documentary does a great job at illustrating his music and his life. The stories of his childhood are very interesting, and he's an interesting character. His character has changed through the years, and his stories about his life are interesting. They're told with a certain amount of detachment and respect. But he's very interesting and he's a great man. The film also has the benefit of having a real Dylan interview. He's very good at it, and it's very interesting. He's calm, and he's not angry. He's got this charisma and this intensity. He's very unique. He's one of the most fascinating musicians to come out of the 60's. He's a fascinating guy, and he's very entertaining. But he's also very intelligent. He's a fascinating person, and he's very interesting. I think he's very interesting, but it's not just about his music, and it's not just about his life. It's about his personality, and his story. It's not about his music. It's not about his life. It's about his story. That's interesting to me, because I have a great admiration for Bob Dylan. I think he's a really fascinating guy. I really admire him for having a great talent and a great voice, and his work is very interesting. But this is about his personality, and his personality is very interesting. I admire the man, but I think he's very interesting, and I admire him, but I don't think he's very interesting.