Steam Perfectos desconocidos

Perfectos desconocidos

Perfectos desconocidos is a movie starring Belén Rueda, Eduard Fernández, and Ernesto Alterio. Seven lifelong friends, a dinner, a blood red moon eclipse, a game involving to read the seven cell phones' incoming messages. A night...

Other Titles
Perfeitos Desconhecidos, Perfect Strangers, Potpuni stranci
Running Time
1 hours 37 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Álex de la Iglesia
Jorge Guerricaechevarría, Paola Mammini, Filippo Bologna, Paolo Genovese, Paolo Costella, Álex de la Iglesia, Rolando Ravello
Belén Rueda, Ernesto Alterio, Juana Acosta, Eduard Fernández
Spain, Italy
Audio Languages
日本語, اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
Japanese, اللغة_العربية, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Seven lifelong friends, a dinner, a blood red moon eclipse, a game involving to read the seven cell phones' incoming messages. A night where anything that can be bad will be very bad.

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Jonathan photo

This is the kind of film that makes you laugh the whole time. I always thought that Jorge Trujillo was the funniest actor in Argentina. He plays several characters in this movie, a young man with a serious attitude, and also as a police officer. Trujillo is an extraordinary actor and in this film he is really funny. If you like Jorge Trujillo, you'll love this film. Don't miss it!

Harry Mitchell photo
Harry Mitchell

I don't know why it took me so long to get around to watching this film. I didn't really know what to expect, and I was still torn between watching another film, or perhaps doing some work at the time. But seeing it as a comedy, I was still not sure what to expect. I was very happy with it. It was funny and clever. I am sure the great Spanish comedy directors will be pleased with the work that was done here. The cast and the script are all so enjoyable to watch, the cast was amazing. Pedro Almodovar has created another masterpiece. In my opinion, this is one of his best movies to date. I hope he doesn't disappoint us with another film soon.

Victoria Morales photo
Victoria Morales

This is a very clever film. It is the story of a couple who have lost their fortune and are struggling to pay for their home. They go to a local barber and he tells them that a woman named Kip is in need of a haircut. The couple are instantly smitten with her and decide to go for a haircut. However, the barber is a bit of a creep and begins to torment them. This film is a very clever satire of the Spanish barber industry. It is well acted and the characters are well developed. The film is full of dark humour and is a must see for anyone who has a love of film and cinema. It is a shame that the Spanish film industry has been so bad for so long and that it has not been able to produce any good films.

Diana B. photo
Diana B.

The story is about a rich and famous man who is being forced to retire. He decides to spend his last days with his family and friends. This is a movie which is more than a comedy, it is also a documentary. The story is very simple, and that's the only thing that I like about this movie. I don't know why people hate this movie, I think it's because they are afraid of dying. I think it's a really good movie, and I would recommend it to anyone who is afraid of dying.

Eugene R. photo
Eugene R.

When I was in high school, it was so hard to find films that would show us Spanish culture and true life situations and situations that we were actually living in. My friends and I spent many of our free time in the neighborhood that had the best Spanish films ever, the best movies, and the best Colombian film ever. One of the best was the new Luis Bazelet film called 'El Hombre de la Madeira' which was released in 2007. I even found a copy of the soundtrack in a store that sold only movies of that genre. So I spent many of my hours searching the shelves for this film and at the time, I had no idea that there were so many others of that type of film. I finally found it in a movie store, and I loved it so much that I bought it and watched it again. I became an international fan of the film and spent many nights showing it to people that I met at a music festival. I saw the film three times, and I loved every single second of it, I fell in love with Luis Bazelet's film. I was so touched and shocked by the film because I knew that my life was that similar to Luis Bazelet's life, and this film showed that so beautifully. When I first saw the film, I was scared that it would be some crappy film that would make no sense, and I was right. The film showed the life of a gang of teenagers living in one of the wealthiest areas of Spain. They were not only rich, but they were also doing drugs, drinking, sleeping, and being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but that is just part of the life of a gang. The film is full of real life situations and situations that the teenagers go through. When you watch the film, you learn that they don't know what is going to happen. The most terrifying thing about the film is that it shows you things that will have to happen. You learn about things that are going to happen to these kids and it can be really scary and frightening. The film was made in 2006. Now that I have seen this film, I am a much better person because now I know about drugs, drinking, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and most importantly, it teaches you not to live for nothing. This film is an amazing film and I am really happy that it came out so soon because I could only have seen it a few months ago. I really recommend that you see this film. It is really great and you will learn so much about what is going to happen in your life.

Charles photo

I must admit that, before watching this movie, I never even thought about watching it. I didn't even heard about it until I saw it at the library and thought "sure, this sounds interesting". And the fact that I'm not a big fan of Brazilian movies makes me to think that I shouldn't watch it. This time, I did. And my love for Brazilian movies and Brazilian comedies was ever-growing. There is a scene when a guy takes a shower and a guy comes in and he starts making fun of him. It's funny, it's one of the most beautiful and funny scenes in the movie. I cannot stop laughing. This scene was the best moment in the whole movie. The rest is perfectly directed. The actors are really well chosen. There are some very interesting characters, which are not only funny but also significant. There are some really beautiful dialogues and a lot of entertaining funny scenes. This movie is truly a great comic masterpiece. Very rare in Brazilian cinema. In fact, this movie was even better than G1 because G1 was the first comedy movie I ever saw. This movie is very much in the same league. I think this movie deserves to be higher in IMDb's top 250 list than G1. After watching this movie, I wanted to see more of Brazilian movies.

Victoria S. photo
Victoria S.

An artistic story well told. (Colombian) Well filmed, and captures the humor of Latin America, and the unique personality of a great actor. This film also shows how much of an achievement it was for the crew to film a movie with real actors, real locations, real landscapes, REAL PEOPLE! It was a remarkable feat that all the crew accomplished this while filming on a modest budget, without film or computer equipment, and without a script. These are amazing accomplishments, and I congratulate all the filmmakers, actors, crew, and everyone involved, especially the actors, who created characters that we all relate to. I was very impressed with the casting, the set design, the photography, the editing.all in all, a wonderful film. If you love Latin America and have never seen this movie, you should go watch it, and share it with others. It was a magical experience for me, and I hope others will enjoy it. (Colombian)

Mary photo

I was at a cinema in Madrid for the premiere of this movie, and I was thrilled when I saw it. It's a really good movie, and very funny. I think it's a must see, even if you don't like Spanish comedies. It's an old story, but the actors are so good that it's not even funny. It's a good movie, and I think it's a good movie for all ages.

Benjamin T. photo
Benjamin T.

This movie is more a satire, to those who are making fun of it. That was part of the comic story. The fact is that all comedies are meant to be one, but the outcome is not always the same. The actors in this film are totally good, in addition, the script is also good. The director is taking the joke of the film and using it as a tool of his work, and he has taken the right idea from the comic. Now, the director has gone to a different path and tried to produce another kind of comedy and to make a higher aim to the comedy. A comedy has to be a little bit bit different, so it should have a slight touch of the actual comic. The movie is better than my expectation, which is a little bit far. It's a good work, however, the director has a new way of work and it is not at the same level as the other movies he has made. So, it's a work for some people, but a great work for others. The main character, Juan, played by Fernando Morais, is very good, and you will like the actor very much. The others are also good, but the person who is at the same level as Juan, is the director and director of the film, Jose Luis Sabate, who is very good. So, it's a good film, but nothing is perfect.

Howard photo

I was so sad to hear the news that Paul Agemini's "Deadly Prey" had been adapted and adapted again for the big screen. To me this was a perfect fit! From the first scene when we see a set up for the opening of the movie and the opening scene. So much time has passed and I was so excited for this to happen. So much emotion. I was also very disappointed to find out that it was actually a remake! I was so disappointed that I was not going to see it because I was so excited. I couldn't believe that they were actually going to do something like that. I loved the movie so much. I love Paul Agemini! He's a great actor and I hope that he will be able to make another good movie. I hope that he will be able to find a way to adapt his beloved movie to the big screen. I want to see "Deadly Prey"!

Walter Rivera photo
Walter Rivera

I just saw this film at the Cinequest film festival in Toronto, and I was so impressed with it. The film is so funny, and the actors are so believable. The story is great, and the humor is so hilarious. This is a great comedy film that I hope everyone enjoys. It's not for everyone, but if you like comedy, then this is a must see.

Brandon photo

This film is brilliant. I think the best Colombian movie I've ever seen. I couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole film. The performances in this movie are amazing. I don't know who was the best actor of this film. The girls did a wonderful job too. I could tell they had a lot of fun making this film. I think they did a fantastic job. The songs they used are also great. The other Colombians in this film, the actors, they did a great job also. It's a very funny movie, I don't know why people are criticizing it. This film is really good, I think it's the best Colombian movie I've ever seen.

Amber W. photo
Amber W.

At the very least, you should see this movie before you go to bed. Don't get up at all. It's a great, wonderful movie. When I first saw it, I was quite shocked to find out that it was actually a spoof of a film, from the sense that every single plot element was a rip-off. I also thought, "Is that really a good idea?" But I really enjoyed it. As I said, it's a great movie, and the plots all tie together beautifully, and the cast is fantastic. I saw the film for the first time with my husband, who has never seen it. He was totally hooked. It's one of the few movies that I could watch over and over. All the performances were excellent. We went and saw it again, and we're probably going to go again. It's a classic, and one of those films that you just have to watch. Don't take our word for it. Take a chance on it, and watch it!

Barbara V. photo
Barbara V.

I just saw this movie again. I must say it is the best Mexican film ever made. The actors are amazing and the story is just pure genius. We saw the movie with a group of friends that had never seen the movie before. We all enjoyed it very much and I hope they release it on DVD. This movie is worth every penny. Go see it, it is worth every cent you spend to see it.

Deborah Reyes photo
Deborah Reyes

This is a great film that I would highly recommend. It has a great story, good acting, and a great soundtrack. It is not the greatest film ever made, but it is definitely worth watching. The film is based on a true story. It is about a group of people that were deported from Mexico, and are living in the United States. They decide to make a film about their experiences. The film is also about a group of people who are trying to get into the U.S. It is a comedy, a drama, and a thriller. I would recommend this film to anyone. It is one of the best films of the year.

Peter S. photo
Peter S.

Puerto Rico. I'm no fan of comedy. It has a bad reputation for being dead and boring. But this film was great. I think it was worth seeing. It was funny, sometimes silly, and sometimes very sad. I loved it. It was at times very sad. Sometimes sad because we just don't understand Puerto Rico, but at other times it was funny because of the situation. And that was what this film was all about. It was so good that I kept on laughing, just from the beginning to the end. We could only take so much comedy in one movie. My final thoughts are: if you have a chance to see this film, don't miss it.

Julia Hernandez photo
Julia Hernandez

The best thing about this film is that it's in Spanish. This film tells the story of a small town's police chief as he deals with the tragic death of his wife and a few other small town citizens. As the film progresses, it seems that most of the people in the town are afraid of his wife's death. However, he does not believe it is their fault. He goes into a deep depression, and eventually he confesses to his wife's death. What he does not confess is the problem he had in life. It seems that he is guilty of all that he is guilty of. He seems to be lost and scared of who he is. He is hiding the truth about his wife's death from everyone. It appears that he does not have the courage to tell the truth about his wife's death. I am so glad that this film has been filmed. It is a masterpiece! I believe that this is going to be a new classic film.

Jack Reed photo
Jack Reed

The film is a funny, and touching film about the family of a man who is paralyzed from the neck down. The film is full of great scenes and well acted. The actors are great, and the film is very well written and acted. The film is about a man who has lost his wife and his child to a fire, but his family and friends help him get back on his feet. I am a big fan of the film, and I really enjoyed it. It is one of my favorite films.

Raymond photo

I had the chance to see this movie in a theater. The movie is about a couple of friends, who are very poor. They decide to become musicians in order to survive. This is not a bad idea, since they have a lot of musical talent. However, they don't have the money to buy a real instrument. So they try to find a way to become famous and get a real instrument. The film is about the music they have made and how it is made. The movie is a little bit slow at times, but it is worth watching. It's a really good movie, especially if you are a fan of the Spanish cinema.

Frances Marshall photo
Frances Marshall

I remember being really worried about this film when it first came out, and knowing that it was such a rare talent to work with, especially for a cult hit. I was glad to find out that it did not have to be an epic epic epic epic, and that it was a film I could actually watch, and enjoy. I think that it could be very loosely classified as an R rated indie, because it is really just an ordinary romantic comedy, but it definitely does not feel like a "real" movie. I don't know about all the people who say that it is not, but I saw it a long time ago, and even today I cannot find it in the DVDs. I wonder if there are any copies in the net, and if so, what will I get. I have seen it many times, and I've never watched it a single time. I remember very well how this film ended, and I really think that it is not a spoiler. I've seen it dozens of times, and I still don't remember the ending. I have only seen this film once, in 1987. I think that that was the best and the only time I have ever seen it, but I am sure that there is a lot more to it than that.

Samuel photo

I've been looking for a movie that made me cry, this is it. I have never seen such a cathartic and memorable movie, this is the first movie I've seen that is both so dark and so joyful and so beautiful and touching. I've never had a movie in my life that made me feel so much. I don't know where to start with how I felt after seeing this movie, but I think it was the best movie I've ever seen and I don't want to spoil anything to anyone, because I want everyone to see this. The acting is incredible, the characters are so real that you can't help but like them and feel so sorry for them. The directing is perfect, it feels like a film school experiment, the characters feel so real. And the cinematography is really amazing. You see and feel the scene in a way that you can't get when you're watching a movie. I think it's the best movie I've ever seen. If you've seen one movie this year, I don't think you've seen anything like this one.

Kathleen photo

I loved this movie. It's not a big budget Hollywood production but it is a very good film. It's also very much in the vein of the old Spanish cinema. It's funny and has a very Spanish feel to it. The story is really interesting. It's really hard to find a movie that has this kind of story line. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys Spanish movies. I would also recommend it to anyone who likes movies with a good story line and Spanish actors. This is definitely a movie that you should watch.

Beverly A. photo
Beverly A.

The best film of this year, by far. I've been waiting for a good Spanish film for a long time. This one delivers. The actors are excellent, and the script is also good. I was surprised to see that the film was made in English. I never saw a film with subtitles before. I think that this is a very important aspect to a good film. I also really liked the music in the film. I thought that the film was really good, and I hope that it will be seen by the international audience. The best film of the year so far.

Jose Obrien photo
Jose Obrien

I watched this movie with my girlfriend who is a big fan of Seinfield, so we had a lot of fun watching this movie. The movie is not perfect, but I think it is worth watching, especially if you like Seinfield, because the movie is more about him than the other characters. The movie is not perfect, but it is fun and very funny. Seinfield is the perfect man for the part, and the other characters are just as good. If you are a Seinfield fan, I think you will enjoy this movie.